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    Goes to show that I've been listening to the same songs 100x times a day for the past 3 months. Don't send help, I am ok.
  2. I just listened to サイコ at Tatsuro’s radio program and DUDE I am blown away. It’s a song that matches very well their concept photos. It sounds like how the pictures look, if that makes sense. I can’t wait to listen to the whole album and cry. That’s it from me *mic drop*
  3. Triangle

    Spotify was like “Geez I wonder who your favourite artist is...”
  4. Triangle

    Haha well I am always thirsty so thank you ❤️ 😝. I love it that we have so different music tastes because we completed each other out *soul maaateesss* Your review was so nice ! I was so afraid you might think my idea of chilling out sounds like a rave party compared to yours haha. And actually, my favorites are Stay with Me and 양화대교 Yanghwa Brdg too. I'm so glad you enjoyed Stay with Me though! That song is so special to me that you just made my day by saying you liked it ❤️ ! Thanks for sharing your music with me, I got to learn so much through it ❤️ .
  5. Triangle

    I'm so soft for this song. All the emotions everything was just expressed in this one. SHINee never failed to be beautiful man ;A;.
  6. Triangle

    I'm so sorry for being late for this review party. I wasn't trying to be a flake, work just got real and I ended up getting sick in the weekend so there's that XD. Anyways, on to my review now. I present you, the ultimate chill playlist created by @reminiscing2004 ! Title of this is just CHILL. Which to be fair couldn't be more true XD. The songs are definitely the slow and let's relax vibe, but while still having that impact on your soul (or at least on mine it had). I ended up discovering a lot of songs that I will surely listen to again and again. Slow jams are not my everyday thing, but I'll keep some songs in this playlist for the time when I really need to turn off my brain and the lights in my room and just relax. Thanks for this mixtape! Sorry it took me so long to review it. Really enjoyed each song that you picked for my ears to experience <3. And if I ever need more chill songs I know I can count on you to hook me up with some tunes !
  7. Triangle

    I'm so whipped for MUCC I even bought a damn pen for 3000 yen so I can understand those numbers🙃
  8. Triangle

    True story ! I know someone who does that all the damn time. At first, my innocent ass thought she goes out of her way to trade tickets to get in the front, but one day, we entered the venue around the same time and when the concert started she literally pushed her way to the front. At first I thought owell, people are like that, no big deal. But they remember your face after you do that, especially if you're a regular. She's an old lady who likes to low-key stalk them and buy them expensive presents. I'm not the type to be bothered by things like that, I would still talk with her. But one time, while I was queuing with another group of friends, the topic of rude fans came in our conversation. And I remember them whispering to me how much they despise this lady for being so rude XD. On a side note, one time I was pulled by a friend to go with her a little bit in the front (basically a little bit past the middle of the venue where I was sitting), and the venue had those bars that would divide the crowd. Nobody was too eager to go too much in the front, but I did feel a little exposed at that time XD (me being this tall blonde European with Japanese friends around XD). I don't recommend being so adventurous because people in general can be mean, regardless of where you are :). But if you have luck and nobody sees you, we ain't gonna snitch on you ;).
  9. Triangle

    I don't mind making another mixtape and being a double agent if everyone is busy. I have enough music and time to procrastinate so hit me up
  10. Planning my trip to UK for October ❤️

  11. Triangle

    Tunes so many good tunes ❤️
  12. Triangle

    Forgot to say I sent the mix to @reminiscing2004 last night.
  13. Triangle

    I admit I love cheesy and sparkly boys
  14. Triangle

    Hell yeah sign me in ! 🙌
  15. Triangle

    And how every song has a distinctive dance or hand gesture or "fanchant" that fans do all in almost perfect sync. I kinda love that organized fangirling but at the same time my western soul would love to sing along and do my own stuff 😂. It's a fun thing to do nevertheless Probably the most thing I love about vkei is the MC part 😂 I've never been to a lot of vkei lives but I gotta say their MCs are just special. You have someone come in with a giant fan and start spanking another bandman and do other weird stuff and seconds later the vocalist starts a sappy and emotional speech that makes you cry. I'm a kpop fan and they have fun MCs too and I was familiar with this style. But dude vkei's MCs are like a circus meets stand up meets fanservice. Or at least that's what I thought of XD. Also drama yes! 😂😂 It's like watching the goth version of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, sometimes it just melts your brain, I love it😂
  16. I wasn't ready for this, I feel attacked!! Bless these precious yankees for their soft souls that make such nice tunes. Heard that Satochi's song sounds the saddest of all and it ends in "I'm sorry" 😭 I have a weak spot for this bundle of joy and I don't understand what happened here. But I'm so ready for more Yukke thighs.
  17. Triangle

    Well I can't deny an Anaconda that don't want none unless you got buns XD ehehehe. This seems fun so I came back :). 1. Super Junior - 백일몽 (Evanesce) 2. BUCK-TICK - 形而上流星 3. MUCC - 月の夜 4. SID - Nomad 5. MBLAQ - Darling 6. BTS - Cypher 4 7. CNBLUE - Like A Child 8. AKi - Day One 9. SHINee - Woof Woof 10. BUCK-TICK - Climax Together Well well well~
  18. Triangle

    @doomboxI'm such a n00b I only know 4minute out of your list but I know that I trust your taste enough to give your choices a chance when I'll be in the mood <3. As for me : 1. MUCC - 茫然自失 2. MUCC - Sentimental (from the Cover Parade album) 3. EXO - Cosmic Railway 4. (The Scholar Who Walk The Night OST ) Jang Jae In - Secret Paradise 5. MUCC - 翼をください (Demotape ver.) 6. MUCC - 廃 7. 10cm - Beautiful 8. Lynch. - Prominence 9. Lynch. - Melt 10. Monsta X - Shine Forever Wow my playlist should learn what shuffle is for a change, I swear I have more bands and groups on my phone XDDD
  19. I want to find someone in my workplace who listens to vkei and/or kpop so we can bound and be all spazzy together XDD

  20. Triangle

    Ugh it's even worse when favs overlap each other (which reminds me EXO is supposedly having a comeback soon too) and your heart can't divide itself already ;A;. I don't know. I might end up buying that one too but, I might just do a thorough elimination process even if I end up in tears XD. I don't wanna do like I did with Ko Ko Bop and bought almost all the versions ;A;, but I might end up dammit ;A;. Minhyuk can paint me like one of his French girls then
  21. Finally got employed somewhere I could make use of my rusty Japanese and my ghetto English <3

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      omedetou !

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      Well done! I'm proud of you lol

  22. Triangle

    ;A; I sure hope they do because I need to know how the story goes on. I don't know why kpop loves to keep me hanging XD. UGH BODY CHAINS My eyes are burning and I should start going to church again XD. I don't know which version I'd like to be honest. I avoided looking through them on purpose but now I really don't know. Which one did you buy? Ugh Destroyer is just there to bring up to emo inside me XD. But I'm all about that MV, especially the parts with Wonho and Kihyun and then our bois together painting <3.
  23. Triangle

    We're in this together here ! RIGHTTTT??? I thought there will be an extended story to The Connect (another gemstone of a song <3) but NOOO there's thicc bois there dancing their soul away and looking rudely at the camera ughhh I was born to see this. Ahh! I might actually get the album too once I get paid XD. Leaving the MV here if anyone wants to be blessed <3
  24. Triangle

    Gurl I have years to spend talking about Monsta X ! That thumbnail, that song, that Minhyuk, that "ye ye yeah yeah yeah" and then "JEALOUSYYYY" gurl I am in tears and am currently downloading the album on my phone <3