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  1. MidnightRoseOfVersailles

    Yeah, I'm thinking about maybe just doing that. I just wanted to support him lol. But I got some recommends on FB saying I should use Western Union and such so I'm looking into those. Funny you should mention Chris, I actually asked him a few hours before your reply, lol. I've bought a ton of Mercari stuff through him. But, unfortunately he says he can't do bank transfers. But someone else on FB offered to help me. Thinking about either going that route or just buying the CDs from Yahoo auctions with fromjapan.
  2. MidnightRoseOfVersailles

    Hello, I was wondering if someone could help me with mail orders from an artists' official site. I sort of "accidentally" placed a mail order for some of VAMPIRE ROSE's CDs (wasn't really accidental, I *do* want to buy them, but I wasn't necessarily trying to place an order just then, just test if I could even buy them/if they would ship to me) Anyways, I've never done a mail order before, I usually buy from places like Closet Child or CDJapan, so I'm wondering what my next step should be. I received the follow up email from him about a bank transfer and shipping, but my Japanese isn't great, so I'm not sure what to do next. Any help is greatly appreciated (Also I apologize if I posted this in the wrong place.)
  3. MidnightRoseOfVersailles

    Honesty I would've jumped on the offer regardless of shipping cost but recently I've spent over $200 on various CDs and tapes and I need to cut back a little lol. I might be back here though if they're still available when I get paid again.
  4. MidnightRoseOfVersailles

    The 14 CDs come together, no? I'm interested.
  5. MidnightRoseOfVersailles

    Interesting. 🤔 Can only hope they'll actually sound decent.
  6. Virge is absolutely amazing. I can't wait to get my hands on this. ~
  7. MidnightRoseOfVersailles

    YES ~!
  8. MidnightRoseOfVersailles

    *Awaits impatiently*
  9. MidnightRoseOfVersailles

    Doesn't look like the type of VK I'm into, but regardless I'm going to check them out. (I always listen to every new band anyhow lol) Plus, Masaya does have a nice voice.
  10. MidnightRoseOfVersailles

    *Throws money at*
  11. MidnightRoseOfVersailles

    Dear God, those vocals. LMAO.
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