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  1. AwesomeNyappy

    Would you send me a link? 😊
  2. AwesomeNyappy

    Ah yes. Germany is usually very expensive, but I guess there is not much difference to France, so thanks for your insight
  3. AwesomeNyappy

    Mhhh...I paid 40 euros for dir e grey, so I was suprised the gazette would charge such a price. I also didn't go see versailles because their tickets were 50 euros, and I thought that was a bit too expensive. So I'm not sure if I'm going to see the gazette for 60 euros, but I guess they'll be sold out anyways.
  4. AwesomeNyappy

    Is it true that the German concert tickets for their last tour were around 60 euros? Does anyone have information on that?
  5. AwesomeNyappy

    What DVD do you mean?
  6. AwesomeNyappy

    I would be interested in the DVD! I'm going to send you a PN
  7. AwesomeNyappy

    Hi everyone So I'm still missing a few ancafe CDs, photobooks, etc. in my collection, so I'm looking for people who want to sell all kinds of things reated to An Cafe (Merch, records...etc.) I'm still specifically looking for: BondS-Kizuna Single (+DVD) Komou Cosmos (Single) Ame no Hakagai (Single) Lea Lea Cafe (CD) Kiri Kiri (Single) AURORA (Single) Canonball Vol. 2 [VA] Like An Cafe (DVD) AnCafesta '08 Summer Dive (DVD) Finale of Nyappy - Kawayusu Rock de Go Gogo!! (DVD) Europe de Nyappy Photobook Laugh Song (Special edition with DVD) Nyappy plushie Lightstick Towel I would be so grateful if anyone would sell those items Or if you know someone who is trying to get rid off some of there AnCafe stuff...let me know! You can always PN me or post here
  8. AwesomeNyappy

    Anyone else planning on attending the show in Weinheim? I'm not sure yet if I'm going, since Weinheim is the middle of nowhere, but I really want to 😅
  9. AwesomeNyappy

    I figured sth out! I hope more people get involved though. I appreciate Bonds France for putting all of those tweets together Just listening to AnCafes Best album...I can't get over the English version of smile ichiban ii onna...wtf, I can barely make out the words 😂
  10. AwesomeNyappy

    Already looking forward to the show in Cologne Tickets are not on sale yet, hope they are not too expensive.
  11. AwesomeNyappy

    I only got the information from AnCafe web Germany I already heard about the project for I follow Bonds France o facebook, but since I don't have twitter, I think it's not possible to send a post?
  12. AwesomeNyappy

    Just noticed this release now. I'm a bit sad that it's now too late, but I was way too busy in October and November, so I missed it Fortunately, it's still not too late to order their last dvd
  13. AwesomeNyappy

    Ancafe are going to release a 2 dvds (miku’s birthday and their last live) with a personalised card with your name on it and an autograph by your favourite member. Ancafe web Germany is also taking order until the 14th of March (I think). I think I’m going to take teruki’s autograph because I like him a lot. Boy used to be my favourite, but since he was gone, I never really thought about who is my favourite. But teruki is awesome, so why not
  14. AwesomeNyappy

    I agree with the yoshiki thing. Just talked to a friend about that. Let's just hope he won't film some documentary called I am Dir en Grey which is actually not about his band but just about him, and has no value whatsoever.
  15. AwesomeNyappy

    Shinya or Die agreeing to going bald? Not in a hundred years, people 😂 Kyo might though. I can totally see that happening. Talking about the band members’ progressing age: how many years do you think they will stay together as a band? Any assumptions?
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