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  1. hotcocoa

    This gives me happy feelings.
  2. hotcocoa

    I think they didn't want to give fans a sample so they can surprise people with new songs at the live tomorrow.
  3. hotcocoa

    Hazuki definitely doesn't have the undercut, it would show at lives when he moves around and headbangs no matter how much hair product he uses 😉 The shaved part shows really well here 😂
  4. hotcocoa

    As others said it's fine to wear anything you want, but I would add a small exception - don't wear other artist t-shirts or goods. It's not a rule, but fans here definitely don't do that (while it's totally normal thing in the West). Unless you know that those two artists hang out/do events together/etc. I actually see people wearing business clothes at lives a lot, I'd also been to a live wearing a white shirt few times when I didn't have time to change (but it's way too hot!). The only bag checks done in Japan I experienced was at huge venues (arenas), so going to a v-kei live you should be totally fine. You can bring bags in, but it's simply more comfortable to use a locker. If it's a standing live you don't know if suddenly fans won't do some furi having everyone moving. Most venues allow you to bring a drink in, sometimes they can simply ask if you carry a camera.
  5. hotcocoa

    The food available at the venue kinda surprised me, but I love the names they made!! I was planning to go for door time, but will definitely want to grab i'me-shi-ck for lunch 😁
  6. They have posted ticket info on their website: Premium seat ~Gift for Memorial Goods~(税込み) ¥30,000 指定席(税込)¥13,000 後方立見(税込)¥9,000 I was planning to go with a friend, but not sure how do I feel about different type tickets. As I've never seen MM nor MdM live, are those prices normal for them?
  7. hotcocoa

    Not a band - it's Nakamori Akina's song. Kyo is a big fan of her. InoueM is deg's old manager.
  8. hotcocoa

    I do! What kind of information do you need?
  9. hotcocoa

    Only the first 2 books came with CDs with music, but the first volume of Gasou no shi had a version with a DVD (interview and some footage).
  10. hotcocoa

    There's ton of Zemeckises merch available at sukekiyo shows and special events. They're quite adorable really! And I think Kyo is going to release a picture book with them next spring?
  11. I would love to go to one of the shows!
  12. hotcocoa

    Lucky!! Thanks for more details! I saw him with a friend at the Hollowgram's live some time ago, I don't think there was any MC that time. Much less sweets!! I really hope we will!
  13. hotcocoa

    Mako was invited by Kaya to the 15th anniversary live of Schwarz Stein today. How I wish I was there T~T I wonder how many years it will be until he comes to another live...
  14. hotcocoa

    First Press will say it's a First Press (often it's on the obi part).
  15. hotcocoa

    The first press of 通常盤 sometimes will have some extras that later presses will not have, maybe a different color jacket, extra sticker etc. The 4th one is usually refered to as a deluxe version afaik. I think the last one doesn't mean only a different jacket, instead of the jewel case it will be released in a totally different way (look at dir's rinkaku, sustain etc).