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  1. https://twitter.com/marvelouscruel/status/1061622516853104640/photo/1
  2. Akrus

    Oh, this will be good
  3. Akrus

    Yep, hopefully this will be amazing as their other things!
  4. Akrus

  5. Akrus

    Glamscure members was currently recording new songs (History). According the band the plan is to release some stuff this year (History) With the premise of "Stay tuned"
  6. More will release their new single 揺れる (live limited & webshop) at Loki Birthday & Christmas Show 「Stray Sheep vol.3」on december 24. https://twitter.com/More_Gantzfeld/status/1045630972790624256/photo/1 Also their live distributed single "Soup" released in 2017 will be available on iTunes Store on october. https://twitter.com/More_Gantzfeld/status/1045630903546929152/photo/1
  7. Immortal Light by Schwarz Stein definitely surpassed to perfect garden :3 OMG

  8. Yamato's look perfect.
  9. Omg, actually the best look of the band ~~~~~ Oh no.
  10. Tracklist. 1.morgue 2.Immortal Light 3.Forest of Paralysis 4.Lotus 5.Wachtraum Kaya Rose
  11. Akrus

    Surely a full album. (2 types, 3500 yen XD)
  12. Good for them, their best album was amazing.
  13. I wonder if BIDOH  (ex. ELYSION) is taking his time composing songs to later appear under the label "Resonance" :tw_blush: