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  1. i didn't have a top 5 for worst sentences i've read on this forum,but for sure i can start with yours The final and Kasumi were good re records and if you didn't like them,the original ones will be always there.
  2. Talking about the new three re recorded tracks,just hope that fukai goes like" The Final" re record.same structure but with their current production,and beautiful dirt sound like a violent deathmetal like the re record of Zan was. And The lllD empire I really don't know what to expect,just wanna get really surprised by this one
  3. This only makes me sad,Zoro was my fav band,and their disbandment as a duo still unacceptable to me because they were doing so fucking well with those unique electronic/rock songs. Now that ryuji is finally back,I can't find his new material anywhere,it just pisses me off
  4. they never change their concept,always the same thing,i feel like i already heard this song
  5. Thanks a lot Would be nice if you could translate their first single tabetai
  6. i'm a huge ゴシップ(Gossip) fan since their debut,and somehow i can feel that something about them kinda got lost with the time i mean...that "rawness"of their early sound (first single psycho pass,hijime bocchi single ,first mini album and R-18 single) ...that was pure madness and filth even sounding like Kagerou/gazetto rip off.wasn't a long time ago,but that beginning was gold.i liked the samples, still pretty good but now everything sound very polished and kinda forgettable.However,i'm glad they still very active
  7. Is it one of those kind of best album where the band wants to gather all of their "fragments" like the singles and minis released when they were kinda "unknown" and get a fresh restart to do greater things? I hope so...
  8. this is beatiful,don't know anything about yuuki or unsraw,but sounds like classic visual kei,love it
  9. the gazette is source of inspiration for many vk bands like dir en grey,kagerou and etc sounds pretty promissing,but everything looks forced,like trying to sound amazing adding many different elements on one track
  10. Well,that symbol above the Dimlim name looks like the peace and love symbol turned up.could mean the opposite of the original meaning? Anyway that looks cool af. Just hope better production,please #ultrahyped
  11. When a vk band debuts ,their disbandment date should be given already
  12. Marrow of a bone vibes Wished it was a new album and not a best ,but alright...
  13. nice,i didn't think about that...but the fact is that we (at least me) can't imagine Mei forming a band with other members...
  14. when i think about grieva,black swan and Sibilebashir disbandments,it's almost impossible not to think that kuroyuri is going to suffer the same fate even though revealing 2 new looks and keep their live schedule,they just released 2 songs this year and that wasn't even cosidered a single if i'm right. perhaps they haven't been even in studio recording new tracks,i don't know... i hope they can go through all of it and stay as a band,if not,then at least Mei should find his path on the vk scene,he can't simply disappear
  15. My life won't be the same if Mei retires from the vk scene