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  1. Floogurt

    Reminds me of new Kiyoharu I’m down, although I agree there is a little bit too much going on it kind of seems like a mess but it’s still amazing.
  2. Floogurt

    I agree, it is a little confusing if you don’t know Japanese, but I’m sure it’ll be a good release, even if some of the newer releases are lacking in quality and uniqueness compared to earlier releases they’re always exceptional still. And Ryohei is doing amazing!
  3. Floogurt

    It’s not too bad they look really good it’s just all the hate from the last releases even though they aren’t that bad, it’s just cause they had some of the best music in the scene when they started.
  4. Floogurt

    This is one of the greatest things ever. Almost perfect! Anyone know if it’ll be on apple music or Spotify?
  5. Anyone know if these hoodies are for sale overseas they’re so cool?!
  6. Floogurt

    Last time in San Francisco the only old songs they played were staples; headache man, derangement, filth in beauty, leech, tomorrow never dies. I’m praying for Taion, bathroom, Cassie, reila, toguro, or dimscene. I doubt they’ll play any of these, maybe 1 if we aren’t lucky. It’s gonna be 5 or 6 normal songs off Ninth, 1 of the slower songs, then dogma and rage and some staples probably. Waiting for them to end with Tomorrow never dies. :’(
  7. Even copying his name :’( I can’t take this.
  8. Floogurt

    Why did anyone doubt this
  9. Floogurt

    Oh yeah my bad, it’s missing from about halfway up his forearm. Sorry about that! He manages though, he’s a very good bassist, and has the most fun and is the most entertaining live for sure!
  10. Floogurt

    These guys are very weird but good live lol, the one armed bassist is great!
  11. Floogurt

    I love this as well, I bet it will sound better released, or they will get better production in the future. Interesting how no one is talking about his solo acoustic single release and how fucking incredible that was?
  12. Floogurt

    I think the trailer is a little boring, but overall I still think it will be great. The trailer seems to cut the songs short right when they get interesting. Having Karma back is amazing , and if it is what he wants to make and is happy, I'm all for it. I'm sure we will hear some different music from them soon. Let's just be thankful this isn't a Tsuzuku/Koichi situation.
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