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  1. Manji 卍

    this guy has some very logical opinions on vk stuff. the only reaction channel i care about
  2. Manji 卍

    Just watched the whole MV now and.... honestly,i didn't care much about the hiatus,cuz i really wanted these guys to take a rest,breathe some fresh air, etc... cuz the number of releases they putted out as MEJIBRAY was really impressive and they deserved some rest,.however, seeing them putting their efforts on this j-pop project instead of staying on the vk/ metal scene is really really hard to process. They both are human too,they're free to go for whatever they feel comfortable to try,but that's a HUGE change and almost unfair with us fans of the genre of music they were used to deliver.
  3. The ex Kuroyuri to kage members are absolutely prohibited to come up with shitty projects after the disbandment !!!!!! 

    1. karai · ebi

      karai · ebi

      I'm too afraid to even say anything aloud.

      Even though that picture of Mei in Rose Valley haunts me, but there's no way. No way.

  4. Manji 卍

    Should we wait for Meto to come up with a better offer?
  5. At least the mediocrity of BORN and late Sadie turned up into two decent bands,but MEJIBRAY...what a horrible ending.

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    2. Manji 卍

      Manji 卍

      i didnt get it lol

    3. IGM_Oficial


      What did you want to expect from Mejibray other than that

    4. Manji 卍

      Manji 卍

      Something better than all that we've seen so far?

  6. Manji 卍

    After that,I don't even have strength to read the comments or express how much disappointed I am with that. First MiA wasting his phenomenal talent in that stupid band,and now this. Can't believe that was the same guy who gave me chills singing with a Baphomet mask
  7. Manji 卍

    Now, I'm impressed...hope they release a DVD soon
  8. So many albums coming out this year ...I just can think about CHEDOARA by DIMLIM.

  9. just got into gibkiy gibkiy gibkiy,and i'm blown away...so raw,so hypnotic,so much passion. amazing stuff!

    1. Mamo


      Go to the artist topic glad you like them. They're fuckin' amazing!!

    2. Naaaaani


      They got some really sick riffs, awesome guitar work

    3. Mamo


      Beautifulguitar work and vocals, also brilliant bass lines as well as can be expected from Nagoya bands.

  10. If Kyouki (ex Grieva) come back in a non-90's vk style band,it won't make sense. (Just come back in any way lol )

  11. Manji 卍

    The more I listen to this preview,more it grow on me.it's a fun album.now I understand why Ruki said that he wanted it to be different from DOGMA,he just wanted something less serious. Personally,I wanted to see their albums getting darker and darker, but what can we do if they decided to keep the same recipe...
  12. Shiawase na hibi by the gazette is so melancholic that almost makes me cry

    1. Shmilly


      ironic considering the song is called 'happy days'

  13. Manji 卍

    Everything sounded very straight forward and good enough for a the gazette album. just had the feeling that TWO OF A KIND sounded like VORTEX and UGLY together, and i'm curious about BABYLON`S TABOO too,it sounded as sinister as 13STAIRS[-]1
  14. i wonder if kuroyuri to kage have any unreleased stuff.it's been more than one year since their last release.

  15. Manji 卍

    well,sister and himitsu deserved to be rerecorded...