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  1. Sooo he is literally going through all the different kei's with his release campaign... Is this the Rentrer En Soi-era?
  2. Anyone ordered through Starwave's own webshop? 🤔Any experiences would be helpful!

  3. merchenticneurosis

    Beautiful artwork. Haven't kept up with them for a long time, maybe i need to hop on it now.
  4. merchenticneurosis

    Lol it better not be a coupling tour, since i loathe the Alice boys
  5. merchenticneurosis

    Mizeria disbands (we still have time)
  6. merchenticneurosis

    Cursed minions (La'veil MizeriA)
  7. People got some Hello-ween planz? I'm stoning some shit while being insomniac, meh. Need a good party next weekend 👻

    1. The Moon

      The Moon

      work 9 hours hun x 

    2. platy


      The only friends I have like to isolate themselves, so the chances of me ever attending a party now that I graduated uni are 0.1%

    3. God


      My gf and I are gonna marathon some scary movies and eat junk food.  

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  8. Drowning in some Deshabillz

  9. merchenticneurosis

    We had some "great metalheads" shouting "Play OBSCURE!" in Finland. Ugh. No class, no manners.
  10. Wondering where i should order「死枷」from, hmm...? littleHEARTS & Brand-x both have the "Episodes" as a priviledge so idk, i can't understand fluent japanese so last time it was kind of useless for me...

  11. merchenticneurosis

    DIR EN GREY was great yesterday!
  12. merchenticneurosis

    Me too! I always google it with "band name x yunisan"
  13. merchenticneurosis

    They have been absolutely horrible with their shippings (atleast to me), i've ordered Methotrexate like a month ago, still no sign of even shipping within Japan, not to mention it should reach to Finland 😕
  14. merchenticneurosis

    Jaki's approval was important ❤️
  15. merchenticneurosis

    The pictures were down for sometime but i fixed it now!
  16. merchenticneurosis

    Thanks for all the love! ❤️
  17. merchenticneurosis

    Didn't know which category these would fit the best, but hope this is okay! Have been slowly working on these since the late summer Inspiration mostly from 薄紅ノ葬 but combining elements from various looks, live & printed. Makeup, hair, costume by me Photos by Riotcolor ✝️
  18. merchenticneurosis

    Was chatting about this with a friend before... The hell is a "ヘマトディプシア"? Can't figure it out.
  19. merchenticneurosis

    Small goodies for a rainy day.
  20. merchenticneurosis

    They never really "surprise" me but i'm always listening. Better live band, imo!
  21. merchenticneurosis

    Finally ditched the black suits, i was getting my eyeballs bored... Very into this ensaemble! Shame that such a long wait till "Folklore", it's one day before my birthday tho, so maybe i'll order it.
  22. merchenticneurosis

    Hope he gets what he deserves in the end... Pure evil.
  23. merchenticneurosis

    Never listened to them much but this seems like a good DVD! ❤️
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