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  1. A lot of people disliked D'espairsray when they first came out. It always amazes me how bands that were once considered shitty have become revered over time lol. I remember going to my first or second live being like... jfc whose idea was it to invite them to this taiban? I walked out halfway through their set, as they were the last act (so obviously they were the main act but gd...) and I was like uhhh nope not feeling it. "Dope" isn't their worst song by far, though.
  2. I went ahead and did the romaji/translation. It's a pretty straightforward song, I feel. Virge - Nimaijita (Double-Tongued) Romaji English Notes: 1. I usually denote lyrics written in katakana in all caps, but since everything besides the kanji were written in katakana, I decided not to. But for non-Japanese speakers, I’d like to note that writing this way emphasizes the feeling or message of the song, just like writing in all caps does in English. 2. There are various parts where I went for a stylized translation over a literal one, most notably going with “spare me your sanctimony” instead of something more literal for “gizensha usero”. 3. @Peace Heavy mk II's translation of the title is just as valid, however I kept it as "double-tonged" because this is literally the way it's written in kanji. As always, comments or suggestions welcome.
  3. Perhaps! I'm too lazy to check YouTube. Ah, I wasn't aware. Obscure had a censored and non-censored version, yeah? When I was into DEG the non-censored was less accessible. I feel like I would have found a lot of their stuff in the past more shocking had the special effects been better. Like... imagine Cage with modern special effects or Raison d'être. Or something like Myaku. It would be a pretty disturbing horror video for sure.
  4. Agreed. When has Dir not used shock value as a major part of their gimmick..? I haven't looked at a ton of their lyrics in recent years, but I can't imagine they're any worse or more triggering than some of the stuff Kyo wrote during the Gauze/Macabre/Kisou/Vulgar eras. I personally think they went a little far with whatever song has the video with the kids torturing and killing their parents (no idea if it's a PV or a live-only video), but they have a lot of stuff that other people would probably find just as/more shocking.
  5. Highlights of the 8/11 Fukuoka live: - They played a new song "Mousou Graffiti" - First half they came out in PLC Gakuen costumes and the whole session had a school/classroom theme. - Instead of the usual skit, they played a video while the members were changing into Doppelganger costumes. In the video Lida and Daishi are recruited into the student council, but need training to control their Doppelgangers. While AYA mostly uses this time to get romantically involved with Daishi, Lida is subject to strict training and "bullying" from Yura-sama and seek. - At the end of the video and during the live, some bad guys appear and PLC have to chase them to the final showdown at their tour final in Toyosu Pit. - Although they played more newer stuff than songs off of Doppelganger, they did play "Planet Last Children" (with furi- super rare), "Justice" (rare), "Area", "Murder", and "Last Emotion". Hopefully they'll play other songs off the album at the other dates. - Fukuoka's special "lucky item" was the black/pink bracelet.
  6. Oh I'm totally aware I just feel like that decision continues to alienate more people that would go to their shows. I would normally argue "artistic integrity" being a valid reason behind decisions like this but tbh I don't find anything the band does now any more authentic musically to what they did before. But eh I don't have to...*shrug* And re: Ain't... they played that one at the show I went to as well, which was a happy surprise. Lots of moved tears from fans.
  7. That would be strange seeing as "Akuro no Oka" is a Gauze song and they didn't play it during their set, opting for a few of their recent songs. (At least not at the Mode of Macabre show I attended, much to my dismay.)
  8. It would be my luck I would pick the only date they didn't, I swear lol. Tickets are kinda expensive so hopefully I can still find two after payday in a couple of days. D:
  9. I love Japanese oldies, especially female-fronted vocals from the 80s. Some old favorites of mine that you will probably get you some points from middle-aged/older Japanese at karaoke if you sing (and they'll probably sing along with you): Ann Lewis - Roppongi Shinju This is probably her most famous song. Everybody and their dog has covered this song, but none are ever as timeless as the original. Lewis was a popular half-American/half-Japanese artist from the 70s - 90s. Saki Kubota - Ihoujin This song immediately became popular after it was used in a drama at the tail end of the 70s, and overwhelmed by her overnight popularity, Kubota (real name Sayuri Kume) quickly ended her career before it had ever really begun. Akina Nakamori - DESIRE Reinventing herself with each release, she was the "bad girl" to Seiko Matsuda's clean, girl-next-door image. She dominated the 80s. Mari Hamada - Stay Gold Forget Babymetal, Hamada had already been blending blending pop, rock, and metal for 20+ years. The original queen of Japanese rock and roll in the 80s, helping to popularize hard rock and the climate that would follow for genres like VK to thrive in the 90s. She still records and plays live today and is absolutely amazing. WINK - Samishii Nettaigyo Although some consider this song and WINK to be a one hit wonder, WINK had quite the career, and this song lives on as one of the best representations of Japanese music in the 80s. PRINCESS PRINCESS - Diamonds One, if not the most famous, of Japan's all-girl bands. This is the best-selling single, although my personal favorite of theirs would have to be "SEVEN YEARS AFTER". Eri Hiramatsu - Heya to Y-Shatsu to Watashi Hiramtasu debuted at the tail end of the 80s, and this song in 1992 would become her best hit and one of the most memorable songs of the 90s. And maybe one that won't get you a lot of karaoke points, but if you like city pop... Mariya Takeuchi - Plastic Love Takeuchi is the wife of famous singer Tatsuro Yamashita (and if you don't know this guy's name, no doubt you'll hear his song "Christmas Eve" playing every winter in Japan), and their musician marriage only made her even more popular.
  10. I'm really gonna have to go to that 7/31 show now. D: C'mon Dir, all I'm really asking for is "Audrey", "Wake", and "Hotarubi". D: "Myaku" and "【KR】CUBE" would be the icing on the cake tho.
  11. In no particular order... 1. Shiina Ringo/Tokyo Jihen 2. THE NOVEMBERS 3. フレデリック (Frederick) 4. The Checkers 5. Thee Michelle Gun Elephant 6. SIM 7. Supercar 8. The Brilliant Green 9. Shishido Kavka 10. Bugy Craxone Honestly this list was hard to make since I like most of these and a lot of other bands about the same, so I decided to go for listing up a lot of artists from different genres instead. Recently been listening to more Lightbringer, which would probably appeal to VK fans, esp older fans that appreciate some of the neo-classic melodies of 90s VK.
  12. Well, since nobody else has said it yet... BUCK-TICK Even though they technically "formed" in 1983, they didn't start performing at live houses together until 1985. They played Tokyo Dome to about 50,000 people in 1989. (An amazing feat, considering Imai had been arrested and just released for LSD possession and the political climate toward drug use was harsher than it is now.) In that regard you could say bands like BUCK-TICK and LUNA SEA were riding the rock wave that would eventually spawn the offshoot genre of VK. I find it more interesting that VK's 4 "God Bands" never achieved as much commercial success as their predecessors, nor are they as well-remembered by the general public or even current (overseas) VK fans now.
  13. You should! If you like their harder music, there are a lot of gems on Epilogue like "LOVE IS DEAD" and "Liberty, babies". Also semi-hard songs like "NOSFERATU" from Epilogue and "Matenrou Chaos" off their latest album. Since they're reviving their Doppelganger concept this summer, many of their fans are hoping they play all of their harder songs off the Doppelganger album at some point during the tour. (And hopefully we'll get a DVD D:)