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  1. Manji 卍

    Saint Seiya is about to kick some asses
  2. Manji 卍

    Omg that was brilliant Nostalgia-kei are always welcome
  3. Rockstar is working on BULLY 2???

    Holly fvck!

    1. God


      wait was it confirmed? 😮😮

    2. Manji 卍

      Manji 卍

      i saw some youtubers talking about the rumor that the game has been on production since 2012 and futher informations can be announced october this year.

      hope they continue with jimmy.rumors tend to come true...

    3. God


      i really hope it’s true.  bully is one of my fav games.  every few years, i replay it.

  4. Manji 卍

    @123Sandman321 You just said everything. Since they released M.F.JAP ,I had the feeling that I shouldn't take this band so seriously... Looking at the result of the album,I feel like they should have released an EP with the first track gouzinzangoku , murderous impulse,creepy and the other 3 re recorded tracks,we'd be just fine,I guess. The SE's were just fillers,Ruten sounded ok until that awful enka vocals...why didn't the producer just say "hey,stop that, let's just put some enka samples here and that's it". Kumo no Ito should have at least 5 minutes, that track seems "unfinished" ,bcuz we have that big chorus,which is nice,but the track itself feels rushed,so the only thing you remember is Ray's voice,so it gets boring quickly. Dusky Vision just looks like a track/mv to promote the band and introduce them to different fans. They'll probably release something in the very end of the year, so we hope the train don't get off the track again.
  5. two things i like: german black metal and masks. thus,Farsot.
  6. whiskey and vodka became my best friends and i can't seem to go on with any treatment anymore.

    1. Naaaaani


      It's a deadly friendship

  7. Manji 卍

    about 6 or 7 years ago i went to my friend's church and his mother got "possessed" along with some few people. he bursted into tears and i almost pissed my pants.since the happening i didn't have any contact with religiosity,but my relatives still into it. don't know which "god" is real or which "devil" is real,but one thing is sure...these things exist.everyone just needs to have a real experience to get their minds "unlocked". sometimes i feel an enormous hatred for religious people and anything related to religion. sometimes i envy those whom can believe in a god wholeheartedly and are able to find comfort in it, because life doesn't make sense at all and everything is fated to end,and they look like they have something else to look upon. i feel like i'm trapped when it comes to such things. the arguments of atheists are very basic and sometimes childish,due to the fact that 98% of them didn't have any experience with the "unnatural",and on other hand religiosity looks claustrophobic,scary and antiquated.
  8. Manji 卍

    Their outfits are amazingly beautiful Chiaki,Sho and Karma making emo-kei great again.love it.
  9. Manji 卍

    @Gesu I'm 23 now and I lost my at 19, I've been there, believe me. Can't say from a girl perspective,but as a guy,that was a nightmare.Passed my whole adolescence lying to people and myself just to "fit" in the groups,bcuz all of them had a girl or apparently had more experience than me.I hated going to school,I felt like shit every single day, and even if I tried to go for masturbation that just made feel worse, bcuz it's a trick for the brain and the shock of reality afterwards is just miserable. When I finally managed to do that,it felt so fuckin weird bcuz I was already so "disconnected" from reality after years tricking my brain and wondering how everything would be like,that I couldn't even enjoy,was just an awkward experience.Then I started to hang out with some people,under some kind of "chaser effect", looking for more and fell into promiscuity. Went through some really bad things that I can't say (the reason why I got so paranoid with the abortion stuff other day) and nowadays I have my desires but most part of the time I don't even wanna be touched. If I could go back in time i would've done things differently. I know how it feels to be like you were left behind,but there's nothing wrong with you. Society is pushing it 24/7 and it's not easy to deal with our natural instincts.But I think you should occupy your brain with something that makes you forget about it while you look for ways to meet someone nice who deserves a girl like you.
  10. Deviloof is becoming that kind of "hate  it or love it" band,and I don't blame people for it.

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Manji 卍

      Manji 卍

      Keisuke did some enka singing on the last track,I cracked so hard,you'll see lol

    3. God


      i’m waiting for them to put it up on spotify.  on facebook, they said “please don’t pirate it” or smth like that bc they worked really hard on it.  i like them enough that i’m willing to wait.  😂

    4. Manji 卍

      Manji 卍

      @God the album is on the download section already

  11. Manji 卍

    If you say that to a Christian,he would probably laugh at it.they believe that they can use "faith" as a key to get access to their god,based on the thought that he cares very much about humans.So once you saying that he doesn't care if people believe in him or not, you're making all their efforts to convert people and the concept of religion itself devoid of meaning. Thus,I wouldn't have a guy crucified on my living room wall and people saying that I'll go to hell.
  12. well,i could be wrong about the timing where the kid is getting form or not here in my country they were making protests to make it legal until the twelfth week of pregnancy. and its already legal,in cases of risk,malformation or rape
  13. i agree with you,sincerely. and that was exactly what i used to say to defend my pro abortion position. think about how many kids are living in poverty right now,getting neglected or mistreated...it would be so much better if none of them were brought to this world.but there is the right to live and it is a decision that only the owners of their own lives can make.
  14. @secret_no_03 GZUS,i'm not saying that the murderers were feminists declared,nor @Euronymous said so. we pointed that all these things are,indeed,related to each other. @Gesu i was always pro abortion.but after multiple researchers and videos about the subject i changed my opinion. abortion is murder.your body is yours,but from the moment that there's another living creature inside of your,it's no longer your decision whether the kid has to live or not.The fetus/kid is depending on you,but it's not you,you don't have the right. Even at the most horrible cases like raping,the mother must bear with it for the sake of the baby,and if she wants to,give it to the adoption when it's born.
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