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  1. Actually was listening to the lives of this song on repeat but this might be my favourite P-Model song.
  2. Went into a new music/dvd store today and finally found a copy of Only Yesterday. Also was surprised af to see they sell Moomin stuff so I bought an umbrella to match my hipster weeb vibe. I told my mom I plan to go to Japan next spring for a month to try traveling and farming. She just kind of stared at me and said alright, but not to get my hopes up because "a war might break out, they're warning not to go there". Yeeeah okay, mom..
  3. It's hard for me to imagine because I got into Japanese music at such a young age/first was allowed to use the internet. lol As a kid, I was mostly obsessed with classical music because I was a mini hipster. Probably a mix of 80s/90s music, although I don't know if I would've gotten into some of the bands and musicians I like (The Cure specifically) had it not been for J-rock bands. Maybe Mandopop and Cantopop. Had I known how much I'd get addicted to the latter.. I think jazz music too.
  4. Wait wait wait, they're going to Toronto? When?? Are tickets still available? I've been trying to find an excuse to fly there and was hoping a band or something would come (problems of being a Maritimer). Dang I'm really new still to buying concert tickets just because I live in the middle of nowhere. Which venue are they playing at? I'll go try and find it online. When I saw ONE OK ROCK in Toronto I think the merchandise table was open both before and after. I just kept my stuff in my tote bag. I didn't buy my stuff right away, I was already in the venue and my ex went and picked up what I wanted while I found a spot. But I'm also like the calmest concert goer ever so I just kinda stand there and do my own thing and for some reason have always gotten lucky with those around me. Use a locker or the cloak room if they're available though like people suggest.
  5. me: I have so much to do and need to set up my credit cards, driving permit test, get volunteering because I need a better reference for this frickin' teaching application in the fall, need to research community colleges. SLEEP. also me: signs up for extra shifts at work so I have no free time why am I the only one that signs up for extra shifts why do the supervisors literally just stare me in the eyes for five minutes until I agree why
  6. lol I went through this with Plastic Tree. Hardcore adored them for a few years (I presented on them back when I was a high schooler for a music class), then just... stopped. I think it was mostly just the newer music they were putting out. Then I started listening to them again in the past year and fell back in love with them. Gackt's not a band but I mean I used to love him and then woke up one day like "lol nah". I try to forget that ever happened. Funnily enough one of my university classmates who I had no idea knew any Japanese music went through the same phase. If Instagram would stop frickin' trying to get me to follow him though.. Anything related to oshare kei. Frickin' Sekai no Owari but honestly I don't think I ever liked them for even a hot second. I can't remember. I've just always sort of despised their music and Fukase. GESU NO KIWAMI OTOME. Ahhhrjihyijjk. K, actually I still love this band but I try so hard to avoid anything Enon touches. But. It's. So. HARD. I hatehatehate him with a burning passion but ffs how come he is so talented? I prefer indigo la End over Gesu anyday but.. ahh. Then Dadaray came out and I was like "damn this is some good- frickity frack no way no no no". I can be super extra with my hate for Enon tho.
  7. At least you want to drink tea. I just have alcohol. Someone make me stop listening to Wong Kar-wai's film soundtracks on repeat. Please.
  8. Oh my god, was so not expecting someone to say they did their thesis on girl' love manga and media. I didn't do a thesis for my undergrad but during my final seminar class for my gender studies minor my prof focused the semester on queer theory and let us choose our own topics for our final project. I immediately thought it would be interesting to do mine on BL because I knew my classmates had no idea what it was (and my prof was like "yassss"). Turns out I'm now obsessed with anything to do with that field and would do anything to pursue it further. My student debt's a bit more complicated since my parents had me take out bank loans to pay most of my education. So even when I go back I still need to make monthly payments on the majority of my debt. :/ I also struggled so much during my undergrad (tough university + extreme burn out). Cleaning. Is. GREAT. I haven't done it myself (long-term, short-term I have worked as a janitor and room attendant) but honestly it was what I wanted to do before everyone jumped on me to go to university. Everyone I know who has worked cleaning jobs loved them and often end up moving up jobs too or working front desk. Can be a really great way of meeting people and networking too.
  9. Tbh the stability of my job has done wonders for my self confidence/self esteem. I love working hard. I oddly love my work environment (although I work with dead fishies and it stinks and I did vomit once..). My coworkers are always telling me I need to get out there and not get stuck in this job. I'd really love for them to realize the value of their own work and to stop putting themselves down because they're hard workers. :/ I get really mad when people put down people working these sorts of jobs. At least for me it's temporary but it doesn't mean their work isn't valuable or should be avoided. I'm planning to work in some way or form in immigration but want to experience life overseas for awhile. I'm also planning a second degree. I have a mountain of student debt I'd love to pay off more towards and travel before committing to the second degree/or MA. If it doesn't work out I have a decent backup plan but I love, love, love working with newcomers to Canada. But getting all the necessary qualifications I would like for the jobs I'm interested in long-term are so expensive.. I also don't know if I can handle an MA or a second degree because I'm honestly like, "Screw academia!" Also if I do an MA it's more than likely to end with me doing a thesis on BL manga.. aha. DEFINITELY recommend taking on whatever work you can get and going from there. Having some money is better than the frustration of under or unemployment. It'll help you with focusing on your future career better. I've been laid off twice this year and it was maddening.
  10. Old thread, but.. So yeah, um, I'm 23 and still a virgin. I've had long-term relationships but just never felt "ready" with either of my partners. I've faced a ton of pressure, both from friends and my ex-partners and I don't think they realize to what extent how damaging that is. Doesn't mean I haven't done any other sexy times stuff. I didn't realize how toxic my own sex life was because of my partners until I opened up to a friend shortly before ending my last relationship and she told me "Girl, that's really messed up. You need to dump him." Because I've been in LTRs a lot of friends kind of looked up to me as someone to talk about their relationship problems with, especially when it came to virginity. I think they were surprised because I wasn't at all embarrassed to admit that I am one. My first ex kind of took it hard that I was open about being a virgin because he wanted to be able to at least lie to people that we'd gone all the way or whatever. Idk I'm not gonna lie so you can feel "like a man" and brag to the guys because that's... yeah. Never mind how problematic I find the concept of virginity.. lol Hopefully I'll find someone I feel comfortable with in the future and will want to explore that path. Some people think I must be asexual but I'm not at all, I just.. I guess want it to be with someone I find very special. I'm definitely not waiting for marriage or anything.
  11. I bought this cute little bottled moss plant that I hung in my room around my fairylights. It has cute handmade pom poms on the string it's attached to too. My mother thinks it's kind of something a witch would have though. lol I'm so tired from my job (I currently work in a fish factory as it pays well, my coworkers are all confused because I have a university degree). I like it but I really need to do some volunteer experience and/or at least get involved in my future field. Current degree isn't useless but I have a lot of mixed feelings surrounding work related to my major (English). I'm also kind of stuck in the middle of nowhere until I either move to Japan or can afford to move out for this other diploma I plan on taking.. Got overwhelmed by work tiredness the other night in a grocery store and because I really miss living on my own. Soon, soon..
  12. I've been single over a year for the first time really in five years and it's kind of been pretty lonely but also much prefer it this way. My last two relationships were complete mind f*ckery, especially the last relationship and I've had to do a lot of rebuilding myself as a person because I completely lost my personal identity. What's worse is my last ex was a life coach/gives people advice on relationship building and has made himself rich off that but completely destroys the women he has dated. Anyway.. lol I use tinder but I've never gone on a date. I met one person off of tinder but we never dated and instead became really good friends. I live pretty rural and almost only use it when I go to cities or bigger towns. I think a lot of the people I match with think of me as some kind of manic pixie dream girl and when they find out I'm a real person (which is pretty effin' quick) they scurry off. Even the person I've made friends with from there admitted at first they kind of saw me as a mpdg. I'm not really interested in dating long-term currently unless I meet someone special. I'm planning to go solo traveling and attempt farming in Japan, maybe South Korea. I've been on a waitlist to teach in Japan the past two years and reapplying again this year but if I end up alternated again I am going back to school next fall. Until then, I'll still be in the middle of nowhere. But learning to really enjoy my time alone and healing from the damage of past relationships. I was with someone who tried to get me to give up my dreams for them and I could never subject myself to that sort of treatment again.
  13. I don't really date but.. I've had two long-term partners, both relationships ended horribly. Been single over a year and not really finding anyone who interests me to even consider the possibility of a date. Both of my exes happen to be Asian, both from SE Asia. I don't really think I have any conscious racial/ethnic preferences though, although I'm often more attracted to really tan guys. I'm also not straight in the slightest. I'm white but I've never really met any white guys I connect with (doesn't mean I've never been attracted to a white dude, mostly I interrogate the white hipster bois on tinder because I swear to god they all have some secret cult bible they follow/they're the only white dudes I match with).
  14. I used to absolutely refuse to get into kpop, but then in 2009 was like might as well... Now I'm just huge scum for BTS. It does make me a little sad when younger fans don't know TVXQ/DBSK.