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  1. merchenticneurosis

  2. merchenticneurosis

    47 seems to be the cursed number.
  3. merchenticneurosis

    Never actually tried Redbubble since shouldn't the pics be like million pixels for it to work?
  4. merchenticneurosis

    That shirt ❤️ How did you make it?
  5. merchenticneurosis

    AnaL TelepathY
  6. merchenticneurosis

    People being ungrateful for other uploaders + also some that posts releases on other sites while claiming it's their own. Eww.
  7. merchenticneurosis

    They have like 8 songs or so and every release is a re-recording of one of them. SMH.
  8. merchenticneurosis

    Hands are itching
  9. merchenticneurosis

    Preview gave me NoGod's debut mixed with acid. Mei has the ability to bring charisma & insanity ANYWHERE unlike Karma (AvelCain). This might get gud! #Anticipation PS. Sorry ya'll never top Memento Mori, ya'll never top Kuroyuri, ya'll just do music, alright? I'm listening. Sit down.
  10. merchenticneurosis

    You look wonderful. Also wtf at first time (?) glueing down eyebrows? Mine took years.
  11. merchenticneurosis

  12. merchenticneurosis

    The Fish Market-guy aka CalaTorie is definetely humour kei but these seem to really embrace what they do, imo.
  13. merchenticneurosis

    I don't see a glimpse of "humour kei" in their repertoire, hmm. Aside from that, wonderful forwarding step for them with this music video! ❤️ The "non overseas shipping" was really homophobic tho. And so many gyas liked the tweet like they were cheerleaders "no gaijin, no gaijin!!"
  14. merchenticneurosis

    Probably not but for the time being, it's there. Haven't really used many others platforms, so need to give it a go! Blogspot might be alright. (Then again really they don't have that much material so it's not a big deal to scroll down for 5secs to find what you're looking for...)
  15. merchenticneurosis

    Decided to open a sideblog for this band! Uploaded every booklet i own yesterday, so if you have interest in working for romaji/english translations, please contact me and let's work together! (Example/preview below) Suggestions and ideas are welcome. Please follow, like, retweet if you enjoy! http://despairofmasquerade.tumblr.com/
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