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  1. Well I can't deny an Anaconda that don't want none unless you got buns XD ehehehe. This seems fun so I came back :). 1. Super Junior - 백일몽 (Evanesce) 2. BUCK-TICK - 形而上流星 3. MUCC - 月の夜 4. SID - Nomad 5. MBLAQ - Darling 6. BTS - Cypher 4 7. CNBLUE - Like A Child 8. AKi - Day One 9. SHINee - Woof Woof 10. BUCK-TICK - Climax Together Well well well~
  2. @doomboxI'm such a n00b I only know 4minute out of your list but I know that I trust your taste enough to give your choices a chance when I'll be in the mood <3. As for me : 1. MUCC - 茫然自失 2. MUCC - Sentimental (from the Cover Parade album) 3. EXO - Cosmic Railway 4. (The Scholar Who Walk The Night OST ) Jang Jae In - Secret Paradise 5. MUCC - 翼をください (Demotape ver.) 6. MUCC - 廃 7. 10cm - Beautiful 8. Lynch. - Prominence 9. Lynch. - Melt 10. Monsta X - Shine Forever Wow my playlist should learn what shuffle is for a change, I swear I have more bands and groups on my phone XDDD
  3. I want to find someone in my workplace who listens to vkei and/or kpop so we can bound and be all spazzy together XDD

  4. Ugh it's even worse when favs overlap each other (which reminds me EXO is supposedly having a comeback soon too) and your heart can't divide itself already ;A;. I don't know. I might end up buying that one too but, I might just do a thorough elimination process even if I end up in tears XD. I don't wanna do like I did with Ko Ko Bop and bought almost all the versions ;A;, but I might end up dammit ;A;. Minhyuk can paint me like one of his French girls then
  5. Finally got employed somewhere I could make use of my rusty Japanese and my ghetto English <3

    1. xriko


      omedetou !

    2. Laurence02


      Well done! I'm proud of you lol

  6. ;A; I sure hope they do because I need to know how the story goes on. I don't know why kpop loves to keep me hanging XD. UGH BODY CHAINS My eyes are burning and I should start going to church again XD. I don't know which version I'd like to be honest. I avoided looking through them on purpose but now I really don't know. Which one did you buy? Ugh Destroyer is just there to bring up to emo inside me XD. But I'm all about that MV, especially the parts with Wonho and Kihyun and then our bois together painting <3.
  7. We're in this together here ! RIGHTTTT??? I thought there will be an extended story to The Connect (another gemstone of a song <3) but NOOO there's thicc bois there dancing their soul away and looking rudely at the camera ughhh I was born to see this. Ahh! I might actually get the album too once I get paid XD. Leaving the MV here if anyone wants to be blessed <3
  8. Gurl I have years to spend talking about Monsta X ! That thumbnail, that song, that Minhyuk, that "ye ye yeah yeah yeah" and then "JEALOUSYYYY" gurl I am in tears and am currently downloading the album on my phone <3
  9. I didn't know such thread existed. I love it XD. All my favs are problematic, they're too damn expensive to see and they damage my soft heart XD.
  10. This song went from cute and positive to dim lights and jazz vibes
  11. Thank you for making this trade off <3. It was super fun to put everything together and read everyone's reviews and also writing my own review was super scary at first but really fun in the end hahah. I'm leaving mine too here, just in case anyone wants to have some special Friday nights while listening to my mix (it's intense and involves a lot of wine and dim lights) My Sexual Harassment (僕のセクシャルハラスメント ) http://www.mediafire.com/file/ua7xevn17zqxe6g/Intoxicated_mixtape_BSH.rar
  12. I love everything about this ;A;
  13. From what I've seen in Japan at fans or from random adds it's probably Dir en Grey > the GazettE and then MUCC. I saw a lot of Dir en Grey merch on people on the streets too XD. And literally everyone outside of the v-kei world I'd talk to about v-kei didn't know who MUCC were (funniest encounter was when a girl in my uni asked me who L'Arc en Ciel was and me and my Japanese teacher turned at her and yelled at the same time "WHAT DO YOU YOU DON'T KNOW THEM?" XD). I don't know much about the GazettE (other than what I've heard from some friends who stan them hard) but they seem quite popular in Japan and much more popular overseas. I've had one time a girl tell me that she used to listen to MUCC when she was in middle school but that was it. But thanks to me, a handful of friends still living in Japan who don't like v-kei at all know who MUCC are, what they look like and so XDD.
  14. High school me is still shaking 😞
  15. Wooo the preview got me excited and I can't afford such feelings 🙃.