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    Music, anime, manga (especially them yaoi kinds) concerts, moving to Japan already, anything Yukke related, k-dramas, crying while eating Korean food, anything that Mamoru breathes XD, Uta Puri.

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  1. I need to address that picture of Kazuki though💕💕💕! I cannot wait to listen to the tracks and hopefully I will get to hear these live this year 💕😭
  2. Triangle

    Started reading Diner and ohh goddd. The story is so fucked up it’s beautiful, but I’ve been struggling to find a site that still updates chapters of it (raw or in English)
  3. Triangle

    1. MUCC 2. DEZERT 3. BUCK-TICK 4. BAROQUE 5. BugLug 6. DADAROMA 7. Xaa Xaa 8. Kizu 9. gulu gulu 10. Zig Zag It's so hard to make a top when you love them equally ;A;
  4. It’s been few days and I’m still not over Kazuki’s youtube videos. 

  5. Triangle

    SKDKSKSK You had me at moaning. I am looking up this game asap! Thanks for sharing👏
  6. Triangle

    No particular order but : MUCC, DEZERT, BugLug, SS501, MBLAQ, BUCK-TICK, Super Junior, DADAROMA, NEWS, SID, Granrodeo, EXO, Monsta X, Chanty, Dean, EXILE (the whole tribe and J Soul Brothers), Girugamesh, L'Arc~En~Ciel, SHINee, LM.C, lynch. ,VAMPS, all the Uta Puri groups, Aoi Shouta, Miyano Mamoru, 10cm, Geeks, Epik High, the list will most likely grow as I'll remember all of them or new ones will be added.
  7. Triangle

    I didn't think that out of all the songs in the album, this would be the most played in my earphones XD.
  8. So MUCC are coming to Europe, guess who will be broke until 2021 ;) 

  9. It’s been like 2 days and I’m still not recovered after Dezert’s new album. I think I’m more emotionally attached to it because some of the song I got to listen live before the release 😭💕. I wanna see them again soon!

  10. Triangle

    Can we talk about that hair please?
  11. I didn't know that I love mixtapes and  trade-offs until MH. And now that a new subforum is here all the trade-offs  are in one place and I can revisit the ones that I participate in <3. Looking forward to new trade-offs !

  12. Triangle

    It’s literally pop music. I like it. When I was in high school I used to look up every idol I saw in mvs and try to read about them, but that’s literally what we all did at one point when we liked a celebrity. It’s just music that happens to be good for my ears sung by people who my eyes appreciate.
  13. Triangle

    It’s such a good song 😭💕
  14. Triangle

    I think most of my faves on youtube are food related channels. Here’s one which I enjoy watching anytime
  15. Found a Dezert live on yt of last year and literally bursted in tears during Chiaki’s MC. His words were so relatable and beautiful. Honestly I cannot wait to discover this band more 💕💕

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