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  1. well,i could be wrong about the timing where the kid is getting form or not here in my country they were making protests to make it legal until the twelfth week of pregnancy. and its already legal,in cases of risk,malformation or rape
  2. i agree with you,sincerely. and that was exactly what i used to say to defend my pro abortion position. think about how many kids are living in poverty right now,getting neglected or mistreated...it would be so much better if none of them were brought to this world.but there is the right to live and it is a decision that only the owners of their own lives can make.
  3. @secret_no_03 GZUS,i'm not saying that the murderers were feminists declared,nor @Euronymous said so. we pointed that all these things are,indeed,related to each other. @Gesu i was always pro abortion.but after multiple researchers and videos about the subject i changed my opinion. abortion is murder.your body is yours,but from the moment that there's another living creature inside of your,it's no longer your decision whether the kid has to live or not.The fetus/kid is depending on you,but it's not you,you don't have the right. Even at the most horrible cases like raping,the mother must bear with it for the sake of the baby,and if she wants to,give it to the adoption when it's born.
  4. what? your argument is just that the article doesn't mention feminism? the murder case is DIRECTLY linked to feminism. just like @Euronymous mentioned, what feminists does nowadays is just spread confusion and the demonization of male,this movement fell into a state of misandry. i had the displeasure to frequent university with some feminist girls and they openly adimited that if they had an "unplanned" child they'd just go for the abortion. There you can sense all the craziness of this movement. You said yourself that the killers did what they did only because the kid resembled the biological father. Well,isn't that the worldview of the feminists? hating on male? i'm not saying that every feminist is a murder (even though abortion is murder),but when you spread the hate,like they do,you end up creating these monsters,and consequetly victims. @Euronymous is absolutely right.
  5. There's no job in this stupid godforsaken country and these leaders keep failing us.

  6. @Bear @Jigsaw9 @Himeaimichu hey guys, where do you watch your taiga dramas or asian tv shows/movies in general? i'm most interested on the japanese ones at the moment.So far i've found a site called " newasiantv.tv " , which is pretty good there's LOADS of stuff there,but the ones about Yoshitsune and Takeda Shingen have no english sub,so perhaps you guys have a source that i'm still not aware of. i'm also looking foward the meiko kaiji movies or any old school stuff from the same genre,so if you guys are into it as well,pls link me,even youtube channels can serve well.

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    2. Manji 卍

      Manji 卍

      Thank u,guys 

      Seems I'm the only one craving it lol

    3. Bear


      I don't watch regular dramas, but I'm very much into old Japanese cinema. Especially all forms of exploitation cinema, chambara and horror.  Several of my all time actors are Japanese actors whow ere active in the 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's. Meiko Kaiji, Sonny Chiba, Tomisaburo Wakayama, Shintaro Katsu, Toshiro Mifune, Reiko Ike and more.


      But regular dramas I am not too keen on.


      Highly recommend checking out more or less everything with Meiko Kaiji, including her music. But Blind Woman's Curse, Stray Cat Rock franchise, The Sasori franchise, The Gincho series, Lady Snowblood I & II, Yakuza Graveyard, Battles Without Honor and Humanity franchise (cast is a bit random, but thoughout you'll see Meiko Kaiji, Sonny Chiba, Tomisaburo Wakayama and Reiko Ike among others).


      So yeah, I like old Japanese cinema. And as far as all types of exploitation, chambara (and samurai movies in general) and horror goes, I am a huge nerd.

    4. Manji 卍

      Manji 卍

      yea,that's exactly what i've been looking for. meiko kaiji's stuff is the first one i'm getting into right now. just visited the rarelust site and it looks vast,that was a nice recommendation

      the historical dramas are good. i'm watching right now Dokuganryu Masamune (1987 / 50 episodes) and i highly recommend it.

  7. nothing mind-blowing here,but sometimes i miss kyokutou girlfriend,so their sound pleases me.
  8. their new looks never cease to amaze me,bring it on.
  9. Ai (Gulu Gulu) , JoJo (Gallo) or Keisuke (Deviloof) , they look like fun. Or Sho (dimlim) , he seems enigmatic and kinda grim, wanted to talk about dir en grey with him.
  10. My life is so fuckin cold,no love at all.

  11. Manji 卍

    I don't believe that a the gazette "fan" can hate on toxic.i mean what's there to be hated? One of the most impressive things about this band is that their whole discography is simply stellar ,just some albums more epic than others. Like dim and dogma.
  12. DEATHTOPIA single is quite awesome. The day Gallo come up with a bad release it will be the end of vk scene.

  13. That cured my depression
  14. Absolutely great track,nice to see them trying new things,but at the same time it's not so different.I bet that they have some mad tracks in the gossip style,but I wanna see where they can go with this matured sound. The artwork is quite interesting, better than many others I've seen on vk releases recently.
  15. just like in 2017,2019 is going to be an awesome year for the DEATHCORE scene,so many good releases coming up.

    very excited for thy art is murder's new album,but vulvodynia simply killed it with this new single



    1. Kyo_Toriko


      You forgot about Angelmaker!

    2. Manji 卍

      Manji 卍

      I don't like them very much,but if there's new stuff I'll probably check them out. 

    3. Kyo_Toriko


      They released a self-titled full-length album on May 31.

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