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  1. SakuraFox512

    Kind of interesting that the same guy who wrote "autism -Jisheishou-" decided to collaborate with a group that encourages the polar opposite sort of views, but okay.
  2. SakuraFox512

    Bumping this in the hopes that somebody can offer help. I keep getting this error nowadays when I try to load nicovideo and haven't been able to get it to stop: Can't exactly download anything since nothing will load anymore. Nicozon is an alternative for watching some videos, at least, but I can't manage to download from there either.
  3. SakuraFox512

    Ryutaro from Plastic Tree likes animals in general, but he's especially into cats -- he tweets about his own cat a fair bit, has fawned over other cats on numerous occasions, his bandmates have brought up his penchant for cats before, and there was at least one group interview that had to get partially edited down for brevity because him, the interviewer, and the other guest (Aijii, from LM.C/ex-PIERROT) got on a tangent about cats. (On that note, Aiji is pretty fond of cats) Also, I'm amazed nobody has mentioned Atsushi Sakurai yet; he's like the resident cat oyaji of VK.
  4. SakuraFox512

    In what absolutely looks a price-gougey move after the initial delay of the album, more info has been announced: * The Covers album will now be coming out on September 4. It will now include 11 songs in this order: 01.) Kasa ga nai (傘がない) * Original by: Yosui Inoue (1972) 02.) Kanashimi Johnny (悲しみジョニー) * Original by: UA (1997) 03.) SAKURA * Original by: Ikimono-gakari (2006) 04.) Omoide Makura (想い出まくら) * Original by: Kyoko Kosaka (1975) 05.) Azami-jou no Lullaby (アザミ嬢のララバイ) * Original by: Miyuki Nakajima (1975) 06.) Tsuki (月) * Original by: Keisuke Kuwata (1994) 07.) MOON * Original by: REBECCA (1987) 08.) Yasashii Kiss wo Shite (やさしいキスをして) * Original by: DREAMS COME TRUE (2004) 09.) Seppun (接吻) * Original by: ORIGINAL LOVE (1993) 10.) Koi (恋) * Original by: Chiharu Matsuyama (1980) 11.) Mokuren no Namida (木蓮の涙) * Original by: Stardust Revue (1993) (^ The CD-only version is 3,000 yen) * The CD+DVD version (5,000 yen) will include the above, plus a DVD with short versions of 7 songs, plus a full, re-done self-cover of "Boukyaku no Sora": 01.) Kasa ga nai -Short ver.- 02.) Kanashimi Johnny -Short ver.- 03.) SAKURA -Short ver.- 04.) MOON -Short ver.- 05.) Yasashii Kiss wo Shite -Short ver.- 06.) Seppun -Short ver.- 07.) Mokuren no Namida -Short ver.- 08.) Boukyaku no Sora -Full ver.- * He's also announced the release of another DVD. "Covers Music Clips" (6,264 yen), slated for September 18, which will include full PVs for all eight songs mentioned above.
  5. SakuraFox512

    Thank you! That seems to do the trick.
  6. SakuraFox512

    Full vid. viewable here: https://vk.com/puranetarium?w=wall-55865342_11317
  7. SakuraFox512

    Dunno about that, but I was looking in the results for this musician: https://video.fc2.com/search/video/?keyword=浜田麻里 There's definitely some stuff there I've not managed to find through Youtube, so I'm not sure of that. In any case, my current FLV downloader doesn't seem to be able to swipe anything from the site. =/ How do I check out the Network panel you mentioned, if you don't mind?
  8. SakuraFox512

    Does anybody know a way I can download from this site? I found some super-rare live vids from a musician I like, but I'm coming up blank on how to swipe videos from there. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  9. Happy birthday! May your day go as you wish it~ (^_^)/

    1. yomii


      thank you ‪⸜(*ˊᵕˋ* )⸝‬

  10. SakuraFox512

    There are a bunch of rarities I'd like, but I'm broke and have to prioritize two things stand at the very top of my list: * There's a certain obscure-ass demo tape from Plastic Tree I'd love to own. The thing didn't even have a title, and there were only 50 copies made, which were all distributed at one specific show they were part of...in 1995. I have literally never seen it around, despite managing to turn up demos -- both for them and other bands -- with even smaller print runs (we're talking to the tune of 10~20 copies). Which is terribly frustrating, because from what's known about the tape, it has a 'really bizarre (/trippy)' alternate recording of one of their more unexpected songs that shows up exactly nowhere else. * "Welcome to the Double Bed", a demo tape for the titular band Double Bed, predating Kuroyume (...and Garnet...and SUS4...) alike as the first band Kiyoharu ever fronted. I was keeping a lookout for the thing for ages, and then had a couple week span where I was hanging out with some of my extended family and didn't keep a close vigil...guess what I learned had finally surfaced after the listing had already ended?
  11. In celebration of their long careers, MORRIE and Kiyoharu have announced a performance ("MORRIE's Solitude & Kiyoharu's Elegy") at Joe's Pub in New York on August 16, 2019. Further details for the event are expected to be revealed later Source: https://www.barks.jp/news/?id=1000167450 + MORRIE's twitter post and Kiyoharu's
  12. SakuraFox512

    @inartistic If I have magazine scans, should I edit the files to leave just the images of the band, or do full-size page scans, which may include the text from interviews, have a place on the site? I imagine there's plenty of obscure info that could potentially be gleaned from old articles, but I guess dealing with a bunch of large images might be troublesome as well?
  13. SakuraFox512

    Cover art and a new artist photo have been unveiled: ^ artist photo ^ Cover art
  14. SakuraFox512

    The last time he updated seems to be several years ago, though
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