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  1. Just put our eldest cat, Tiger, down. Been losing my sh** all day leading up to this, and not doing any better now. 17 years. I miss my bud.

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    2. ahnchc


      I'm so sorry. I know it's very hard, but stay strong. 


      Don't be afraid to express and/or release whatever emotions are boiling because of this. Do what you have to to get through this, as long as you're not harming yourself or anyone else. Just remember that whatever you feel at the moment is very valid.


      I hope that you recover and feel better as soon as you possibly can.


      Much love.


    3. Peace Heavy mk II

      Peace Heavy mk II

      I'm sorry for you loss :( 

    4. saishuu


      I am really sorry for your loss. Losing a pet hurts like hell. Hope you feel some sort of relief soon!

  2. Ahh, right -- I forgot they don't include the indies and self-cover stuff in their counts. Just fixed it, thanks. =)
  3. I'm not sure about different takes on Pura songs, but 「日没地区 / nichibotsuchiku」 and 「19罪 / jukyusai」 both borrow from 「恋ト幻 / rentogen」 and/or 「メモ / memo」 from his previous solo releases. ETA: Also, if memory serves, I think 「19罪 / jukyusai」is the song Ryutaro mentioned as being the first he wrote? That is to say, the '1992' part of the album. Which would also make sense, given the song title's apparent play on words. So if that one reminds you of an older Pura song, that might be another reason why. But I don't know whether he was referring to solely the lyrics or the composition as well.
  4. SakuraFox512

    Maybe try "PLOSIVE"?:
  5. Plastic Tree is slated to release two new live DVDs, containing footage of their Pacifico Yokohama concerts from earlier this year! "第一幕【Plastic】things/1997–2006" will contain performances of everything off their 4th album, Träumerei, while "第二幕【Tree】songs/2007–2018" will contain performances of everything off their 14th album, doorAdore. The DVDs will be available to buy separately (at the price of ¥6,297+tax each) or together (at the price of ¥11,852+tax). Reservations can be made at their online shop from September 25, 2018~October 2, 2018; orders are expected to ship out November 19, 2018. The DVDs will also be sold at other shops starting November 26, 2018. Source: http://www.jrock.jp/various/news/2018/09/10/4326/
  6. The tracklist has been revealed! Included in all editions: 01.) 幻形フィルム / genkei film 02.) くるおし花 / kuruoshibana 03.) 憑影と月風 / tsukikage to tsukikaze 04.) ザジ待ち / zajimachi 05.) キュルるル / kyurururu 06.) 色隷 / shikirei 07.) 日没地区 / nichibotsuchiku 08.) 19罪 / jukyusai Featured on Type-A only: 09.) op.7 憑影と月風 / tsukikage to tsukikaze (AC ver.) [Should be the same song that was on his op.7 single earlier this year] 10.) op.8 ザジ待ち / zajimachi (AC ver.) [" "] 11.) op.9 色隷 / shikirei (AC ver.) Featured on Type-B only: 09.) op.10 19罪 / jukyusai (AC ver.) 10.) op.11 くるおし花 / kuruoshibana (AC ver.) 11.) op.12 日没地区 / nichibotsuchiku (AC ver.) Additionally, 「くるおし花/kuruoshibana」and「憑影と月風 /tsukikage to tsukikaze」will be released early to Spotify 5 days from now.
  7. I thought that might be the case, but didn't want to go writing that down when I hadn't seen any solid info on that front. Thanks for pointing it out! I'll edit my post.
  8. SakuraFox512

    I was afraid of that, since it was left untitled. I can only make out some of it -- some of the quieter parts have me stuck.
  9. SakuraFox512

    Ahh...sorry. I saw them mention their phone having trouble with the Japanese characters, so I thought I'd offer a romanization, but it looks like I mixed up the single and song name. Unfortunately, I don't know the lyrics off-hand or own the release. I can try searching around for them, if you'd like? I can't guarantee I'll be able to find them, but...
  10. SakuraFox512

    Honestly, the live-limited version sounded more like an "Ultimate edition" than the one just announced. This one just has the main album and either a re-release of erosion or a couple music videos, depending on which type you buy. Meanwhile, the venue-exclusive one from a few months back had the main CD + a demo CD (and a photobook, and probably more interesting packaging, but that stuff's secondary). Still...guess it's been a while since they've done a general release, rather than just selling stuff at tours. Maybe Kiyoharu/the band/their label figure this will sell well enough to warrant a broader release, given that it's their final album. Curious to see where it will chart, if nothing else.
  11. SakuraFox512

    Not sure if you still need help with it, but the transliteration of the title would be "Shippai no Boku, Seikou no Kimi".
  12. Cover art has been revealed (it was already pretty much revealed...) Type A: Type B: Standard edition: Also revealed: * The standard edition comes with 8 tracks * Limited types A and B each come with 11 tracks. - 8 of the tracks are the same as the standard edition. - the remaining 3 tracks consist of acoustic arrangements of songs on the album, and will vary between Type A and Type B. Basically, the same scenario as his previous album. * Type A comes with a DVD featuring a PV for a song titled 「くるおし花/kuruoshibana」 * Type B comes with a DVD featuring a PV for a song titled 「憑影と月風 /tsukikage to tsukikaze」 The full tracklist still has yet to be posted.
  13. SakuraFox512

    IMO, most of the new songs on doorAdore weren't too bad in terms of songwriting (at least, "Search and Destroy" and "Irotsuki", for example, aren't all that close to other things they've written, off the top of my head ). As far as this goes, I'd agree that there's a lack of creativity -- "Inside-Out" is undeniably generic-sounding, but it's also a game piece, and most band songs that get used in games/anime wind up with a pretty typical sort of 'sound' to them that makes it easy to tell that they're anison, more or less. As for the "last phase" part of things...yeah, that's right. In an interview for doorAdore a couple of months ago, it was mentioned they were heading to their 'final phase'. They haven't dropped any date for disbanding or formally announced anything yet, but in general, it's kind kind of been a little while coming, given that Ryutaro's been hinting at bowing out of at least being a vocalist ever since his solo career, because of the condition of his voice. (and, increasingly, it seems like the reason he even started with a solo project in the first place was to get the songs he didn't find suitable for Pura out in the open before he felt he wouldn't be able to do them, but I digress). All that said, Ryu seems pretty set on trying to go for as long as he still has things he wants to do and doesn't find them too frustrating to do. But personally, I don't really see them lasting beyond their 25th major-label anniversary at the latest (so maybe 2022 or so, assuming Ryu's voice doesn't give out before then or if he's satisfied before then).
  14. SakuraFox512

    Plastic Tree's next single, "Inside-Out" has been decided on -- due for release on July 25, 2018 (one day before the game). It will be available in 4 types: A, B, Standard, and a Collar x Malice edition Tracklist (same for all editions): 01.) Inside-Out 02.) Tomoshibi 03.) Inside-Out (Instrumental) 04.) Tomoshibi (Instrumental) Exclusive to Type-A: "Inside-Out" Music Video DVD Exclusive to Type-B: Photo booklet Exclusive to Collar x Malice edition Game-styled jacket art More info still to come!
  15. ^ Not sure how much the recording will wind up differing, but here's a live example of Miyavi doing "Pink Spider".