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  1. Hohchicano96

    Having an ear infection is TOTALLY fun to have, especially when you're unable to use your right hearing aid. Fuck, these antibiotics and Aleve better help me bear with this bitch soon.
  2. Hohchicano96

    Some of my favorites: Aliene Ma’riage’s first demo tape BAISER’s Fleur de fleurs Lareine’s Tsukiyo no Kageki LUNA SEA’s LUNACY MALICE MIZER’s SANS LOGIQUE VELVET EDEN’s Street of Alice
  3. Hohchicano96

    Last month, Tyler Ford, frontman of the band, and I had a conversation at a house show about a different band, Secret Grief. He was a pleasant guy who recounted playing alongside Scott Nelson of Secret Grief for a period of time.
  4. Hohchicano96

    Daydreamers, sway yourselves to this song.
  5. Tulip Time traffic is a fucking bane, especially with my job involving grocery deliveries. 😔

  6. Bitch, these PVs actually exist! I was in absolute awe because I believed that I wouldn't ever see them in my life.




  7. Hohchicano96

    There are so many moments in both the main episode and Untucked that we've got to have countless kettles of TTTTEEEAAAA~ Where do we even begin?
  8. Hohchicano96

    Forgive the pixelated quality of the footage and instead focus on the musical hysteria that is Luna Sea during this concert at the Nippon Seinenkan Hall.
  9. Hohchicano96

    This song's worth many a listen, Biissshhhhch!
  10. So ready to blast some good shit while on the road!



  11. Hohchicano96

    I would get my everlasting life if someone in the crowd acts messy during MIRAGE’s set.
  12. Damn, fuck this cold; I don’t need this happening now! 

  13. Hohchicano96

    Haven’t ever had tears welling up in your eyes? Well, you need to ASAP!
  14. Hohchicano96

    WARNING: This music video is graphic and may be disturbing to some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised!
  15. When I saw the tweet, I was so damn excited. After learning that it's a mail-order release, I felt used. I hope that a general release announcement will be made soon.
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