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  1. I just was praying google translate got it wrong. Damn What a bad luck! I hope they didn't meet too many bandmen recently
  2. Oh man Hope they get well soon so the bassist don't get covid or he didn't test yet?
  3. keilu

    Just read this thread again and went to fuck yeah tanuki to remember that awfully good times. that tumblr is dead F I remember that rumor about Teru having a big dick and being obsessed with nipples
  4. Pet kei idol? Isn't it enough with "Mother" already?

    Why some faces of "Zootto tomodachi" are familiar without my glasses?🤔

  5. 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
  6. keilu

    Can relate I didn't pay attention to the scene last year, but I recommend you these bands I remember from 2017 and 2018: -kizu (steroid & kizuato) -mathilda ( I really liked theキセキニイル cd) -warumono -poidol -mamireta ( first singles) -acme
  7. After this time being far away from the scene, it feels great some bands I liked are still active.

    Their music aren't as good as before but... it's something🤔

  8. well, since now 1 USD=60 ARS thanks god I didn't pre order those poidol albums.

    1. saiko


      Why on the earth would you spend a ton of pesos into Poidol???

    2. keilu


      why not? they are a guilty pleasure

  9. He updated his blog and yep, more comments about all this https://lineblog.me/kiryu_takemasa/archives/8415997.html
  10. Nope, still there I only got the apology part. "Sorry for annouced it late" I thought all this kind of shitty drama was exclusive of kpop/jpop fans.
  11. I couldn't find how everything started bc too many comments. So is she "a former gya" or what? I'm curious. Anyone with enough free time to search how all this drama started?
  12. wait, weren't they recruting members over 60?
  13. oh come on. I thought he would be the last who leaves the band... but it seems they finally have "musical disagreement" or smth like that
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