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    Yes! On their nico nama livestream they did for MUCC day they showed a promotional video for the album and it was like a 1 minute MV for Self Hate so, the full one should be released too one day 😭
  2. Triangle

    Oh man Super Hero is so good ;A;! I loved every second of it and the live version was such an experience! I hope I will get to hear and see the performances of each song on this album at a future concert (hopefully the situation will be better in the world and I can safely travel to Japan in December <3). Friday the 13th is such a tune for me <3! I love the glissando parts so much, even though Tooru did say this song takes up a lot of energy when playing it heheh. I would love to hear it at a irl concert! Kurage is also another song that I love very much on this album. Tooru's magic worked very well with the lyrics. I love that it has this old school anime ending vibe <3. Kamikaze Over Drive ahhhh, this is such a perfect song for an outdoor live! Satochi's songs always bring me so much energy. I listen to this song a lot when I need some motivation for the day! CRACK was the one that I knew I would love from the first few seconds in the album medley! I like the Miya and Tatsuro duets a lot! It's a great tune that I cannot wait to head bang on! Amelia is already amazing and I never expected to get a remixed version of it, but I don't mind! I love the lyrics of this song, it's very Miya-ish XD. The live version is my favorite sksdjksda I miss the aggressive furis we did on this ;A;. COBALT is a winter song that I find it hard to listen to in the hot summer, but, I still love it so much. I'm glad they included it on a cd album! When I saw them live last year I got this song played at every live I went to and it's a very dear to me song <3. SANDMAN is another beautiful one. The Miya and Tatsuro duet is everything I wanted in life ahhh, so good and the guitar is basically on fire. I love this for me! Memai!! Can we get another COMMUNE happening ;A;?? I need a Hazuki and Tatsuro live performance of this song! I love the "AAAAAA" parts so much ;A:!! The instrumental is beautiful, I can't get enough of this song! DEAD or ALIVE omggggg! Yukke's bass cleansed my soul. I love the first few seconds of the song where the soft piano is playing and Tatsuro's gentle voice comes in <3. I need more Tooru colabs in the future as well. SELF HATE YES!! I got so used with the demo version I forgot there has to be a final version coming in XD. This song is the catchiest from the whole album imo. I love how Miya wrote it in a day when he was hungover and tried to express those hungover feelings in a song as a joke, but it ended up becoming one of the songs that are loved at any live. Also the performance on stage! It's different every time and it makes the experience so much more special. I'm waiting for the full MV ;A;! Alpha is that song that I can totally see with a whole orchestra on stage! It reminds me of Polaris so much, it took me a while to listen to it without sobbing. The violin !!! ;A; Gosjaks I love it! The instrumental and Tatsuro's gentle voice go so well ! My WORLD is another Satochi tune that he wrote for the birthday live last year and, honestly it helped me so much on a personal level. The lyrics are so positive and encouraging with a tint of sadness, but I think it fits very well. It gives me a lot of hope <3. Sei to Shi to Kimi was already my favorite in the Jigenbakudan mini album because I am a sucker for choir. It gives me goosebumps every time. The remixed version sounds a cleaner? It sounds as if Miya wanted to sharpen up a bit the edges of the song and it worked for me. Spica sounds like a winter song to me I- ;A;. I love it so much. It's such a gentle and innocent song. When I listen to it I think of calm winters spent indoors, all wrapped up in blankets and drinking hot cocoa. It calms me down so much, just the instrumental alone gives me so much peace. Tatsuro's voice fits so well with the orchestra and the soft guitar ;A;. The secret track on the album (Terrace) is my favorite!! I wish they would add it on Spotify as well one day, but I was fortunate enough to buy the album and listen to the final version of it. The acoustic/demo version had been circling around for a while, and I got to hear it live for the first time last year at Yukke's bday live and it was such a beautiful yet simple performance! This version sounds so adorable and beautiful. Yukke's songs are usually my favorite ones and this one is added to the list.
  3. Triangle

    I've known about Merry for like years but never really thought of diving too deep in their music. They did so many taibans and colbas with MUCC and I kinda just knew they were awesome, have listened to few songs, but that was about it. Until like this year. BUT BOI! Their livestreams got me hyped and so happy and now I literally went from 0 to Core in like few days XD. The izakaya Merry is my favorite one, but also every Yuu/Zaku sama streams are so good! I'm so happy they're like fully in my life now XD.
  4. Triangle

    Ah, how I love this song ❤️.
  5. I need to address that picture of Kazuki though💕💕💕! I cannot wait to listen to the tracks and hopefully I will get to hear these live this year 💕😭
  6. Triangle

    Started reading Diner and ohh goddd. The story is so fucked up it’s beautiful, but I’ve been struggling to find a site that still updates chapters of it (raw or in English)
  7. Triangle

    1. MUCC 2. DEZERT 3. BUCK-TICK 4. BAROQUE 5. BugLug 6. DADAROMA 7. Xaa Xaa 8. Kizu 9. gulu gulu 10. Zig Zag It's so hard to make a top when you love them equally ;A;
  8. It’s been few days and I’m still not over Kazuki’s youtube videos. 

  9. Triangle

    SKDKSKSK You had me at moaning. I am looking up this game asap! Thanks for sharing👏
  10. Triangle

    No particular order but : MUCC, DEZERT, BugLug, SS501, MBLAQ, BUCK-TICK, Super Junior, DADAROMA, NEWS, SID, Granrodeo, EXO, Monsta X, Chanty, Dean, EXILE (the whole tribe and J Soul Brothers), Girugamesh, L'Arc~En~Ciel, SHINee, LM.C, lynch. ,VAMPS, all the Uta Puri groups, Aoi Shouta, Miyano Mamoru, 10cm, Geeks, Epik High, the list will most likely grow as I'll remember all of them or new ones will be added.
  11. Triangle

    I didn't think that out of all the songs in the album, this would be the most played in my earphones XD.
  12. So MUCC are coming to Europe, guess who will be broke until 2021 ;) 

  13. It’s been like 2 days and I’m still not recovered after Dezert’s new album. I think I’m more emotionally attached to it because some of the song I got to listen live before the release 😭💕. I wanna see them again soon!

  14. Triangle

    Can we talk about that hair please?
  15. I didn't know that I love mixtapes and  trade-offs until MH. And now that a new subforum is here all the trade-offs  are in one place and I can revisit the ones that I participate in <3. Looking forward to new trade-offs !

  16. Triangle

    It’s literally pop music. I like it. When I was in high school I used to look up every idol I saw in mvs and try to read about them, but that’s literally what we all did at one point when we liked a celebrity. It’s just music that happens to be good for my ears sung by people who my eyes appreciate.
  17. Triangle

    It’s such a good song 😭💕
  18. Triangle

    I think most of my faves on youtube are food related channels. Here’s one which I enjoy watching anytime
  19. Found a Dezert live on yt of last year and literally bursted in tears during Chiaki’s MC. His words were so relatable and beautiful. Honestly I cannot wait to discover this band more 💕💕

  20. Triangle

    Began watching : Rurouni Kenshin (I think it was around the 2000’s when they started broadcasting it on TV and I first saw it) 1. Yu Yu Hakusho 2. Bungou Stray Dogs 3. Fullmetal Alchemist 4. Rurouni Kenshin 5. Attack on Titan
  21. Triangle

    MUCC, definitely. I’m happy that I have the chance to explore vkei bands because of them but, I always find myself coming back to their music. So, if I were to give up all the music I have on my phone and stick to one band, I’d pick these old men in a heartbeat 💕
  22. Triangle

    Omg this thread 😂😂 I’ve read it all and my only question is who is Mamo and what kind of cocaine ch*nch*n does he have that attracted so many people to do extreme things to him?? Also, the only “encounter” (and I hope I never cross this line) I’ve had with crazy fans that felt a little awkward was when we were queuing in line at MUCC and talking about random things, when suddenly the topic about fans came in and a friend pointed out this small group of girls in line who were rumoured to be the members’ stalkers 😨😨
  23. Triangle

    My most prized item that I literally carry with me as a lucky charm is this autograph I got from sweet angel Satochi during the tour in 2015 in Paris. They literally stopped and even took photos with some brave souls but my embarrassed ass could only get a sign from honestly the most kind person in the world ;A;. And also this picture of me and my heroes in Paris with Yukke holding the first letter I've ever tried to write in Japanese XD. The thing that Miya is holding in the picture is a tiny magnet shaped like a toaster with a bread in it. Everyone had presents for them all prepared and I literally had nothing but that letter for Yukke XD. I felt bad so, while I was shopping for souvenirs for my family I saw these magnets and decided that maybe their fridges needed a little something on them. I got my family some magnets shaped like croissants and for MUCC I got toasters XD. Obviously 2015 me thought that she was so funny.
  24. I've been listening to 不透明な素顔 everyday for the past weeks so much it became a background music for my dreams XD.

  25. Honestly I never thought I would end up liking so many vkei bands. For a long time I’ve only stuck with the ones I grew up with. But lately I’ve felt the need to explore and like newer stuff as well. I’ll go broke soon istg 😂😂

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