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  1. Reikatsumi

    Well if mejibray steal songs that were already plagiats it doesn't mean that it is okay because someone had stolen it before them lmao It means that they are even worse musicians if they plagiarize other plagiats
  2. Reikatsumi

    I personally dislike them because of this whole plagiarism, half of their songs is just gazette's rip off, I even found the song which is strongly influenced by royz's song (lmao) not to mention that one CD cover that was a complete rip off Marilyn Manson's cover. They deserve all that hate because they are shitty musicians who don't even bother to write their own song. A few of the plagiarized songs:
  3. Reikatsumi

    Just listen to Draconids
  4. Reikatsumi

    Are there people who hate D? Seriously? i dont see any reason to hate this band tbh asagi is professional as well as the other members and he is totally cute person
  5. Reikatsumi

    Well Inside Beast MV is an obvious rip off Marilyn Manson’s MV for Tainted Lo
  6. The mv is a bit cringy but I must say that their Takemasa is cooler than the original one
  7. Reikatsumi

    http://kuroi-ondori.blogspot.com/p/lyrics.html - here you can find some older lyrics but remember to paste "blogspot" in the url of the lyrics because hotlinks will send you to the old expired domain https://jezvisualkei.blogspot.com/ - here you can find older lyrics like veltro, pluto or kerberos
  8. Can someone translate this?
  9. Well even if this sounds rude it’s true
  10. What does it mean? I saw some people saying that he used too strong words but I don’t get what he said that pissed them off
  11. guys look at that dislike ratio... fans need to grow the fuck up he's not their puppet
  12. does anyone has link to that instagram of his wife? I'm curious also great news
  13. Yes finally ❤️ They made us wait so long for that
  14. Reikatsumi

    so this is disband?
  15. Reikatsumi

    ok this is epic
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