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  1. Reikatsumi

    Sooo dope
  2. Reikatsumi

    Yasss! Cant wait for the album
  3. Reikatsumi

    Is it true that they own it? :0
  4. Reikatsumi

    Fuckin bpr we need ENG subs -.- somebody tell them that there are also fans outside the japan
  5. Reikatsumi

    I suppose it’s really bad that he behaved like that I’m afraid Kyounosuke isn’t going to spend much time in this band... dammit
  6. Reikatsumi

    There was some drama with kyonosuke on today’s live http:// What you think of it?
  7. Reikatsumi

    I said terrific man, not terrible I would have to be out of my mind to call kiryu’s music terrible especially that release cant want to listem to more songs this album is dope
  8. Reikatsumi

    Woah I listwned to three songs i found on yt and they are terrific
  9. Reikatsumi

    Are you guys being serious nonstop saying that all their songs sound the same? have you ever hmm I don’t know listened to their music? More than once? it’s kinda boring
  10. Reikatsumi

    Whaaat it sounds original af it doesnt sound like any if their songs
  11. Reikatsumi

    Hej mordki, czego słuchacie? :3 ja męczę ostatnio kizu i the gallo
  12. Reikatsumi

    Omg that’s dope that kagome kagome melody at the end ❤️ love it When I first heard it I thought it sounds a bit like the old songs vocals are brilliant as always
  13. Reikatsumi

    What the hell us that supposed to mean
  14. This is dope
  15. Reikatsumi

    maybe royz, hayato and mitsuki are those who write music for codomo and kiryu, that's undeniable