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  1. I'm probably wrong,but it's strange that"Falling" was released only as a music video,and not as a single with one or two B side tracks.feels like they wanted to save as much tracks as possible for the upcoming album
  2. liked the riffs and the usual kyo's "chaotic" singing,but the chorus...idk,the chorus didn't hit me feels liked i'm listening something from ARCHE,and ARCHE was a solid album,but i want something nostalgic or surprising well,i guess i should consider that Kyo is putting his creativity and all that he got in Sukekiyo as well...
  3. I'm simple,I see suehiro maruo's artwork and I get interested
  4. Nothing against Ray,but i hope he do not sing in this new Deviloof single

    1. 123Sandman321


      They seemed to be marketing it as seemingly the heaviest shit ever, so I think he's out of the question...at least for the A-side

    2. Manji 卍

      Manji 卍

      I hope so, he isn't that bad singing,but I don't think his vocals are necessary.

  5. Simple pink artworks looks so nice,just like akesuke shuuchiroku. The music brings nothing new btw
  6. Yeah, nostalgia is the word that resumes what ayabie represent to me
  7. Ayabie back with Aoi and Ryohei again would be a dream, since they have a special place in my heart as one of my first favorite vk bands
  8. So,kuroyuri to kage is about to disband, and no last single,no best album,no DVD,no nothing? great.

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    2. Ob777


      nothing just tears

    3. Manji 卍

      Manji 卍

      never loved and hated a band so much like kuroyuri. they could be one of the greatest bands in vk scene right now,instead,they just slowed down and fucked it up

    4. karai · ebi

      karai · ebi

      probably gonna break sobriety for this level of disappointment. just one more, anything

  9. very un deux,so far can't say much,cuz that was too short,but was the guitar tone i was hoping for. more excited to hear Ash,after all
  10. yes,there's a visible improvement in their production,which makes everything very solid that best album was really a restart for these guys.also the artwork looks beautiful as expected,wanna know who did that
  11. best look so far ,imo the raw jazzy full album was good,but somehow i'm curious to see how the next release will turn up,they didn't get stale yet
  12. well, not what i was expecting.such a good Kagrra look with a completely bland sound
  13. i've been trying hard to get into diaura,because i liked yo-ka's voice,but somehow i get lost whenever i try their records this sounds pretty interesting,could some fan give me a example of their "roots" since they are going back at it
  14. And there's already shellmy,tensai and R-shitei doing stuff like that.i pass