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  1. Ameyoru

    I liked metal a lot, but always feel distant from his comunity. I was just a skinny teeneager, so I tried with the emo but also feel weird in it, all the other emo kids from my middle school rejected me lol. At the same time I was entering the anime world and discovered BABYMETAL and holy crap I loved that band (I bought a fucking Funko Pop) later I listened bands like Fear and Loathing, SiM, Coldarain and one time I discovered DADAROMA and lost my mind, they were perfect all I ever wanted in a band (I didn't listen to any beyond Ii Kusuri) , so little by little I found more bands and got more into this called VK. It just mixes music, asthetics and theatricality in a way I love. I love the random and not intentional experimentation. I love that the br00tal bands can be poppy too. Even when the sound is generic at least I have fun with the asthetics. And even the poppiest stuff is still more interesting than the new Asking Alexandria songs. The music scene in my country is generic indie rock music that I don't like and find boring, the stereotypical and also generic metal with the stereotypical metalheads and latin music for parties and dancing that simply is not for me. So visual kei has me covered
  2. Ameyoru

    I was so excited, don't play with my emotions like that
  3. Ameyoru

    I really, really wish for a song like Sanbika, Fuyū or Kagerō
  4. The song grew on me. I'm loving it Nero is cleary influenced by Kyo but he's not a copycat, he has the potential he just needs more experience. The instrumental is solid, as expected from Seiya talent. Very excited about this proyect
  5. My favorite thing in MISC. is Sho's voice. It carries the whole thing, he's the real artist and head of Damlam

  6. Ameyoru

    This reminds me of Issei's behavior, the master and the apprentice
  7. Ameyoru

    It's so sad but Dimlim is dying Honestly I think Ryuya left the band bc he had no patience for Lestu crazy ass ideas Even when I like MISC. (3/5 for me, not horrible, but not wonderful, epecially for some song that man they're forgetable) Rijin and KIDOAIRAKU was the direction, maybe with a touch of Out of the darkness and What's Up? and boom great fucking band, I don't give a shit about the visuals at this point. But NOOO Letsu doesn't want a bassit and prefer to do random world venues, weird ass interviews and do public his ego and middle age crisis, even when he is at his 20
  8. Ameyoru

    Exactly. I live in another city, like 7 horus from Mexico city, and I can't just be traveling for every group, especially when they are so close, they gave us 4 months For many and some others it's not just the cost of the ticket Also, aparently not even Dimlim knew the show was cancelled hahaha
  9. Ameyoru

    Honestly I think the biggest problem it's how close was to the Dir en grey concert Like I mention before, many people spended all of their money on Diru, so no money (Vip was like 250 dollar and General 70) But I know, I know, somepeople had the money but procrastination attack And fucking Dimlim random schedule, "hey let's go to Mexico -when? -dunno, March? -yeah" Your band is not famous, not like The GazettE is, you have missing members, you just changed your style and you want to hold a oneman in Mexico, a hole country, yes you have fans, but in a hole country, not just Mexico City The Sound Bee HD were able to do their Concert and I'm sure they are less famous than Dimlim, but they went to an Anime con, not fucking alone in a whole 1000 people venue Bad, horribly planification
  10. Ameyoru

    Guess who's going to Mexico, well not Dimlim Less than 30 Tickets sold, I'm part of the problem, a broken university student without money, I'd love to go but no money
  11. Ameyoru

    It's just a little preview but I like it It's not mindblowing but at this point I was expecting a bad cover of OOR Eye of the storm, so I'm fine with this
  12. Ameyoru

    Dimlim is sold out in Brazil Wow, honestly wow https://m.facebook.com/lojasweetpanda/photos/a.334592556948240/731598967247595/?type=3
  13. Ameyoru

    1/28 is one day before my birthday, it's like my birthday gift, so it better be good Retsu
  14. Ameyoru

    Also, that's sooooooooo trueeeeeeeeeeeeee Like most of them listened vk in his teeneage years and leave it behind I'm new at this (4 years) and people I know are like "Ohhhh that thing is still alive??" a friend of mine even said "I thought VK died in 2012" I'm really hoping to attend the Dimlim concert but it's also hard bc the traveling, some fans are not from the capital, so they have to travel and Mexico it's not exactly a small country and the economics and safety are not the best in the world
  15. Ameyoru

    They really are huge and have presence in Brazil and Chile. Here's the list of Japanese groups they have brought: (A lot of Kpop too but I'm not puting in it) °C-ute ( 2015 and 2017 ) VAMPS Jupiter DIR EN GREY ( 2015 and 2019 ) ASIAN KUNG - FU GENERATION ( 2015 and 2017 ) SuG BAND-MAID ( 2016 and 2018 ) GALNERYUS DO AS INFINITY Juice=Juice MAXIMUM THE HORMONE PLASTIC TREE SPYAIR Rookiez is Punk'D Morning Musume '18 THE GAZETTE (2019) MIYAVI MAN WITH A MISSION ANGERME
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