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  1. i'm not even a black swan fan but this was so unexpected that made me remember that any of my fav vk bands can disband at anytime...we never know
  2. i'm very excited for this just don't understand why the Karma haters still even bothering themselves checking every news about him
  3. alguém aí tem album do kuroyuri to kage que queira me vender?
  4. Bands that are going on hiatus are actually disbanding... could be lack of passion, vocal problems or whatever ,but sometimes it ends without an expecific reason
  5. Didn't know about this.indeed, that's why they sound so good this time,and the thing about Kyo and Lynch , I was being sarcastic,bcuz they sound like Lynch and Mao with that usual Kyo vibes
  6. still finding the Egg on title nashi the best cover ever
  7. The vocalist's voice gives me some 90's vibes...if this band were a kind of new Grieva I would like it more,but they sound pretty decent
  8. Wow ,this new collaboration between Lynch and Kyo sounds really good
  9. Agree... these guys were a band but also friends
  10. That's better than the whole AVANTGARDE
  11. Please re record of -Saku-
  12. These guys are the most promising band of 2017 they have all the potencial to be "the new kiryu" of vk scene,hope they don't slow down the activities
  13. I thought the new look would be including their support drummer as an official one
  14. please,be heavy
  15. Their true identity started to show with their first mini and wasn't bad at all... Let's see the development