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  1. AwesomeNyappy

    I agree with the yoshiki thing. Just talked to a friend about that. Let's just hope he won't film some documentary called I am Dir en Grey which is actually not about his band but just about him, and has no value whatsoever.
  2. AwesomeNyappy

    Shinya or Die agreeing to going bald? Not in a hundred years, people 😂 Kyo might though. I can totally see that happening. Talking about the band members’ progressing age: how many years do you think they will stay together as a band? Any assumptions?
  3. AwesomeNyappy

    Whenever I see pictures of Kaoru these days I cannot help but think that he has some type of midlife crisis 😂 I much prefer him with brown hair. His blue hair is okay, his blonde hair was....let’s not talk about his blonde hair 😂
  4. AwesomeNyappy

    Nope. was that you? @filth_y Did kaoru do that thing again where he puts his two fists in the air? I did not see much of him, but i remember him doing that in the past. And I agree, we should all leave Die alone. He just wants to be fabulous, ok? ;D
  5. AwesomeNyappy

    Oh no, i was talking about the queue outside (which did not exist at half past 7 anymore). I was there at around six. I also queued for the toilet, the wardrobe and the merch booth, so there were already lots of people standing there. So we also made our way through some people to find a good spot, but it was so crowded already that we did not want to move in further to annoy people (I'm also used to concerts where things are different, but I wasn't sure about the way diru fans would take that.) But I was actually quite satisfied with where I was because I had sooo much space. I could jump around and headbang, it was super fun! About Die: I also find it crinchy af, but for me, that's the fun of it (or maybe I'm just too magnetised by his wavy hair, who knows lol).
  6. AwesomeNyappy

    Me too! Was never a big Toshiya fan, but he left an impression on me. I find Die's "poser" act pretty hilarious tbh (probably not what he was going for), and I never want it to stop It's super funny that you two were standing so close to each other! I was standing way more in the back for once, but that was okay. I arrived quite late (because deutsche bahn), and the queue was already waaaaay too long. But I met some super nice people that I ended up spending the concert with, so I'm actually glad I was so late haha.
  7. AwesomeNyappy

    You're only saying that because you'e ever witnessed it. It's absolutely fabulous. But in all seriousness: that was a joke, come on. @Seelentau I was on the right (Die's Side) in front of the mixer. So I was not exactly in the back, but not close to the front either. There might be some air verding underneath the mic stands and Die just decides to go there more often to wave his hair around like all of the other members. But I can't be the only one who's noticed, he seems to be quiet proud of his hair...where the air comes from, however...will forever remain a mystery, I guess ;D How about you? Where were you in the crowd?
  8. AwesomeNyappy

    I agree with you! The set list was okay, beelzebub was a highlight though. I did not expect “wake”, which was a pleasant surprise! They did have some problems with shinya’s drums, but in general everything went quite smooth. The show was quite powerful, Kyos growls A+, and the visuals were great. My personal highlight: Die’s long, waving hair. (why is it that there only seems to be some air wending on his side of the stage? 😂)
  9. AwesomeNyappy

    I understand your problem! Even though I used to live in a good area for concerts (a huge city one hour away), it was rarely possible to go there because there were no trains running late. Also, Japanese bands mostly tend to tour in the same cities (Munich, Hamburg, Berlin, Cologne) that are not that close. So as a teenager with little money and no car, I rarely got to see any concerts. I could only attend my ancafe concert in 2009 because it was on a Saturday, and my family had relatives close on Cologne that my parents wanted to visit. So they took me (plus a friend of mine) by car. You don’t have to speak Japanese to go to a Japanese concert though! They try to communicate with the audience in English If you ever get the chance to see a visual kei band live, you should go for it! what is your favourite song?
  10. AwesomeNyappy

    Ah, thanks! yeah, I was wondering about that. I wanted to get my copy yesterday, and read the date and was like: what. Then I will probably give it a listen on YouTube and buy my real copy there. I have all the original copies of their cds, so I want to get the new one as well (naturally).
  11. AwesomeNyappy

    I still have to listen to the new songs. I was waiting for the German release, but read the date wrong. It’s actually coming out after the concert. Might download the songs on amazon and listen to them on the way to cologne.
  12. AwesomeNyappy

    I like the original more, but they remake was cool as well! And yes to having aurora on repeat 😂 I did, yes. Their sound was definitely darker, and I think it was Miku’s way to move away from ancafe’s image to pursue something completely different. I liked their music, but for me, there was no spark there. What do you think? Yes, I saw them live twice! Once in 2009, and the last time in 2014. In 2012 I decided against going to their concert because I would have had to skip at least one day at uni. A friend of mine, who lives in Berlin, went to the show, and said it was amazing. In hindsight, I think I should’ve taken the chance. I once even accidentally caught takuya’s guitar plectrum! I just saw something flying my way and caught it out of instinct. I never got to see a lot of Japanese bands live, but I’m glad I had the chance to see ancafe.
  13. AwesomeNyappy

    The other two songs were smile ichinan II onna and escapism another mixtape followed soon, introducing me to all of these amazing b-sides (ese uranai, super rabbit, Aurora, hisokyo, ame no hankagai, etc). I think that most of the songs that had not been released on one of their studio albums were among their best. Their music definitely changed, but I had the feeling it had more to do with them trying to appease a wider audience? I think that their songs were less heavy (which is probably why they hired a keyboard player in the first place.) I’mnot saying that their old songs were less sparkly, but their third album (and first without Bou) felt more...glittery? 😂 Me too...but I don’t have the money nor the time to travel to Japan atm. I’v been waiting for another Europe tour since 2014, and I still have got to come to terms with the fact that this is seriously it, and they will not continue to bring this joy into my life. This may sound dramatic, but their music was always with me in my teenage and young adult years, and they will be missed!
  14. AwesomeNyappy

    Yes, it was my first ancafe song, too! Got a mixtape from a friend of mine, and three an cafe songs were on there. I instantly Fell in love with Snow scene. As far as I know, You wrote the song, yes. And I feel you. My teenage self was so sad because he used to be my favourite. I had just discovered them a year before that, and suddenly he left. It's not like I'm that interested in his private life, but sometimes I wonder what he's up to or if he's alright. I wonder if he maybe got an education after leaving the VK scene? Anyways, I Wish him all the best.
  15. AwesomeNyappy

    Snow scene is definitely one of my favourite (maybe my no. 1 favourite) song(s). It creates such a melancholic atmosphere. After reading about them disbanding soon, I listened to Stumble across a miracle for the first time in a long time, and suddenly all of the good memories I had with this band came to the surface. I've never even listened to this song much, but it gave me the chills.