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  1. Staying too long. Trying to fix things when I know deep down there's no way of salvaging the relationship without losing my sanity. Giving up my own life for the other person's happiness and ego. Pretty much ignoring clearly abusive situations and not knowing how to stand up for myself or how to walk away. Communicating how I feel is going to be super hard in future relationships because I'm used to just shutting down.
  2. It's the hair but they definitely look a lot more like that band. lol
  3. hey hey hey does anyone who can read japanese or knows how buying tickets to lives work wanna help me figure out how to buy a potential live ticket/help me fricking translate this page I'm looking at because I'd like to see Frederic in Kobe next year. Oh nvmd, my friend translated for me and it's impossible. *cries* lol
  4. Ooh thanks! I thought so, I saw something mentioned about Berlin and that they did a European tour before. It's too bad some of their newer work isn't available on Spotify (I just downloaded it finally but I'm disappointed, 60% of what I listen to regularly isn't available lol or on itunes).
  5. Thanks. I'm really hoping it helps. The fact it's causing mild panic attacks almost immediately after taking them has me a bit worried but hopefully that goes away. Really amazed how steady my mood is though, I'm hoping it stays this way because before and during my time of the month I experience pretty bad bouts of depression and just feel really "off". So far so good. --- So I started listening to PLASTICZOOMS after YT must've recommended them to me at least a hundred times. lol I'm not exactly sure how I feel about their music but somehow I *really* like them. Although I can't stop laughing over how much Sho looks like a more hipster version of Ryutaro (also he's openly bi? That's pretty cool). I'm really, really attracted to Tom's legs. I have never learnt so much about a band so fast in like, years. I'm confused as to why they have so many international fans though because they seem pretty indie.
  6. I liked Ashita, Mata. I'm not sure if I dug I Don't Believe You. Yoohei not in a suit is also disappointing.
  7. Haha I guess. Most people I know who've been in VK were converted by me sooo. I've kind of shifted out of vk in the past few years but I still meet people who used to be vk fans at one point in their lives. I've worked with exchange students from Japan and some of them have been casual vk fans.
  8. There's a J-indie thread? Shiz, I need to look through and see which bands I've been listening to haven't been posted. I swear to god, I've been sucked harder into the J-indie vortex than I was with visual kei bands..
  9. Someone compared my boy Yongguk to Gackt and called the latter gorgeous and I'm horrified. HORRIFIED. I thought they had to be joking, but apparently they weren't alone in this opinion. They literally have nothing appearance-wise in common, and since when was Gackt still relevant??? On an unrelated note, I just start birth control because my monthly gift has been nothing but trouble since I've gotten older. I'm not getting any PMS signs until the day of and the pain has gotten worse, so my doctor finally talked me into trying it. Idk if it's supposed to work right away, I noticed after the first pill I felt weird af but my mood has been substantially better??? I have horrid moodswings. Omg is this shiz gonna help with breast pain before periods? I can't even hug people, it hurts so bad. I'm pretty horrified by the shaming of people for taking birth control.
  10. Yup, I am! I live in NB. Despite the small population, I know I'm not the only vk fan out this way. lol
  11. I made friends with an older woman who used to be really into visual kei ten or so years ago. I told her to look up Gackt's instagram account when we got talking about where certain vk dudes are now. Haha. Ha. I think I might be developing a crush on a guy I barely know and he seems genuinely sweet... but he has super low self esteem. *WHY* am I overwhelmingly attracted to either extremely eccentric men and/or guys with low self esteem? It's not even a bad thing, it's just after being in relationships with men who projected their insecurities and confidence issues onto me I'm just afraid of experiencing that again.
  12. My friend sent me a link to one of this band's songs to ask about the vocalist's English pronunciation and I ended up listening to all of their music. lol I love this so much. I also get hella strong Depeche Mode vibes from this band. Seems that most people who like this band also like The Novembers. It kiiind of bothers me though knowing this band is only two official members and they've existed for the past decade.
  13. Nell is my favourite band in existence, their music is just so beautiful (although their latest album is... strange).
  14. I met my first boyfriend in my driveway when he came to drop his sister off, and my last ex I randomly met on the sidewalk. Sooo as far as meeting someone goes.. it quite literally can happen anywhere? I'm honestly wondering how to get back into dating myself. lol I haven't met anyone who's made me think I want to try going on a date with them in the past year and it's kind of annoying. At the same time, it's hella nice finally feeling comfortable with being single and being by myself. I'm not really into dating casually but I don't meet anyone, don't have any friends near me to introduce me to anyone, etc. Dating sites don't work for me because I start trolling tf out of people. lol I have severe dating apathy because my last relationship was abusive. Weird gut feeling, but for awhile now I've felt like there's someone really special for me but I just haven't met them/don't live near them currently, and that I'd meet them when I'm 24. I kind of laughed it off but the feeling won't go away and it's hella weird because I don't believe in soulmates. I turn 24 next year so I'm kind of wondering what'll happen. I feel like I'm nuts because it's such a strong feeling. I felt this during my last relationship, especially when we were planning on getting married, my gut sank and I just immediately thought, "This isn't the person I'm meant to spend my life with". I have a lot of stuff planned for next year after my birthday which is even weirder. Should I question it? I'm pretty sure if I told my friends they'd tell me I'm cray.
  15. I think I legitimately upset a guy after he said, "I'm not forever alone" and I replied, "Sorry, I forgot about your hand".