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  1. My apologies! At first I was like "is this a troll comment or..?" lol
  2. I looked nowhere near even half as good carrying my husband's grandma's funeral portrait when she died lol.
  3. Wait what? Dir en grey and Kagerou were both around long before The Gazette. I think you have it backwards... Honestly this song is one of the better debut tracks I've heard in quite awhile. Not a fan of the screamo vocals in the middle personally, but it wasn't the worst I've ever heard and everything else was pretty good.
  4. It's not the first one and they've never invited him, so I guess not lol. I know where I'm gonna be on 9/8/2018 tho.
  5. @lichtluneWhat Bren cheekily failed to mention is that doing so will probably give whatever member you address it to the wrong idea about why you're supporting them Unless you do it anon/to the whole band with no contact info included. Tho seriously if you did it, anything less than a couple of man of new bills in a money envelope would be pretty laughable. Either way they'd probably just get smashed on it and that'd be the end of it. Might as well blow a few man on buppan, and recoup some of the money reselling to the community
  6. I think it really did more in the past, when they were just about the only retailer selling and shipping official VK CDs (YesAsia was always a hot mess of official releases that may or may not be in stock/out of print and bootlegs mixed together) overseas and people wanted them to continue doing that... There are other options besides CD Japan now, but with the sales decline of physical forms of music, I'm sure supporting them helps ensure they'll be around for overseas fans in the future. So I guess if you look at it as contributing to the overseas scene, then yeah sure. Otherwise I've never known CD Japan to have special ties to artists or contribute to their royalties personally, except for the few times they've exclusively offered artist goods to the overseas market, like with the Moi-Meme-Moitie pieces they had listed yeaaaars ago.
  7. CD Japan is just a general music retailer so probably not much, but ordering from or shopping at VK specialty shops like Brand X, Like an Edison, Jishuban Club, Pure Sound, etc. does a lot to support the scene since these stores host signings, handshake events, talk events, and other opportunities for fans to interact with bands outside of concert and fan club events. And I guess to some extent, buying from Closet Child... Not because Closet Child sponsors or hosts events themselves, it keeps them in business, and they are one of the most iconic stores of the VK/goth fashion scene.
  8. Unfortunately (Or fortunately?) not everyone is Kisaki lol
  9. Arca has been taking over my playlist D:
  10. Jealous of you dude. D:
  11. Went to see Mitski last week at Ebisu Liquid room. (Not my recording D:) Was pretty surreal and I teared up during "Your Best American Girl", but since I was front center standing right in front of her and didn't want to be that girl ugly crying in the audience I managed to suck it up and hold it together. D:
  12. I think you pretty much answered it yourself! Supporting the artists by buying their merch directly off their site or (in the case of music) any music sites they link to for purchase would probably be the ones giving them the most royalties. Like you said, it may have to be through a third party if they don't ship overseas and/or you're not confident enough in your Japanese to order by yourself. If that isn't an option, may I recommend ordering from a VK/j-rock CD supplier? Even if it's a secondhand purchase of something out of print that the band may not benefit from themselves, the monetary profit these stores make help support and keep the scene alive within Japan, providing talk/event opportunities, promotional opportunities, and more. I don't think there's any kind one answer fits all regarding whether artists receive royalties for old releases, short-lived bands, etc. and how much... I would assume most of them do since that seems pretty standard, but how much would depend on their contracts with whatever label it was released under. However, it is pretty safe to say that if it was released on a band's own personal/independent label, they would still receive a good chunk of profit from any music sales or new music pressings. If there's something you're particularly looking for, you can always request it on the upload request thread. In that regard, the forum seems to take the "try before you buy" or "might as well upload it if it's out of print so more fans can enjoy it" approach to uploading VK/j-rock music, so I don't think you have to really worry about getting reported over piracy. I'm not sure of another website database of mp3 like that myself... Maybe another poster can help.
  13. I think it must happen a lot, or in the very least there are multiple version of songs that never get a proper release. I know when PLC used to record new material or adapt it to a live show, often each member would bring in their own arrangement/version of a song and the band would choose which version was best to record or play. I'm sure, like many other bands, this also included songs written and recorded material that never made the cut or were held off for later release, but then the band disbanded/took a different direction/etc. and it never happened. This seems especially common with bands that do themed releases. Then you have multiple bands that when performing a song for the first time, would play a preliminary version of it live before reworking it for easier set-up/play or so it would sound even better live. There used to be a lot of gya (probably still are) who, if anything, would go to the first and last concerts of a tour to hear everything "go wrong" when a band plays new material and then see the adjustments made and how the show had "evolved" by the tour final. Anyway, cool finds! It would be nice if bands were more willing to release these kinds of things, if not only for more insight into their creative processes.
  14. You mean just the Merveilles album songs themselves or Merveilles-era works? Mana and Kozi have performed N.p.s N.g.s, the b-side off of Illuminati a handful of times at reunion events, but otherwise no... I imagine because of copyright issues and/or the fact he did not seem to part on good terms with the band.