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  1. AwesomeNyappy

    Accidentally catching Takuya's guitar pick at a concert. I just stood there when suddenly sth flew my way, so I caught it out of pure instinct. Only when I opened my fist, I realised what I had caught Meaningless to say I was very excited to take it home as a memory.
  2. AwesomeNyappy

    I liked Versus very much. Would recommend
  3. AwesomeNyappy

    A big yes to you both! well, there are fans out there who make videos about why their favourite ship is totally real (especially seen that in VK, but I’m sure there were dir en grey fans like this too at some point), so it certainly raises the question how in touch these fans are with reality. They might even sent shipping fanart to their favs etc. but I guess most older VK fans are not like that, and enjoy VK for what it is, which is great
  4. I remember being 16 and trying to learn the natsu koi natsu game dance with my best friend. Good times. Oh yes, I also love jibun, completely forgot to mention it! I really like their style in that one.
  5. AwesomeNyappy

    I was more talking about the "rumors" that girls pay VK band members for spending time with them, etc. But, of course, the industry in general pays into that. Which, you know, I do not have a problem with IF fans understand that's it's an illusion. Hell, I go to concerts, and I'm paying for an illusion. I go to conventions and watch actors during Q&As, and I've also worked behind the convention scene to know that actors are, well, actors, and they want to please their fans. Nothing wrong with that. It is just that I think that many fans do not know that it's not 100 % real. And that's where we have a problem.
  6. Maple Gunman was an amazing music video! I still watch it sometimes, and then I just keep smiling through all of it. I also like Tekesuta Kousen (the nostalgia!), Aroma, Snow Scene and Wagamama Koushinkyoku. Smile ichiban ii onna might be cringe-y, but I also love it for it.
  7. AwesomeNyappy

    My biggest issue with VK is the fan-band relationship. While I think it's nice that fans (mostly in Japan because it's often too expensive for overseas fans) want to actively support their favorite bands (buy the CDs instead of downloading everything, buy merchandise), it often evolves into some intense hero worship that I feel uncomfortable with. Instead of just enjoying the music, there is often jealousy and resentment among fans. I go to a concert to enjoy the music, and maybe I'm also curious about how certain members look in real life, I am not there, however, to a) insult other fans, b) touch band members without their permission, c) trying to crowd them after the show. I also feel uncomfortable with the way that some VK artists use fans to pay their bills (it's prostitution, basically). I just feel that most of these relationships are based on girls being alone and projecting their fantasies onto these men that they do not know. They want them as their boyfriends, but are paying to spent time with them....it's exploiting them. I'm not generally against these types of arrangements if it's consensual, but some girls probably pay money for affection of a bandsman, and that's just...no. Don't get me wrong- there are some nice VK fans out there. But I've been to some concerts, and I've seen people being super disrespectful.
  8. AwesomeNyappy

    Then I just definitely give their newer stuff a listen 😊
  9. AwesomeNyappy

    I just know their old albums...but from what I gathered from here that is probably a good thing...?
  10. AwesomeNyappy

    Same! I’ve been listening to them since 2006, which was, on my opinion, still their best era 😊 Their music gives me strength in a way that no other VK band ever could. AnCafe are basically saying: life might be hard sometimes, but when pressure is weighing you down, all you can do is remember all the good things in life and just dance. That’s it. Escapism and tekesuta kousen are great songs! My favourite will forever remain snow scene, partly, because it’s the first song I ever listened to.
  11. AwesomeNyappy

    Anyone else attending the show in Cologne?
  12. AwesomeNyappy

    Oh, I know those fanpages of course! Let me know when you’re ready, I certainly want to be part of it!! I once participated in a caffekko fan project a few years ago (we send them a fan book, so to speak), and I’m all ready for it. Thank you so much for putting effort into this. Keep us other caffekkos updated 😊
  13. AwesomeNyappy

    I started being a fan around the same time, back in 2006. A friend gave me a mix tape of their music, and I instantly fell in love. I’m so glad you will be able to see them one last (well, technically two) last time! Sadly, even if I decided to go to Japan, I have an internship coming up, which ends in late January. So it’s sadly not possible. But I hope you have a great time! Can you do me just one favour? When BondS comes on (and it has to, come on), sing along extra loud? Jump around, cry your heart out? I cannot be there, so someone has to.
  14. AwesomeNyappy

    I cannot even put my sadness into words. I’ve been a fan for 12 years, and even though I expected it (and I’m also glad that they can move on), it is still a shock. I only had the chance to see them live 2 times (I was in Japan two years go, but sadly, AnCafe’s tour only started shortly afterwards.) I wished to see them live at least one last time. Now I know it is never going to happen. I’m sad I cannot bid this band farewell for it really influenced my teenage and early adult life. Bye Nyappy. This time for good.