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  1. merchenticneurosis

    Never actually tried Redbubble since shouldn't the pics be like million pixels for it to work?
  2. merchenticneurosis

    That shirt ❤️ How did you make it?
  3. merchenticneurosis

    AnaL TelepathY
  4. merchenticneurosis

    People being ungrateful for other uploaders + also some that posts releases on other sites while claiming it's their own. Eww.
  5. merchenticneurosis

    They have like 8 songs or so and every release is a re-recording of one of them. SMH.
  6. merchenticneurosis

    Hands are itching
  7. merchenticneurosis

    Preview gave me NoGod's debut mixed with acid. Mei has the ability to bring charisma & insanity ANYWHERE unlike Karma (AvelCain). This might get gud! #Anticipation PS. Sorry ya'll never top Memento Mori, ya'll never top Kuroyuri, ya'll just do music, alright? I'm listening. Sit down.
  8. merchenticneurosis

    You look wonderful. Also wtf at first time (?) glueing down eyebrows? Mine took years.
  9. merchenticneurosis

  10. merchenticneurosis

    The Fish Market-guy aka CalaTorie is definetely humour kei but these seem to really embrace what they do, imo.
  11. merchenticneurosis

    I don't see a glimpse of "humour kei" in their repertoire, hmm. Aside from that, wonderful forwarding step for them with this music video! ❤️ The "non overseas shipping" was really homophobic tho. And so many gyas liked the tweet like they were cheerleaders "no gaijin, no gaijin!!"
  12. merchenticneurosis

    Probably not but for the time being, it's there. Haven't really used many others platforms, so need to give it a go! Blogspot might be alright. (Then again really they don't have that much material so it's not a big deal to scroll down for 5secs to find what you're looking for...)
  13. merchenticneurosis

    Decided to open a sideblog for this band! Uploaded every booklet i own yesterday, so if you have interest in working for romaji/english translations, please contact me and let's work together! (Example/preview below) Suggestions and ideas are welcome. Please follow, like, retweet if you enjoy! http://despairofmasquerade.tumblr.com/
  14. merchenticneurosis

    Well, remember when Dollis Marry had a full album they were about to release and it never came out? Yeah, me neither. (Idk if someone mentioned this already)
  15. merchenticneurosis

    The cover actually looks like something Kyo would design while dropping acid
  16. merchenticneurosis

    Yiiiihaaa, i love going to my friend's preparties and stay up with the last person with a bottle of vodka without clubbing. Convenient queen! God give me strength for this day.
  17. merchenticneurosis

    I'm waiting! Tho it might just be Nick reporting my ass xo
  18. merchenticneurosis

    Oh yeah, uploaded the newest MV + Episode of XXXX to my Youtube channel! (Hopefully they will stay without getting taken down) Translation help would also be highly appreciated
  19. merchenticneurosis

    Damn, wouldn't it be something to see these boys in t-shirt & jeans with only tinted moisturizer? Wow, what a dream. JK.
  20. merchenticneurosis

    Wow, thanks so much! I actually (used) put alot of time in it. Every song is precious of course but INSOMNIA especially would be really cool.
  21. merchenticneurosis

    Thank you so much for this! I (also) have almost all their CDs now so if you need specific songs to be scanned or so, let me know!
  22. merchenticneurosis

    I'd give this a solid 8/10 終焉 - Great ominous intro XXXX - Not much has changed, the chaos doesn't sound as cool as intended 眩暈 - The gud stuff 『 』- Why did they have to muffle the vocals in to a total blur? The original is like 100x better. Album remixes should be up, not downgrades. 死枷 - It's like "Hey we're just starting out in Sapporo and want to experiment everything in one song."Also some DISABLED COMPLEXES parts or i might be delusional, but whatever. 薄紅ノ葬 - Sure is pretty! Sentimental song for smoking at my porch 淫虐の理 - Really do love this song, Miria showcasing his best work. Atleast with headphones it sounds a bit more clean than the last single's version ディスレクシア - Drowning goths-syndrome again with the vocals mixing, otherwise perfect. 悲哀囀ル調ベ - Wonderful, wondering if they're releasing a video for this one Secret Moon - No words needed 緋い縷 - A little repetitive with the chorus on the end side but probably the albums true gem highlight 絶望郷 - Very boring, they have songs like these already, so nothing new to the table. A big miss 輪廻 - I LIVE for the creaking door sound at the end
  23. merchenticneurosis

    I've wondered his motives to stay in the band for some time. I think he talked about wanting to do other things before... He writes all the best songs tho so i'm a little concerned for the replacement, if such will appear.
  24. merchenticneurosis

    Hmm. Dir en grey was the start of everything at age 13. After that it's all been a downhill: Occasional obsessions between the years: 愛狂います キス&ネイト 新興宗教楽団NoGoD random vk bands i thought were cool because of photoshop After ventured in to the abyss nowadays i "pretty much only" listen to kote-kei, or bands with a "darker atmosphere". All-time faves/highlights that will never-die: Madeth gray'll, 弥叉, AZALEA, Lamina, Sugar Folkfull, Saruin, Metis Gretel, CANARY, Madieduor/Vallquar, Dollis Marry, NEGA, パニックちゃんねる, Marderayla, early Merry, Marusa, Hannya, Kagerou, early 12012, everything HIRO ever did: Visage, gossip, Varyll, not sure about Verxina (sorry!), VanessA, SCISSOR, Ru:natic, Puppet Mammy, Misery, MADARA, GULLET, GHOST and the list goes on...
  25. merchenticneurosis

    The "help" still seems to support him tho. Idk what the tweet is about tho.
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