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  1. what the actual *fuck* was p-model
  2. I'm pan but I'm not usually attracted to cis women. It really depends on the person for me. I'm mostly attracted to people who are non-binary, androgynous, gender non-conforming. I just come across as ridiculously straight irl although I don't think my mom has believed for a day in my life that I'm straight. lol She's been questioning me since middle school if I like women and telling me that no matter what I'd be accepted. I'm not openly pan to my family although I know they'd accept me. I feel too afraid to talk about it for some reason.
  3. when did sm get better music producers/music video directors/better fucking budgets wtf I am slayed
  4. bi tch why is he not doing this when I'm visiting two months later????
  5. @returnaloh man, really?? I found it odd when I searched for his page on FB and his FB account came up because I know friends of his from university. I mean granted he has lots of friends. Just kinda funny. One of his photographer friends keeps mass liking my instagram posts now and then. I used to be followed by an entire indie band once until I deleted my old twitter account. Wait, why did Masato Kanai delete his instagram? I just noticed his account was deleted and can't remember the last time I checked his account. He'd been looking oddly different lately and I wasn't sure what was up with that but I literally can't find English info on his band. lol
  6. why do I love everything about this live
  7. Did not expect this dude I've been talking to to be a L'Arc~en~Ciel fanboy. It's always kind of odd knowing I have mutuals with tofubeats because he's the senpai of some of my friends. I'm also pretty sure I have friends who know フレデリック personally.
  8. Oh man, I remember friends telling me how babysitting isn't a thing in Japan. My best friend who is Japanese is stressed because she's not sure she ever wants children or even to get married. She absolutely hates the idea of becoming a housewife although she admires them because of her mother. I know she's definitely not the only J-girl friend of mine in that boat. One of my J-dude friends and I talked about how he thinks the social pressure is so unfair on women and how it ends up affecting everyone, and how better options for childcare need to exist. I think that unfortunately influenced his decision not to become an English teacher despite having the qualifications and taking a higher paying corporate job.
  9. I've always thought I'm the perfect type of person for a LDR. I've only had to do it short-term in my relationships. My friends have done it and it's ended well for the most part. One friend married her husband shortly before she moved to Canada for 2.5 years to finish her degree. I think she got to see him once during that time because the cost of flying to her home country is immensely expensive. She desperately wanted to bring him here but his visa kept getting rejected and she couldn't sponsor him. Eventually they were both able to get visas to live in Australia while she finishes her studies. I think they plan on living there permanently. Another friend met her boyfriend in Japan towards the end of her exchange and he was more than willing to make it work with her. They managed a year apart, with her moving back to Canada and him studying abroad in Holland for a year. They both live in Japan now and I think are still technically long distance but it's a workable distance. I'm sure they have plans of getting married and living together in the future. My best friend also met her boyfriend in Japan but they're both Americans and live on opposite coasts/she still had one year of university left in Canada. It was really hard on her although it wasn't her first LDR. She recently moved to the west coast to live near him semi-permanently. Idk I'm pretty much a firm believer they work out just like any relationship. As long as there's some sort of end game. With my ex we would've had to do long distance long-term due to visa restrictions. If he hadn't been the devil himself then I would've found a way to make it work. I know some people who do it for years and some who make it a goal to end the distance within a year. I know people's relationships that have fizzled out quickly. I think you learn more about the other person in a LDR. The only friends I've had who have been in successful LDR were all in serious relationships or married.
  10. Yooo I don't know how to react to this, but I found out today a male coworker died late last week and I'm pretty sure it was the really handsome guy at my work. I'm in total shock.
  11. My biggest worry about potentially dating someone while in Japan is if they're gonna judge me for eating after 10 pm.
  12. Honestly, I'm surprised Trump hasn't been assassinated or something yet.
  13. When I graduated high school, my graduating class was so excited because only one of us was pregnant. Now everyone has kids or is married and planning children. It's weird because I'm only 23 and more than half of them own houses, have a couple kids, and are married. Ayy, at least I got me a degree. My hometown scares my university friends. Tbh I'm of the "I really badly want kids" category but I totally get the not wanting children EVER thing. I know ultimately I want kids but I haven't met anyone yet who I want to start a family with and I know when I do that I'd like to spend several years with just them before having children. My parents didn't have me until they were in their thirties and they've already told me it's okay if I never have children so I'm lucky I have no pressure from fam. My sister isn't sure she wants kids. I also want to be a foster parent. Although I want kids, I want nothing to do with anyone else's kids. I don't like babies, I don't get excited when people have children (please keep them away at all times), I'm not sure how to talk to young children. I want to teach for awhile but I'm of the minority it seems where I don't want to deal with the elementary age kids (although I'll probably like them). Kids like me for some reason. I'll make silly faces at babies on the bus and in public but otherwise I just... don't want anything to do with them. lol
  14. My friends and exes both volunteered a lot after they moved to Canada. I think it definitely helped them a lot. My first boyfriend was pretty alone his first two years. He tried making friends with local guys but one guy confessed to me that he didn't want to be caught in public with him because "he dresses like a gay guy". Ugh. As well as other shit.. My friends were more the kids who didn't fit into a group or were cut out, but didn't exactly have local/Canadian friends. One of my Japanese best friends was afraid she would be excluded from the main group of Japanese girls if she went off and made her own friends, etc. My Chinese friends would get excluded from parties hosted by Korean and/or Japanese students because of the fact they were Chinese, etc. My M'sian ex and other friends being excluded because they weren't mainland Chinese or immigrated to Canada. Gosh, so many silly things I can think of. South Asian kids are pretty chill and accepting tho. There's a lot of shitty reasons people stick to just other students from their home countries. Less shitty reasons from peeps who move here long-term. I hung out a lot with the local Filipino community and it wasn't that they didn't want to go outside their comfort zone but a lot of people were older and unsure of how to do it, thought their English was poor, etc. Also the locals here are racist. lol But seriously, fuck assimilation. lol Some of my friends get in really heated conversations about identity abroad and their issues with assimilation. I mean there's some things but for the most part, it's just... egh.
  15. yas bitch this is my shit