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  1. the memeshikute ending ♥♥ it's a twitter failure
  2. their fc can do what? I saw the first part translated here
  3. the drummer looks so pissed that it hurts
  4. keilu

    I saw it here on fuckyeahtanuki days ago. I thought that tumblr account was dead... anyone read something more about that? I don't know what is Radio jack. my bad
  5. They can use live houses names too... Anyway, why "mushroom child"? XD
  6. "stealing"? oh come on!!!! so they didn't get permission to do the golden bomber parody... at least we had Janiwota o Yamete Kurenaika
  7. Hiro was diagnosed with influenza?
  8. What Wait what? So... Riku will try to be the bassist But why someone over 60? I want Közi being part of this
  9. keilu

    The GazettE basically confirmed in a Radio Jack episode that they don't sleep with foreign girls. Someone asked about pubic hair shapes on women. They were all like "I've never seen it without hair." So... Lol WHAT
  10. May 15! Vip ticket is around 150 dollars, so no vip for me. Last year Versailles vip tickets were around 50 dollars... so I don't gonna pay more than that
  11. keilu

    tumblr banned me a post about a sex thread... maybe it just applies in spanish
  12. keilu

    oh, I mean that I want translations of current tanuki stuff like crazy funny theories about why A leave the X band and how he cheated on his mitsu before dissapearing. well, tumblr probably banned all the sex threads anyway
  13. keilu

    anyway, I hope someone start to translate tanuki stuff one day... the only thing I understand with google translate is "shit noodles"