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  1. merchenticneurosis

    Love them, METEOR is such a good minialbum.
  2. hey happy birthday!!  (❁´◡`❁)*✲゚*

  3. merchenticneurosis

    Shitty year, good jamz
  4. merchenticneurosis

    Damn boi, i die for these Dollis Marry HD pics, brb making a new wallpaper 😍
  5. merchenticneurosis

    Omg lol, i wonder how many of AvelCain fangirls will actually fall for this shit? VK really is dead.
  6. merchenticneurosis

    Really interested in the GARDEN DVD despite the child molesters dirty karma.
  7. merchenticneurosis

    These guys are bomb, too! A little shabby quality but meh.
  8. merchenticneurosis

    Yep, one of my faves! Also gorgeous Finnish post-punk bands are Musta Paraati and Kuudes Tunti, available on Youtube
  9. Hey guys! Really wanted to create this topic since me and a bunch of friends have came to the conclusion that local "ordinary" (non-vk) rock music has alot of various visual kei elements and sounds. One of the main reasons are that Finnish and Japanese are pronounced pretty similarly (same as theyre written) Tell me what you think, i'm posting the links/comparions down below! To start off, here we have some MUCC vibes! The first song has some Tatsurou vocals for sure and i think if this would be switched to japanese it could also be nagoya kei or so, lol. Following up, we have some Kagerou. We even have the infamous "PRRRRRR"-sound in the middle, brings me old Vidoll or Puppet Mammy to mind. Kuolleet Intiaanit is disbanded art rock band that never gave any interviews and their liveshows were kind of "theatre" or cabaret-esque. Following songs are translated as "in the middle of the fire" and "nightmare...?" Next we have some local pop/rock singer which the elder people are fond of. This is so LAREINE for me, tbh. Prove me wrong, he's even sitting on a piano and got da moves right. This i can't pinpoint in any way to a specific band since it's like pop-punk rock but the opening guitar solo could be a banger for a vk song. There are many more but i will try to update this once i actually find the songs & comparisons, lol. Opinions are appreciated!
  10. Tempted to e-mail this image to Crucifixion. Like, a delicate hint.



    1. AimiGen7


      I think they deserve a better label than Star Wave, honestly. They deserve to have their own free-will sublabel, knowing their talents. 

    2. IGM_Oficial


      loool way better than nothing

  11. Lol, FIXER gone, these guys pausing, what else? Running out of bands.
  12. I need mental support to discuss the new MizeriA single. Anyone?

  13. merchenticneurosis

    Wow, they really are growing. Love the cover. Also, FECES?? 😱 #SquattyPotty #PoopQueens