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  1. Reikatsumi

    It’s so good, they put lot of effort in it
  2. Reikatsumi

    You must be kidding He complained many times about being much younger than the others and he is said to be around the age as Subaru of Royz who is thought to be born in 1992 Kiryu many times referred to Mahiro as “a little Mahiro” and everyone in kiryu call him Mahiro-kun while they don’t use -kun to any other member... And that thing about the instore is true as well, I guess Mahiro wouldn’t get so confused when asked such question if he wasn’t trying to hide his real age XD Hiyorin asked what kiryu is to them said that Kiryu is family where Mahiro is a child, he is a mother, Mitsuki is a father, Junji is an elder brother and Takemasa is their neighbor next door (lmao) and explained that they Takemasa care of Mahiro I guess they wouldn’t treat him like that if he was their age lmao
  3. Reikatsumi

    Not sure, Mahiro can be 25-28 (he started career when he was really young, when kiryu started he was about 15-16yo and he had been in some bands earlier, during some in store a fan asked him if this was hard to be in a band when he was in junior high school and some guy from his previous band spilled the tea about their vocalist being a teenager). Mahiro mentioned several times that he is much younger than the others and Hiyorin once said that Mahiro is a child in their family. I did research and Hiyorin is younger that I thought being about 31-32yo while Mitsuki who is the oldest is about 36 while Takemasa and Junji are close to Mitsuki’s age.
  4. Reikatsumi

    Kiryu’s Mahiro is 10 or more years younger than the other members
  5. Reikatsumi

    At least he talks
  6. Reikatsumi

    I guess it was about that live when kyonosuke got mad and left the scene in the middle of song. They had some technical problems thats all
  7. Reikatsumi

    Definitely not this time
  8. Reikatsumi

    Did they say what are the reasons? oh god that sucks I love ryuka OMG thats so awful ryuka cant leave T___T omg Didnt he said „I might not be able to see you again when this is over. Just for a little while.” It sounds as if he may come back
  9. Reikatsumi

    Omg I totally love iDA version He has so beautiful and powerful voice
  10. Reikatsumi

    I totally hate Royz, their music is boring shit wit too much autotune. And I cant stand Subaru’s personality, he’s so annoying and big headed every time someone say Subaru is their fav vocalist I wonder if they are deaf or smth they are weakest band in BPR and I honestly don’t get it why do they have any fans
  11. I thought that was Sick2 parody what the hell does it have in common with gazette
  12. Reikatsumi

    Retinis pigmentosa
  13. Reikatsumi

    Hmm well before the release of the Ninth gazette was complaining about deadlines and the amount of work, someone even said that some songs ended up not being as they wanted it to be but they had a little time or something like that
  14. Reikatsumi

    Lmao I didn’t say that it had to be “BPR IS FORCING US TO WORK 24/7” I don’t recollect them saying that they have lot of work to do recently or that they are working really hard or that they need a short break Maybe they are just creative and Mitsuki really likes composing so they have several completed songs that are waiting to be released? Well アマテラス was written back in the 2014 or earlier since they made its version of MV when they were recording 天照’s MV and it came several years later...
  15. Reikatsumi

    They have never complained about anything tbh and I’m not sure if they are under pressure as you think since they often release songs they wrote several years before like they did in the last album where is one song Takemasa composed in the past so I don’t think that BPR force them to compose anything ASAP
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