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  1. Choco, Happy birthday to you! ^^
    Wish you will have a wonderful day and another wonderful year!

    1. chocobuzz


      Thank you! ^^

  2. VItal Deprivation is such a killer album! New vocalist David is lit!
    I am so happy that Signs of the Swarm can find such a beast to fill in!
    No matter the instruments or the vocal, everything is amazingly insane!
    And those nasty pig squeals are just fuckin' glued into my poor head...

  3. Glad to see their come back with a full-length album! I really love this new song! A new HYPE for me in the end of this year! Yes!! And the last part Tetsuya holding Kei's bass... I almost cry...
  4. Kyo_Toriko

    Veil Of Maya...Oh my god!! Looks like Mio is a djentleman too!
  5. Happy birthday!

    Hope you will have another great year! ^^

    1. spockitty


      Thank you very much! ^^

      I have a good feeling about the year to come :) 

  6. Kyo_Toriko

    I missed the free distribution without knowing them... But thankfully they are all on Youtube! I just shed tears of my gratitude! TvT
  7. Kyo_Toriko

    You're welcome! ^^ After giving it some investigations. There's one description on Mercari... It said "10/24の主催イベントにて購入しました。 当日限定のCDで、今までの配信曲が収録されています。" And another description on Yahoo! Auction said: "未CD化の音源が6曲収録されています。" So you're right! It contains 6 songs never officially released! And also, they should be all distributed on some platforms! And I noticed their official site said they have official LINE account. So maybe those are the songs on Youtube or LINE! The correct rate of your guess is really high!
  8. Kyo_Toriko

    Will it be possible for including this song for the sixth? Because I think it's not on any official releases too!
  9. Honestly, I ever thought The World of Mercy will be a song bringing the light like Ranunculus. But the new looks and the cover artwork just destroy my imaginations... And I really wonder why there are 7 people with no faces standing in the cover artwork. It really triggers my curiousity! I really hope it will be explained after this single gets released!
  10. Kyo_Toriko

    Hehe, but I guess the difference is not bad at all, because it will make a band have more space to develop their sounds! And I listened to the INSULT KISS spot! The chorus just remind me a song... But I can't recall what it is... Ohh my poor brain T^T
  11. The Live Collection started to be distributed on iTunes and Apple Musics! But it only has 19 songs! (I think it doesn't including Yokan...)
  12. Kyo_Toriko

    Actually if let me tell the truth, from the preview for 3rd single and this 15 seconds preview. They are all a bit "ordinary", nothing really stick me like other releases! But judging from the previews is premature and too soon to tell! Haha, and don't worry, it's just my own feeling the sounds are a bit different! I don't think they change their direction though! So just let the musics speak!
  13. Kyo_Toriko

    Lookin' forward to the full song, I don't really think this 15 seconds sample in the video give them a justice! But from the preview for the 3rd Single on Youtube and this announcement video, Their sounds start to become a little bit different away from the past releases, I feel.
  14. Kyo_Toriko

    DIMLIM revealed their new look and announced a one-man live on Sep. 20. I think we can take it that they're going to continue forward with 3 members form.
  15. Shadow of Intent's new album is just a fuckin' masterpiece.
    Flawless and impeccable for every seconds in the record!
    I can assure this is one of the best releases this year! 

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