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  1. Oh! I had no idea Revue Starlight was an idol franchise. I was interested because Takarazuka. Thanks for rec!
  2. Hey, welcome there! For what it's worth I enjoy k-pop such as BTS (kinda...? Somewhat? uh) and Nocturnal Bloodlust as well so, guess I can second that ACME recommendation! Also, are you with the idol mobage crowd or just idol anime? Either way, please do throw your best idol anime rec! (I'm getting into idol mobage hell again after years of being out of it and recs are always great, lol.)
  3. Chell

    Well it seems that after getting addicted to that game called "Here we have OCD style Suzuki Tatsuhisa as hot blue haired moaning bishounen the game" now Bandori is gonna have a male cast spinoff and there's a VK guy band and the guys in this band are fucking Fukuyama Jun aka my favorite seiyuu ever + Fucking Yonaga Tsubasa... I mean....... where do I call this shit quits??? I don't wanna become a mobage addicted fujoshi in prime 2020 lol what's with my life .........
  4. It's been like 5 years since I last did this quiz and I was kinda obsessed with it before actually becoming a psychologist and having to face its throwbacks and how I actually didn't like Jungian psychology but, hey. At least it is fun. Johns: 49% INFJ 11% INTJ 10% INTP 5% INFP 4% ENFJ Keys 2 Cognition: INTJ extraverted Sensing (Se) ****************** (18.9) limited use introverted Sensing (Si) **************************** (28) average use extraverted Intuiting (Ne) *********************************** (35.1) good use introverted Intuiting (Ni) ******************************* (31.2) good use extraverted Thinking (Te) ******************************************* (43.5) excellent use introverted Thinking (Ti) ********************************** (34.1) good use extraverted Feeling (Fe) ********************* (21.7) limited use introverted Feeling (Fi) *************************** (27.9) average use 16Personalities: INTJ-t Mind: 21% Extraverted - 79% Introverted Energy: 51% Intuitive - 49% Observant Nature: 53% Thinking - 47% Feeling Tactics: 58% judging - 42% Perceiving Identity: 36% Assertive - 64% Turbulent I definitely felt more comfortable answering Johns and 16Personalities so maybe these are more accurate. Somehow. Maybe. Actually, being kinda neuroatypical might be a good reason as to why my F/T axis always gets a little weird. Also, back then I consistently tested as INFP/(sometimes INTP) so I guess I'm more organized now. All that's really happened is now I have to deal with "adult life" in a non-creative job and a rigid schedule lol.
  5. Chell

    Four Tiger & Bunny Bandai figures. Now I have Ivan, Karina, Kotetsu, Nathan + a SD Barnaby and a Fire Emblem gacha one. Tryina snag those Antonio, Keith, Paolin and a better, non-SD Barnaby ... someday. Also, a new vintage poozu doll which makes my collection amount to 3 now.
  6. Chell

    Wow, Emily Autumn really brings me back to 2009 when even my metalhead friends liked her. I thought she was popular. I may have listened to Misery Loves Company a lot. Then again in 2009 I would also listen to a lot of Meg & Dia - Monster or Kerli - Walking on Air or Vanessa Carlton - anything in Harmonium so
  7. Chell

    I really think the last post is basically /thread but just to add 2 cents. This really might work if you wanna try that. I know a handful who'd ask at least "what's the name of the k-pop band?" You know what, I've never considered myself exactly a fan of VK although I am very much a fan of japanese music (sorry guys, not all japanese music is vk, hope it doesn't come as a letdown to some out there) and I can relate to this. Do not ask me to enjoy Due le Quartz or even Dir en Grey but boy did I enjoy vk of the AnCafe / L'arc / Miyavi / Nightmare / occasionally others? variety back in the mid 2000s. It was there on my mp3 alongside, idk, Mami Kawada or Uverworld or (insert random anison). Because... at the end of the day - and again, sorry to say - vk isn't all headbanging metalheads although it is probably how it got popular worldwide. So I only really dug deeper because my friends enjoyed vk and I wanted to at least not be a hater, and for that to happen I had to find bands with vocals I enjoyed. Occasionally I realized there was a lot of vk that wasn't what the fuck is this guy groaning just like not all metal is insufferable guttural noises. ... Again, as I am not exactly a "fan of vk" in the, uh, western sense or understanding of the clique ... maybe I don't have a say in this but I do think it's a good thing it doesn't try to mingle. Because it works somehow and maybe it wouldn't work otherwise. And ngl I'm so fucking happy about it. I'm from Brazil and while most of the music I actively listen to is either Brazilian or Japanese I am exposed to a lot of American and Korean music (actually, it's probably 50/50) and I feel kind of obliged to enjoy the fandom around these types of music - I mean, how can you listen to (insert American artist here) but not know she has ties to Kim Kardashian? Similarly how can you like (insert k-pop artist here) but not vote for them obsessively in random awards number 17818? - so, ironically, I think it's a lot more natural for me to ... enjoy music that's just about the music, because I really couldn't care less about the rest so I think the lack of pressure, so to speak, in western vk fandom exactly because we know the market isn't really counting on us in any way is... a relief. Maybe I'd grow out of it altogether if it was any different. And, again, it goes back to what was being said - I'm in my late 20s, I'm not the bulk anymore, vk was the peak when I was the bulk, I don't expect it to go back to that point unless we start spamming vk dudes licking guitars on stan twitter. etc. And let's face it lol it's not about being menhera enough to enjoy vk, it's because we were mostly horny teens in the early 2000s when every kid was all about anime hair androgynous eyelined guys and those days are gone. tl;dr I honestly think it would do more harm than good for these acts to go and try to mingle lol it's like you're the bullied menhera kid in school and now you feel like you gotta go and mingle with the other kids because some dumb adult said so, and the second you try to get in you're mocked to never return. I mean sometimes it does go well but it's 10% of the time. The other 90% you're more fucked than before because of some dumb adult who thought they knew shit. And let's face it, we're the dumb adult in this situation. Also, the menhera kid was often the right one of the bunch.
  8. Chell

    So uh.These days I was listening to random music on Deezer based on my tastes etc. I just wanted to listen to anything. And it recommended MUCC which I've never listened a lot to but I've always thought of as a "meh OK band"? Really back in the days I LOVED this anime called Zombie Loan to which they played the ending song lol, and it was pretty cool but that's all I knew about them. I probably downloaded Gokusai some time in 2007, because it's the only album I know by name, it probably didn't catch my attention enough and that was it. But then Deezer recommended me one song and I thought it was the dopest thing ever, for real. Then I listened to the whole album and ... I liked it. So I wanted to dig more of their discography, and then I realized it's That One Album every fan seems to dislike. Now I'm just sitting there like lol there's fifteen albums for me to listen and I ain't sure they're not going to be one let down after another. And if they're somehow still up to my tastes I am just going to get mad at my teenage self for not listening to more of them before, probably. Do I want to listen at this point? Idk bruhh
  9. Chell

    Uh, I certainly think OP is right in saying our tastes are coopted by modern marketing strategies online. Back then we had ICQ, forums and web circles to learn about weird Japanese cartoons abd androgynous metalhair dudes because... yahoo was not a very trustworthy web search engine actually lol. Then came Google and Facebook and Internet became mainstream and now the media conglomerates are more powerful than ever as are our tastes homogeneous. Honestly is thete a single citypop fan who did NOT find out about it through some weird youtube algorrythm that led u there through some mix of almost public domain japanese music made by a 18 year old online but by buying vinyl instead... of. I do not know what the big idea is and I am afraid to know. But I feel that visual rock was always perceived as a weird uh community even in Japan. To this day there are Japanese bands that enjoy moderate success internationally (I think of One Ok Rock or Ajikan for instance) but I agree that with the decline of crazy extreme jfashion styles ie. Decora and gyaru as well as the general decline of popularity of anime aesthetic not only through anime and manga but also jrpgs and so (which as it turns out has always been an inspiration AND way of becoming popular for plenty visual rock bands) and the simultaneous ... Rise of shitty youtubers who think spewing " Japan is so weird lol " is cool and, well paired with new technologies that left then cutting edge Japanese technologies behind ... Thats all to amount for this failure of Cool Japan and, well, it really goes reeeeally deep. But theres a few things that come to mind that I wanted to share to add to the discussion. Lately I have been into an even more obscure kind of japanese fandom aka japanese seiyuu fandom lol. Theres this guy (there are definitely a few posts on this forum about his act!) called Tatsuhisa Suzuki who is himself in a rock band called OLDCODEX. It's a rather conventional indielike (because they started out indie although now theyre with Lantis) rock band with average rock songs, but the guys are great at performing ... Really passionate stuff. (Theyre good at the looking cool and otherworldly stuff that made Japan cool some decades ago tbh.) So he was voicing characters from popular (cough, with fujoshi) series for which this band performed ost songs. And so the band saw a big rise in popularity and has actually performed in Budoukan a few times. Really enthusiastic reception, pumped audience. But what had me interested is this: Their aesthetic ... Its no trashy garage metal band but not too idolish either. Theyre just at that point where it doesn't offend either crowd too much. The "Grandma probably wouldn't look too badly at anison bando" kinda thing, kinda like OOR or maybe less idolish. It's anime but not too anime, indie rock grawrhhh but Lantis ... Etc. I expected to see an audience full of fujoshi and seiota but that's not the case at all. What I saw were a bunch of youngsters getting pumped to the energy and powerful lyrics. It just looks really fun. So I realized, hey, it's not that rock is dead in Japan - sure it isn't as popular all over the world anymore but it still has a huge following of young people when the product is right (ofc Lantis... Helps). I dare say Japan is The place where poprock music still thrives and finds some good innovation. In fact my shuffle just now started playing amazarashi lol. But ... I think visual rock after lessening popularity definitely became a bit too "takadanobaba freakos shit" at this point. I mean the fact that everyone either grew weirdo or grew average normie and ran like a bitch from the scene (...sometimes grew traitor Miyavi cough) is not helpful at all I think. It just became too established to shock as it did in the past I guess. So it's one of those things... Revolutionary in 1800 so its just anime boys doing bl aesthetic ; ; ; but that's what I feel. And at the end of the day Japan probably realized a domestic strategy was better, so to understand this market I am not considering westerners opinions. Think of it... It strikes me as ... Very interesting, the case of Amai Bourypku which is one of the bands I listen to regularly when listening to vk. Their early songs beginning as Shounenki were in late 2000s/early 2010s. Those days I remember songs full of !! Emotion !! And !! Power !! Were the norm in jpop because thats what anime songs were and top popular songs worldwide were anisons etc. But at that time was starting this whole culture shift to yknow basic music produced by uninspired djs to publish on youtube fad and vk started dying down (lol being in seiyuu fandom also made me realize thats around the time Gackt Did Voice Acting bro) So their early songs were quite ... quality stuff, but at some point things probably fell short of their expectations and they disbanded kind of only to come back with a late 2010s aesthetic ... Which is precisely making trashy indieish songs pandering to problenatic girls who are probably the bulk of the vk crowd these days. I mean it's probably easier to make and sustain anyway. I realized this shit was seen in a negative light by the western vk niche but they seem to be enjoyimg some popularity in Japan with this crowd anyway. I think this might be ... Quite emblematic. Of what we actually crave, vs what Japan craves and what musicians in those places see as a way of reaching their aspirations be it money or whatever. In short, things are changing... I think sadly. I really love in a "always have and always will" way japanese music and these trends are being quite hurtful for, well, more complex music and Japan is falling behind because of it.
  10. Chell

    Uhm... Maybe very far off but maybe the suggestion can help in other ways ... Back then I was a big fan of Asriel, a duo fronted by 1 woman. I know they used like anime style art covers because being an indie or "doujin artist" it was probably easier to make than highly manipulated photography. You could then try searching for similar late 0s doujin artists. Another tip: maybe those anime style drawings you think of were in fact anime characters because it was a duo character song and you're thinking of a live where seiyuu cosplayed them or something? Do you remember how you came across them? Because if it was something like Gaia then someone probably knows lmaoo or else.
  11. Chell

    Life updates: I did waste my summer break away with this and it's the best thing I could have done with it.
  12. Ia the older releases for Initial L are indeed my favorite from what I have heard. The instrumental sounds more melodic I guess. (Also, lol'd, perfect representation of the sweet sound of dial up. ) Thanks for recommending once again! I'll be around!
  13. Chell

    Oh boy no but listen, there is this old ass mixed media aka mangaanimegamenovelband pioneer bishounen aidoru thing called Kaikan Phrase and it's finally gotten in prime nearly-2020 the "set 20 years into the future" mobage spinoff it always deserved. I am getting so addicted to a silly Mario Party Meets Ensemble Stars mobage I might as well go full weeb again for it. I am seriously prone to becoming the kind of loserface fujoshi who tweets nonstop on her private twitter to 10 followers who could Not Care Less about her amazing 16 yo 2d husbando from a random obscure japanese only game BUT worth it. There's a hot guy voiced by Suzuki Tatsuhisa!!! Also local Lone Visual Guy In An Otherwise Normal Jpoprock Band TOWA aka mai husbando from the original cast went full Gackt in those 20 years? He's the member without (legitimate?) children, looks even younger, short blond hair ....... probs living in a mansion in Malaysia or sumth ...... Anyway I am having a blast with literally no one to talk to. Why the hell am I planning to waste my summer break away with this
  14. Chell

    Oohhh! Feliz aniversário (quase atrasado)!!
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