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  1. Manji 卍

    @patientZERO yea,let's wait for his compositions to see what he can do Seiya has proved his distinct talent,and i'll probably miss his tasty riffs.hope we can have a sign of a new project or band in 2019
  2. Manji 卍

    Their new drummer is a beast Of course,the talent is what matters but I hated the visual of the new guitarist. Checked his Twitter,and noticed some MiA worship.Hope he changes.
  3. 21 Savage in the new Mortal Kombat 11 trailer...I like 21,but dunno...that was veeery unexpected .---.

  4. Thanks to RPG games for giving me another world that I can run to. My reality seems to be rotting.

    1. nekkichi


      stream 「Reality」 by the independent voluptuous chanteuse Courtney Stodden to enter an upgraded realm hun x



    2. Manji 卍

      Manji 卍

      @nekkichi I hope you die this Christmas

    3. nekkichi
  5. Manji 卍

    That would be awesome. A tour with dir en grey or Sukekiyo would put Mei in evidence and get him some new fans. Less than one month for his gig... Let's hope for some exciting news
  6. Manji 卍

    When Kuroyuri started out,Mei came up way more sharpened, reaching those high notes perfectly,and even with some "opera vocals" (yokusou) . I wonder what kind of musical discussion he could have hanging out with Kyo
  7. Manji 卍

    He keeps the mei cosplay
  8. Manji 卍

    That's nice. Thought that some of the TBS members would be with Mei,but staying with JIN is cool as well.Hope to see some variety in their music,cuz they had a pretty strong atmosphere and guitar work,but somehow i felt like the tracks were too similar to each other
  9. Manji 卍

    Fuck this shit They won't troll me again
  10. still waiting for the new live-limited single 「鬼」by  gibkiy gibkiy gibkiy to drop here


  11. I wanna download my suicide and die like

    a deleted file.

  12. Seriously,I'm afraid to keep on living, society has gone bananas and this crazy shit will blow back on my life

  13. Manji 卍

    Thanks for the info. So,he new that there's some people waiting for Mei's comeback then he took the chance to dress like him , occulting his name and fool all the Mei fans?
  14. Manji 卍

    Yea,but Mei used to have that kind of piercing before,so I just thought he got that back. Furthermore,if that's morphine's vocalist why is he anonymous?
  15. Manji 卍

    Cheesus christ WTF It is not my fault if that guy was doing a Mei cosplay. T___T