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  1. That's awesome for them.
  2. Marasai

    Lol, well, that was interesting. And kinda disturbing.
  3. Marasai

    Hesitating Means Death - the GazettE
  4. Marasai

    I'm replaying FFXII.
  5. Marasai

    Agreed. It's been a pain in the ass since they updated.
  6. Marasai

    Red Rum - Lycaon
  7. Marasai

    I'm not big on PV's really, although I always check out SuG's new ones. Just cause they are all so cheery and amusing. Good pick me ups if you're having a bad day, imo. Hmm, the GazettE's Before I Decay and The Invisible Wall were also good PVs.
  8. Marasai

    Damn, no Vancouver shows? Traveling to Seattle all the time for concerts is a wallet killer. >.< House, concert, house, concert... Choices, choices...
  9. Marasai

    Shiver - the GazettE
  10. Marasai

    Kanon - SuG
  11. Marasai

    DELUHI as well. SCANDAL being there threw me off for a moment.
  12. Marasai

    It would be awesome if they are working on new stuff. I honestly do not care if they continue with just three and support members, or replace the ones they need. So long as they continue and keep being as good as they are.
  13. Marasai

    It's one of my fave mangas. I stopped watching the anime though. The Zan tales dragged on for too long. Love the manga though.
  14. Marasai

    Hole - the GazettE
  15. Marasai

    Awesome. I'll go to the Vancouver show for sure.
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