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  1. Melon Soda

  2. Melon Soda

    This is like 5 songs in one. Multiple personality much
  3. The red head on the left
  4. Melon Soda

    new look individual:
  5. Melon Soda

    I’ve got brand-x, jishuban and ZL (and diskunion as well)
  6. Melon Soda

    @Komorebi @Kathy I’m dying to get the Closet Child and Raika versions of Ajna... I have the other 3. Trade?
  7. Melon Soda

    Should we move this topic to the rumors section instead?
  8. Melon Soda

    A wretched, wretched disorder robbing the world of its best talents
  9. Melon Soda

    Since when did DEZERT join Maverick? Does that mean they’re major now?