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    Some of my favourite J-Rock bands:
    X Japan,
    Malice Mizer,
    Moi Dix Mois,
    miyavi (the older songs T.T),
    Golden Bomber,
    Seileen and Selia,
    Psycho Le Cemu.
    I haven't been following the scene for some years, so I'm not very up to date with the latest bands and I'm open to suggestions!

    Other music:
    Kishidan and DJ OZMA <3 -- it's very likely that I like whatever that man does, lol
    I also like Ryu Ga Gotoku OSTs (though it was worth mentioning)
    EBM, Aggrotech
    J-techno, as I like dancing trapara/techpara
    Other interests:
    J-Drama -- I love: Kisarazu Cat's Eyes, My Boss My Hero, Yuusha Yoshihiko

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  1. Seileen

    Ok, grazie. Ho trovato la Japan Night su Facebook ma sembra molto pop & idol group più che VK, o sbaglio? Dj Sisen mi piace e ho visto che suona tra qualche settimana, ora però mi manca qualcuno con cui dividere le spese di viaggio fino a Prato lol (sorry for turning the post into Italian conversation, let me know if I should rewrite this in English, thanks!)
  2. I agree :/ I suppose they weren't getting enough money out of it... :/
  3. flash forward to (almost) the end of 2017 and still nothing about this tour....
  4. I don't wish I was born Japanese, as in "having Japanese features", but I sometimes wonder if my life would have been better if I had been born in Japan. I wish I could have experienced the atmosphere there, and by that I mean the possibility to see lives of my favourite bands on a regular basis, which is impossible in my country - maybe I would have been able to see some bands that today don't exist anymore -, the possibility to hang out in cool places and meet people who share the same music and passions as me. I might have been happier in that way, or maybe not, but I guess I'll never know. ^^" I wonder if someone else feels or has ever felt this way too?
  5. Seileen

    I'd like to take part to a meeting too! Have any meetings actually been arranged so far between forum members? I think something like planning to go to a certain live together would be fun. Davvero? Dove sono? Conosco le serate di DJ Mishi, ma non sapevo esistessero anche altre serate j-rock O.O English: Where are these j-rock nights? I know DJ Mishi's dj sets, but I didn't know about other jrock events in Italy O.O
  6. I'm 25 since about a month, are we already older than most of the fans? This is a bit depressing.. xD Thank you! In the (very unlikely, I must say..) case they came to Italy, if you'd like you can be my guest instead Ooh, well, that's embarassing hahah Is there some video of the thing? it sounds funny xD And of course we are going to better, we're grandmas, so we have a lot of experience
  7. That's true, it seems a bit late now... Thank you, that would be amazing! <3 I really hope it will be possible! haha that's fun tho. I remember the dance was easy but I never took the time to learn it properly. I'll do it before the next tour for sure, just to remember the good ol' days (maybe we could dance around together too) xD
  8. wow, you've set up an entire live session haha Aaand I should have included Cherry saku yuuki too, I really like it too. Have you managed to see most of them live? I really hope to catch up with the lives someday!
  9. Seileen


    Hello! Thanks for your welcome on my introduction and welcome to you too! I know, it is a bit sad sometimes when you have no one to talk to. In my experience it's actually worse when people ask you about what kind of music you like and you have to be prepared for the confused look on their face becuase they have no idea who/what you are talking about xD
  10. Hai ragione! Ci speravo anche io in realtà Ma magari è dovuto anche alle sue condizioni di salute, vedo che porta sempre il collare nelle foto... Se questa serata va bene però c'è sempre la possibilità che ritorni ancora in futuro *-*
  11. Seileen

    lol but I kind of wish time travel existed just to be there and witness that magnificent moment xD
  12. Uhm this is a tough decision xD to be honest I mostly like the older albums. I'm not sure if it will be possible to hear them all, but I'd really like to hear: Escapism and Nyappy in the world (this were the first two song I have ever listened of them <3 ), Kakusei Heroism, Smile Ichiban Ii Onna, Maple Gunman and you?
  13. Seileen

    OMG I can't believe that, it's just madness xD I wonder how many people were left in critical conditions after seeing their concert
  14. Seileen

    the story is hilarious! x'D But I am now very distressed by discovering the existence of this Yayoi guy. My ears are bleeding, I thought only Maria Cross had this kind of power... Yayoi truly is a horseman to be feared D:
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