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  1. keilu

    it looks like that message isn't from the family. the translator suggests Riuki, but I think it could be anyone from the band
  2. I just came to say "0.1g no gosan curse" but I hope he'll recover soon bc I liked so much itadakimasu
  3. keilu

    comment: this is my favorite song, so I tried to do this romaji. Chisa sings "toki" instead of 時間(jikan) -I think both means the same, so...- 僕の目に 見える この世界は boku no me ni mieru kono sekai wa 君のいる 世界と同じだろうか kimi no iru sekai to onaji darō ka 目の前に広がる 果てしない闇 me no mae ni hirogaru hateshinai yami これから いつまで続くの 終わりはあるの korekara itsumade tsuzuku no owari wa aru no 嘘つきばかりで作られたこの世界 usotsuki bakari de tsukurareta kono sekai 何もかもが仕組まれた そんな偽りの世界 nanimo kamo ga shikumareta sonna itsuwari no sekai 誰か僕に教えて 今見ている光景は dare ka boku ni oshiete ima miteiru kōkei wa 誰が求めた 真実ですか dare ga motometa shinjitsu desu ka この部屋で過ぎてく 孤独な時間(とき) kono heya de sugiteku kodokuna jikan (toki) これから いつまで続くの 終わりはあるの korekara itsumade tsuzuku no owari wa aru no 今いるこの儚くて切ない世界 ima iru kono hakanakute setsunai sekai 何もかもが偽物 そんな偽りの世界 nanimo kamo ga nisemono sonna itsuwari no sekai そして最後の希望は この小さな光が soshite saigo no kibō wa kono chīsana hikari ga 示す明日への 真実だけ shimesu asu e no shinjitsu dake 誰か教えて 今見ている光景は dare ka oshiete ima miteiru kōkei wa 誰が求めた 真実ですか dare ga motometa shinjitsu desu ka kanji from rocklyric.jp
  4. if they don't found a new vocalist... 繋がRe:ゼロ (Tsunagari Zero) is the next disbanding...
  5. keilu

    I have another questions! about jishubanclub, which shopping service they use? and do they accept paypal?
  6. I never understand how it works 😥 I tried to make some songs to Ultrastar but my laptop hate every app... I'll try again next holidays! please let me now some advices! I love ultrastar more than singstar because there's a lot of songs! I remember played it all night long with my friends for the best score on The gazette songs. my best songs are Inferno by 9mm parabellum bullet and Sakura cardcaptor op theme xD my average score I think it was about 9000 and hard mode!! always!!
  7. keilu

    That's my last resort. I was looking for more options thanks! I'll check it later!
  8. keilu

    anyone from South America? I only used cdjapan. I tried registered SAL and Registered airmail because ems and fedex are really expensive here... and it worked very well. luckily one of my purchases arrived without customs fee! But there are some cds and dvds I want and I can't find them on cdjapan. any other website available in english, which accepts paypal and let me know how much money I'm gonna spent?
  9. keilu

    ok. youtube don't stop suggesting me this:
  10. I finally listen to the new song. Pton never had so many lines 😆 I love it!!! the only I could understand was all the live house names they mentioned. the middle part made me laugh a lot
  11. It's an original song! I just read they really gonna do a the gazette parody (sadly from a song I didn't know from them)
  12. Isn't a place from Chile?
  13. keilu