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  1. Reikatsumi

    they won't, ryuka wears suits 24/7 so it's nothing unusual
  2. Reikatsumi

    Hi, I’m in need of lyrics to the Gallo’s Kerberos lyrics appear on the video, can solenoidy translatora this to english?
  3. Reikatsumi

    https://youtu.be/yHQp3_nV3jU https://youtu.be/V3gq4Kqp-pc https://youtu.be/aECBBx5rLOA https://youtu.be/SVeJNP2WQvY
  4. Reikatsumi

    Hi, could someone translate this song to english? Here is kanji and romaji: http://hiphopvomit.blogspot.com/2018/05/savage-noroiuta.html
  5. Reikatsumi

    your whining every time when they release something is getting boring I don't see any change in their style through years, their music is still high quality don't you really see how amazing are vocals in Muku? Mahiro is doing his best and he's doing well
  6. Reikatsumi

    Shame that they didn’t manage to gain popularity after 2 years, they were good
  7. Reikatsumi

  8. I don't think so, they're too young to graduate
  9. Well, Moa was absent at the latest live and Su-metal perfomed by herself That's getting more and more bizarre
  10. Reikatsumi

    Those vocals are... really bad
  11. Reikatsumi

    What song? Link or didn't happen
  12. @Manji 卍 Traditional theme = Kiryu How the hell do you find this even slightly similar to Kiryu?