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  1. I got really hooked up on Koi wa Ameagari no you ni (the plot is super cute and the graphic just calms me down, love the atmosphere and the theme) and Gakuen Babysitters (the first episode got me bawl my eyes out for the whole last half of it, it's so cute and warm, I recommend it 💕). I also enjoy me some Mahoutsukai no Yome from time to time.
  2. YASSS I am so ready for this !! I've been obsessed with BABEL since it got released and I saw they are continuing with this anniversary theme this year too and the teaser PV already hyped me too much ✨. I'm truly a sucker for any remix songs they've done so far because of those guitar effects and electro beats and all that wonderland happening there. ✨
  3. In this mess of today at least I found out the author of one of the mangas I enjoyed reading is planning on continuing publishing new chapters soon <3.

    1. BlackSwan_86


      which manga is it?


    2. Triangle


      @BlackSwan_86 It's a BL one called Hyakujitsu no bara ✨. I recommend it because of the historical period it presents. Even though the world is fictional, it's kinda in everyone's face it's a relationship between a Japanese and a European (I would go as far as saying the European man is German, judging by the name) and it takes place during the World War. It's a bit violent and I got emotionally invested in it so I can't wait for the new chapters. It has an OVA adaptation but I seriously would suggest reading the manga first,because in my opinion, the anime is disappointing and it doesn't serve the manga any justice. 

    3. BlackSwan_86


      Ok, cool... i didn‘t know that. Maybe i should give it a try. Thank you 😉

  4. Based on my iTunes : 1. MUCC - CLASSIC 2. MUCC - 家路-2017-飛羽 3. MUCC - 脈拍 4. MUCC - 秘密 5. MUCC - JOKER 6. AKi - Fairy Dust 7. LM.C - MONROEwalk 8. AKi - Be Free 9. MUCC - 瓦礫の鳥 10. MUCC - 悲しい話し
  5. Well, Romanian which is my mother language (although I think I'm slowly forgetting words and sentences. It's crazy when foreigners know how to speak better than you. XD But I can rant about vampires better !), English (been studying it since I was probably 4 and learned it quickly so I can understand what was happening in the cartoons I would watch on TV, before they dubbed them all in my mother language XD. I realized English is used everywhere and here I am now, after all these years XD. I even chose it as a minor to study in university, silly me) and then Japanese (since like 4 years ago when I decided it I want to know more of it than subbed anime XD. Now I can prodly say I am able to watch Japanese movies or dramas or TV shows without subtitles and read manga in Japanese. I will probably struggle with kanji forever though). I have been sporting Korean since 7 years ago but I am still at the level of understanding it just a tiny bit. I can read hangul but don't know what the hell I am reading most of the time unless someone reads it to me out loud. I become fluent in ordering in Korean after 2 bottles of soju :).
  6. This was what my friend once sent me when I was feeling shitty XD It's a new year and I'm still not over it 😭💕
  7. Finally pumping some K-drama back in my life <3 !

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    2. Triangle


      @doomboxWell I guess you can have more self control and avoid binge watching shows because of that. Kdramas and any drama in general can become toxic XD

    3. doombox


      Let our lives be blessed so that the only drama we have is K-drama XD I am kind of bad at binge watching, especially since Korea seems to favor long format shows? Even the episodes for the survival shows are an hour to 2 hours each. My attention span starts to wander. OTL

    4. Triangle


      @doomboxThat should become a speech at a toast 👏😂. 

      You're alright. Don't go in the binge watching hole, you don't need that mess in your life XD

      Somehow with every year I gain, my attention span just gave up on me so I can literally spend 1 hour staring at something. I hope I blink though. 

  8. L'arc en Ciel's "Caress of Venus" apparently means so much to me I have the same version of the song twice on my playlist and I can't bring myself to delete one.
  9. Because it reminds me of when I saw Kuroshitsuji in a cinema in Ikebukuro 💕 https://youtu.be/okt8ICf1Xfo
  10. I value my favorite musicians' taste in music a lot and most of the time when they mention a song or a band they like, when I look it up I end up liking them too. So thanks to my favs 💕

    1. CAT5


      Yep, I've also discovered quite a few gems via some of my favorite artists. In fact, a few of the artists I enjoy recently shared their spotify playlists - and not only is it cool to see what they listen to, but it's also wonderful to be introduced to so much new music that's already in line with your own taste.

    2. Triangle


      Yess ! Or when they attend each other's live gigs 😭💕 What a time to be alive 😂

  11. When I was younger I used to have a lot of folders with folders with pictures of my favorite bands and I would basically go down the rabbit hole most of the time because well, I had too much free time. But over the years I lost a lot of them when I changed from desktop to laptop. And I also went through a phase in high school when I didn't want to listen to vkey anymore and so a lot of pictures have been deleted to save space XD. Now the only thing I treasure in my laptop is my big ass MUCC folder that I need to properly dig in and sort it out. I have a friend with who I can exchange pictures. I also have chekis and keep them in individual little envelops or clear files. I also keep my tickets, pamphlets, pictures, fanmade stuff I'd get from concerts in clear files that fit their sizes. As for the merch, I take care of my Tshirts and my concert towels a lot and they all smell like flowers hahaha XD. The magazines I have might have their corners a bit folded because I forgot to wrap them up before posting them and I have also looked through them way too many times, but the CDs are in nice shape and most of them are kept in their clear casing XD.
  12. I hope my professor will be ok with me inserting some loanwords I found in vkey interviews for study purposes in my graduation paper XD

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    2. Triangle


      Oh I'm basically writing my paper on Japanese loanwords and I'm doing kinda this from past to present theme where I talk about the old ones that no one uses today and the new ones. So I thought it would be a nice idea to talk about how they use a lot of words from English when they mention instruments or music types or other music terms in general *w*. But to be honest I don't have this well structured idea as of now XD

    3. fitear1590


      That sounds cool! I think it's interesting when loanwords take on lives of their own in the second language. Like, I've never heard of "A melody" or "B melody" in English-language discussions of music composition, but "Aメロ" and "Bメロ" seem like really common terms in Japanese-language band interviews.

    4. Triangle


      I'm gonna be total nerd now and say that I really love researching etymologies of words in general, especially when it comes to loanwords XD. The ones in Japanese kept me awake a lot of nights reading about them. I love it when they throw in terms like that, it makes me think for hours what are they trying to say hahaha XD. That's why I was thinking of writing about that in my next chapter of the paper XD.

  13. 1. MUCC - because to me there was never a band that captured my heart in few days and then one year later I see myself buying tickets for the European tour XD. I've also learned MUCC did one of my favorite endings from Naruto when I started researching more. Their music is beautiful, I think I've annoyed a handful of friends to listen to them after I got into them XDD. Their slow jazz-like songs are everything to me, along with the hardcore ones and the electronic phase they had. 2. L'Arc~en~Ciel - their music was with me since Rurouni Kenshin and then Fullmetal Alchemist and "Link" was my go-to jam when I wanted to bawl my eyes out. Their music always calms me down or is nice to listen on road trips. Recently I can't stop listening to "Sell my soul". And "Caress of Venus" makes me emotional. Hyde's voice and Ken's godly guitar skills are truly playing with my heartstrings and I'm here for this ripping my heart away party. 3. SID - who will always make me think of Kuroshitsuji when I listen to the songs they did as openings. Their songs have this gothy-black suits-in a bar-drinking-while jazz music is playing in the back and then bam some rock elements on the side and ballads sang by Mao's sweet voice that blend so well with the slow flow and some guitar magic there vibe. Love it. I love "Kill Time" from their new album so much <3. 4. BAROQUE - who are my all-time guilty pleasure. I got introduced to their music in Japan last year, so that means I listened to new songs first. And at first I thought that's how they roll and didn't mind. But then I went to one...two of their oneman gigs and my ears were crying of happiness (if that makes sense anymore) when I heard their oldies but goldies era songs. Damn they are good. I couldn't stop listening to them and I was literally upset a concert lasted only 2 hours. I could've stayed there the whole day. Kei's solos live were something I looked forward to hearing every time. 5. BUCK-TICK - have grown in my heart for quite a while now. I fell in love with their music when I watched their BUCK-TICK Parade in 2012 where MUCC covered "Jupiter". I wanted to hear more of their songs and I'm currently still searching for more good songs, so if one of the veteran fans here can hook me up with some jams I'll be truly thankful. So far everything I listened to I absolutely love. I love this gothic, punk-rock with some electronic vibes (kudos to Imai-san for making me want to listen to his solos the whole day). They also have these nice slow jams that I enjoy blasting on a nice evening. 6. AKi - I love this solo project he has been doing for a while and I went to their oneman gig once and had so much fun. His songs are catchy and they're nice to dance on and also most of them are in English, which makes me kind of happy that he is doing fun things I guess. His latest song, "My Story" is my road trip jam. And I must admit I'm a sucker for AKi's husky singing voice. His bass solos make me happy. 7. LM.C - because sometimes I love blasting up some nice pop punk and electronic rock. They are also a band I got to listen more during my year in Japan. I briefly knew about them before but never looked them up. What a big mistake because I missed on so many nice songs. I love their colorful theme that they have both in their stage clothes and music (I low-key want a hair like Maya's hair, especially the new hairstyle he's sporting nowadays XD). At first I thought they looked weird enough for me to give the a chance and boy was I right. Out of all the songs they have, the one that got stuck in my head at first (and put me in this mess) was that sinful "Rock the LM.C" song XD. Goddammit that song is too catchy. Maya's rap made me smile though. But then "Double Dragon" was all-kill for my heart. I got hooked up after this song and I can't escape, but don't help XD. 8. Golden Bomber - gurl I can't even explain myself how much I got deep in the rabbit hole when I heard of them. I heard of them from a friend before going to Japan and liked their music and their fun performances and unique concept, but when I got in Japan they were literally everywhere. Like, I took one step and Arashi and Golden Bomber were on adds next to each other or at supermarkets. The first thing I bought in Japan was a gum packet with Golden Bomber on it XD. But, Sho's vocals are mad skills. Like proper nice and beautiful, especially the cover he did for MUCC's "Brilliant World" (made me cry for 3 weeks). I saw them once on Halloween Party and seeing them live was so much more amazing. 9. Girugamesh - I was soft for them since ancient times because my knowledge for vkey came from a lot of anime conventions I used to go to, and you could always hear one of their songs playing. And then I listened to more songs and really liked them. My ultimate song is "Zecchou Bang" because the lyrics made me soft and cry for hours when I looked them up. Their songs would always give me energy and I love listening to them especially when I clean my room. Their nu metal and metalcore vibes are my shit when I want something to make me head bang and jump for hours. I can talk years about their cover for MUCC's "Samidare" though and how I'm still crying at it. I also follow Ryo's youtube almost religiously and am looking up for more cover songs /quietly sobs/. 10. Lynch. - because I very recently (like few months ago) got into them and I have yet to listen to a lot of songs from them. But they are a guilty pleasure metal core that I like listening to. They are the first band that made me hop back into the metal core limo from time to time. And for some reason Hazuki's growl works for me well. I also once tried looking up the lyrics for "Creature" and got too embarrassed after I realized what lyrics were in it eheheh XD. But my guilty pleasure song from them will forever be "Sorrow". I love this rock ballad with romantic lyrics (and can we please appreciate that bass omgunfjdks XD).
  14. Yes, really check them out. To be honest I started looking them up for study purposes because Tatsuro uses some nasty kanji and phrases and they're fun to research (I don't regret sounding like a nerd just know XD). Also Miya's songs are just...I don't know who did him wrong in the past but I'll find that person and hunt them down XD. Yukke's songs on the other hand are, to quote an intellectual (Tatsuro), "from another world", he has too many things to say XD. Satochi's style shows his child-like side and his somehow trying hard to blend in this world vibe (wow I need a hug too XD). "Ieji" is basically a live proof of their feelings and evolution story, in my opinion that is. Monsta X's videos are really nicely done. I love it that they're keeping the classic themes of kpop instead of doing this "Hi we are 200 members who are in love with the same girl and it's not creepy yaaaaay balloons !" fanservice story (not that I don't watch those type of mvs...for the songs XD). Their uniqueness though, doesn't stop me from investing into good quality holy water 'cause goddamn their abs all over are just unfjdkd
  15. Same, literally same XD. I even forced two friends to listen to MUCC and now one of them likes their music (especially Ringo and Wasurenagusa) and was captured by Tatsuro forever XD. I listened to some of the songs live before they became an album and was completely in love with Myakuhaku the soon I had it. What I've always loved about MUCC is that in each album, the songs look like they were strategically placed there so that when you group each song's story they form a whole (if it makes sense XD). When I listened to this album and looked up the lyrics, it kinda made me feel like the members were trying to tell their own stories and the band's. That or it just fitted the 20th anniversary mood of that time. Also I want to give Miya a big ol' hug because every damn song he makes just rips my heart into tiny little pieces ;A;. As for the kpop part, MonstaX really need more attention in Korea. I was happy seeing them popular in Japan and outside though. I'm still not over DRAMARAMA though. The song is so catchy and nice to listen and has this "Imma fight chu but Imma be a classy gansta' so you better hide while you can" vibe to it and the MV is sinful and I'll watch it again if I have enough holy water on me.