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  1. keilu

    Ok. A lot of people are dying on Facebook bc of some possible tour in North and South America. That's what I saw but nobody gives me a source..
  2. keilu

    see. I didn't see anything about what you say Hayato too. and I follow a fan from codomo who goes to every live of them... great...
  3. keilu

    What I was trying to say is why I didn't see this in fanpages or tumblr accounts about Kiryu. I mean, I saw posts about his illness and wearing the sunglasses in instore events, but anything about him pushing himself too hard like this:
  4. keilu

    Ok. Why anyone on the social media were talking about this? (Or I didn't saw it. Lucky me, I guess) It's notorious that they need a break
  5. Btw, I saw this thread days ago and I forgot to share it here. I couldn't understand who was "exposed" and I couldn't see the photo bc my phone is trash
  6. I wanted to go but I'm so faaar away from Japan ahhhhhhhh LOL At least you tried it
  7. Wasn't this song from that "best of" album they have on iTunes?
  8. keilu

    The only tereko I can remember now is that one with gackt singing for the first time with Malice Mizer... (I guess it was his first time because his voice was awful as hell. )
  9. keilu

    maybe they'll comeback with a different name, like Vivarush did
  10. Közi is part of ZIZ. He probably sings no pains, no gains... again I can't remember if Tetsu don't like being related with Malice Mizer. I'd sell my soul for hear him singing Kioku to sora
  11. I found english translations on @VKPoetry0's blog. thanks a lot for them! I'm so shook about the lyrics. I don't know if I can post them here, so I'll share links of these translations: shukusei elegy iolite
  12. +1 btw, I saw peffy from Hiphopvomit transcribing lyrics