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  1. STOP EVERYTHING! Release a full album as compensation for the lies of the past
  2. Wow! ドグラ ・マグラ by 蘭図  is awesome! 🎠🎠🎠

  3. Akrus

    There are roses on the ground, possibly good ⚘🌷⚘🌷⚘
  4. Akrus

    Actual Glitter by Javelin <\3
  5. New recycled stuff coming soon!
  6. Akrus

    Finally new releases!
  7. Akrus

    Fine! Give me this 🍴
  8. Akrus

    For any reason the double promo pics always bother me 🤔
  9. Akrus

    Looks like ex. Durandal 📯
  10. BBQ 🍖🍖🍖🍗🍖🍗🍖🍗
  11. Scarlet Valse suffered a true metamorphosis with metamorphosis! Amazing • • •

  12. Kamijo will once release songs titled "Persona Grata" and "Cosa Preziosa"?


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    2. Akrus


      At least he will have a Tour with the first title 😌 Hopefully a limited CD will drop


    3. Arkady


      "Cosa preziosa" (precious thing) is italian. "Persona grata" works both in latin (welcomed person) than in italian (thankful person).

    4. Ada Suilen

      Ada Suilen

      @Arkady How could I be so stupid? xD I am italian so the first one was on my language! LOL!

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