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  1. Feels weird to be home after 2 weeks of Thailand & Gambodia travelling 👻

  2. Tempted to e-mail this image to Crucifixion. Like, a delicate hint.



    1. Himeaimichu


      I think they deserve a better label than Star Wave, honestly. They deserve to have their own free-will sublabel, knowing their talents. 

    2. IGM_Oficial


      loool way better than nothing

  3. I need mental support to discuss the new MizeriA single. Anyone?

  4. Anyone ordered through Starwave's own webshop? 🤔Any experiences would be helpful!

  5. People got some Hello-ween planz? I'm stoning some shit while being insomniac, meh. Need a good party next weekend 👻

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    2. The Moon

      The Moon

      work 9 hours hun x 

    3. platy


      The only friends I have like to isolate themselves, so the chances of me ever attending a party now that I graduated uni are 0.1%

    4. God


      My gf and I are gonna marathon some scary movies and eat junk food.  

  6. Drowning in some Deshabillz

  7. Wondering where i should order「死枷」from, hmm...? littleHEARTS & Brand-x both have the "Episodes" as a priviledge so idk, i can't understand fluent japanese so last time it was kind of useless for me...

  8. Brrrrr, the time waiting for cosplay photos to get edited is worse than the stress of actual shooting... 💀

  9. Sooo i guess it's Lunacy this weekend.



    1. Takadanobabaalien
    2. merchenticneurosis


      Me tbh surfing to the bar.... minus feathers...

  10. I never knew Syndrome's "Search for・・・" was so beautiful, crying here in the morning light...

  11. He's looking at me like this 24/7... 😂



  12. Totally Madeth-kinda Sunday 👻

  13. #ConfessionTime:



    1. suji


      me as HELL, but with my own faves

  14. Mad about Vallquar's 聖憬美的, the compositions are so on crack. Parts of the song actually remind me of like some ibuprofen commercial or something, lol.

  15. Vk nowadays: posing whenever with a weed bong, wheelchair or doing a Hellraiser cosplay, it has definetely broaden it's horizons widely, lol. Not my cup of tea but hey, room for everybody.

    1. suji


      don't forget menhera-kei

    2. merchenticneurosis


      Yeah lol. I'm also so fed up with MV's without any imagination... Like, Japan is a big place, can you find some diversity in your work? The good times when videos actually told a story and it wasn't just swaying against a background or the few clubs/churches that has been abused to filth :D 

  16. Fuck yeah it's 緋い縷 kinda-day! The silent hours of the morning are passing so slowly... Ripping the stuff for everyone if my older laptop works anymore. The bothersome thing about these newer iMacs is the lack of disk drive.

    1. Neurosis


      The new iMacs are a torture * I took months trying to rip some things and finally I did (but in windows xD)

    2. merchenticneurosis


      Yash, i agree 😕 Everything is not only digital nowadays even though we're heavily moving that direction...

  17. Anyone has idea if Puresound takes Paypal or Visa (Electron) nowadays?

  18. Ordering from Brand-x and realizing i cannot back off from their EMS service.

    That was more expensive than the product.



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    2. merchenticneurosis


      Paying taxes for the actual product is understandable, but i've paid "taxes" for shipping, too. 

    3. BrenGun



      does they write that somewhere on a website (post website or so)

      because if they do that oit of mistake you surely need to claim your money back.



      here they only tax for the product plus 13 or 18euro extra declaration fee. ( *・ω・)ノ

      ↑ However they don't pay that fee back if they made a mistake.




    4. merchenticneurosis


      Idk really, i only ordered one CD and our limit without extra costs to bring to the country is hmm, something under 20 euros. So i shouldn't pay anything more when it arrives but who knows, customs are a major bitch.

  19. -Rosary- is definetely my favourite collabosong of Mizeria. Misaruka did a thing.

  20. Wondering if Yohio is ever gonna release his "big nut news" since he always has something coming up, anything ever actually does. We've talked about this with my friends alot, it's so much more real and kick-ass to not say anything and then just drop whatever you're working on. I guess you can just leave ur vk band and produce some girl dance groups. I kinda actually enjoyed some of DISREIGN songs.

    1. Wakarimashita


      it's so much more real and kick-ass to not say anything and then just drop whatever you're working on <--- Y*sh*ki would like a word with you

    2. merchenticneurosis


      Little argument never killed nobody :P 

  21. Anyone else loved Saruin? Fuck, one of my faves from 2007. I remember when i first heard MISS DEMON... Bummer there's no live clips of their shows. Wherever you are Maria, i hope you're doing good!

    1. Manji 卍

      Manji 卍

      SARUIN was badass just like SKULL and UNSRAW

  22. Midsummer seems gloomy and rainy also this year, guess i'll spend the weekend inside doing some crafts.

  23. Like, seriously, this was BEYOND.



  24. I goddamn miss MALISEND so much, these sounds... Slap me if i'm the way off but i kinda put Valluna, Mediena etc in the "same category" of bands in my mind. Not to be exclusive or stupid, they just resonate to me in the same way. DIAURA is shit nowadays, Valluna was fucking bomb. 

    1. helcchi


      Counting on ディオーラ to bring back the valluna vibes.

    2. merchenticneurosis
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