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  1. kiixx

    Ruki amazing vocals, creative, dark, composer Uruha sexy long legs, pretty face, my lover, amazing composer aoi charismatic nature, vocals, composer Reita funny, energetic bassist, vocals Kai the baby face of the band, the talented drummer Watch 10th anniversary The decade live at makuhari messi is my all time favourite live. Music I would recommend start from their beginning till now. You will see how much their music is filled with constant persistence in making better music for the band and their fans. The Gazette is all that you would ever want in a band😈
  2. kiixx

    Ssaddddddddddd. Hopefully see more from them soon
  3. Loving this new project. Addictive song
  4. kiixx

    Excited what next they have to offer
  5. Personally I like Nil under rain better haha but maybe the name change is to represent what they have to offer "bam"🤣
  6. back then in SuG I knew they weren't much vkei material but takeru's voice I always enjoyed listening. Its a shame they disband now but hope the best for takeru and the rest of the members. the song is ok but not loving it 😢
  7. Jiluka just announced next one man live in 2018/5/20(日) 東京・渋谷  ♡♡♡

    1. Komorebi


      Isn't that the Tsutaya o-west oneman they've been promoting since Halloween?

    2. kiixx


      guess ive been slow :P

  8. Shortest: 1 month Longest: 3 years
  9. kiixx

    -Trust people very easily but in the end being lied to. -Liking someone i shouldn't which led me waste my time and not focus on my studies and in the end did poorly in my final high school exams. I've learnt from my mistakes and open my eyes to pick a guy that i treasures me and I can trust
  10. kiixx

    Canivals new image looks good and so does Luvia Songs sound pretty good. Cant wait for the PV
  11. kiixx

    Cant wait
  12. Feel free to share and post your favourite Hairstyles and Hair Colours from your favourite Vkei artists! Silver,Black, Pink and Purple are my favourite.
  13. kiixx

    Hiro from Nocturnal bloodlust. So mascaline with those muscles but then so feminine with the tutu haha
  14. kiixx

    Feel like something not too heavy today. soothing
  15. kiixx

    I generally love wearing black so any brand that offers good quality black clothing i would go to purchase. Civarize, is very vkei which i love but of course there is a limit to what they have to offer to girls. I was once a liz lisa, MAR*S , Rienda kind of girl but time has changed haha. Clothing now i keep quite minimal and focus on jewelry and bags.
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