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  1. frozen_bug

    Cali Gari
  2. frozen_bug

    Atsushi Sakurai (Buck Tick) Toshi (X Japan) Kamijo (Versailles)
  3. frozen_bug

    Versailles because: 1) I prefer Kamijo's voice in Versailles. Not a fan of his Lareine vocals. 2) Hizaki and Teru 3) I just enjoy metal more
  4. frozen_bug

    Basically, a bunch of X Japan stuff. - Vanishing Vision CD signed by Yoshiki - Blue Blood LP signed by Yoshiki, Taiji and Toshi. I was lucky to catch Taiji playing in a club in 2010. - We Are X signed by everyone
  5. frozen_bug

    Still annoying.
  6. frozen_bug

    Kamijo's voice during his time in Lareine was just obnoxious, dude was singing like a whole octave higher.
  7. frozen_bug

    Sayonara. I just like the sound of it.
  8. frozen_bug

    Yoshiki's water bottle hit me in the head.
  9. frozen_bug

    wow I was not expecting this when I clicked xD Then again, idk what I was expecting.
  10. frozen_bug

  11. frozen_bug

    Kit Kats
  12. VISUAL KEI God, I LOVE some Visual Kei bands (some of my fav bands) but given the amount of VK out there, I must hate 97% of it. POP BLACK METAL There are too many pretentious bands that want to pretend to be brutal but they are actually ridiculous and their music is crappy.
  13. frozen_bug

    Dir En Grey. Obscure's video was my introduction, yeah... I just wasn't amused. They have way better songs, that one is so overrated. X Japan. Ladybaby, I really can't explain this one.
  14. frozen_bug

    I don't know how unpopular this is but K-Pop >>> J-Pop. God, I hate so much, I had forgotten about it until I went to a japanese music event and they put a lot of that awful J-Pop, then I remembered why I could never listen to that. The voices, I just can't do it, nope, they make me want to rip off my ears and the music is soooooo corny. At least K-Pop singers sound like normal people.
  15. frozen_bug

    I think 13 Reasons Why is a good show, I didn't find it slow or anything like that. My only real problem is Hanna, at the end the reasons why she killed herself seemed very shallow (and it seemed like she did it to get back at people), typical stuff teenagers go through, the only thing you could argue is Bryce's tape but then again, the way it happened just kills it for me. Besides, half of the people in the tape didn't even do anything to her.
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