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  1. D

    Honestly i really really dig this new song! the new look is also amazing what do you guys think?
  2. mannnn i was devastated when i found out about daisy passing away :/
  3. my first favorite vk band was dadaroma!
  4. welcome to the forum! nice taste in tunes btw
  5. steam has something called wallpaper engine. its pretty sick and i highly recommend it.
  6. i had no idea they were coming to oregon, sucks i missed it :/
  7. best wishes for you guys and the club!
  8. god i wish i could go to this!
  9. hey there! welcome to mh! i liked your page on facebook for you
  10. nice to meet you and welcome to the forum!
  11. Hi!

    welcome back! i feel you i'm more into the older stuff as well but as @YuyoDriftsaid there has been some awesome releases and great bands coming up the last few years!
  12. idk most of the time where I have seen videos and pictures of them together they seem like they all get along and have fun together but that could always be a front. hopefully there isn't any issues within the band. :/
  13. the gazette is awesome my favorite song by them is cassis
  14. thank you all for making me feel welcome it means alot