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  1. Looking forward to the whole ningen wo kaburu , sounds really good , the chorus is a gold. And new Ash sounds decent , not that bad. And apparently , Kyo-sama seems to cannot perform like the past which is from that live track , Also the vocal-style change is too hard to him now.
  2. Kyo_Toriko

    Cannot wait for the new single , The last album for me is so epic to listen , they mix other materials very well , But keep themselves without losing their own self , I mean they are still themselves , but also add some new things to expect . I hope this new single will be the same too.
  3. Have no idea to describe this sample , give me some ARCHE vibes , but sounds interesting which is needed to check out when the full songs dropped.
  4. Kyo_Toriko

    Thank you for this sharing ! Really help a lot ! ></
  5. Kyo_Toriko

  6. When you were taken to the psychiatry ,
    and found yourself a real psychopath ,
    with the Melancholia , Early Psychosis , and Insomnia ,
    Such a lovely gift for the Christmas , isn't it ?
    Finally I can totally sit in my pity pots ,
    drown my sorrow til' gettin' trashed.

  7. Kyo_Toriko

    Children Of Bodom - "Was It Worth It?" Tell me ...how does it feel when you tell a lie and go away like nothing happened ?
  8. Kyo_Toriko

    Thank both of you for answering me ! I am gonna try the way out in next few days ! Hope that I can sort them methodical ... Honestly , when I saw and found them totally in a mess today... I just couldn't stop my sigh... xD"
  9. Kyo_Toriko

    I know , and I use this application to edit the tags ! Which I want to ask is , how do you distinguish the albums and singles ? I mean do you put them into Japanese or English ? Or differentiate them into their own artists ? Like that , sorry for that I don't explain so clearly...
  10. Recently , I just started to try to make the musics in my laptop in order , but apparently I found they are in a mess xD" So my problem is , could you show me what is your way to make your musics in order , or how do you do to house your musics in your computer or your laptop ! I will appreciate a lot ! :))
  11. Kyo_Toriko

    ↑That is the update when he needed to leave the band !
  12. Picked up the new album by COF which was released in 9/22.
    And ... Damn , Dani still killed those high notes ,
    I think they just approached more Melo-death ,
    Honestly , I got lots of COB vibes when I listened to it ,
    I love the feeling , because COB was the band which got me into METAL !
    Also , some old sounds in the past could be found in this new one ,
    Hmm COF , still nasty as fuck !!! <3

  13. Kyo_Toriko

    Dr. Tomoi will return to the band in 12/22.23 2days ONE MAN !