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  1. Kyo_Toriko

    They announced the details for the venue limited CD Disc 2. tracklist.
  2. Kyo_Toriko

    8P-SB (Hmm I have no idea if it's called a "Band") I know a lot of people hate them because they make themselves to the pop.
  3. Kyo_Toriko

    I love both 猥雑 and ただ、まだ、私。 music videos, sukekiyo really shows the differences than what they were. They are doing their own things what they want to do, and also giving the refreshing for the fans!
  4. Kyo_Toriko

    sukekiyo uploaded 猥雑 Music Video, it's radio edit ver. ! Damn, why they cut it off when 毒毒モンスター part comes out... T^T
  5. Kyo_Toriko

    Their all three albums released before are really solid and decent! So I am really looking forward to the 4th album! Really happy that they could find a support member to help the drum, and also adding the new member on guitar is really interesting, Being really curious about what will they bring on this 4 members' line-up and new album!
  6. Kyo_Toriko

    Although I like the first full-length album, but I love this mini-album more. Honestly I think they improve their sounds a lot in this mini, Especially Mio uses pig squeals a lot in this record, and also his whistle voice is not that shrill like in the full-length. So I think this mini-album is more easy-going for me, I enjoy it a lot! The only one track I need to complain is "break it down", they seem to want to fuse other genre or materials in, but it sounds totally failed. And in 無慈悲な蒼空, Mio is singing out of his range. This is another problem we all know. In this mini, my favourite track is メアリ, it's so melodic, and the chorus is really catchy, And I like how uta describe it, A Vkei like sound! I love it so much!
  7. Kyo_Toriko

    Sukekiyo upload the audios for 猥雑 & ただ、まだ、私。 You can listen to them on their official Youtube. Both are promotion Edit ver. Also the Music Video Teaser
  8. Kyo_Toriko

    Looks refreshing and Kawaii desu!
  9. Kyo_Toriko

    Yes, you're right!
  10. Kyo_Toriko

    最新音源映像集『INFINITUM』(2019.5.24 release) 本編収録内容解禁 2019年5月24日に発表されます最新音源映像集『INFINITUM』の本編収録内容が解禁になりました。 ラテン語で「無限」を意味する<インフィーニートゥム>と名付けられた本作品は、“無限に広がる可能性”というテーマが落とし込まれた作品集となっております。 本作品は3枚組となっており、本編ディスク(音源/Blu-spec CD2)には、新曲及びsukekiyo 二〇一八年公演にて会場限定盤として発表された楽曲「こうも違うモノなのか、要するに 1 shot analog recording -demo ver. 20171121-」と「kisses」の再録ヴァージョン2曲を含む全13曲を収録。特典ディスク(音源/Blu-spec CD2)には、コラボレーション楽曲を複数曲収録。さらに、特典映像(Blu-ray)には、最新楽曲のミュージックビデオに加え、2018年11月15日に東京国際フォーラムにて開催された<sukekiyo 二〇一八年公演 「マニアの詩姦」 -漆黒の儀->の模様を収録します。。 音源映像集 『INFINITUM』 2019.5.24 release TYPE : 公式通販限定盤【数量限定】 PRICE : ¥7,500 (tax out ) / ¥8,100 (tax in) DISC : 3枚組 FORMAT : 2Blu-spec CD2+Blu-ray CATALOGUE No. : PZSK-030~032 DISC 1 : Blu-spec CD2 01. 偶像モラトリアム 02. 猥雑 03. 沙羅螺 04. kisses 05. dorothy 06. アナタヨリウエ 07. 君は剥き出し 08. 本能お断り 09. こうも違うモノなのか、要するに 10. 濡羽色 11. ただ、まだ、私。 12. 憂染 13. 漂白フレーバー DISC 2 : Blu-spec CD2 コラボレーション楽曲を複数曲収録。 DISC 3 : Blu-ray 最新楽曲のミュージックビデオに加え、2018年11月15日に東京国際フォーラムにて開催された<sukekiyo 二〇一八年公演 「マニアの詩姦」 -漆黒の儀->の模様を収録。
  11. After the treatment for one year, I am finally close to be cured completely!
    The medicines for Early Psychosis and Insomnia are cut down to only half tablet.
    And the medicine for Depression is gone as no need now!
    It has been a really long long way to go, but I am happy about it.

    But the only thing make me confused is, my doctor suggested me:
    "Oh you should go outside, and make some friends!"
    I just think, who will be crazy enough to make a friend with me? Lmao

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Kyo_Toriko


      Thank you very much!

      And I hope so xD

      But I think I will still focus on curing completely first! 😊

    3. Gesu


      Proud of you :D I hope you continue to progress and make some worthwhile friends, you deserve it :)

    4. Kyo_Toriko


      Thank you so much! I hope the same as well !
      I hope things will be on a good way after I am fully cured !

  12. Kyo_Toriko

    Aww, somehow I really hope the title could be something like... "Special" eyebrows! xD Because when I saw this eyebrows related topic, the only thing come to my mind is this... It's taken from Arche at nippon budokan(not taken by me,it's the photo I find on the internet xD) , Kyo's make-up was so sexy, and you can see his eyebrows were another pair of eyes! Actually I don't know what is the "worst" eyebrows, because I don't know that much bands, so I don't ever see that much photos from the bandomen, but I think this one is definitely the most special eyebrows I've ever seen! And for sure I love Kyo so much!
  13. Looking forward to the whole ningen wo kaburu , sounds really good , the chorus is a gold. And new Ash sounds decent , not that bad. And apparently , Kyo-sama seems to cannot perform like the past which is from that live track , Also the vocal-style change is too hard to him now.
  14. Kyo_Toriko

    Cannot wait for the new single , The last album for me is so epic to listen , they mix other materials very well , But keep themselves without losing their own self , I mean they are still themselves , but also add some new things to expect . I hope this new single will be the same too.
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