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  1. In the world of VK, it's the same thing. I guess a better translation is indefinite hiatus, but I mean Mejibray also on "hiatus". If they were planning on restarting activities anytime soon under the name Tensai, they would have given a date or amount of time and wouldn't have had their tour finale at a venue with a capacity twice the size of their normal turnout at onemans.
  2. Has anyone else seen Arlequin live before because I saw them the other day and the show was kinda boring...

    It was my first time seeing them and I was expecting a lot more energy. But I also wasn't sure if this was the norm for them.

    They played five ballads in a row and it really took the excitement out for me.

    Not sure if they decided to play a more low-key set list because they had another live the next day or what.

    I know Aki's not doing screams as much because he messed up his voice before but all those ballads was a bit much.

    That being said, I still had a good time 😺

    1. ricchubunny


      I saw them and also thought it was pretty boring lol I had so much more fun with Pentagon (it was a two-man) 

    2. utaulatias



      I guess it's normally boring like it was.

  3. Also, they are sadly disbanding after their August 26th oneman... I feel like this was completely unexpected and I was even reading around Tanuki for a hot second, and the gyas seemed really surprised too... I really hope that maybe they're going to form a new band but I'm not going to keep my hopes up. It really sucks because even though there was a LOT of room for improvement, I've loved all of their recorded music and they have such a unique sound compared to the same old nu-metal that so many of these VK bands have.
  4. utaulatias

    I'm really glad that VK has pretty much kept a no filming/photos policy during lives because I'd rather stay at home than deal with gyas trying to make content for their socials...
  5. utaulatias

    Please, there are PLENTY of relevant and popular and loved bands and artists that grace the stages of the Zepps around the nation of glorious Nippon. Jokes aside, I'm a little upset that they're making a new Zepp near me when I'm planning on moving soon... When you're forced to go to crap livehouses to support your borderline-drag metal boys, you learn to appreciate a solid livehouse. And the Zepps are pretty solid.
  6. utaulatias

    I love Kiryu but this sounds like a b-side...
  7. Also, you forgot the best part! Kenji's doing an "Abdominal Muscle Touch Event" if you buy the deluxe version! But to keep people from lining up all night, the specific stores holding the event won't be announced until 8am the day the CD will be released.
  8. utaulatias

    I’m still working on the full report because there are a lot of important details that I wanted to fully write out so it might take me a little long but I wanted to say a few things before I get the time to finish it: I don’t think people should worry too much right now about a disbandment because I don’t think Mahiro's eye condition was directly related to what happened at the live. Even looking on Tanuki, most of the gyas contributed it to heat exhaustion (and to be fair, there’s been a really bad heatwave in Japan for the past week). However, I do think that Mahiro has been pushing himself a lot recently because he knows his time with Kiryu is getting shorter. He really does care and love the band and the fans. And because he feels like his eyes are a burden to everyone, I think he’s pushing himself when he can to make up for it maybe. You can also see it in Mahiro’s post he made about a week ago. Also, he’s doing less photo instores at the moment and wearing sunglasses when he can. And again, I do really want them to take a break. Looking at their schedule from the past, they’re due for a new album and another 47 prefecture tour but I really really really hope they don’t do a really long tour and stick with short tours like they’ve been doing or just take a hiatus for at least until the end of the year (because BP Records always has New Year’s events so they’d probably have to play and do fan meets at it even if they did hiatus.) Mahiro also made this tweet. Translation: Thank you so much to everyone for your concern. I most definitely will be resting my body a lot for the Niigata performance, so thank you again. I want to bite into a peach. So hopefully he’s feeling better.
  9. utaulatias

    So I'm coming home from Kiryu's show in Osaka and I'm really worried about Mahiro right now... I'll do a proper live report tomorrow when I have more time but here's the "short" version of what happened. From the very first song, Mahiro didn't have a lot of energy which was already making me worries but after a few songs, he got back to his normal levels of energy and so those worries went away. But at the end the set before the encore, one of the staff members had to help him walk off of the stage. For the MCs during the encore everything also seemed fine. Mahiro was even smiling a lot but for the very last song Mahiro looked really really tired and then when the song ended he was stumbling a little. And then started talking in this really delirious tone and I couldn't even really catch what he said. Then he was stumbling a lot more and bumped into the mic stand a few times and a staff member caught him before he fell down coming off of the stage. I don't think he fully fainted but he couldn't stand up straight. A good hand full of girls were crying after that (I teared up a little too). At the very end of the live Mitsuki was trying to calm everyone down and even made a joke about the 6-man tour they're doing next. But after this, I really want them to take a long break...seeing Mahiro almost faint was so scary... And I really think he's pushing himself too hard.
  10. utaulatias

    I hate to defend Gosan on this one (because jokes or not, I don't like that they harass people who don't do the furi) but that oneman was the weekend of the heavy rain/typhoon. I live pretty close to Kanazawa, where that oneman was happening, and I was actually trying to get to a different live that weekend but all of the trains and buses were stopped because of the rain. So no one showed up because they literally couldn't get there. I really wish it was because the fans were done with them though... In that insta post, it's talking about the weather and it was Tanabata that day (a Japanese holiday for wishes) so their wish was apparently for the weather to get better. On a more sober note, if you guys haven't heard, a lot of the southern part of Japan has had a lot of tragedies because of the heavy rain and landslides.
  11. utaulatias

    I also look at this twitter occasionally: https://twitter.com/tanukisandaime3 They usually will post highlights related to the most popular scandals on Tanuki so you don't have to look through bunches of threads to find juicy stuff! Actually, a lot of them have to do with the Raid. (but it's mostly about hooking up with girls and that sort of thing) Honestly right now, expect for maybe Gosan with their most recent crap...the Raid. is one of the most hated band on Tanuki. Like, I went to one of their concerts early in the year and as I've posted before, I really only go on Tanuki after a concert and the band doesn't even have a general thread. There's only individual threads about the members which says A LOT about their fans tbh. And in person, I thought their gyas were weirdly disorganized and lacking in energy and I feel like they really only care about the bandmen and not about the music (more than most other bands at least).
  12. ugghhh!!! I'm so upset! Because of the typhoon, all the trains and buses in my area were cancelled so I can't go to the Kiryu FC show today!!! I wanna cry...

    1. Bear


      That's why you're upset? Because YOU couldn't go to a shitty show? Wtf.

  13. ehhh... it's not the worst song I've ever heard
  14. Unfortunately, due to the rainy season in Japan right now, Tensai will not be doing their island trip. Instead, they have a poll up for either doing a one day camping trip on Mt. Fuji or spending the night at someplace haunted.
  15. utaulatias

    Technically all tickets are non-transferable but... Sorry, I'm not really familiar with DeG but it is a fan club only tour right? If so, your definitely going to need a fan club card at the very least. The one fan club show I've been too was at Yokohama Arena, and it's a pretty big venue so they just glanced over my fan club card and I'm sure if the ticket had a different name, they wouldn't say anything about it but again, it was a big venue. I would say if you have a card, go for it. They probably won't say anything. I've always assumed the staff isn't really paid enough to care too much. Especially for smaller or medium venues. If not, see if you can get one in time for the show. It's far away enough that you'd probably be able to get one in time. But again, you're still taking a risk. I don't know how strict DeG is about their fan club events. Also side note, I was trying to check the schedule but the 8/7 wasn't coming up on the official website of the band or the venue so was this concert announced really recently or did they only send the information to fan club members? (You don't really need to answer this, I was just curious 😛)
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