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  1. well, since now 1 USD=60 ARS thanks god I didn't pre order those poidol albums.

    1. saiko


      Why on the earth would you spend a ton of pesos into Poidol???

    2. keilu


      why not? they are a guilty pleasure

  2. A long last comment from Suguru
  3. He updated his blog and yep, more comments about all this https://lineblog.me/kiryu_takemasa/archives/8415997.html
  4. Nope, still there I only got the apology part. "Sorry for annouced it late" I thought all this kind of shitty drama was exclusive of kpop/jpop fans.
  5. I couldn't find how everything started bc too many comments. So is she "a former gya" or what? I'm curious. Anyone with enough free time to search how all this drama started?
  6. wait, weren't they recruting members over 60?
  7. oh come on. I thought he would be the last who leaves the band... but it seems they finally have "musical disagreement" or smth like that
  8. midori's comment:
  9. oh I'll definitely check it later. I wanted to transcribe those lyrics this weekend
  10. oh god, the day I've been waiting is finally here: they'll parody Kiryu. edit: they'll release "Hyakki yakou bus" on May 16th. that's the only thing I got now at 3am. I can't wait
  11. keilu

    will they upload all their videos? who knows... -but I hope so-
  12. something about the band wanting to disband last october? and that he doesn't think he'll return to the band
  13. anyone could download it? I couldn't watch it yet and it was banned...
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