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  1. Yellowcard (an American pop punk band)
  2. 失落(しっらく)女神(めがみ) ? Shirraku Megami
  3. According to an interview for them , Sho and Retsu , they both were the roadies for D.I.D. !
  4. Somehow I know the reason is because I am impotent to go to the live.
    So I just can do like that , and try to hope something good happens.
    I think that is all I can do .
    ... ...
    Reality is the most powerful enemy to make a person despair.

  5. Yes , fortunately they keep in a good relationship .
  6. He has BPD told in the song "躁と鬱と境界" .
  7. But Daiki posted this tweet ! Looks like they still keep in touch frequently !
  8. The truths are all under the surface , I think too many guessings are all nonsense , They didn't make the reason for hiatus public , if Tsuzuku really did it to the other members , then why didn't MiA call his quit immediately right after Tsuzuku did it to him ? Also , if Tsuzuku would do that , who knows if the reason was caused by his disorder ? If people realize what disorder Tsuzuku got , then would they think the same way ? So many things are hard to define , so I won't take the rumor seriously !
  9. According to my ears , and played it in half speed , I got it as " 薔薇の香りで重ねる " , And I try to translate it and see if it will fit in the lyrics. I think it's very suitable as : Only dominate the desires , The eros which is unleashed , Pile in the fragrance of the roses. Hmm maybe I am wrong too , if there's someone has a better answer , please let me know too !
  10. Maybe they really lost their passions on their band or their musics. I don't realize too much , but honest in the DVD released recently years , Tsuzuku seem to cannot sing like the past too. His vocal seems to become a little TIRED and cannot reach the performance he should have. Hmm not disappointed but just worried about him and the whole band , maybe after hiatus this time , they won't come back anymore. But I just still hope Tsuzuku can come back to the scene honestly ! (Sorry I focus on the vocal more ...)
  11. Though there are 5 days more to DIMLIM's oneman-live with the live-dist. single .
    But I just couldn't stop to hope there will be someone so kind to share it.
    Just because I can't fuckin' go to their live...T^T

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Kyo_Toriko


      After seeing your words , I just start to feel some despairs ... (;;)

    3. yakihiko


      Haha wait, that feeling only starts when there is more than a month from the release date and no one shared and you can't find it.

    4. Kyo_Toriko


      Honestly , since the news dropped , and after some considerations about reality.
      I just knew that is something kind of impossible , so I just despaired from the beginning ! xD"
      But I still want to leave a hope , so maybe this update will be seen by a kind person who will have it !
      Hmm sounds like a huge daydream... OTZ

  12. The price just scares my pants off ... All I can say is " What the fuck ! " ...
  13. Does anyone know the lyrics for this song ? I really want to know it , but there's no way to find on anywhere. So if you know it , please share it ! (Hmm Only Kanji is just fine !)
  14. Holy ... this is fuckin' amazing ! Thank you very much for letting me know , I am really happy that I can know another great vocal who can do those crazy sounds !
  15. I don't know that should I post this topic here or not. But I really want to make some discussions about this thing which is called " ホイッスルボイス ". Maybe people would call it as whistle register or high shriek sound etc. Since I found some vocals in VK bands can do those amazing high sounds , I was just addicted to it , you know , those sounds definitely should be called a drug. And until today , I just know some of them , those amazing vocals who can perform those sounds are : DIR EN GREY : Kyo-sama DIMLIM : Sho-san aliene ma'riage : Kyoka-san MEJIBRAY : Tsuzuku-san What is your thought about those amazing sounds , and also do you know anyone else who is VK band's vocal , and he can do the sounds ?