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  1. My greatest wish is the reformation of Psysalia Psysalis Psyche !

    1. nekkichi


      aim higher, sis

    2. Jigsaw9


      if only ;w;

  2. I had not seen that there was a topic for presentations, well : I am a French boy who discovered Japanese music in 2008. For tastes, I like punk/rock indie or major and several other styles that vary by period. (Psysalia Psysalis Psyche, WHITE ASH, 9mm, 04LS and others) It seems that the Visual Kei seems to be a main element of the forum. So for the Visual Kei, I like some songs from the Gazette, NIGHTMARE and all the projects of Hiro (visage, gossip, varyl). Nice to meet you.
  3. Thank you very much for this translation!! I can not wait to see a review of these lyrics of Psysalia Psysalis Psyche!! Here's a link of this song :
  4. I do not understand anything anymore.
  5. Really, thank you ! Even if it's translated quickly done, or with missing parts, it does not matter, thanks!
  6. The words of Psysalia Psysalis Psyche have always been a mystery to me. I never found an English translation of PPP so I ask here. I have posted a Kanji / romaji translation to help here:
  7. Psysalia Psysalis Psyche - the United States of Psysalia from #7 [Kanji] 王様になったこの僕が何かひとつ得れるなら あなたの機嫌を得るでしょう 椅子に腰掛けるとき あなたの名を呼べるように 寄りかかれるように 眠らないように あなたは沈黙のままで声を殺してよく喋る それを僕が聞かずして生きる それはもう 死に値する出来事のようです United States どこまでもゆける United States 一人でいれば 青い家を建てるよ  いいだろう あの少しきつい坂の上がいい 見晴らしはどう? United States 僕だけが 僕の唯一を 殺してしまう 死なせてしまう United States 誰にも口をださせるなよ どう生きるかなんて [Romaji] Ōsama ni natta kono boku ga nanika hitotsu e rerunara Anata no kigen o erudeshou Isunikoshikakeru to ki Anata no na o yoberu yō ni Yorikakareru yō ni Nemuranai yō ni Anata wa chinmoku no mama de koe o koroshite yokushaberu Sore o boku ga kikazu shite ikiru sore wa mō Shi ni ataisuru dekigoto no yōdesu United States Doko made mo yukeru United States Hitoride ireba Aoi uchiwotateru yo (not sure) Īdarou Ano sukoshi kitsui sakanoue ga ī Miharashi wa dō? United States Boku dake ga Boku no yuiitsu o Koroshite shimau Shima sete shimau United States Darenimo kuchi o... dasa seru na yo Dō ikiru ka nante WORDS : Toru
  8. Recently, COYOTE MILK STORE released their first album "GAZE in a DAZE", it's a revelation to talk about this group with an extraordinary line-up. COYOTE MILK STORE was formed in summer 2013 in Tokyo. They released a digital EP in 2014, listenable on Spotify. Then recently, in May 2017, they released their first album GAZE in a DAZE, also listenable on Spotify. Members : Vocal - Guitar : shion (-ex Psysalia Psysalis Psyche) Bass : HALUNA (-ex Che-a, -ex SOFTBALL, -ex the BABYS) Drums : Kousuke (-ex Psysalia Psysalis Psyche, -ex Lillies and Remains) CDs : 2014/04/05 - Coyote milk store EP (ep) 2017/05/17 - GAZE in a DAZE (album) PV : Twitter Youtube Official Site