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  1. Triangle

    I love this song so much in all its versions 💕 The 2017 version reminds me of that hot day of September in Osaka when I saw them for the last time before leaving Japan 💕
  2. Triangle

    Sorry for the long wait. I have been procrastinating a lot XD. Here's my review on @Seimeisen's mixtape. This will be a nice and warm trip into the memory lane <3. ~reminiscing 2005~ Thank you for being my partner, @Seimeisen ! I really enjoyed this throwback and have kept some songs in my phone to listen again and again. I hope I did your mixtape justice and I didn't miss some essential points in it. If I did, by all means, let me know :). It was fun to listen to it and I can honestly see the thought and care put in assembling this mixtape. So I really hope I didn't go way too overboard with my excitement XD.
  3. Triangle

    Yes! Me too few months agoXD. I don’t even care if I see them irl anymore and they notice that I had removed them out of the list. Like, fight me for this stupid reason. I don’t understand why people get mad if you remove them from your ‘friends list’ on any social platforms. Bitch, I don’t like you anymore. Honestly the moment someone asks me why I removed them from my list I will literally cancel the conversation and ignore them forever.
  4. Triangle

    I had to fight with myself what year to choose because I am a hoarder and get emotionally attached when I love a song. It was a struggle, but I managed to beat myself and press enter and send that mixtape away XD. I need to rest for a week after all this work-out haha.
  5. Triangle

    It's such a good song unghdjdks ❤️ I came to appreciate it more at an older age than I did when I first watched the anime.
  6. I decided that I want to change jobs and work in a bigger company. I went to the interview and now I'm waiting for the results ;A;. I'm also planning on visiting Japan this year as a birthday present from me to me <3. Things are going better this year.
  7. Triangle

    Little Money Avenue is how I feel after I spent my salary on albums and merch XD. Special thanks to Mizutani there <3, an icon indeed. Uta no Prince Sama - Day Dream Chanty - monorium BUCK-TICK - セロメ MUCC - 娼婦 高橋 ひろ - 太陽がまた輝くとき King&Prince - Funk it up MUCC - MAD YACK NEWS - TRAVeLiNG KIYOHARU - Sadistic Emotion (D'ERLANGER tribute album) Miyano Mamoru - New Order One of the ending songs from Yu Yu Hakusho because I love every song in this anime <3. Glad I could find the music video <3.
  8. Triangle

    I’m in ! 💃
  9. Personality type: “The Mediator” (INFP-A) Individual traits: Introverted – 79%, Intuitive – 89%, Feeling – 68%, Prospecting – 69%, Assertive – 56% Role: Diplomat Strategy: Confident Individualism Also this quote got me good: "Mediators are the most likely personality type to spend a lot of time wondering where their life is going." I'm surprised that after all this time, I still get the same result haha XD. On the bright side, being in the same category as Tom Hiddleston is much appreciated ❤️.
  10. Triangle

    That’s me writing an e-mail in English at work
  11. Triangle

    Honestly Mamoru and Uta Puri need more love so, if you ever want to join the dark side again, come and find me, I will show you the way 😈
  12. Miyano Mamoru: * breaths * 

    Me: I love this song you are amazing 😭😭😭💕

    1. SakuraFox512


      Am I the only one who feels like Hikarito (from AIOLIN)'s normal singing voice is uncannily like Miyano's? He announced a song called Orpheus some time back and I was half expecting it to be a cover of the Mamo song...

    2. Triangle


      @SakuraFox512 Dude I just had a mind blown experience listening to Aiolin’s Orpheus 😂

      The first few seconds I was like naaaah but then the more he sang the more I agree that his voice is very similar to Mamoru’s 😂  Also the song is matching too. Hmm

  13. Triangle

    I underestimated Uta Puri but I finally accepted them as part of me XD
  14. Triangle

    My Korean teacher is teaching us how to order food and drinks and how to give advice to pregnant women XD.
  15. Triangle

    Oh god did they use that weird accent they use to describe how all the foreigners sound like when they speak Japanese? I hope you are recovering well
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