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    Pretsy reacted to herpes in anyone know which la'mule song this is   
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    Pretsy reacted to Bear in somewhat random but mh doesn't have a way 2 block someone from seeing my posts/visiti   
    The whole idea sounds fucking kindergarten. If you don't want someone to read your pathetic posts, then don't post anything. It's that's fucking simple.
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    Pretsy reacted to Disposable in Do you know why religion demands faith? Because given that there is no evidence for t   
    This sounds like something I wrote on a notebook in middle school after binging on slipknot for an entire biology class
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    Pretsy reacted to orange~ in Gotta love coming back to Finland +2°C from Italy's +25°C Why the fuck do I live here   
    Gotta start saving money. Frozen wastelands have effect on people you know! I was really energized and positive in the warmth of the sun! things were really looking good I thought - but then I came back to this ever-long grayness and fell right back to my usual dark place.. geeeeeezzz....
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    Pretsy reacted to orange~ in M-H would be a much nicer place if people didn't feel the need to bully, troll and th   
    amen. I hate internet drama beyond anything.
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    Pretsy reacted to Disposable in Imagine making a big deal about "not contributing" (as if anyone cared) only to come   
    Now imagine doing it ten times over
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    Pretsy reacted to Peace Heavy mk II in which one of you goobers tagged Mucc's album Karma as 'experimental rock' on wikipedi   
    They experimented with losing their fanbase xoxox
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    Pretsy reacted to WhirlingBlack in Other guys at Dir en grey shows suck. Why push and shove to get in front if you're on   
    It's more of a Japan thing for me at least, Japanese guys are the worst kind of passive bunch I've ever seen, I'm glad that the girls always give it 100% though and know all the choreography. Awesome stuff. In the west I'm more annoyed at the drunk guys trying to mosh at theshows, lol.
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    Pretsy reacted to nekkichi in what [the fuck] is death stranding even gonna be about at first i thought it was gonn   
    about kojima's taste in western daddiez so far
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    Pretsy reacted to herpes in   
    ur tacky
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    Pretsy reacted to Tokage in wtf i've aged now   
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    Pretsy reacted to nekkichi in IS EVERY POST BY KAWAII_MINPHA GONE   
    ahhh dontchu worry fam, I GOT THA PINK TEXT COVERED
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    Pretsy reacted to nekkichi in Jesus the STD rate is high as fuck now. Quit fucking so much people lol   
    I thought it was common sense that u don't get STIs if there's a bible by your bed and jesus on ur scruff
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    Pretsy reacted to Tokage in Listening to SADIE and despite their inconsistent discography, they still have a crap   
    haha yea i loved their album uroboros
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    Pretsy reacted to saishuu in so. good jazz kei is simply a myth?   
    emmny's recs are on point, but it's also worth mentioning SID's first album "Renai", which honestly is jazz-rock at its best and pretty much started this whole jazzy thing in modern VK. Other bands like SCISSOR, Shichisanshiki and Kazoku also had some really good jazz-inspired stuff.
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    Pretsy reacted to Tokage in back in my day we had to walk 50 kilometers to the nearest livejournal community to g   
    bring back those old-ass mp3 rotation websites too
    yknow, the ones that would upload like 3 new songs a week or something
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    Pretsy reacted to pinkmakona in trombepocalypse...chose ur side.   
    Dispo made me lol on that thread...
    "As if any of us who have been here for like 5-8+ years would be able to leave now. See you in two weeks trombe!"
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    Pretsy reacted to nekkichi in why do metvl fans do this. when does the nohomo str8 boi circlejerk end. how soon are   
    @Carmelzors I mean yes but dss threads always had a couple of ppl expressing their rightful disgust with that album, it added some much needed balance D:
     this shit is depressingly uniform. they all need jesus and melvel, those repulsive cis hetero metal fans.
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    Pretsy reacted to CAT5 in Masayuki Hasuo (ex.school food punishment) and Yoshimasa Terui ( ハイスイノナサ) made a band   
    trombe, calm your ass down. It's super easy to overlook topics with the wealth of news posted here everyday. You can't in all seriousness expect every person to view EVERY single news thread, especially when it's a  brand new act THAT NO ONE HAS EVER FUCKING HEARD OF. Perhaps putting the related bands in the thread title would have drawn more attention to it? And lastly, even if there are no likes or no comments, that doesn't necessarily mean no one cares. Stop whining and figure out ways to more efficiently deliver news.
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    Pretsy reacted to colorful人生 in mihi   
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    Pretsy reacted to yakihiko in mihi   
    @Carmelzors doing some Five Night at Freddy's feelings
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    Pretsy reacted to paradoxal in mihi   
    oh god @Carmelzors i'm having nightmares tonight
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    Pretsy reacted to paradoxal in Ice cream for breakfast at 1.30 PM. #adultingdoneright   
    and after eating half a tub of ice cream, i ate raw hot dogs #ADULTING101
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