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  1. Chell

    I agree, particularly with "They can't just call a mediocre album a mediocre album, or even acknowledge a bad song/album because of hype. It's all got to be amazing, flawless, like the second coming of Christ." Becuase it is what it is. It's a fad, a cultural phenomenon, something that's so good right now! even if it actually sucks, is actually losing its shine etc. because now international media has appropriated it to the point of making it seem like a political agenda its original creators never reeeally intended it to be, y'know. And, well, my point being exactly that they did intend it to be a political agenda... a lot. Just probably not to this degree. But - it's somewhat akin to what anime was in the past, right? The whole "anime aesthetic", "anime game" (which was literally just: japanese game with cartoon graphics ... lol ; ; ; ), "anime whatever" of the 90s and maybe even early 2000s. And it was cool around the world, and then suddenly it wasn't cool anymore. Before that, the hippies were cool, etc. Think of whatever cultural fad to illustrate my perspective. So, I guess what I was trying to argue before is exactly that - sure VK was never terribly mainstream, but everyone who's like 30 now probably lived an era when it was, at the very least ... cool. In a, y'know, oh, ok, these kids with the colorful Final Fantasy hairstyles are actually creating something artistically new. Until, again, it wasn't anymore. And before not being cool anymore of course it was appropriated in many ways - it's not really a coincidence that every bandomen from back then suddenly became ~*multicultural and global*~. Anyway... So it's not really a coincidence that some elements are present in both because, well, pop culture/media/etc works like that. Not to say "nothing is new" but of course some trends will be literal emulations or polar opposites of others. Making these "others"' presence undeniable.
  2. Chell

    Ver a galera falando mal do album do Dimlim em peso sendo que a única música que escutei achei "não tão ruim" me lembra como disseram que MUCC acabou em Karma e é o que eu mais tenho escutado nos últimos meses no repeat
  3. Chell

    I've got atm my old PSP and old DS phat, play otoge and stuff like that sometimes. I def need to buy a PS4 to play the titles I have already bought lol and thinking of buying a retro console too. Still torn between SNES, Saturn and Dreamcast. Although I've played SNES and DC on emulator already so leaning more towards the Saturn now (I've got a few Saturn and SNES titles but getting DC titles sounds ... difficult ...... . )
  4. Chell

    The idea of creating a retro style neocities to host my stuff because I'm old is dumb but I never said I'm smart anyway
  5. Chell

    It has just recently occurred to me that Hatenkou Yuugi is already in volume 21 so now aside from Hunter x Hunter I also expect to catch up on that lol. Wish me luck I guess
  6. Chell

    I came into this topic expecting Hitsugi and I didn't get Hitsugi so here's mr. coffin on the rare occasion where he is smiling for your viewing pleasure! (big "I'm an emo boy who rarely smiles but when I do it's really cute, even though I'm nearly 40" energy) Thank you, now I can go back to my regular "what's this crushing on visual kei oyaji bs? I don't know any of that" agenda
  7. Chell

    It's my first time doing this in a very "why not" fashion, expect me to give up in 0.5 days I'm bad at ratings so sorry if I reevaluate this in 0.2 days I decided to do this because I thought Dimlim's album sucked so bad I found myself skipping all of it and I'm glad I'm not alone in those thoughts lol. * = It's not yet released OR I didn't listen to the full thing yet so my comments are concerning the MV/previews J-MUSIC [January 07] [single] グラビティ↗︎↗︎楽しさFULLVOLTAAAGE!!! (Gravity) - 決意ゼロヒャクMAX!! (Ketsui Zero Hyakku Max) - 7/10 It's... a very solid rating coming from me I swear. [January 20] [album] ACME - WE ARE VISUALKEI - 7/10 This Best Of album is so goooood. The only thing I don't like about ACME, as I realized, is that they somehow got robbed during that US tour if that means they won't want to come/feel safe in my country lol aside from that, I love. Rock on. [January 25] [pv] SHIN x Alice Nine - Velvet - 8/10 This is a rating pure out of nostalgia because this cover really sent me back to the Rainbows days. Great song and great vocals singing. [February 19] [album] Queen Bee - BL - 7/10 First time properly listening to Queen Bee mostly because of their videos on The First Take and it's pretty cool. Not really in a "ohh my jam" way but it's good and chill music. What drew me to them was probably how the vocalist looks anything but generic j-pop/rock singer but their voice is as generic as it goes, although very skilled. [February 26] [single] flumpool - 素晴らしき嘘 (Subarashiki Uso) - 6/10 Still need to watch Ahiru no Sora ... I really need to watch it ....... the song is ok but I bet it looks amazing as a TV size opening and I don't want to spoil myself. Because I swore I'd watch it but lol [March 01] [album] DaizyStripper - INFINITY - 6/10 * It's OK and my brain is like "mugen no kanata heeeee" all day lol [March 4] [single] SID - delete - 6/10 * Technically, rhythm-wise it'd be a 5/10 tops but I adore his voice lol [March 4] [single] ACME - 嘘顔 (Usogao) - 6/10 * I mean... it's cool [April 22] [album] Miyavi - Holy Nights K-MUSIC [February 12] [album] 펜타곤 (Pentagon) - UNIVERSE : THE BLACK HALL - 7/10 The first full album is definitely not their best but far from being their worst. OTHERS
  8. Chell

    A solid "none" currently. Also I purchased Persona 5 and FFXV already but still didn't decide on a PS4 model lmaoo
  9. Chell

    I SWEAR TO ESDMDMKM I actually tweeted something like "I feel so sorry for the japanese clerk at Mandarake who's gonna pack fifty < 100 JPY lightweight items and be like 'why is this weird foreign girl buying so many obscure blcds... and 90% of them starring Tattsun ... oh no'" because I was embarassed enough at myself already But then the store formally answered "we won't! Buy to your heart's content!" to which I am ... probably half grateful and 99% embarassed (No but really, I did cut down on my purchase a lot since I tweeted that... esp because I found some albums I wanted for a while now... and I wanted a doll too so ... *sigh* I was so happy no clerk would think of me weirdly anymore)
  10. Chell

    1. Nightmare 2. Shounenki (I kinda like AmaBo but SHOUNENKI ......) (abyss, and after that everything is in no particular order probably just whatever I thought of as something I listen to semi/regularly) 3. Gravity 4. Neverland 5. Moran 6. ACME(/DIV) 7. Gigamous 8. HOLYCLOCK 9. Kiryu 10. Leetspeak Monsters Honorable mention to kannivalism/baroque, ViViD and SCREW all of which I have never heard enough since back in the old days but what I have I either like or didn't actively dislike and should listen to more often. If I did, they'd probably replace the last 3 places. Also honorable mention to oldies Miyavi and Abingdon Boys School which I have seen mentioned itt and were my jams in my teenage years along with Ancafe or A9 etc. Actually, honorable mention to every non-vk jrock band standing in that abyss lol
  11. Chell

    October: saw my kpop boys (A.K.A. Pentagon - no, not that one) January: saw Miyavi and I have to share my picture I can't really explain this picture in any way other than "I suddenly remembered I didn't pay to get close to him, breathe his air or shake his hand but to take a picture"
  12. Chell

    Eai, alguém quer alguma coisa da Mandarake (exceto o que vou comprar e não tem mais estoque)?
  13. Chell

    Not to be A Kpoppie but my favorite kpop boys just made a comeback and I've been listening to this for 3 hours straight lol
  14. Chell

    I agree wholeheartedly although I can't say I ain't the positive vibes only crowd lately, I think sometimes that also comes with like the tiredness of being the nth generation of systemic oppression and be like, ok, since this age of information makes everyone forget their wrongdoings so easily then I'll also give myself free pass to forget mine. No idea if realizing this makes me compassionate or it's just that I relate to these people on some degree, or both lol. But I guess this is what gives either way. Yes, some of the less compassionate people are also the ones talking the most about compassion. ______________________________________________ Ughhh I went to an anime con sunday (because I enjoy cosplaying and meeting artists and their works....... that's all I still enjoy in anime conventions tbh) and I'm pissed cuz nobody bothered to take a pic of my Macross cosplay ... sad story sis 😞 why is everyone so competitive when it comes to cosplay nowadays wtf it's just grown up people in cartoon costumes
  15. Chell

    I could not not laugh. i approve
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