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  1. Akrus

    WE NEED A MV WITH THIS LOOK OMG! THE BEST LOOK EVER! Hopefully David will continue to release stuffs for Long time
  2. Akrus

    Boy, I'm not a pig, I was thinking in "Divine Pray"
  3. Akrus

    I can't think in any prediction. I only can make more bigger my hopes for 莉希-liki- (Synk;yet) come back~
  4. Akrus

    OG, later, later for me
  5. Akrus

    He's ex?
  6. Akrus

    January 2020... VISAGE change the name to "XXXXXXband"
  7. Akrus

    This has to materialize NOW! They look and sounds amazing!!!
  8. ARTiCLEAR needs to release a full album in three types!!! 

  9. Akrus

    This song really good. Also, CULA is actually a Starwave Records band?
  10. I wonder if I will increase my status (to yellow) if I start answering every "thank you" in the contributions I make,  and comment again and again on the topics.  



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    2. Zeus


      you could, but then the staff can also reset your posts to zero if we feel you abused your way there. and we've done this to people before.

    3. nekkichi


      you're about 5 posts away from the yellow tag anyway tho

    4. YuyoDrift


      Congrats on the promotion 😂 

  11. 龍太朗 (HOLYCLOCK) is back in 2020? with a new CD? with some friends as Seira (FerrisWheeL) and Kuja (FerrisWheeL) in one stage? 




  12. Akrus

    Javelin, ~Cinema[S'trip]~ and ROUAGE.
  13. The World need ルヴィーユ's first MV right now.

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