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  1. Manji 卍

    Is this new vocalist "Mio" a new face like Sho was or he's already known? As long as the drums does not sound the same shit like on VARIOUS,I'm digging it
  2. Manji 卍

    we just need more DeG songs as anime themes
  3. CHISA from ACME should be singing for a serious metalcore band like DIMLIM,instead of being a male idol

  4. Manji 卍

    back at the mixing topic,if there's a DeG album that deserved to be remixed/re recorded it is MOAB . the riffs are catchy,but i didn't like the guitar tone choosed and Kyo's voice sounds lower and the scream parts are very unpleasant,feels like he's tearing his own throat
  5. Manji 卍

    Just listened the whole album on spotify,and it wouldn't be a bad album at all if that was released by a different band,but coming from DEZERT,you don't recognize them anymore. they always had one or two,maybe 3 poppy tracks on their releases,however THIS time feels like Chiaki said in the studio "oh,i think i don't wanna scream that much on this album" You can only be glad that their old stuff lasted time enough to influenciate bands like Mamireta and DAMY,cuz like it or not, they're kinda keeping that "mad" shit alive
  6. I felt strangely spellbound listening to GROTESQUE and Malformation on CHEDOARA.took me to my "emo" past,when metalcore was my addiction

  7. Manji 卍

    No complaints about this album, just the absolutely pointless SE tracks that contributes nothing for the mood of the album,is just a pause.i do like SE tracks,and they are meant to create some kind of atmosphere while gives a break between completely different tracks. KISOU and DIM by DeG and Gazette for example...the SE tracks there are pretty cool and used wisely. So that was the only negative thing on CHEDOARA. I give 8/10
  8. I've been following these guys,bcuz their music reminds me a lot when I got into vk stuff when I was 14 years old in 2010 and simply fell in love with those jazzy tracks from early R-shitei and early the gazette. nostalgic sound
  9. Europe and the wave of fake refugees...is like watching a South Park episode. wtf

  10. Manji 卍

    I'm sure there will be a lot of heavy stuff but I want some diversity as well. A good ballad, something like "Avalon" (mejibray) , would be nice
  11. Count down to CHE DO A RA shows up here...

    1. -NOVA-


      same... im anxiously waiting 

    2. Wakarimashita


      I will be ordering it with JILUKA's album in september, so hopefully someone will be uploading it earlier 😕


  12. Manji 卍

    The emo version of LM.C is out.
  13. Yeah,I thought the same. Feels like the label have been trying desperately to promote them or something like that. If so,it worked,cuz they've grown really fast
  14. Manji 卍

    Feels like will be hard to get used to at the first listening,But the "rawness" is kinda cool