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  1. swagman

  2. swagman

    me too!!
  3. swagman

    what does "+1" mean?? I'd like to read the lyrics of this song too so thank you for making this request
  4. swagman

    Hey!! If anyone has the lyrics of 「Frame」 by ピサロ, I'd really appreciate if you share it. Thanks! :^D
  5. one time i bought their non-live-limited two cds twice (so i had four lol. idk why i did that) ive been waiting for them to release those songs for so long that ive kinda lost interest in them lol i hope someone uploads them.
  6. swagman

    YEAH i always end up getting it wrong though
  7. swagman

    In no specific order: 1. MALISEND 2. アイオリン 3. Crimson shiva / SHIVA 4. BLESSCODE 5. ピサロ 6. 真天地開闢集団-ジグザグ- 7. MEIDARA 8. DIMLIM 9. ラミエル 10. 篠突く雨 I also really love アヲイ and XIBALBA but I don't listen to them anymore.
  8. probably Ke$ha lol. i really liked her when i was a kid
  9. swagman

    THANK YOU!!! i love this song joining this website was rlly a good idea lol
  10. swagman

    Reincarnation / MALISEND 0:41(?) sounds like "LOTS OF TURTLES"
  11. swagman

  12. wow. i was planning on listening to them but i guess i wont do that now lol
  13. swagman

    band names that start with m and end in a MIZTAVLA MEIDARA MERALOA whats next... MACADAMIA
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