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  1. Thats fuckin awesome, never heard of any Gorgoyle before,shame on me!
  2. can't thank @Jigsaw9 enough for the Peste Noire-ish recommendation this is one of those albums that makes you feel proud of being a fan of the genre check this shit out @Euronymous
  3. A band called"the muzzle",but strange that I haven't seen a official new look with all the members yet,and it's been a while since they've formed and the album was announced
  4. Don't really care about the bands name or visuals.im just glad that they are back sooner than expected with the same formation and apparently the same Gossip sound. Saku-Ai-Kyouki ,my Holy Trinity is fuckin back
  5. I was just scrolling down Nihon ongaku page and saw the two albums and gave it a spin.It took me by surprise cuz I didn't know it was a re recorded album,not even with their "classics", I must I admit that it was a very emotional experience,I used to be obsessed with their music back in 2010-2011, brought me so much memories,sung a long every single track of that.I guess that was one of the purposes of such an amazing record. Thinking about getting into their discography and the albums I've missed almost the entire 10's...
  6. Is there anything more modern than level up your RPG avatar while your real life falls apart? I don't think so.

    1. Zeus


      in all honesty life started getting better for me when i started gamifying it and choosing my perks wisely

  7. Manji 卍

    Expected great things from this band since their debut. Don't know about the others, but the vocalist definitely deserves to be in a good band, his vocals are very distinct
  8. Actually the chorus is catchy af The only bad thing about this video is that they made Japanese subtitles since he's speaking in Japanese already.It would be cool subtitles in English
  9. if you've been looking for some dark/horror movie/doom/gothic atmospheric metal album,this is certainly where you should be 





  10. Italian doom Abysmal Grief is already 22 years old,so you guys probably heard them before. Just played this randomly,with zero expectations,and god...it blown me away.The intro track certainly sets the mood for all the giallo movies/horror/doom/gothic stuff that is coming upon you.The keyboards and sound effects were used and abused on this record,and i think it's quite difficult to do it without sounding like some cheap halloween movie soundtrack,but that's definiitely not the case here,all the effects provides a very "cinematic" feeling to it and fits perfectly.The viollin on the first track is simply the most brilliant and well executed thing that i ever heard in a doom metal album before,the more i kept listening to it more it started spreading out like a fog,making a very oppressing atmosphere.Impossible not to imagine yourself running from a living dead corpse,or lost in a old vampire castle, it just sucks you in and it's almost impossible to scape.The whole instrumentation is just perfect,prominient bass and a nice combination of black sabbath-y and doom riffs crawling throughout the entire record plus acoustic passages and samples in between,and the vocals certainly portraits all the drama in it. This album is a 10/10,no doubt!
  11. playing black metal on acoustic guitar feels like casting spells.

  12. as you may know,HATE FOREST was the side project/band of the genius Roman Saenko (drudkh,dark ages,etc). This album kinda gave me a Transylvanian Hunger feeling,mainly bcuz of the lowfi production,unstopable blast beats,with all the tracks mostly based on riffs,although diferent from Transylvanian,where the riffs are catchy as fuck,what stands out on The Most Ancient Ones is the agressivity of the vocals,and of course, the..."ancient feeling" of it. any thoughts on HATE FOREST?
  13. Manji 卍

    that's very eroguro,indeed lol even his name (hotaru-chan) made me think of midori-chan from the suehiro stories (could be a refecence?)
  14. Manji 卍

    Gulu Gulu debuted in Abril,2019 OFFICIAL SITE , TWITTER MEMBERS: Vocal. 哀 -i- Guitar: 凛人 -rito- Guitar: kazari Bass: 藍珠 -lanju- Drums: 螢ちゃん -hotaru chan-
  15. I guess now we just need Ex GossiP members coming back at some point of 2019 to complete the party.

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