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  1. Thank you so much for teaching me this, mate! I've waited for this single for so long! I will check what I can do when I finish my stuffs on hand...
  2. Deathcore band Divertimento's fist single "THIS IS", which was released on December 15. last year! Finally got distributed digitally on Bandcamp on March 1st! Tracklist: 01 鼓動 02 This is (Damn!! I don't even know how to use Bandcamp... I need to find a way to purchase this single...
  3. Kyo_Toriko

    A generation born to witness the end of the world!!
  4. IIIRD will hold their 3-man live with Hueye and MAMIRETA, also they will hold last one-man live "period." on 2020.03.24 in 高田馬場AREA! And at the same day, their last live-limited album "勿忘草" will be released! Then the band will go on indefinitely hiatus at the same day! Release Information: 「勿忘草」 CD with 5songs / ¥3,000 Tracklist: 1. Third 2. Red wink 3. 朽葉、慕う心は。 4. Slave figure 5. Lost Ivy Source: http://www.visunavi.com/news/349183/ I mean... What the fuck?!
  5. Kyo_Toriko

    Yoh is 29?! I thought he's younger! Haha! But I'm not really good at guessing the age by their appearances!
  6. Kyo_Toriko

    Cannot wait for the release on December 29.! Checkin' out the Lyric Video Teaser so many times, no matter in the words used on the lyrics, or lots of Nero's singing, you can feel the strong influences here and there from Kyo-san! I just love it so much! Started to follow Nero's Youtube channel since middle 2015 personally, and honestly compared to that moment or his old videos, his clean has improved so much! also with his growls, whistle tones, I think I will be addicted even they will only put out a single song!
  7. Kyo_Toriko

    She Must Burn comes back with a new vocalist... Found this a little late, Honestly I love the former vocal, new vocal sounds so generic, "Grimoire" released in 2017 with the former vocal was one of the best album in that year for me, but I don't know should I expect anything from this NEW She Must Burn now...
  8. Just wanna share a little happiness with this status update!
    After completely cured from my mental illnesses in October,
    I just restarted from 0 and had kept searching for a job!
    Honestly it was a really really frustrated process,
    with no any responses from all the resumes I handed out,
    no matter on the internet or the real papers!

    But today morning, I finally got a full-time job!
    I think this will be my best Christmas present!
    I almost fuckin' cry on the way back to the place I live...
    Hope everything will turn better, no matter the job or next year!
    Merry Christmas for everyone read my status,
    and I wish you all have great 2020! ^^

  9. Looking forward to them for something new! Noticed and have followed them since YUCHI have been their support bassist for a while, I am really glad that they can add a formal bassist, hope it will turn the band on its ear!
  10. Kyo_Toriko

    According to the Official Site News page, The Blu-ray will include the band members' edited live scenes, also with audio commentaries options avaliable. And the Documentary Footage disc will include all the TOUR2019 「FORTY」's every venue images, also with rehearsal scenes! The Bonus CD will be 12 tracks, which are selected from the live in 中野 on June 27. Source: http://sukekiyo-official.jp/news/1146/
  11. Kyo_Toriko

    Sí, but I remembered I ever read some news or rumors, it will get included into 清春's next album! So I am guessing will that be this new album! I really love new version of 忘却の空!
  12. Kyo_Toriko

    Looking forward to the new album! But I am really doubting now, since the Self-cover album 「Covers」 released, I remember there's some news(or rumors) said, 忘却の空 will be included in next album, so I really hope the new version of 忘却の空 will be in this new album!
  13. Kyo_Toriko

    This just popped out when I opened my Youtube page, and this is really really great! Hehe, no mic accident this time, and the final part just makes me feel a lot of VINUSHKA vibes, and I love it so much! Feel so grateful to the uploader for uploading this!
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