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  1. Hohchicano96

    Daydreamers, sway yourselves to this song.
  2. Tulip Time traffic is a fucking bane, especially with my job involving grocery deliveries. 😔

  3. Bitch, these PVs actually exist! I was in absolute awe because I believed that I wouldn't ever see them in my life.




  4. My partner for this tradeoff was @monkeybanana4; the image enclosed in their zip file, also including their mixtape, is entitled "Seasons and A Lone Girl" which portrays a young girl sitting on an engawa veranda observing the outside, featuring characteristics of the four seasons I didn't receive a summary of what thoughts @monkeybanana4 had in mind while curating this mixtape. As a result, I took notes during some listening sessions, without any guidance, from them, that would affect me, and composed this review to express my sentiments from the tunes of names both familiar and unknown to me. I would like to thank @monkeybanana4 for taking their time to create this mixtape full of pleasant surprises. I look forward to their review of the oddity that is my mixtape.
  5. Although this is a late request, would it be possible for me to a one-day extension for my review? I'm currently dealing with a situation that involves helping a friend keeping watch with one of theirs who is in a rough one.
  6. Hohchicano96

    There are so many moments in both the main episode and Untucked that we've got to have countless kettles of TTTTEEEAAAA~ Where do we even begin?
  7. Just sent my mix to @monkeybanana4 moments ago!
  8. Hohchicano96

    Forgive the pixelated quality of the footage and instead focus on the musical hysteria that is Luna Sea during this concert at the Nippon Seinenkan Hall.
  9. Hohchicano96

    This song's worth many a listen, Biissshhhhch!
  10. So ready to blast some good shit while on the road!



  11. Hohchicano96

    I would get my everlasting life if someone in the crowd acts messy during MIRAGE’s set.
  12. Damn, fuck this cold; I don’t need this happening now! 

  13. Hohchicano96

    Haven’t ever had tears welling up in your eyes? Well, you need to ASAP!
  14. Hohchicano96

    WARNING: This music video is graphic and may be disturbing to some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised!
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