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  1. utaulatias

    Technically all tickets are non-transferable but... Sorry, I'm not really familiar with DeG but it is a fan club only tour right? If so, your definitely going to need a fan club card at the very least. The one fan club show I've been too was at Yokohama Arena, and it's a pretty big venue so they just glanced over my fan club card and I'm sure if the ticket had a different name, they wouldn't say anything about it but again, it was a big venue. I would say if you have a card, go for it. They probably won't say anything. I've always assumed the staff isn't really paid enough to care too much. Especially for smaller or medium venues. If not, see if you can get one in time for the show. It's far away enough that you'd probably be able to get one in time. But again, you're still taking a risk. I don't know how strict DeG is about their fan club events. Also side note, I was trying to check the schedule but the 8/7 wasn't coming up on the official website of the band or the venue so was this concert announced really recently or did they only send the information to fan club members? (You don't really need to answer this, I was just curious 😛)
  2. I saw 虹彩☆RaveL for the first time this weekend and now I finally understand the  "younger sister complex" that's in anime and otaku culture (still not sure if that's a good or bad thing yet but...)

    They were sooooo cuuuute!!

    I just wanted to take care of them and be like their older sister 🙀🙀🙀

    1. hiroki


      rito is the adorablest!!!

    2. BrenGun


      haha, yes they are too cute.

      But they also call themselves pop visual kei.


      So being that, it's all their image 😛 

    3. utaulatias


      To be fair, that's true of all entertainers. 

      Everyone has an image or a character that they play on stage.

      And at best, it's an extension or over-exaggeration of themselves and they're of course different when they're off stage.

      But it's still fun to enjoy and play into those characters!


  3. I mean they still have ぞんび right? I was kind of thinking same thing but I'm sure Euclid is more than fine in terms of money at least. Whether people like it or not, GB is the most relevant vkei band in Japan. They sell out big venues and get all those karaoke bucks. Plus, their faces are on everything. (and I do mean everything, as in like condom boxes...)
  4. It stands for Universal Studios Japan and it's in Osaka, where Tensai is from. Like don't get me wrong, I've been one of their fans since almost the very beginning and went to their first instores and everything but the first time I saw them live I couldn't help thinking how bad it sounded... But I guess it's easy to improve when you start at the bottom. I love all of their recorded songs though. Also their lives are such a hot mess in the most fun way! So I usually warn people that the sound is kind of bad but you'll definitely have a good time!
  5. Also there's this: So, starting on 6/17 they're selling cheaper C Type tickets for their anniversary one man. There are two options: One is 5,500 yen for 2 tickets and you get 2 rubber wristbands with it. The other is...103,100 yen for 20 tickets and you get to go on a date with one of the members to USJ. But only one lucky person gets the pleasure of spending over 100,000 yen to date a nobody from a no-name band...
  6. In promoting their first anniversary live, set for August 20, the members of Tensai will be spending three days (June 19-21) on a deserted island. I think it's suppose to be like a religious fast so their live is successful. You can retweet this post and similar to when Cult biked to Tokyo, the members will get certain things depending on how many tweet they get. Here's the list of retweet items! Luckily they're already over 600 so they at least have water...
  7. utaulatias

    Good stuff! I haven't been able to get into DIMLIM up until now so hopefully maybe I could enjoy this album too!
  8. Archemi's suppose to be Buddhist-kei right? There's a lot of crossover between Buddhism and Traditional Japanese culture. The biggest example of course being temples. Plus, I mean...I was actually going to comment that it sounded like Kiryu too tbh. But it's just an opinion, you don't have to agree with it.
  9. The previews sound pretty solid to me! The third track is definitely my favorite tho and I really enjoyed it live!
  10. wow... the look is... just so bad like, they're not planning on performing looking like this right?
  11. Yay!!! I was super worried because I feel like the crow music bands were dropping like flies. Plus they're one of the best bands in the Osaka scene right now. Can't wait to hear it!!!
  12. Also, just to let you guys know, at the tour finale Mahiro was talking about his Retinitis pigmentosa getting worse and was basically hinting that he'll have to stop doing band activities one day. I don't think it'll be any time really soon but a lot of the girls were crying at the live because of that...
  13. utaulatias

    I usually like looking at Tanuki threads after concerts to see the fans opinions on the live and more importantly, if something major happened that I didn't see (like the time a girl brought a pink vibrator to a live and was using it like a light stick... and also made one of the bandmen pose with it during a two shot...) so it's definitely entertaining at times! As far as rumors and stuff go, I don't really care so much tho. Ehh like anything else it just depends on the person. Everyone is different and people shitpost on the internet all time so sometimes I wonder if they even believe what they actual post. I even actually was called pretty on a Kiryu thread one time which was so bizarre to me because I'm like, black and plus size so not at all the ideal beauty standard for Japan. Also on that same thread they were talking about how it was nice that a lot of foreigners were at the live and hoping that the band could do a world tour one day.