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  1. sixnightmares

    bought a Pierrot flyer that's also a ticket buying/venue guide at the last Rarezhut auction. Someone kept outbidding me for the Pierrot VHS and I'm still pissed about it :<
  2. sixnightmares

    I also (unintentionally) was at that concert, as I was part of the lolita meetup at Sugar Factory. it was AWESOME! and I wasn't familiar with May'n at all.
  3. sixnightmares

    I'm still really excited about this Pierrot/Dir en grey collab...but also nervous that it will be a wreck.... I do agree they aren't terribly focused on the west anymore, but it doesn't surprise me. During the first turn toward metal, they were hardcore about it. They got a little press but I think a great majority of Western views on them were still colored by their early days. Which I found distressing at the time...but expected.
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