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  1. Chell

    Ohh ... There is a topic for fashion routines. TBH I collect makeup and skincare products much more than I actually *use* them (yes I am That Person who can't really distinguish "good looks" i.e. skin/makeup from "bad looks" for the most part, yes Im nearsighted.) but let's see...... (uh actually recently I made a page for all of my ~routines~ but yeah, in short:) - I only really go out on the daily wearing foundation (bc it actually works! Blemishes be gone! Brand: whatever I get as a gift/buy to test/isn't rotten ...... ) and lipstick/lip tint (bc it actually makes me look less like a zombie. Yes I could try wearing specific makeup under my eyebags but c'mon.) but on some days when I'm feeling ~particularly adventurous~ I'll wear some glittery eyeshadow too lol - I only really wear makeup properly when I go out (which means I haven't worn any of it in months now, thanks COVID-19) and then I stick to: - Eyeliner and mascara - my favorites, because I can't wear lens and fake lashes are a bother so I tend to stick to it. For mascara I wear T&G which has a similar effect to the Maybelline's the Colossal, still looking for vegan alternatives. For eyeliner tested over 20 but can't let go of Japanese brands ever since I first tried Dolly Wink a good 7 years ago ... It remains as my favorite for some reason though Heroine Make is easier to find so I've been using that. - Eyeshadow - I use a regular palette, as I find that there's not much of a difference between local palettes and ~international brand~ palettes IMO. I own a couple of Etude House and Kose palettes and then some Chinese and local ones and it's all... OK. (There IS one local brand which I love for their cheap fully matte colorful palette called Mia Make which is my go-to cosplay brand lol ; ; ) I happen to use Crystal Lovely Eyes from Tonymoly in white to do larmeish makeup/aegyo sag/whatever as it's more comfy than pressing a brush (shimmery white eyeshadow) under my eyes, and I also make them ~ sparklyy ~ by using pink glitter from a local supposedly vegan brand called Cat Make which is wonderful. - Blush - Whenever I do bother (as I often don't bc local brands suck.) I like Candy Doll ... or just do that blushing-with-liptint technique as I own too many kr tints ; ; ; - Contouring - I like contouring sticks actually. Also use from local brand (but I only really use that for cosplaying lol.) - Lipstick - Literally the only thing I care for on the daily. Maybe because my lips are small and undead-pale it definitely makes a difference. I LOVE glittery glossy lipsticks (blame it on gyaruish endeavors.) so I tested a few, but I really like Etude House's Cherry Moisture Lip Glow as its shimmer is pretty cute and exotic. I sometimes let the tint dry and apply it on top. - Skin routine: none haha 🤧 I did try but nothing ever seems to have a substantial, long-lasting effect. (should I blame it on the hot, humid weather??) Don't wanna try out a lot of products on my skin either (bc who knows maybe it will get worse?) and I have a lifelong history of being traumatized by dermatologists, so even though I *should* have a routine at least to get rid of escoriation marks I don't. On the upside, the cute facemasks and unicorn handcreams look good on my desk. Sadly, they're gonna get past the expiration date soon.
  2. Chell

    Not sure how "unexpected" this is but: Argonavis aka Boydori now has a character who is a bandomen yay Also oldies popular shoujo manga Kaikan Phrase had a band whose guitarist was ex-vk (but since Ayabie covered Datenshi Blue as if it's a vk song ... is it unexpected?)
  3. Chell

    (disclaimer: my price range would be $0 - $20 so that's ... not in line with most other commenters and no I am not a cheapskate I am just fucking poor ......) (also what's noise cancelling I'm often alone in a big house why should I cancel silence ? ? ? ) True to the 90s boomer who listened to VK in the early 2000s I happen to own a couple of this bad bab called SONY MDR-W08 . It was my go-to headphones when I was a lil kid and now it's become sort of a cult classic with a "following". Lol go figure. But I can understand why. They're lightweight ( I can even sleep on them though it's not advisable as they can break down, not super easily but yeah. They're not replaceable so it's... not something I do regularly. Or not by accident lol. ) and their sound is pretty fine too. I wear it outside and carry it on my bag so having something that is practical and unexpensive (...considering its original price) to carry everywhere helps. If they break I'll probably go for another Sony MDR then. They aren't my absolute favorites out of all those I have tested (don't really test those in-ear with loads of speakers and big earbuds that are all the rage in AliExpress because they hurt my ear smh, ) as my dad happens to collect headphones ( he is just Into Music, and by collect I mean ... Collect. But he likes those super bass kinds I couldn't care less for lol ) my absolute favorite would be ... an older (maybe late 80s or early 90s ??) Sony model idk the name ; the one I tested came with some spongey buds that are huge but feel very comfortable, as they're on-ear and higher pitched noises are so piercing on them. I have yet to see one that's nicer for sharp/higher sounds than those 90s Sony models - I'd listen to vaporwave on them and it was a whole experience. But then again I don't see a problem with Apple earphones (... I think I may have tested earbuds, to be honest idk as I don't own Apple devices and it was borrowed so.) they're nicely balanced IMO (And again, keep in mind my price range is up to $20 lol.)
  4. Chell

    Really, yay thanks! It's just silly topics (like the one with good engrish songs and the one about ghostwriting) but if it doesn't bother people then I guess I will.
  5. Chell

    Sort of relatable (except it's more how I feel about anime since the KyoAni arson but k-pop is quickly walking towards that for me)
  6. Chell

    Insterestingly enough I'm in the "more likely to be hella angry than sad" crowd, and when I am hella angry I often listen to music and it helps but when I am sad I feel that I just want to be quiet and at peace and sleep loads. I have a history of genetically inherited severe anxiety and fighting depression alone so I'm often ✨ HAPPY-GO-LUCKY ✨ or just too angry and trying to change things unless everything Really Sucks Irremediably, so I almost didn't remember what I used to do when I am sad (which I only did because someone dear to me passed away recently so I've been feeling this crushing emptiness I haven't felt in a while again.) But I have to agree that gratitude goes a long way. I know this sounds assholey and sometimes there isn't much to be grateful for, but putting yourself down often only makes you, well ... worse - while if you're able to look at things in a more positive light you are (chemically/neurologically even) more likely to find creative solutions for your actual problems instead of watching them pile up. Of course, way easier said than done, but I find that it does work
  7. me: goes around saying "well I like kpop"
    me: actively dislikes kpop industry, favorite kpop acts are "group of Jun Utahiroba collab" and "group of the guy who ran away with queen Hyuna tm" (maybe Im looking 4 korean subdued bandomen ...)

  8. Chell

    Started reading months-old topics and now I feel like necroing a lot of topics but maybe that wouldn't be a good idea??? sighs (but is it even necroing if the topic was last updated in May or June lol) Also when I say google wants me ruined this is what I mean
  9. Chell

    *cracks knuckles* well... 👀 Okay I am not going to put anyone in these forums through k-pop mvs (though I am well qualified to do so I'll refrain) but *will* share the one k-pop MV that got me into k-pop after years of being "eek" about it. (ironically my ~ult bias~ which would be the kpop equivalent of a honmei turned out to be the white haired guy lol.) Now moving on to less k-poppy stuff... To be honest I am uninspired now (blaming it entirely on whoever made my mind go to k-pop MVs.) but ... some of my favorite MVs lately would be not-particularly-outstanding-just-emotional things like Colorful World by Kariya Seira and melt by TK/suis ; Guess sometimes I like "everything an artist puts out" because they are just so charismatic and/or creative like Alice Vicious or Sayuri or Shishido Kavka etc. Or because they are purely 100% amazing (thats amazarashi) 😞 ... I wish I didn't sound that biased but honestly the only Japanese video aside from these that I remember vividly in the last ~2 years was that one where the SCANDAL girls came out. Maybe I'm that out of the loop in Japanese MVs lol In general hmm ... American/British PVs interest me more. I guess the production values are better which in turn makes the whole thing better. But k-pop beats it all remember the MV that made Ayabambi worldwide famous? A k-pop group did that recently, dumbed down with bad music, by the way. When it comes to vk these days I was reminded of Dance My Generation which is great, which in turn reminds me that Pentagon and Golden Bomber had some amazing PVs. On The Other Hand my faves were never ... exactly known for great PVs (HAHAHAHAHHA ... the understatement), so no recommendations here lol. (for proof, here's the best of Shounenki and Nightmare honestly.) For what it's worth sometimes I really like Miyavi's PVs though that's ... not vk (does Ashita Genki ni Naare count in prime 2020?) ... Anyway, where were we? K-pop MVs! Thanks
  10. Chell

    Lol to be honest I'm beginning to feel we have a discussion like this here monthly, only with a few different words maybe To answer the beginning question well obvious... VK bands often don't last more than 2 or 3 years, so yeah it's not like you can just go back after years and your old fav is still kicking. There is going to be at least a drummer in jail for doing drugs or fighting in a bar or hospitalized or something lol. Which brings us to it: VK is, well, usually not very gentlemanly. It's not the kind of culture you'd want to show your (japanese) kids or anything, so it's prone to not being very popular in general I guess ; and whenever it did get popular, that was because a few bands and bandomen took upon themselves to spread the word even worldwidely (which is a lot of work in itself and not one many bandomen would be up for honestly) and then they started appearing in variety shows and whatnot, which is ... what kpop stars do every single day. They wake up to plastic surgery, handcreams (trust me those feel marshmallow-y), learning english (which in itself is a bit easier for Koreans I feel due to sounds and letters ...), global marketing strategies, perfect waifu/husbando image tm and variety shows with groups they are (not so) buddy-buddy with. It's just, well, a lot of marketing. Besides, k-pop sounds all the same which is positive for it as a "culture", while calling vk a "genre" means lumping X Japan and Purple Stone in the same box. And of course, well, not everyone who likes one would like the other. Now on a more personal level I have never been a "typical visual kei fan" , as I never liked bands such as Malice Mizer / X Japan / Dir en Grey / old L'arc en Ciel / the Gazette / (insert here any ~cool~ popular vk bands), I just liked some bands I heard in anime first (particularly Nightmare but also the occasional SID/PIERROT/MUCC/abingbon boys school ...?) OR knew through friends who liked "bigger" bands and acts, (such as alice nine/Miyavi idk) which is how I first knew about visual kei while never being a "typical fan". And I guess many weeb kids are/were on the same boat lol which is why there is a lot of "turnover" ; it's not like they can go on gigs with a lot of bands so they can get to know other bands and buy cheki and live-exclusive albums and merch or anything, so yeah once their fav bands are gone (no matter how big they are/were,) they're done with it. Because, again, there is no "global marketing strategy" unlike, say, k-pop, so less accessible materials = you tend to be less obsessed about it and/or know less bands = more turnover as there is nothing to take that place (and, again, saying "if you like X Japan you may like Purple Stone lol" is ... not a thing. ) it requires a lot more effort in a sense so, unless you're reeeeeally obsessed with the whole cultural aspect of it (which is... very localized anyway,) you're prone to getting over it - and, well, the rebellious emo phase (fortunately) doesn't last forever for everyone I guess. (not saying everyone who likes vk is ANGSTY but yeah it takes an appreciation of an alternative aesthetic which is usually ... something you like when you are young ??). As for me I am definitely in that boat - I don't think I have ever considered myself a vk fan though if you ask me I'll say "oh yeah, I know it, it's ok", I've probably heard most popular bands at least and I was definitely a Nightmare fan by most standards for quite some time In short, I guess I liked vk for the rock but also for the hand elephants and Mana variety shows, in which sense kpop definitely pales in comparision but I'll still take kpop over RAHFJSNDNNRRK *guttural noises* anyway. 🙊 Edit: It's worth mentioning I got back to vk because I was bored&unemployed and my kpop faves made a MV with Golden Bomber Jun as I translated Japanese videos for the fanbase, so of course I knew everything that was going on and I was rather surprised vk in itself was Still A Thing. So in my case that was The Call Of The Bandomen and not the other way around ironically
  11. Chell

    Don't we all! 😞 Lately one of the few things that actually bring me joy is updating my neocities and following other retro websites there. And it's just confirming my suspicions - I am old old Internet is still fun, social network monopolies are unnecessary And as for Demi she was the only Disney singer I not only tolerated but actually liked in my teens when she still did ~rockish songs~ lol a pity the Disney singer label weighs so heavily because she is so fine and could do much better. Gotta love her versatility in going from Let It Go to FOB - Irresistible unscathed In another subject, isn't this new release from Utada Hikaru pretty amazing? _______________ Found this song and I am surprised at how much the monotone vocals sound like some contemporary singers but with a positively 80s/early 90s beat and sound ofc. And it bothers me how much she sounds exactly like someone I should know well (Etsuko Yakushimaru? Komuai? Something-like-that-but-not?) (kinda offtopic but, the whole citypop revival of the last half of the decade made me realize how many of these trends that have become all the rage in japanese experimental/alt dance (-inspired) music in the 2010s actually began in 1970-80 and it's just crazy. Wish I could say something convoluted about it but to be fair I think Golden Bomber - Dance My Generation summed up the trend better than I could ever lol.)
  12. Chell

    Yeah honestly the timeline of events is fucking me up. Why? Oddly Enough, I've been having respiratory symtoms I never had before for a while now. Like mid-late 2019 ?? At first I thought it was stress getting the best of me and I was developing psychosomatic breathing difficulties on top of everyday rhinitis. But around Feb ... I used to do meditation/exercises and found myself not being able to hold air for the same amount of time during a "flu", then it got better but I kinda gave up on exercises because I feel unable to hold my breath for so long and it frustrates me ... Again thought that was anxiety but eventually I realized they'd been hiding COVID-19 cases for a month so from "welll, there's ebola in Africa and I'm alive ..." I went to "AM I alive ???". Worth noting I was That Girl who goes to every Asian music live/event/etc I can while living ridiculously close to the biggest seaport in Latin Am and working in a slum ... so if it turns out it'd been roaming the world I'll be mad as I struggle with my brain when it's not lacking oxygen nevermind when it is.
  13. Chell

    Just listening to the quintessential vk song of the era of Yaoi Paddles today My tastes just keep getting worse and worse lmaooo
  14. Chell

    My relationship with Seven Deadly Sins is "it's that 1 in 10 shounen I (Almost) Liked". Tried to watch it recently again and... well, again I thought "hey, this is ok!... let's never watch it anymore" again. It's a pity because I love their seiyuu festivals (as my 2 favorite seiyuu happen to co-star there ...) but. Waste. But honestly, IDK why but the only anime that has really hooked me up in the past 4 years or so has been Netjuu no Susume (ok, I do know - it's because I was a mmo nerd lol.) aside from KyoAni stuff of course ; Tsurune was a bless and I just wish 2019 hadn't happened 😕 In Other News, this Youtube channel is great and knowing Pizza Hut never paid enough for their product placement in Code Geass made my day
  15. Chell

    Honestly my playlist just rolled and I wanted to share this instead: So we were talking about Shoutan me and a friend and it's just amazing how he takes the 3D Bishounen Aesthetic to another level?? Cheesy choreo, check. Flawless looks, check. Actually bearable music, check. Doubles as an idol and seiyuu, check. TECHNOLOGY, check. Can't really point any flaws. Guess that's where years of j-pop and k-pop took us. I'm fine with this
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