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  1. It would be pretty cool if we had a new band like Slipknot,I mean...crazy guys with scary masks doing aggressive heavy music.

  2. Manji 卍

    that list is pretty coherent i'd like to see members from the black swan,i simply loved their production
  3. Manji 卍

    at least one member from the recent disbanded bands being part of this would be pretty interesting
  4. So KarasunaMei is already talking about live shows for the next year. Can't fuckin wait to see the band's lineup

    1. Takadanobabaalien


      Actually he says there will be a gig within this year. ALL ABOARD THE HYPE TRAIN

  5. i'm glad that they included again live limited tracks in a full length. track 15 was released about 2 years ago and i can finally get that wished 最終列車 (Saishuu Ressha) was included as well,that's their best live limited single,imo
  6. this album is a very good way to say goodbye to the fans the artwork is classic and every song sounds like their 2014-2015 era,which is simply perfect will always be one of my fav bands.
  7. The Smiths - The Joke isn't Funny Anymore

    Always makes me feel completely destroyed inside

    1. Alkaloid


      I feel that way about "Back To The Old House".

  8. Manji 卍

    FUCK YES !! Seems too early to announce that,indeed But at least we fans are completely sure that they aren't going anywhere and gonna keep the brutal shit alive
  9. So... What's the difference between GALLOWS,D.A.R.K , AVANTGARDE and XIII??


  10. I think I need to buy really really high quality and expansive headphones to enjoy The Insulated World properly. Cuz that mix is awful

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    2. Manji 卍

      Manji 卍

      I've been using cheap but good enough headphones,so I thought that buying one of those expansive gamer headphones I would have a different perspective from the album,cuz deep in side I thought that I was being too paranoid about it.But good that some people think the same,so I'm not crazy

    3. ahnchc


      Good headphones only call attention to the shoddy mixing.


      This album is really hit or miss. Ignoring the mixing, I think that some of the songs are good. A lot of people think otherwise, and understandably so.


      It really just depends on your taste and how well you're able to ignore the awful mixing.

    4. colorfuljinsei


      good headphones kill the budget-kei


      I have to switch to my "fun-cans" (modded SHP9500s with Alpha Pads) that color the sound enough to make shit mixing enjoyable. 

  11. I wish I could delete my existence just like I can delete this status update.

  12. THE GALLO: Not because I have seen signs of disbandment,just bcuz they are the only solid thing left in vk to me and all my other favorite bands have disbanded. So I kinda developed some sort of " Disband-Phobia" , which makes me think that I'm gonna lose them too anytime. KIRYU: I see Kiryu playing together till their 50's.they are a very creative band that can explore the traditional Japanese theme for more few decades.Japan needs a band like them.They just need a less greedy label and a hiatus to get some rest before everything falls apart.
  13. Excited for the new last album tho. Just like their compilation album, that cover is almost a tribute to Gazette's first mini hankou seimeibun. Looks nostalgic
  14. Manji 卍

    A mini album straight away, that's cool Well,I didn't like much the look,They remind some of those SID looks.But it's Karma, let's stan. Hope they keep it heavy tho. And I'm curious about Karma's singing, if he has improved or learned new techniques
  15. Grieva,Kuroyuri and Gossip were the holy Trinity of the old school vk in modern vk.Now everything is officially gone.

    1. appl-


      maybe Mamireta is doing it now? 

    2. Manji 卍

      Manji 卍

      @appl- I really thought so,but when I listened the whole compilation album... idk, feels like the same recipe were used in every track, it gets kinda tiresome, needed some diversity.