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  1. It's too soon to lose another pet goddammit; praying for some miracle turnaround rn and I don't even worship anything.

    1. yomii


      hope your pet will be alright!

  2. SakuraFox512

    Unfortunately, I think that's usually the case more often than not. =/
  3. SakuraFox512

    Just nabbed a (general admission) ticket to the NY show -- feeling pretty hyped for my first j-rock show...and visit to NY, for that matter!
  4. Trying to sell off a few CDs I don't need anymore to get some extra $$$ for New Years gifts. Don't have very many up for offer right now, but I figure I'll list them anyway: Ryutaro Arimura -- demo #2 (standard edition) $18.00 * The front of the case has a couple of scuffs * Comes with the obi * The CD itself is new, never been played. I got it for a friend who just wanted the postcard that came with the standard edition, and she let me keep the CD. (I already own the other editions, though, so I don't need to keep this one.) ViV -- MESSAGE (CD+DVD) $7.00 * Comes with the obi * DVD contains the PV for the title track ToshI -- Gunjou no Yuugure (CD+DVD) $.6.00 * Comes with the obi * There are a couple scuffs on the front of the case VAMPS -- CALLING (standard edition) $6.50 * New, still in shrink-wrap Plastic Tree -- Utsusemi (CD+DVD) $10.00 * DVD features their acoustic live at Asakusa Hanayashiki in 2008 [7 songs] * Comes with the obi * Now out of print Plastic Tree -- Mime (standard edition) $5.00 * Comes with the obi Plastic Tree -- Slow (standard edition, first press w/ outer sleeve) $5.50 * No obi Misc.: Superfly -- Kuroi Shizuku & Coupling Songs: Side B (Limited edition, 2CD+DVD) $29.00 * New, still in shrink-wrap * Disc 1 (CD) features the then-new single [5 songs] Disc 2 (CD) contains all her B-sides up to that point, plus a bonus track [17 songs] Disc 3 is a live DVD featuring all 10 songs she performed at an event in 2015 Leo Ieiri -- 5th Anniversary Best (Limited Type-A, CD+DVD) $33.00 * Disc 1 (CD) is, as the title suggests, a best-of collection [18 songs] * Disc 2 is a live DVD of a concert held at Tokyo International Forum Hall A in 2016 [21 songs] * Comes with the obi Akina Nakamori -- FIXER (CD+DVD) $24.00 * New, still in shrink-wrap * DVD contains the PV for the title track RABBIT -- Eat here or to go? (Fold-out case version) $5.50 * No obi, as it didn't originally come with one * Missing the lyrics sheet * They're a late 80s/mid-'90s j-rock band. One of their better-known songs is probably this one. Here are a couple other examples of what they can sound like. Pavement -- Pacific Trim e.p. $4.00 * Odd man out here, I know -- they're an (American) indie rock band generally best known for their song "Cut Your Hair" * Now out of print I ship from the U.S. (I'm on the east coast); please contact me for a shipping quote. Payment through Paypal is preferable. I can take pictures upon request. Feel free to post or message me with any questions.
  5. Just put our eldest cat, Tiger, down. Been losing my sh** all day leading up to this, and not doing any better now. 17 years. I miss my bud.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Peace Heavy mk II

      Peace Heavy mk II

      I'm sorry for you loss :( 

    3. saishuu


      I am really sorry for your loss. Losing a pet hurts like hell. Hope you feel some sort of relief soon!

    4. SakuraFox512


      It's been a while, but thank you all for the kindness. While there were things I wanted to say, my head just sort of stayed a mess for some time, and I couldn't gather my thoughts well enough to write as I wanted. So, even though it's belated, I just wanted to say I appreciated it.

  6. Ahh, right -- I forgot they don't include the indies and self-cover stuff in their counts. Just fixed it, thanks. =)
  7. I'm not sure about different takes on Pura songs, but 「日没地区 / nichibotsuchiku」 and 「19罪 / jukyusai」 both borrow from 「恋ト幻 / rentogen」 and/or 「メモ / memo」 from his previous solo releases. ETA: Also, if memory serves, I think 「19罪 / jukyusai」is the song Ryutaro mentioned as being the first he wrote? That is to say, the '1992' part of the album. Which would also make sense, given the song title's apparent play on words. So if that one reminds you of an older Pura song, that might be another reason why. But I don't know whether he was referring to solely the lyrics or the composition as well.
  8. SakuraFox512

    Maybe try "PLOSIVE"?:
  9. Plastic Tree is slated to release two new live DVDs, containing footage of their Pacifico Yokohama concerts from earlier this year! "第一幕【Plastic】things/1997–2006" will contain performances of everything off their 4th album, Träumerei, while "第二幕【Tree】songs/2007–2018" will contain performances of everything off their 14th album, doorAdore. The DVDs will be available to buy separately (at the price of ¥6,297+tax each) or together (at the price of ¥11,852+tax). Reservations can be made at their online shop from September 25, 2018~October 2, 2018; orders are expected to ship out November 19, 2018. The DVDs will also be sold at other shops starting November 26, 2018. Source: http://www.jrock.jp/various/news/2018/09/10/4326/
  10. The tracklist has been revealed! Included in all editions: 01.) 幻形フィルム / genkei film 02.) くるおし花 / kuruoshibana 03.) 憑影と月風 / tsukikage to tsukikaze 04.) ザジ待ち / zajimachi 05.) キュルるル / kyurururu 06.) 色隷 / shikirei 07.) 日没地区 / nichibotsuchiku 08.) 19罪 / jukyusai Featured on Type-A only: 09.) op.7 憑影と月風 / tsukikage to tsukikaze (AC ver.) [Should be the same song that was on his op.7 single earlier this year] 10.) op.8 ザジ待ち / zajimachi (AC ver.) [" "] 11.) op.9 色隷 / shikirei (AC ver.) Featured on Type-B only: 09.) op.10 19罪 / jukyusai (AC ver.) 10.) op.11 くるおし花 / kuruoshibana (AC ver.) 11.) op.12 日没地区 / nichibotsuchiku (AC ver.) Additionally, 「くるおし花/kuruoshibana」and「憑影と月風 /tsukikage to tsukikaze」will be released early to Spotify 5 days from now.
  11. I thought that might be the case, but didn't want to go writing that down when I hadn't seen any solid info on that front. Thanks for pointing it out! I'll edit my post.
  12. SakuraFox512

    I was afraid of that, since it was left untitled. I can only make out some of it -- some of the quieter parts have me stuck.
  13. SakuraFox512

    Ahh...sorry. I saw them mention their phone having trouble with the Japanese characters, so I thought I'd offer a romanization, but it looks like I mixed up the single and song name. Unfortunately, I don't know the lyrics off-hand or own the release. I can try searching around for them, if you'd like? I can't guarantee I'll be able to find them, but...
  14. SakuraFox512

    Honestly, the live-limited version sounded more like an "Ultimate edition" than the one just announced. This one just has the main album and either a re-release of erosion or a couple music videos, depending on which type you buy. Meanwhile, the venue-exclusive one from a few months back had the main CD + a demo CD (and a photobook, and probably more interesting packaging, but that stuff's secondary). Still...guess it's been a while since they've done a general release, rather than just selling stuff at tours. Maybe Kiyoharu/the band/their label figure this will sell well enough to warrant a broader release, given that it's their final album. Curious to see where it will chart, if nothing else.
  15. SakuraFox512

    Not sure if you still need help with it, but the transliteration of the title would be "Shippai no Boku, Seikou no Kimi".
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