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  1. My Korean teacher  made us practice some things she'd taught us by asking us some questions. Everyone got asked who was their favorite singer and I was there all ready and prepared with several answers haha. But then when she reached me she was like "So what's your favorite food?" GURL

    1. yomii


      how's learning korean btw? i heard it's relatively easy after learning japanese as the grammar is similar

    2. Triangle


       @yomii Yes it is ! Honestly the fact that I had learned Japanese helped me soo much now XD.  The only downside is the pronunciation; some sounds require a bit of a practice and there are some rules on how to pronounce some sounds after or before other sounds XD (I remember going home after that lesson and just sleeping because my head hurt). They also had decided to have a lot of words with similar writing and pronunciation, but they mean different things (like the word of apple means apology depending on the context XD). Other than that, it's pretty nice to learn it and the learning materials are very accessible. 

  2. Triangle

    Me breaking the chain of cute people pictures Pose inspired by the master of poses himself, Tatsuro 😂 Also today one of my course mates from my Korean classes was like "how's high school ?" and I honestly felt so happy haha.
  3. Triangle

    Feeling a little on the gloomy side today XD
  4. Awww ! Thank you so much for this review! I loved reading it and I'm glad we matched <3. Good thing you guise managed to get the picture up <3. Sorry for this extra work XD. Honestly I put "R.Y.U.S.E.I." in because it was (probably still is) a popular song in Japan and it reminded me of the time I was there. And "Genesis" is actually an opening for an anime called Dimension W, which kinda matches futuristic side of Tokyo hehe I loved this challenge, it made me think of creative ways of exposing my playlist haha. Thanks for the trade-off Cat :).
  5. My otaku friends sending me videos of all the characters Mamoru did the voice for and pictures of Kurama is honestly the result of how I branded myself. 

  6. Triangle

    I’m currently watching Meiji Tokyo Renka. It all started as a fun thing to watch and 5 minutes into it, I was already emotionally invested in Mori Ougai XD. Speaking of, I cannot wait for Bungou Stray Dogs season 3 to happen!! I have seen the trailer like 5 times now and I can’t get over it: the new characters, how further can they go with the plot and not deviate too much from the manga, and Osamu Dazai. Speaking of Mamoru, can we stop and talk about Carol and Tuesday? I saw the trailer and I already cried 😭. The graphic is soooo beautiful and the whole theme looks very nice and warm. Can’t wait!
  7. Triangle

    Honestly I don’t remember hearing about this. But since he got involved in the Japanese Communism Party and was low-key interested in Marxism during his younger times, I guess Maoism wouldn’t have surprised anymore XD
  8. Triangle

    Trying very hard to actually finish reading Osamu Dazai's "No Longer Human", because I realized that I started to understand it better than I used to in uni. Though, I think the reason I had treated so lightly back then was because I had to study it and not actually enjoy it. But, the sad part is that I don't have as much time to analyse and devour books like I had back then :(.
  9. Triangle

    I just can't stop laughing at how this list randomly ended with TT 🤣. A very catchy song though XD. Also let's appreciate the B-T fest you've gotten there <3. 1. GOT7 - A (TOYO Remix) 2. MUCC - Diorama 3. BUCK-TICK - BABEL 4. MUCC - 背徳の人 5. Miyano Mamoru - SHOUT! 6. STARISH - 天空のミラクルスター 7. Miyano Mamoru - How Close You Are 8. 10cm - Nothing With You 9. GRANRODEO - 少年の果て 10. Karasu - Mr. Shadow I picked Mr. Shadow because it's the song that's the most dear to me out of this list (I heard it live when I went to Party Zoo and I'm still shaking at the thought of it XD). Also I picked it because it was hard to choose between Diorama and 背徳の人 so here I am XDD.
  10. So here is my attempt at making a decent review of @Komorebi 's mixtape. I hope I do justice because I really love the selection of the songs. Plus, our themes kind of matched XD. Basically, the theme was songs to enjoy while walking in the city during Autumn. (which is basically the best season @ me) Honestly, I hope I did your work justice because I really liked what you put together. I added all the songs I didn't know on my phone and I will listen to them from now on while walking around and I will think of this picture haha XD.
  11. I love it that my coworkers who speak Japanese went to the same uni as I did and are just as weeb and otaku as I am XD. But every time we try fangirling about stuff, there's the new coworker who also speaks Japanese who's like "I don't watch anime, read manga, listen to Japanese music, watch any shows, know slang or curse words or relate to anything regarding their culture." And we're just there like o.o# 

    1. yomii


      god bless people who managed to learn japanese without having any interest in the culture...

    2. Triangle


      @yomii Right? I have so many questions for her. Like how did you get through without having any interest in the pop culture? I'm still shaking

    3. yomii


      i always feel like it's some other, supreme kind of people lol. still, since there is even a group of weebs at your work, you have a chance to untroduce her to something that will catch her interest!

  12. Triangle

    This is how I live now. Also, I recently bought a new laptop so that's why we're so clean in here.
  13. Triangle

    I love Kishou's voice omg
  14. Retweet, double click yes yes yes! I still get emotional when "Link" comes in. I think the ones who actually made me look into v-kei were Nightmare (Death Note was my shit when I was a kid XD). And then, Miyavi (with his dope ass guitar and his smile, yeah I had quite a type when I was younger haha) came in and rocked my world. But, probably the ones who actually coined in my head the term "visual kei" were An Cafe. In other words, Kaname caused this mess to happen, I am ready to sue.
  15. Bought me a new laptop because the old one couldn't keep up with my trash anymore XD. But new laptop means syncing everything back in place and omg it takes like 10 years ;A;

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