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  1. I'm surprised that no one has uploaded any of exist†trace's releases in the downloads forum, especially those from the band's early days.

  2. Can time go by quickly so I don't have to wait for my order any longer?
  3. Hohchicano96

    When I opened this post about an hour ago, I expected a kettle of piping hot tea on Kisaki's recurring financial tomfoolery and musical misadventures. I was proven otherwise. If the allegations are proven to be true (with this much evidence and photographs, how could it not), there is no chance of redemption for this absolute scumbag of a person. P.S. I wonder if the recent cancellation of the upcoming Phantasmagoria compilation album was Kisaki's way of funding himself to hire a reputable defense attorney in case any information surfaces on the internet.
  4. Hohchicano96

    We've got to canonize Shinya for being the true savior of this band; get your prayer candles ready for Our Good Sis of Drums and Makeup~
  5. I shouldn't let myself be gone for so long here. Anyways, here's my trainer code on Pokémon Go if you want a friend or two: 2104 0334 9441

  6. Hohchicano96

    Fuck, cannot wait for their upcoming album!
  7. Hohchicano96

    I went to this amazing place in Toronto last week; there was so much to browse, but I had little time. I think this haul was worth it, isn't it?
  8. Hohchicano96

    At least hide and Taiji aren't around to suffer because of the Perfectionist.
  9. Heading to Toronto this Thursday. Could somebody recommend some thrift/vintage clothing stores, record stores, and other places of interest to me?

    1. emmny


      drink with emmny the goat my brotha


      hit up sonic boom, black market, all of kensington, and all of queen west and you'll be good to go.

    2. Hohchicano96


      Will check out those places soon. It's a family trip though so no free time, especially for me being a hoe for fine guys out there 😔

    3. emmny


      tbh the best part of toronto is the meat. sneak out n literally fuck everyone u can

  10. It's been a while since I listened to Diru's catalog continuously, but I'm looking forward to what these trashmen have in store for us.
  11. My current mood because I’m so ready for the house show I’m going to tonight.


    P.S. Prince will get you all funky!

  12. Hohchicano96

    Alicia's self-titled song, baby! If you don't sing along, I can't trust you ever.
  13. Everyone, let us pray tonight because I fear Maria Cross will be facing his final days soon.



  14. Hohchicano96

    I’m ready, betches!
  15. Totally geeking out about Bled Fest today. So ready to sob endlessly for many bands. 😭