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  1. Floogurt

    This is fucked.
  2. Does anyone know if it’s on iTunes US? They only have releases from 8 years ago on there, nothing recent
  3. It’s going to be postponed for 2 years till they find a new vocalist and once this thread pops up in those 2 years I will have forgotten This band was amazing!
  4. They look and sound too good I wish they were more popular they deserve it, the two albums they released are complete gold ❤️
  5. Floogurt

    It’s available now! Anyone who hated on it is absolutely insane, they’re on a whole new level! Definitely so much better in general as a band. Yoshiatsu is getting so much better at singing!
  6. Floogurt

    The preview for the mini album is up, first song sounds like it’ll go hard, you guys judge way too much on a couple seconds of music and have way too much hatred boiling inside of your hearts lol. Sounds nothing like Tsuzuku and Koichi’s garbage, it actually sounds great, I don’t understand how extremely brutal is the only way dadaroma is considered good? all the songs are pretty unique which were all of your critiques on previous releases, it doesn’t sound too generic except the pv and maybe 1 or 2 of the other songs that won’t be memorable, good start for them going into the new year, hoping for an album next
  7. Too bad it’s not as good I love unite though this sounds great still.
  8. WOW!!! Didn’t expect much cause I haven’t liked their recent stuff as much as their old stuff which is all perfect, but these sound so promising!
  9. Floogurt

    This was off of their first mini album.
  10. So is the 0st album all songs that have been released? I recognize some I just don’t understand how they’re releasing two albums lol. I ordered the 0st album on CDJapan yesterday not knowing they were different
  11. Whole song reminds me of an avelcain feel, especially with the drumming! I love it
  12. Floogurt

    Reminds me of new Kiyoharu I’m down, although I agree there is a little bit too much going on it kind of seems like a mess but it’s still amazing.
  13. Floogurt

    I agree, it is a little confusing if you don’t know Japanese, but I’m sure it’ll be a good release, even if some of the newer releases are lacking in quality and uniqueness compared to earlier releases they’re always exceptional still. And Ryohei is doing amazing!
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