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  1. It’s been few days and I’m still not over Kazuki’s youtube videos. 

  2. So MUCC are coming to Europe, guess who will be broke until 2021 ;) 

  3. It’s been like 2 days and I’m still not recovered after Dezert’s new album. I think I’m more emotionally attached to it because some of the song I got to listen live before the release 😭💕. I wanna see them again soon!

  4. I didn't know that I love mixtapes and  trade-offs until MH. And now that a new subforum is here all the trade-offs  are in one place and I can revisit the ones that I participate in <3. Looking forward to new trade-offs !

  5. Found a Dezert live on yt of last year and literally bursted in tears during Chiaki’s MC. His words were so relatable and beautiful. Honestly I cannot wait to discover this band more 💕💕

  6. I've been listening to 不透明な素顔 everyday for the past weeks so much it became a background music for my dreams XD.

  7. Honestly I never thought I would end up liking so many vkei bands. For a long time I’ve only stuck with the ones I grew up with. But lately I’ve felt the need to explore and like newer stuff as well. I’ll go broke soon istg 😂😂

  8. I just found the full OST and character songs from Ouran High School Host Club and I’m just gonna be here sobbing while listening to Bokura no Love Style kthxbye 😭💕

  9. Finally reading Gravitation after so many years and it makes so much more sense now than if I had read it as a kid XD It’s more wholesome that I imagined it though 😂 

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    2. Triangle


      @BrenGun The manga is pretty vanilla too. The plot is intense in the sense that it literally escalates so much! You’d think that the anime was enough but noo 😂 Those 13 episodes only showed like 5% of the actual story. 


      What drama ? And yes, the dramas are sooo different than the mangas !

    3. BrenGun


      Ah that way, yes true... but that made the manga also boring after a few volumes too much escalating etc. 




      This manga/drama


      The manga is really amazing *_*

    4. Triangle


      @BrenGun O M G I have so many feelings for this 😍! I have been wanting to read the manga for a while but never got to actually do it. I’ve watched the drama like 100x times and I can never get enough of the story 💕!

  10. Happy birthday, Komorebi ! ❤️ Wishing you a wonderful day and lots of cake and love :D !

  11. Trying to love myself more had been a challenge so far, but I realized that if I didn't love myself, I wouldn't have tried so hard to do better in life and aim towards a desired future.

    1. CAT5


      Lack of self-love is usually something we've learned and internalized - often from a young age, so actually learning to love yourself takes time, and it doesn't happen overnight, so be patient and compassionate with yourself! But you're right too - sacrificing in the present for your future self is absolutely an act of love too (even if it doesn't feel like it XD ) ! Keep pushing forward, sis! :D

    2. Triangle


      Thank you, Cat ❤️ !  Honestly it's been hard, but it's getting better with time. Keep up the good work as well :D !!

    3. CAT5
  12. I shouldn’t have started reading Shingeki no Kyoujin because now that I read all the available chapters my heart hurts and I need emotional support 😭😭. This manga is here to rip my heart in pieces

  13. I am currently catching up with Shingeki no Kyoujin and honestly Hyde's and Yoshiki's song for the OP 3 is actually nice ! Like it blends so well with the graphics and all. I think I like it more than the others (O A O).

    1. psychonnect_rozen


      First season ops will always be a fucking bop



    2. platy


      I hated it first but I honestly miss it now. It was a powerful song. 

  14. Honestly, syncing 2000 songs on my new phone is one of the hardest things I've done all day and it's not over yet... Ugh, I need another day off for this XD

  15. Bungou Stray Dogs is soooo good man ❤️ . I want to go watch the stage play too one day.

  16. All these mosquito bites can stop already. We get it, summer is here, you can REST BITCH. 

  17. I finally quit my job and now during my last few days left working here, I requested to work a half day shift, which basically means that if I'm working in the morning I finish at 1 PM. I did that today and it literally felt like I skipped school , I feel like a rebel XD.

    1. lichtlune
    2. yomii


      finishing shift early in the day is a fucking bliss

      feels so good not to be a work slave

    3. Triangle


      @yomii I did it, I cracked the code haha

  18. Miyano Mamoru: * breaths * 

    Me: I love this song you are amazing 😭😭😭💕

    1. SakuraFox512


      Am I the only one who feels like Hikarito (from AIOLIN)'s normal singing voice is uncannily like Miyano's? He announced a song called Orpheus some time back and I was half expecting it to be a cover of the Mamo song...

    2. Triangle


      @SakuraFox512 Dude I just had a mind blown experience listening to Aiolin’s Orpheus 😂

      The first few seconds I was like naaaah but then the more he sang the more I agree that his voice is very similar to Mamoru’s 😂  Also the song is matching too. Hmm

  19. Throughout my years of learning foreign languages I realized that my most fluent time is when I get drunk XD.

    1. BrenGun


      That's because, you don't care about making a mistake while being drunk. So you think lesser 😛 



    2. karai · ebi

      karai · ebi

      It was the same for me. I once sang (and made up) an entire song in Danish when I was really tossed one day without pausing. Sure don't remember it now lol. Wish we could permanently unlock that part of the brain sober.

    3. The Moon

      The Moon

      girl i'm perapera af the moment gin hits the throat

  20. My Korean teacher  made us practice some things she'd taught us by asking us some questions. Everyone got asked who was their favorite singer and I was there all ready and prepared with several answers haha. But then when she reached me she was like "So what's your favorite food?" GURL

    1. yomii


      how's learning korean btw? i heard it's relatively easy after learning japanese as the grammar is similar

    2. Triangle


       @yomii Yes it is ! Honestly the fact that I had learned Japanese helped me soo much now XD.  The only downside is the pronunciation; some sounds require a bit of a practice and there are some rules on how to pronounce some sounds after or before other sounds XD (I remember going home after that lesson and just sleeping because my head hurt). They also had decided to have a lot of words with similar writing and pronunciation, but they mean different things (like the word of apple means apology depending on the context XD). Other than that, it's pretty nice to learn it and the learning materials are very accessible. 

  21. My otaku friends sending me videos of all the characters Mamoru did the voice for and pictures of Kurama is honestly the result of how I branded myself. 

  22. I love it that my coworkers who speak Japanese went to the same uni as I did and are just as weeb and otaku as I am XD. But every time we try fangirling about stuff, there's the new coworker who also speaks Japanese who's like "I don't watch anime, read manga, listen to Japanese music, watch any shows, know slang or curse words or relate to anything regarding their culture." And we're just there like o.o# 

    1. yomii


      god bless people who managed to learn japanese without having any interest in the culture...

    2. Triangle


      @yomii Right? I have so many questions for her. Like how did you get through without having any interest in the pop culture? I'm still shaking

    3. yomii


      i always feel like it's some other, supreme kind of people lol. still, since there is even a group of weebs at your work, you have a chance to untroduce her to something that will catch her interest!

  23. Bought me a new laptop because the old one couldn't keep up with my trash anymore XD. But new laptop means syncing everything back in place and omg it takes like 10 years ;A;

  24. Planning my trip to UK for October ❤️

  25. I want to find someone in my workplace who listens to vkei and/or kpop so we can bound and be all spazzy together XDD

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