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  1. sincerely,i don't know what the argentines have in their minds.If they wanna get fucked up,hope they do it alone.

  2. Sometimes depression is like the Devil.If you don't believe it exist,it doesn't.

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    2. Manji 卍

      Manji 卍

      Yea,I can imagine...But 15 years? That's a lot.its been few years since I've been diagnosed with depression, however i can't imagine myself living like this for the rest of my life, or for more several years like u did.we kinda lose our faith sometimes,but deep inside we just wanna be ok, nobody likes to feel like shit 24/7. It's not exactly a tip,but why don't you try to contact with people who overcame depression? Just to make a "before & after" comparison... sometimes I do this on YouTube.Watching people talking about their own experiences with mental illness kinda gives me a light in the dark.

    3. spockitty


      Ohwell, it may seem like it? but i, on the other hand, been diagnosed with BPD; been through months & months of therapy, numerous medications and honestly at this point, I've enough tools (not all of them healthy i admit) to deal with my brain's bullshit and come out not too worse for wear.

      it's a bit different with bpd, I don't expect it to ever "end". 


      Seeing people who were dealing with the same issues as me though, was a fucking turning point in my therapy tbh, so if these videos help you also? Awesome.

      at the risk of sounding way too preachy, I can't recommend cognitive behavioural therapy enough or any group therapy for that matter. if you're up for therapy at all, check it out. I know it's not for everyone.


      aaaaand i'll sign out before getting this status discussion way too heavy ^.~  

    4. Manji 卍

      Manji 卍

      Your sense is right lol, better stop it for now,from here on the conversation would only get darker. There will always have pm tho.

  3. Manji 卍

    Sorry,bro.religious and Illuminati shit gives me fuckin phobia,I really fear these topics, should've never come across it.
  4. Manji 卍

    i watched a video in my language explaning that ceremony part by part.usually i don't pay attention to sensationalist religious shit,but in that case,it made a lot of sense to me.all of those images,symbols, all of that has a specific meaning and can be linked to many occultist satanic shit,and things preached by the christians,muslims,etc.like i already said in this thread,i don't know which religion is 100% true,but these things exist.take a look around you,everything works perfectly for the life of man,the weather,the sun,natural resources the fruits of the earth,etc.When someone tells me that it all emerged by some random explosion it doesn't look less absurd than if you say that some almighty creature did it all.It just look like something miraculous. Atheists are just scared because they know that if they give it a serious try,their brains will be able to assimilate how serious that shit is.I did,and now i'm almost shitting my pants,sometimes i go to sleep thinking about how grisly and darkened the 20's are going to be.according to many videos i saw speaking on illuminati/new world order stuff,the 20's is basically the last decade with the world the way we know. there will be the WW lll,the bomb,and then the new order with 6/7 of population already gone,so this way it will be easier to install the mass control with the world divided in colonies with it's respective functions.
  5. countries like mine,with a huge quantity of natural resources,will always be poor and obsolete countries."they" need these countries at their feet.

  6. Manji 卍

    yea,but like she said,whats the problem with it? i doubt that any guy cares about that shit.
  7. Manji 卍

    ooh... that requires a lot of experience. lol
  8. Manji 卍

    just out of curiosity,how do you know when an anus is bleached or not?
  9. Manji 卍

    yea...all that these type of girls needed,easy money without necessarily being a whore.
  10. Manji 卍

    There's a lot of girls and women nowadays doing softcore on YouTube in disguise. Like the lingerie and bikini try on haul shit, cleaning and washing stuff. Of course, there's women there for the feminine public,but most part of them are aware that there's only horny guys watching,and honestly we love that,bcuz it's sexy,but not all of that explicit sexuality right in your face, it's more subtle and less dirty. However, going to your YouTube account to jerk off is such a low action,like walking in sewers,these people need help.
  11. Manji 卍

    Well... imagine yourself in a room with a couple having sex while you stand in front of them and masturbate to their actions. Thats basically how I feel when I watch guys taking other women,like the beta watching the Alpha in action, that's stupidly miserable,at least for me. Gazing on the female on solo videos or pictures makes me feel more like a man,even though I know they are just pixels.
  12. Manji 卍

    It's been years since I don't watch "real porn", I prefer softcore like pretty girls on webcams,erotic asmr,solo stuff,etc . Watching a dude banging a chick started making me feel angry and anxious.
  13. Manji 卍

    A friend of mine sometimes like to 'sell me' her sex,like : "everyone says that I'm really good, I'm not awkward", etc But,come on,the only girls who need to know how to do something are pornstars and prostitutes, the rest, being just submissive is more than fine
  14. Manji 卍

    I'm not proud of my short promiscuous past,but I still have insane sadistic desires.
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