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    The venue setup/map was revealed (just 2 stages this year) and 2 ticket sales announced: fanclub sales and a VIP ticket sale. Next announcement is on 1/31. Since they seem ahead of schedule with announcements this year, let's hope it's going to be the first batch of artists. I plan to go but am severely annoyed (and stressed) that I won't know who the hell is playing on whichever day I choose. (Like should I just assume that if DEG goes again this year, they'll play the first day like last year??) How could they not release the final artists list and timetable until days AFTER general sales last year??? Yes, I'm sure it takes a while to finalize with all those bands but come on.. it's a better idea to have it mostly finalized BEFORE you even announce the event. Or maybe they knew who was coming and just wanted to hype it all by letting us know at the last minute? Taking our money before we even know what we're going to get! They probably think they're being slick and getting people to just attend both days just in case but nope! lol sorry for this rant. BUCK-TICK will be busy touring on both the 23/24 so I do wonder which other act they're gonna get.. I sort of expect all the same older acts but maybe some diff. newer acts, which would be nice exposure.
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    @ShanethVarosa, in case you haven't seen it yet. I don't know why but something about it makes me sad.
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    @Takadanobabaalien Thank you very much for sharing. I am very excited to listen and can now decide which songs I would like to purchase on itunes if it becomes available in the US. Have a nice Christmas all..
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    First thing I thought.. it def looks like some of their old single covers and i got really excited.. i've been hoping this album would be more reminiscent of their earlier work and the cover makes me a little more hopeful lol. and if that's the case, i'll be more depressed i won't be able to attend their tour and hear it live =(
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    Hi guys, Just noticed no one has posted the full MV for Babel yet. Saw this a while back on tumblr (@doiha). Enjoy!
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    @Nowhere Girl Depressing to hear. But thanks for taking the time to respond to me.
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    so you guys think the new album coming next spring will be in the vein of this single or since this was just a special release for their anniversary, the new album will be something completely different? i count on them giving us something completely different from atom at least. it's like they always create a whole new world with each album, which alone is pretty exciting~
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    anyone believe there's any possibility we'll get a NEW album soon? even late spring is probably too early right, since they're still working on vestige and all? summer maybe? they just toured for an unbelievably long time.. i want them to rest because that can't be healthy but i'm selfish and want to see them. i can't go to japan and NOT see them.
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    so we probably won't get the album until like april right? i wish they gave more heads up for the release date. in the past they seem to always release the album literally the same month they announce the date. i really need to know their next tour dates soon. i have other bands i want to work into my trip and can't wait forever on gazette. sigh i really want to see them too don't wanna get my hopes up
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    @Danao, @Takadanobabaalien, Thanks a lot guys for taking the time to read my post and reply. It's true, they have been very busy with their own solo stuff this year, celebrating their own anniversaries and stuff. I recognize we're lucky they're still making music and I'm just grateful they're putting out a new album period. I look forward to hearing what sound they bring this time. Maybe i'll get lucky and things will work out next year somehow for me to see them. It'll be a nice surprise if they do a few extra shows than usual next year. Maybe they'll do another world tour at some point too, with several stops this time so @Danao and others get the chance to see them^^
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    Hi! I see the band's 18 show nationwide hall tour dates were announced. I was wondering if maybe anyone more familiar with the band's past touring cycles, etc., thinks it's likely the guys will hold more shows (that are not just fan club only)? I'm surprised to see they're just doing 2 months of touring.. it seems most bands or at least the others I follow usually hold a 3 month tour. It was their 25th anniversary year then so maybe it was an exception, but for the last album, they did a 32 show tour, which spanned into early 2015 even and had like a 3 month break in between. I'm really crossing my fingers to be able to see all my bands at the same time lol but 4 is a lot and I think I need to consider that it is a little more impossible than I want to believe. But both BUCK-TICK and the GazettE are def. set to release an album in spring 2018 so I'm just hoping it's early spring so that their tour dates collide with the LUV tour. Have yet to hear a peep about a new Dir en grey album but it feels like they're always touring so maybe they will be holding some live I can attend... stressing over this lol. My Japan plans were already foiled gloriously for 2017 lol
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