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  1. AwesomeNyappy

    Merry- T.O.P (not to be confused with the KPOP artist ;)) I’m just in love with the whole album and it’s just the right kind of heavy.
  2. @IruAxI really like your collection of songs! It’s a perfect mix of old and new ancafe Koukai and ese uranai are also songs that are close to my heart. I still remember listening to them on my MP3 player (no smartphones back then :D) whole being on holiday in my early teenage years. Ah, the memories.
  3. The title says it all: what are your favourite An Cafe Videos and why? Would love to hear about your favorites
  4. AwesomeNyappy

    Thanks for your recommendations I’ll definitely look into it
  5. AwesomeNyappy

    Wouldn’t have put beautiful dirt and the IIID Empire on there (never really held much love for either of these songs.) I kept thinking about how dir en grey have changed because someone mentioned here that the songs on Arche and dum spiro Spero all sound the same, and I sort of get where this is coming from. I like both albums, but I realised that I listen to them differently...I think dir en grey albums until then demanded a lot of attention from the listener and while listening, it was sometimes impossible to concentrate on anything else. But with Arche and dum Spiro Spero I feel like all of these songs emerge together into one. I like to listen to them on the train because I enjoy their whole atmosphere, but they don’t demand my whole attention. If that makes sense to any of you.
  6. AwesomeNyappy

    So far, nu chemical rhetoric is my favourite album. I know this might be an unpopular opinion, but I thought that while modern Garde is a great album, Gara’s voice had not yet been that refined. M.E.R.R.Y is an okay album, under-world is pretty good (human farm is an awesome song), Nonsense Market has a couple of great songs, but it seems a bit bland next to other merry albums. Still have to listen to peep show
  7. AwesomeNyappy

    I’ve been listening to Mother a lot lately. Granted, for ir my taste they could be a tad bit heavier (which is why in future and Rosier are one of my favourites), but I like the album a lot.
  8. AwesomeNyappy

    To be honest, me neither...I knew that there were some bootleg versions of some diru DVDs around, though. Thank you guys so much! Well, two of her CDs look real enough (they were both released in Europe as well, so I have no reason to think they are not legit), so I'm probably still going to buy them.
  9. AwesomeNyappy

    awwww.....really??? I already talked to her about the price and such....well... then I guess the deal is off... Edit: I looked at the pictures again. How do I see that it's a bootleg? Just to avoid making that mistake in the future.
  10. AwesomeNyappy

    @Seeelentau: Thanks again! She's also selling two other CDs I'm interested in Wish me luck, you guys
  11. AwesomeNyappy

    Awww... thank you so much! I’ll write to them later and see if it’s still available
  12. AwesomeNyappy

    Hey, that's so kind of you! I'm also still looking for the bonds kizuna single and komou cosmos by ancafe. I'm willing to pay around 2,000 yen for the dvd, so if you happen to find it anywhere, that'd be super awesome. I know that they have the ancafe singles at Pure Sound in Shinjuku for a few hundred yen. I could also send you a small package in return as thank you, maybe with sweets? So if you can find it, please contact me
  13. AwesomeNyappy

    I understabnd you 100 %. I can't even tell you how much.
  14. AwesomeNyappy

    I'm 24, and yes, we are xD sad, I know. I'd say most are 14-19. Last time they were in Europe I was 21, and when Miku told everyone to jump all the teenagers in the first rows could do it for a very long time while me and my friend were panting after only 5 minutes and agreeing that we were too old for this shit sad, indeed... Aw....thank you! But who knows, maybe they'll come back. Mhhhh....maybe. it was the gig in Berlin, 2014. But I don't think there's a lot of footage.
  15. AwesomeNyappy

    I think we're about the same age, so I'd feel less stupid doing it But honestly, if they ever come here again, the inviation stands (though, I cannot promise that they'll play anywhere near where I'm from, but we could still go together and be ancafe grandmas!) On their last tour, Yuuki tried to teach us a para para, but the audience failed so spectacularly that he gave up after some time ;D so maybe next time we'll do better!