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  1. HimawariHime

    I love the shirts that haves back the tour dates but I don't want the white one so I'll have to buy the black one even if isn't the prettiest... But I really wanted the wristband!
  2. HimawariHime

    I hope they'll have the wristband too... I really liked the one from the past tour but it was only for de VIPs (This one is pretty simple but I like it anyways)
  3. HimawariHime

    I'm going to the London one! Anyone who went to a past DeG concert there can tell me how much a t-shirt cost? Bc I have to change money before going there since the currency is not the same as where I live and I don't think they allow to pay with credit card...
  4. That kind of fans needs to calm down a little bit. Is sad how the artists have to being in secret relationships/marriages only because those fans doesn't accept it. And the worse is when they need to speak about it only because have been revealed. Btw (late) congrats to Takemasa and his wife!
  5. HimawariHime

    Are you planning to sell chekis? 👀
  6. HimawariHime

    I love seeing this meme while in another window I'm watching chekis to buy.
  7. HimawariHime

    Hopefully they'll come back because I liked their music since the beginning... Not the best, of course, but really cool music. So I'll wait since then!
  8. HimawariHime

    We'll be really grateful if you can give us at least a small part of the lyrics... 💓
  9. HimawariHime

    ¿Alguien irá al concierto de DeG en París?
  10. HimawariHime

    Omg they're one of my favourite bands! I never get tired of listening to his music...
  11. HimawariHime

    Oh god, that's the name? I think my phone can't registered the name for having a japanese title, haha. Thank you so much! Do you know where can I find a translate for this? I was searching for a long time without results...
  12. https://vocaroo.com/i/s1nGttsrlaBI I only know is a Nightingeil one (or I think so). I know, is not like a song, but I can't find the name of it. I checked all of the albums and is impossible for me to find it... Anyone can help me? Thank you!
  13. HimawariHime

    ¡Hola! Tengo la cuenta desde finales del año pasado y aún ahora me pongo a postear, ah. Mis bandas favoritas son BUCK TICK, Dir en Grey, L'arc~en~ciel, La'mule y Nightingeil (¡qué bien que ellos hayan vuelto!). Entre otras, también me gustan mucho Mejibray y Kiryu. Soy de España, ¿alguien va a ir al concierto de DeG en París?
  14. HimawariHime

    I'm going to the Paris one! Finally I'll see them.
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