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  1. i love the fact that deviloof is a vk band.they released their debut album yeasterday and already announce new single i'm used to wait 2 YEARS to get new material from deathcore bands.
  2. would be nice if they put some black metal influence on it
  3. this project,dude...always giving me earlier Sadie and DeG withering to death vibes,loving it all.
  4. Yeah,I came to this conclusion while listening .and JoJo once made a tweet mentioning the album when it was released. Gallo,merry and Marco have similar atmosphere
  5. Just listened to M-ology today,and omg,they sound like the gallo, seriously. Really liked that album
  6. Well,I rarely have hopes when I see new bands debuting,although in 2017 we were pleased by some new-ish awesome bands like MEIDARA and Mamireta,but I'm way more interested to see all the dead bones of all the disbandments getting the breath of life again with new projects than more baby vk bands.
  7. this band is rising and they deserve it ! you can hear and see their improvement release by release but jojo's voice sounds slightly different on this record,maybe it's too polished,idk...need to hear the whole single. sounds pretty good,anyway
  8. This makes me wanna listen The gazette 2002-2004 discography
  9. Kyouki,I give you half a year to come back with a new project,yet similar Grieva style.
  10. Yeah,I knew someone would mention the kuroyume cover and i appreciate Ruki's "harsh" vocals from the gold disorder era. however , I wished they could give us some memorable cover, considering their current music production
  11. Indeed, classic and beauty. Looking forward to hear this one.
  12. Was listening to some Japanese Tribute albums here,and suddenly I started to wonder why so many legendary bands participate on such projects and the gazette is never included in it? They don't like covering songs? Would be nice to hear Ruki singing something different from gazette songs
  13. Will Mao sing songs from ARCHE?
  14. well...i'm here for the music.
  15. This...this...this look,the band logo,the mv, fuckin Grieva vibes, except for the vocals,but was awesome