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  1. SakuraFox512

    IMO, most of the new songs on doorAdore weren't too bad in terms of songwriting (at least, "Search and Destroy" and "Irotsuki", for example, aren't all that close to other things they've written, off the top of my head ). As far as this goes, I'd agree that there's a lack of creativity -- "Inside-Out" is undeniably generic-sounding, but it's also a game piece, and most band songs that get used in games/anime wind up with a pretty typical sort of 'sound' to them that makes it easy to tell that they're anison, more or less. As for the "last phase" part of things...yeah, that's right. In an interview for doorAdore a couple of months ago, it was mentioned they were heading to their 'final phase'. They haven't dropped any date for disbanding or formally announced anything yet, but in general, it's kind kind of been a little while coming, given that Ryutaro's been hinting at bowing out of at least being a vocalist ever since his solo career, because of the condition of his voice. (and, increasingly, it seems like the reason he even started with a solo project in the first place was to get the songs he didn't find suitable for Pura out in the open before he felt he wouldn't be able to do them, but I digress). All that said, Ryu seems pretty set on trying to go for as long as he still has things he wants to do and doesn't find them too frustrating to do. But personally, I don't really see them lasting beyond their 25th major-label anniversary at the latest (so maybe 2022 or so, assuming Ryu's voice doesn't give out before then or if he's satisfied before then).
  2. SakuraFox512

    Plastic Tree's next single, "Inside-Out" has been decided on -- due for release on July 25, 2018 (one day before the game). It will be available in 4 types: A, B, Standard, and a Collar x Malice edition Tracklist (same for all editions): 01.) Inside-Out 02.) Tomoshibi 03.) Inside-Out (Instrumental) 04.) Tomoshibi (Instrumental) Exclusive to Type-A: "Inside-Out" Music Video DVD Exclusive to Type-B: Photo booklet Exclusive to Collar x Malice edition Game-styled jacket art More info still to come!
  3. ^ Not sure how much the recording will wind up differing, but here's a live example of Miyavi doing "Pink Spider".
  4. SakuraFox512

    The same sort of fujoshi bait the first Collar x Malice game was, I reckon
  5. SakuraFox512

    Thanks! Been enjoying it here so far. I take it your tastes are similar, but who are some of your favs, if you don't mind me asking? (I dig your avatar, by the way)
  6. SakuraFox512

    The opening movie for the game, featuring some of the song "Inside-Out", has been put up on Youtube (no proxy required!):
  7. SakuraFox512

    I actually like the original version of this song more, musically. But then I got confronted with a reminder that this MV exists and couldn't resist loading it instead. Y'all need this in your lives. Everybody needs it.
  8. SakuraFox512

    I didn't see any of the livestream, but regardless of however painful that was, I'm feeling pretty certain according to Wicked Teletubby's video that it just got even worse.
  9. Plastic Tree are slated to do intro and outro themes for the new Playstation Vita game "Collar x Malice -Unlimited-, due out July 26, 2018. Opening theme: Inside-Out (インサイドアウト) Lyricist: Ryutaro Arimura Composer: Tadashi Hasegawa Arrangers: Plastic Tree Ending theme: Tomoshibi (灯火) Lyricist and Composer: Tadashi Hasegawa Arrangers: Plastic Tree (Source: http://www.jrock.jp/various/news/2018/04/20/3962/) Further details to be added as they're announced
  10. SakuraFox512

    I have a couple of unpopular ones, but I'll just start with the one, lest I be burned at the stake (or at least never taken seriously again): Dir en Grey and MUCC are horribly over-hyped
  11. SakuraFox512

    Paraphrase of a comment I've seen on several vids. of his: 'I don't understand shit, but this man sure knows his.'
  12. SakuraFox512

    Hello everybody, Been lurking this place for a couple years before I finally decided to make an account, and I've already made a couple posts here, but realized I never made an introduction post, probably because I'm bad at them. But moving past that...I'm 22 years old and been listening to jpop and rock since late grade school (visual kei since early middle school, I would guess). Most of my preferred bands hail from the 80s and 90s (Kuroyume, BUCK-TICK, D'ERLANGER, Plastic Tree, PIERROT, Janne Da Arc...), but I'm not averse to musicians after the turn of the millennia, either (The GazettE, MERRY, and, recently, AIOLIN, are a few I like). I listen to music pretty much 24/7, and also like reading and (trying to) make games. I want to be a musician someday, so I'm interested in writing lyrics and composing (<-- also a 'trying to'). I have some anxiety troubles, so if I get slow on my responses while I'm here, please don't take it personally. ._.
  13. SakuraFox512

    Well...he started using e-cigarettes a few years back, probably to help his voice. (Whether that means he stopped using real cigarettes altogether or not is another matter). But regardless of what his current situation is regarding smoking, I just brought it up because I figured all the years that he definitely spent smoking normal cigarettes have probably played their part in present troubles. But yikes! He's had polyps removed 4 times? I only knew of two. :x That's pretty rough. And yeah, I don't envy the situation. Problems like this have got to be among the worst to be gazing down the barrel of as a vocalist. I remember some of the worries and fears he mentioned going through back when he had gotten diagnosed with Guillain-Barré syndrome and can't help but wonder how he's feeling about now. I hope that whenever the time comes that he has to bow out, he can at least be content with all that he's done over the course of Pura's existence. As for the other band members...I wonder about that too. I guess Akira has COALTAR OF THE DEEPERS to fall back on? It's not really the same though... Either way, the vk scene is gonna feel real weird for me without the ol' 'Tree that never withers'. =/ EDIT: This occurred to me a while ago and it's been driving me nuts since, but I wonder why Pura don't just take a hiatus, rather than disbanding, They've been going pretty constantly since they first formed...maybe taking a year or two off would benefit Ryutaro. Surely going full-steam ahead with tours and double performances (like what they did with the same-day Puppet Show/Nega to Posi concerts) and whatnot will just burn his voice out faster...? You and me both. Hoping I can save up enough dough and get my health in check so that I can see them even once.
  14. SakuraFox512

    Hmm...Ryutaro also composed "Nocturne" as well, didn't he? (though that only brings the total up to two). Akira and Ken-Ken took on two each also...so that means Tadashi ultimately did the other half. Pretty sure it's the songs originally from the singles that tipped the scales for Tadashi, since he often composes their lead singles...if we were to count only the new songs, I guess Tadashi only did two as well! I suppose they couldn't have been more even-handed without leaving out the singles. Oh yeah, that makes sense about his voice. Combined with his smoking, polyp removals, and add aging too, and I suppose it's not unexpected either. On that last part, I have to say it was nice seeing Replay again after its long absence on setlists in recent times. ^^ And I agree wholeheartedly that I still love Ryutaro's voice too. I think he's starting to try to wind himself down though, (albeit slowly), and I'm finding the whole situation pretty sad. I know that in a recent interview [or was it a live?] that happened sometime in the past couple of years, he stated that he knows he won't be able to continue on forever as a musician. Not because of any lack of interest, but simply because of the state of his throat and he mentioned trying his best with it and still wanting to do as much as he can while still able. And then just last month, there was him saying the band was moving into their final act following the release of this album. So I'm very honestly starting to think that the band's next album will also be their last. And quite possibly for Ryutaro's work as a vocalist as a whole, too. With any luck, they'll get to usher in their 25th [major-label] anniversary, but I'm increasingly unconvinced they'll last beyond that threshold, much as I hate to say it.
  15. SakuraFox512

    Thanks. Also, it occurred to me that I should probably ask this before adding certain musicians, so what sort of scope are you looking at for the site? I know that on vkdb, for example, certain artists such as Kiyoharu and Gackt have entries despite not exactly being vk as soloists. Would they and other musicians in similar positions be acceptable additions or no?