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  1. MidnightJaguar

    Not really VK but Cö Shu Nie's bassist Shunsuke Matsumoto (松本駿介) does some absolutely gnarly things I've never heard on a track before. Bump asphyxia and supercell, those songs have absolutely wild bass work.
  2. MidnightJaguar

    Damn, Adept is such a sick B-side. That last chorus~outro thooo
  3. MidnightJaguar

    Feel bad for Jin, he deserves better than Byo imho hahaha. I loved SCREW but dis... well... I'll have to give it a chance...
  4. MidnightJaguar

    INSANE BAND Saw them live at GIGA Rock Festival in Osaka last weekend. Unfortunately a short set, but it was astounding. The whole band has incredible stage presence and Minami was wild! (He's a mind-blowing acrobat haha).
  5. MidnightJaguar

    Argentum slapzzzz Saw them live at a 2-man with ZON in JUZA (a beautifully tiny venue) and they absolutely killed it. Got to fist bump Yuhma which was a definitely a fan-girly highlight haha. Looking forward to future releases from them for sure.
  6. MidnightJaguar

    Definitely my favourite VK band since I came across RED INVISIBLE, I'll never forget how shaken I was when I first heard ギブミー不気味. I'm probably biased since I was a huuuuge BORN fan (felony is a top 10 track of all time haha). I do find that I prefer RAZOR. Ryouga's voice is definitely one of my favourites of all time and the guitar work in RAZOR is way more interesting than BORN's. (邪崩 is delicious holy shite). (I feel like any BORN song could be learned by ear in almost one listen, save for Kifumi's godly bass work. Tsurugi and Kouryu on the other hand have some riffs that have been throwing me for a loop or sure i.e. PINOCCHIO, SORROW RAIN.) I've loved all their releases thus far and I'm gonna catch them live August 12th at NEW SIDE BEACH in Yokohama. Perfect way to end Summer break.
  7. MidnightJaguar

    Oh man nice!! I still have yet to make it further east than Alberta, but a Toronto trip is definitely on my list of plans for the future.
  8. MidnightJaguar

    I'm a West Coast Canadian so it's a pretty fun time to be had on this side of the world.
  9. MidnightJaguar

    Hey there everyone! I'm pretty new to the forum sorta, I've lurked for years (lots of years haha) just keeping up to date with reviews for some of my favourite bands. I don't have the most uppity of tastes (SCREW used to be my favourite band haha) but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate quality. I'm currently hugely into bands like abstracts and (Yo can I get a shout out for Ryouga and RAZOR tho) the djent scene, though I do appreciate a lot of metalcore. I also listen to J-Rap but KOHH mostly so please introduce me to some more. I took a year of Japanese during my Biochem Degree and pretty much use podcasts/music to try and learn more and more. I'm not a huge manga reader but I read the mainstream ones (hence Kuki Urie profile pic). I lived in Hiroshima for a month as an exchange student and am planning on making use of the Japan-Canada holiday work visa to go see some shows next year. (All my favourite bands keep disbanding eg. HaKu, BORN, 7Years To Midnight, Story of Hope #fml) I recently discovered I have bipolar disorder so if anyone ever wants to chat about mental health, I'm definitely down for a convo. I play guitar, some covers might find their way on to Youtube, but I think that's all I've got for now. If anyone can point me in the direction of the 外国人 currently living in Japan part of the forum I have a few questions there, mainly where's the best place to be situated if I wanna go to metal shows every weekend while I'm there haha. Stoked to be part of this forum. Ciao. P.S if there's a how to guide on how to create an image or gif signature someone pls tell me. thx
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