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  1. I've been listening to 不透明な素顔 everyday for the past weeks so much it became a background music for my dreams XD.

  2. Honestly I never thought I would end up liking so many vkei bands. For a long time I’ve only stuck with the ones I grew up with. But lately I’ve felt the need to explore and like newer stuff as well. I’ll go broke soon istg 😂😂

  3. Triangle

    Honestly I might be gay for HYDE too haha. Though I haven't really kept up with his new stuff. Laruku also holds a dear place in my heart. The whole playlist turned out to reveal more of my otaku side than I had anticipated but it's okay, we all knew I'm trash anyway XDD. Thank you for your review! It was a pleasure to read all your thoughts and to see that we have some things in common. Looking forward to more trade-offs together .
  4. This is literally what I thought I would never see in the same sentence. Yoshiki invited on an episode of Keeping up With The Kardashians XD
  5. Triangle

    Nope and I hope that if I do get my driver’s license I never will run over anything alive Have you ever studied in a foreign country?
  6. Triangle

    I almost forgot but I’m on the waiting list as well :D. Though @CAT5 did say that he would be late
  7. Triangle

    I love fanfics so much ! Back in the day when quizilla was a thing (bless, fun times) I was exploring the internet, doe-eyed and innocent XD. And then I started writing fanfics. I think I still have some written messily on paper and old notebooks, even in my diaries from when I was little. It all started with anime characters like the ones from Yu Yu Hakusho, Naruto etc and then I moved to Kuroshitsuji (because 13 years old me had a crush on Sebastian XD). In high school I used to write k-pop fanfics on tumblr and for a friend. After that I kinda stopped because I didn't feel like writing anymore. And theeen I picked up writing fanfiction again in uni and have been going on slowly since then XD. At first I just wanted to write cute things for my best friend as a way of reminiscing the good ol' times, but then I fell in love with writing cute clumsy stuff again XD. So now I only ever so post when I feel like on AO3 and moved from paper to laptop hehehe. I find it relaxing and fun and it's especially nice when I bring a smile on my friend's face when I share my work with her :D.
  8. Triangle

    I finally watched Devils' Line! Why is this show not advertised enough ffs. I've been searching for this kind story for ages and no one told me about it ;A;. It was nice. Just nice. I wanted more in terms of plot, but we cool, it's fine, I'm not crying you are. The OP and ED songs made me choke. I never thought I will live a life where I would have both Aoi Shouta and Miyano Mamoru singing the theme songs for an anime. I'm ready to retire now XD.
  9. I just found the full OST and character songs from Ouran High School Host Club and I’m just gonna be here sobbing while listening to Bokura no Love Style kthxbye 😭💕

  10. Triangle

    Literally never related more to a post XD. But honestly, Japanese porn is not that bad. It's actually quiet entertaining. It's basically a whole story with the boom boom jiggidy jiggidy part. Hentai is even more fun to watch XD. I'm genuinely amazed at how they come up with such weird plots that can satisfy any fetish you could think of. The sex shops in Japan are on a whole new level. They're not as covered and with tinted glass as I would find here where I like, but rather very open and about XD (hence why I went inside one without knowing where the hell I was, until I saw a giant black dildo and gag balls XD). I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad one to be fair. I just find it very strange how they can be so conservative and shy about sex, yet so open at the same time.
  11. Triangle

    His English is one of a kind 😂😂. My favourite is the Tshirt that reads “I am sadness from anger”. I’ve never related so much with a Tshirt 😂
  12. Triangle

    Honestly these don’t surprise me anymore 😂😂. The shiba inu is an ongoing joke and I’m happy he finally embraced the fact that he resembles one 😂
  13. Finally reading Gravitation after so many years and it makes so much more sense now than if I had read it as a kid XD It’s more wholesome that I imagined it though 😂 

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    2. Triangle


      @BrenGun The manga is pretty vanilla too. The plot is intense in the sense that it literally escalates so much! You’d think that the anime was enough but noo 😂 Those 13 episodes only showed like 5% of the actual story. 


      What drama ? And yes, the dramas are sooo different than the mangas !

    3. BrenGun


      Ah that way, yes true... but that made the manga also boring after a few volumes too much escalating etc. 




      This manga/drama


      The manga is really amazing *_*

    4. Triangle


      @BrenGun O M G I have so many feelings for this 😍! I have been wanting to read the manga for a while but never got to actually do it. I’ve watched the drama like 100x times and I can never get enough of the story 💕!

  14. Triangle

    I hate people in the bus or train who just literally have nothing else to do than stare at others. You have windows ffs.
  15. Triangle

    The most effective way to run so that your tin foil hat doesn’t fall off your head XD
  16. Triangle

    BUCK-TICK - Climax Together and also Black Cherry have lyrics about the boom boom jiggidy jiggidy stuff. But honestly anything that Atsushi Sakurai breathes is just... forbidden fruit XDD
  17. Triangle

    The tanuki version of this would be like genoms.com or whatever space creature name XDD
  18. Triangle

    "I hope Martian-kun will notice me and abduct me on his ship." XD
  19. Triangle

    This is like when bangyas do irimachi for the bandomen, but instead of people dressed in black there will be a sea of people with hats made of tin foil on their heads.
  20. Triangle

    I love this song so much. When I finally understood the lyrics, it felt awesome 💕
  21. Triangle

    I remembered one that made me laugh for the whole day : How do you organize a space party? You PLANET ! *mic drop*
  22. Triangle

    I mean I don't think I'm gonna touch that piece of art because...I guess sanitary reasons? XD I don't think I would stop admiring the art piece or not listening to the song if I liked it. Sure, first reactions would not be good but, as cruel and as weird as it sounds, I like that song. I can't help that. It's not the song's or the piece of art's fault they were made in weird circumstances. Then again, there's a double standard to it. Because let's say one of the victims might be someone that you know. Then it would probably affect you more on a personal level because I guess that's how human brain works.
  23. Triangle

    The whole MV is just Baekhyun walking for 4 minutes but I live for the song. I missed EXO and honestly this solo comeback brought me back to life. The pick up lines from the lyrics are so smooth tho, let's appreciate that XD.
  24. Triangle

    It's been a while ❤️
  25. Triangle

    1. What artists do you separate their art from their actions? All of them. I buy a piece of art and enjoy that product. Whatever happens behind the curtains is their business. Sure, if it gets attention I will read about that, but I'm not about labeling someone who I legit don't know. I'm just here for the cake, man. 2. Is it a legitimate argument? If it helps you sleep at night, sure. It's honestly a matter of taste, just like art appreciation it's yay or nay. 3. Do you think that one persons actions should generalize a whole band? (Ex. Kisaki and Phantasmagoria or any of his past bands) No, because if my friend's into murder that doesn't mean that I am into the same things they are. It's like what happened with Seungri from Big Bang. Just because he did what he did, that doesn't mean that the rest of the members are the same and should also be jailed. People are allowed to have their own opinion and to support art the way that they damn please.
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