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  1. Triangle

    I love this song so much. When I finally understood the lyrics, it felt awesome 💕
  2. Triangle

    I remembered one that made me laugh for the whole day : How do you organize a space party? You PLANET ! *mic drop*
  3. Triangle

    I mean I don't think I'm gonna touch that piece of art because...I guess sanitary reasons? XD I don't think I would stop admiring the art piece or not listening to the song if I liked it. Sure, first reactions would not be good but, as cruel and as weird as it sounds, I like that song. I can't help that. It's not the song's or the piece of art's fault they were made in weird circumstances. Then again, there's a double standard to it. Because let's say one of the victims might be someone that you know. Then it would probably affect you more on a personal level because I guess that's how human brain works.
  4. Triangle

    The whole MV is just Baekhyun walking for 4 minutes but I live for the song. I missed EXO and honestly this solo comeback brought me back to life. The pick up lines from the lyrics are so smooth tho, let's appreciate that XD.
  5. Triangle

    It's been a while ❤️
  6. Triangle

    1. What artists do you separate their art from their actions? All of them. I buy a piece of art and enjoy that product. Whatever happens behind the curtains is their business. Sure, if it gets attention I will read about that, but I'm not about labeling someone who I legit don't know. I'm just here for the cake, man. 2. Is it a legitimate argument? If it helps you sleep at night, sure. It's honestly a matter of taste, just like art appreciation it's yay or nay. 3. Do you think that one persons actions should generalize a whole band? (Ex. Kisaki and Phantasmagoria or any of his past bands) No, because if my friend's into murder that doesn't mean that I am into the same things they are. It's like what happened with Seungri from Big Bang. Just because he did what he did, that doesn't mean that the rest of the members are the same and should also be jailed. People are allowed to have their own opinion and to support art the way that they damn please.
  7. Triangle

    Ok, I will break the ice and review the mixtape, because I have been listening to the songs for an unholy amount of time already haha XD (and got caught up with way too much shit irl) I didn't know any of the songs beforehand, yet I managed to enjoy them and listen to the whole playlist on repeat for hours :). So thank you so much for this mix and for being my partner, Cat :). Alright now, let's start reviewing @CAT5's choice of songs. Also can we talk about the picture real quick??? Like it's so nice and the aesthetics are so pleasing to the eye?? Love it!
  8. Happy birthday, Komorebi ! ❤️ Wishing you a wonderful day and lots of cake and love :D !

  9. Triangle

    I became a fan of MUCC not too long ago (2014-2015) through a friend who likes them a lot and had introduced me to some songs. Honestly the moment I heard "Mother" I instantly remembered that this song was part of the OST in Naruto Shippuden. And also Nirvana for InuXBoku SS (but I couldn't keep up with this one XD). I wasn't too into v-kei at that time but these guys brought me back into this world that I've put away for so many years. I don't know what kind of crack they made me take, but I find myself loving their music every time they release something new. My favorite will always be 家路. That song hits all the right places in my kokoro. The lyrics, Tatsuro's voice, the melody ❤️. The new version of Ieji hits home so bad it took me months to not cry when I listen to it. Another favorite that I like to listen from them is 優しいうた. I wish everyone could've heard Tatsuro sing it during their anniversary concert in 2017. It felt so good and Tatsuro's harmonica sounded amazing. I gotta say, these boys sound so much better live. It's something in the way they perform each song that just blends in with the theme and they're very good at showing the story behind the song. Especially nowadays, Tatsuro's voice had gotten so warm and cozy. His tone calms you down, gives you strength and all those good emotions for a recharge.
  10. Triangle

    Forgot to mention it but I did send my mix to @CAT5 a while ago.
  11. Triangle

    I wish I searched more about them after watching Trinity Blood back in the day, because "Dress" is such a good song. But luckily, after watching BUCK-TICK FEST 2012 On Parade I wanted to listen to them more ❤️ . I can't possibly pick one favorite song, but as of now, the ones that I find myself listening on repeat are: 疾風のブレードランナー 禁じられた遊び -ADULT CHILDREN- HEAVEN JUPITER GALAXY LOVE ME ( I like the more slow version and I believe it's from 殺しノ調べ , correct me if I'm wrong) 形而上 流星 - metaform- ICONOCLASM エリーゼのために MISS TAKE~僕はミス・テイク~ BABEL and many more <3. Also I really like RONDO out of the new single ❤️ ! I really love that tango and goth vibe of the song !
  12. Triangle

    This is such a great summer song ❤️
  13. Triangle

    I'd say every fandom, because people have different personalities, so there's no such thing as a "correct way" of behaving. It's a matter of perspective and of how much you respect or don't some written and unwritten rules of a society. For example, I don't find it nice when fandoms do nothing but rip each other's heads off, but that's just me. Some people into murder might disagree with me :).
  14. Triangle

    A furniture store keeps calling me... but all I wanted was one night stand. Do you know how to make an octopus laugh? With ten-tickles. I found my topic ❤️!
  15. I’m looking forward to hearing all the songs, especially the Hotel Lemon Tree one! Heard from a friend that it sounded so good live when they did that special recording of the demos live session 💕! And I really cannot wait to listen to all the special songs for their birthdays! Hoping to get my hands at least on the Yukke album when I go there this year 💕. Honestly so glad I have their music in my life 😭.
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