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  1. Manji 卍

    Kyouki's voice was mixed very polished,and I think every track is going to be catchy.Still Grieva to me.
  2. Manji 卍

    Man, listening to this with just one thought in mind: We need a re record of the marrow of a bone now!!
  3. So,is there anyone here who decided to quit SMOKING (nicotine) for real and still through the abstinence process or even feeling the abstinence?

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    2. BrenGun


      Then just don't drink...


      Be too busy, too tired to drink...




    3. Manji 卍

      Manji 卍

      @BrenGun haha I wish it was that easy,but unfortunately there's a lot of stuff going on


    4. yomii


      oh wait yeah then you better stop.  in that case if i had to choose i'd better try to quit drinking than smoking tbh, drinking without smoking is a waste anyway. 

      being busy with smth you're really interested in really helps btw, like, i won't drink if i know i have to do my homework, but im lucky i realised i love studying before it was too late. finding something you can really dedicate yourself to is not easy, especially when you are not feeling okay. just being super busy doesn't work - we all know how nice it is to reward yourself with some beer after an awful day.

      you know i've never self-harmed, but i feel you in some way, coping with pain can be really difficult. i've heard therapists can help but if things were so easy you wouldn't bring up such themes in the first place huh?

  4. Manji 卍

    When an EP is really good,one minute is more than enough to realize it. His voice always impresses me,is so classy,plus this Sukekiyo vibe that is always present along with the black metal influence. Man,I can't believe this band exists,we need more like them.
  5. At least for me,after their compilation album they became one of the biggest deceptions in the current vk scene,cuz I really thought that they would be some nice fusion between kuroyuri to kage and Gossip,but now my expectations are very low.And his screams,God I hate them.
  6. @lichtlune Sorry,but seriously that you revived this dead topic just to say that? And no news ,no nothing? I think if you were truly interested you'd realize by his post on his personal accounts that he's preparing something.
  7. I commented without realizing the new MV lol. They sound like a totally different band,and that MV ruined the whole experience.dunno what to think
  8. Manji 卍

    Honestly I like the cover,and the logo reminds me some anime logo about detectives lol
  9. Manji 卍

    Yea, right from where grieva left off, couldn't ask for something different, and to make it a bit more "tasty" ,I bet that they gonna add some cool electronic sounds on the production (or not) like we heard in the end of the sample. Let's wait for the whole thing, too early to judge.
  10. Manji 卍

    I'm so excited to hear Kyouki's voice again on new tracks. Don't really care about the name or members,just hope we can have a Grieva 2.0 , Kyouki in a non 90's vk band doesn't make sense to me.
  11. Manji 卍

    At least for me, it was a huge mistake criticizing so much this band. Their debut album is a masterpiece,not bcuz all the tracks were perfect,but for their insane potential for music.
  12. That's a great name for a song. Waiting for more bizarre adventures
  13. Just like NETFLIX did to Death Note,the same happened with Lords of Chaos,they took an idea that they knew that it would "sell",but ignored completely what it really is and made it their own way.I felt uncomfortable watching that.

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    2. Seelentau


      Haven't watched it yet, but I've been reading up on the scene and am curious how the movie depicts it.

      But it made even Varg say positive stuff about Euronymous, that he died fighting, so I don't expect too much. Oh well, let's find out! :D

    3. platy


      They have a One Piece live action in the making, that should be fun! They've already stated it'll be americanised. 

    4. Disposable


      The more time passes the more I appreciate the movie for what it is. It’s not good cinema by any means and does get mired in genre nonsense like Euro’s romance and all that, but making Mayhem into Spinal Tap was exactly what the culture deserves at this point, which is nothing but ridicule. Meanwhile the wolves of the underground live in a realm separate from this one, selling bootlegs nsbm split’s on discog’s for hundreds of euros.

  14. Well ,there's no doubt now that they plan to keep going on this direction from now on.I guess I'm ok with some good emo-kei pop rock
  15. Manji 卍

    couldnt believe it was Karma when i saw this pic of him, he looks like another person.Now im curious to see how hes going to look like in the next MV v
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