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    Sooo I made a list of Diru early songs that sound pretty similar to other band songs. What do you think, influence or plagiarism? Here's the list, there are maybe more, if you know another put it in the comments -Kiri to Mayu = Shade by Luna Sea -Garden = Moon by Luna Sea -Unknown…Despair…a Lost = G by Luna Sea -I'll = Tsuioku by D≒SIRE and Miss Moonlight by Kuroyume -Cage = Toge by Kuroyume -mazohyst of decadence = Yuri no Hanataba by Kuroyume -ZAN- = 親愛なるDEATHMASK by Kuroyume -Wake = Hurt by Luna Sea -umbrella = Coma America by Amen -El bajo de Itoshisa wa Fuhai ni Tsuki = Romancia by Kuroyume
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