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  1. Shadow of Intent's new album is just a fuckin' masterpiece.
    Flawless and impeccable for every seconds in the record!
    I can assure this is one of the best releases this year! 

  2. It's just not long after he joined the band then he screwed the band up! Really such a talented guy! Just get the fu*k out of the band!
  3. Kyo_Toriko

    Sure, but I think it will take me a lot of time to find them all! xD
  4. Kyo_Toriko

    Mio will try to name you a "bad" name if you reply directly to his tweet. And the deadline for this is until 23:59 on 7/24.(Of course the Japan time.) So no matter you are just for fun, or you're a Mio's or Nazare's fan. Don't miss it if you use Twitter!
  5. Kyo_Toriko

    Yes, the film really kicked ass! I am glad that not only me feeling like that! >o<b And Boris is really such a gold for the horror films back in the old days. I knew him when I was in a college movie class and watched the most famous "Frankenstein"!
  6. Kyo_Toriko

    Fight for Freedom!!
  7. Kyo_Toriko

    Just finished to watch The Mummy(1932), the prototype of the famous film series with the same title. I've been a fan for The Mummy series for such a long time, so after the research about the informations in the past, I found out the existence for the film in 1932 I watched this time, I've been keeping searching for it, and finally takin' so many years, I found it yesterday. So I decided to finish it today! And honestly speakin', I was amazed by how impressive the production quality is. You know, it's released in 30' , so the film is still in the black-and-white form. But the details for storyline, the timeline , and the camera movements, also the characters' acting skill. I think all of them which can let the film won't lose to the modern films. Hmm I think the only bad point is, the ending is too "rush", everything happened so suddenly, They create something, in good way to say is "miracle", but bad way to say is "forced end". (Laugh) But... I mean overall it's still totally decent! I really really love it! I am so happy that I could find it and watch it.
  8. Kyo_Toriko

    And Dexcore will hold their One-Man Live [DEXCORE] on October 27. Also, according to Vo. Kagami's tweet, there will be a Live-limited Distributed "Acoustic" Single for their One-Man Live. But the tracks in the Single are still undecided.
  9. As I Lay Dying will finally release a new album !
    Damn, it's almost 7 years... I am so fuckin' HYPED !


  10. Kyo_Toriko

    Sukekiyo had an Instagram Live stream for one song taken from their Hong Kong Live about 2 hours ago. You can still watch it if you do use Instagram! Don't miss it! Kyo-sama is still so hot! 😍
  11. Kyo_Toriko

    NAZARE starts to distribute 8 songs from their first album "Jingai" as an album called "Jingai(Music selection Ver.)" on every music platforms.
  12. Kyo_Toriko

    Kei died on 12 January this year because of the sudden heart failure. You can read here:
  13. Falilv revealed Tetsuya who will be the new bassist with the comeback from losing the former bassist Kei and also announced the small tour "Carry On Falilv" .
  14. Kyo_Toriko

    The music video for 悲しみジョニー from Album "Covers"! I think it's not the full song, but I like the sound pretty much!
  15. Kyo_Toriko

    Sukekiyo opened their official Instagram!
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