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  1. koroshiyaichi

    Wonderful!!!! Thanks, I did not know about them before!
  2. koroshiyaichi

    okay! I will arrive 6 days before the show, i hope it will remain enough places!
  3. koroshiyaichi

    guys, i'm going to Tokyo on January and i reaaaally want to see Dimlim on stage. Do you think this event:2018.01.27 [Sat] 【ONEMAN】高田馬場AREA will be sold out before the d-day? I
  4. koroshiyaichi

    I updated! Sorry!
  5. koroshiyaichi

    Mucc Dir en Grey 12012 Moran 9goats black out Deadman Asriel e.mu Luna Sea cali gari Moi dix Mois More
  6. koroshiyaichi

    The gigs I went to you can buy first or after the show. I usally buy it before and keep it in a backpack.
  7. koroshiyaichi

    Baby Driver... My new best movie ever!!!
  8. koroshiyaichi

    Dué le Quartz (Sakito's voice...) Baroque Kannivalism Merry
  9. koroshiyaichi

    Deadman, 9goats black out, Malice Mizer...
  10. koroshiyaichi

    It needs severals listening What the f??? Btw, the last Sukekiyo is awesome!!!
  11. koroshiyaichi

  12. koroshiyaichi

    I prefer the old Miyavi... Galyuu and Gagaku are my fav albums!
  13. koroshiyaichi

    Splatoon 2
  14. ... I used to love Hybrid Theory. Sad news
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