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  1. Hi guys! 😊 In the video of GLOOMY GLOOMY on the official channel, a user named Sayaka left a comment with kanji lyrics!! If anyone wants the lyric, here is! Thanks Sayaka-chan!
  2. Oh, thank you so much!! Now, GRIMOIRE's fans have the english, portuguese and spanish lyrics of Uranometria!! yeeeep!!! 🤩 thanks thanks!!
  3. ItsPunky

    omg thank you!! You can send me the lyrics in Spanish, please?
  4. I really really love!! I hope that my PSYCHOMACHIA copy arrives soon at my country so excited to hear the other songs from mini album. Waiting hurts!
  5. ItsPunky

    I'm still trying to find any lyric in romaji or english...
  6. Hi guys, someone can help me to found lyrics of this song in english? I meet GRIMOIRE a few days and I'm in love!! i cant found any lyrics in romaji or english translate, so sad! This band really gain my heart! ❤️