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  1. There is too much release in one day ! Four albums that I waited will be release on May 23 !

  2. テスラは泣かない。(Tesla wa Nakanai. / TESLA doesn't know how to cry.) are going to release their fourth album on May 23, 2018. Titled 偶然とか運命とか (Guuzen Toka Unmei Toka), it will contain 10 tracks, including the track "Atene", already present on their 2017's mini-album. (Previously identified as an album, they finally identified it as a mini-album since it's 8 tracks.) The track 2 "Darwin" was in their free single, released on March. TRACKLIST : 1. 万華鏡のようだ (Mangekyou no Youda) 2. ダーウィン (Darwin) 3. 大人の秘密 (Otona no Himitsu) 4. REAL 5. マグノリア (Magnolia) 6. アテネ (Atene) 7. 変なワルツ (Henna Waltz) 8. 正論 (Seiron) 9. old times blues 10. 夜明けのうた (Yoake no Uta) Cost : 2300¥ (w/ tax) MDMR-2038 "Mangekyou no Youda" "Atene" "Free single "Darwin" trailer with a sample of the song"
  3. I have a band. Our first album was a classic shoegaze/post-rock/space-rock/post-punk album of 13 tracks.
    Now i'm doing psychedelic songs that are almost 40 minutes long. What turned bad ?! xD

    1. IGM_Oficial


      What about some generic deathcore

    2. SoulTheBaka


      It's probably on the extremely long list of things to do,

  4. The net label ano(t)tracks release a new compilation with lots of indie bands, it's reassuring to see all these musical hopes.



  5. Toru Matsumoto from Psysalia Psysalis Psyche did just released a new song called NISEKO.

    Sadly, it's still one of those experimental songs he's used to.

    I'm still happy to know that he still releases some songs. Looking forward to see if he will release something with his band MIUMARZ (who's a bit more like PPP)

  6. SoulTheBaka

    UPDATE : -The title of the album is Milk. -The tracklist is : 1. 脱獄 2. 心配性 3. 再放送 4. Infra 5. 流氷 6. 元旦 7. Ovni 8. Masturbation -The cover is : 2800円 without tax / HSE-8040 New official audio of the third track Saihousou : (what cool vibes!)
  7. To fans of Psysalia Psysalis Psyche,

    On Instagram, we can see that a picnic was organized. There Shion, Toru and even Nobu (who had disappeared from internet for a long time). It's cool to see they're still pals (and maybe they talk about the comeback of PPP ahah.

  8. Nostalgic about Lillies and Remains

    It's like 4 or 5 years that they don't release anything

    Romanticism was very very good

    1. Ada Suilen

      Ada Suilen

      Yeah I miss them too...

  9. I'm actually obsess by post-punk.
    At the moment, with bands like SEKAITEKINABAND or WBSBFK, the Japanese post-punk scene is getting really good!

  10. SoulTheBaka

    Four incredible post-punk bands, gathered in a live release party.
  11. SoulTheBaka

    The band Klan Aileen are going to release their third album on May 23. The title is for now unknown. The song Datsugoku is available since February :
  12. SoulTheBaka

    This is THE band that made me discover post-rock. Their albums are really beautiful, extreme musical poetry. Really really good start of 2018...
  13. Thank you for your explanation, I understand better now !
  14. Thank you very much ! As I expected, I really like the lyrics (even if I don't understand all). Thanks again !!!
  15. Thank you ! It would be really nice of you !