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    https://youtu.be/13QOvgjIJtQ I'm not trying to be rude or anything like that but she kind of looks like a guy. But do you guys know her name cause her back flips are great?
  3. These pictures are clearly marketed towards heterosexual men if you can tell. I was just looking through a few photos and you notice there is a very famous position that some rockers do. Not all but I think almost every rocker/idol has a photo like this. Cause typically in things that are targeted for gay males you will just see the male acting normal or cool. I think most gay men like guys who are regular looking, but i'm not saying feminine guys aren't targeted toward them to be an idol for them to crush over. But these pictures are totally different, there's a huge difference. Ok so in these photos you'll see the guys on the floor or in that crawling like a cat on the ground position. Usually they'll make a very cute or confused ageyo face. The crawling like a cat thing is something you don't see many males do. I thought about american stars, korean, chinese etc. In the photos the guys never do that, usually they try to look cool or just stare at the camera with a haughty face. The crawling cat thing is defintley something I've seen in a lot of female idol photos. The getting on the knees thing is a very asian photo thing and the position looks very submissive. I feel like that is something heterosexual males like unless female jrock fans like that. Maybe it's a cultural thing. But I feel like these pictures are for the dads who go to the concernt with the teen daughters. These guys are safe for them. What do you think? Sorry if the photos look weird I'm really bad at arranging them
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