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  1. Immortal Light by Schwarz Stein definitely surpassed to perfect garden :3 OMG

  2. Yamato's look perfect.
  3. Omg, actually the best look of the band ~~~~~ Oh no.
  4. Tracklist. 1.morgue 2.Immortal Light 3.Forest of Paralysis 4.Lotus 5.Wachtraum Kaya Rose
  5. Akrus

    Surely a full album. (2 types, 3500 yen XD)
  6. Good for them, their best album was amazing.
  7. I wonder if BIDOH  (ex. ELYSION) is taking his time composing songs to later appear under the label "Resonance" :tw_blush:

  8. I need SHIVA to disband and the members form another band ♡♡♡♡♡♡

    1. suji


      they already did that as Crimson Shiva

    2. Akrus


      I miss Crimson Shiva :'| all releases by them was perfect.


      I only like SHIVA releases pre-JOKER (because this one was a s@#t)

  9. Megaromania's memorial single will be release?

    1. suji


      they've actually been working on it. i forget if it's a digital single or not

    2. Akrus


      Hopefully it will available for overseas fans☆

  10. -.- Hopefully their vocalist will release a "first" CD under his Solo Project.
  11. Blackthorn Winter by Blackthorn is actually my major addiction! <3 

    Past years of good songs~

  12. Come Closer by Kaya is the "SONG” I love it!!!

  13. Akrus

    Hopefully they will release some "Available" release in the future ;3
  14. Akrus

    Waiting for some PV (¿)