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  1. Kamijo has never had the clearest enunciation. ^^;; It sounds like "mitasareru" (to be satisfied or filled with something) to the ear, but that doesn't make as much sense so I'm going "midasareru" like inertia said. I think imagery-wise when you combine the two it would be the scent of roses is so overpowering it drives him mad (makes him dirty/aroused...) since the whole song is about "dancing" in the darkness...
  2. This is my entire FB feed ATM and not a huge K-pop fan but even I can't deny how good this is. (Unrelated) SEVDALIZA is a constant on my playlist D:
  3. Straight. I can appreciate how women look, but lady parts just don't do it for me I need the D... It's a curse lol Although I've lived with quite a few lesbians and I'm not sure I could handle the drama if I wasn't straight.
  4. Loved the sound but all I could think is that all the songs would have sounded a million times better with Kamijo on vocals. D: But I will admit my bias of not really being fond of female vocals for VK. With Azusa singing a couple of the tracks just sound a little too mid-2000s anime theme-ish for me to listen to on the regular.
  5. I love finding good deals like that! I know, it is crazy. I know all the hard song lives on the left are going to be too good tho. And for the ones on the right it's like... "Well you're already going to be there, so..." #yolo #noregrets
  6. That Janne DVD is great I recently bought tix for every show on this tour (omg I'm gonna die... D: ) and these bangya planner stickers to keep track of it all lol
  7. I feel like this is trying to be the VK version of the Cheerz app for idols (which over time has proved to be quite successful, especially for indies and underground idols) but it doesn’t seem like the same marketing and endorsements are there. And if it is indeed a similar format to Cheerz, I don’t feel that a ton of VK guys are gonna feel like making profiles of themselves and camwhoring 24/7 to be voted up on it. It’s taken a lot of VK dudes long enough just to get a Twitter or Instagram. Although he’ll maybe they would I’m not terribly familiar with the new ways indies bands are trying to promote themselves, if any.
  8. I don’t wish I was Japanese (ethnically) but I would apply for citizenship if Japan would allow dual citizenship. Otherwise there would be no benefit to naturalizing since no one would believe I was a citizen and it would prevent me and the hubs from being able to live elsewhere should we ever become displaced due to the next big earthquake, Mt. Fuji erupting, North Korean missle attack, etc. that the news is always telling me could happen any day now lol Expats in Japan have a saying: “The only thing worse than being a foreigner here is being Japanese.”
  9. Yeah, there are a growing number of DINKs (Dual Income No Kids) like my husband and I. With lower take home incomes for men forcing women to work as well, people getting married later or not at all, and women or men just generally wanting to bow out of this social pressure, not a lot of the younger generation is eager to take on the task. Just the work culture here alone is enough to make you dead inside if you let it.
  10. I was somewhat on the fence in my teens about not wanting children. I'm in my 30s now and over the years have gradually moved into the "never having kids" zone. The only exception being that should I ever change my mind (not likely but just entertaining the possibility) I would adopt. But, at this point I don't even want that. There are few j-guys that don't want kids, and my husband and I are both only children. The social pressure to have kids here is insane with the declining birthrate and all... Because of outside peer pressure sometimes my husband entertains the thought of having children, tho he pretty much reverts to "ah hell no" status the rare times we babysit for our friends' kids. He tires out easily and gets irritated when he doesn't get a full night's sleep and his free time is taken away from him, so I figure he'd get stressed/sick of parenting really fast. Also ultimately in Japan, the child rearing responsibility would fall fully on me, and so he doesn't try and force that burden on me knowing I'm not interested. However, we discussed all of this before marriage, and still check in that we're on the same page from time to time. Reasons I don't want kids: - I just don't want them I actually like kids, but only in measured doses. I don't have a ton of free time as it is, and I know I would be miserable having to give that up for someone else. I also enjoy having the freedom to travel, going to lives, go out with friends, etc. with what little free time I do have, and that would be hard to do with kids since babysitting (like calling a babysitter) is an foreign concept to most Japanese people and the in-laws don't live nearby. My (girl)friends with kids hardly ever go out, hardly ever have any time away from their kids alone with their husbands, never have time to care for themselves, their houses are always a mess, and it just feels like they live the same day over and over. Their roles are limited to "mommy". Also they hardly ever sleep and look tired all the time. I mean they're happy so I'm happy for them, but it's just not the life for me. My husband and I have two cats. They provide the same cuteness and affection and are only a fraction of the work. - They're expensive I would have to work completely from home (instead of partly), and even then for the first couple of years childcare is pretty much a full time job in itself, so I doubt I'd get much done. My husband doesn't make enough money for me to quit my job. (Thanks crippling student loan debt D: ) - Overpopulation This is the biggest one, even if we did actually want kids. There are already too many people on the planet and we're killing it. The way things are going, it's unlikely the earth won't succumb to global warming or war over lack of resources before any potential kids would grow old and pass on. I couldn't have them knowing that, just for vanity's sake of having a mini me or two running around. Deciding not to have kids is frustrating because most doctors will refuse to tie your tubes or do anything permanent if you're young and/or haven't had kids yet, because they always assume you will change your mind.
  11. Psycho le Cemu without make-up/very light make-up: Daishi AYA Yura-sama (on the left) seek and Daishi Daishi, Lida, and seek Old Synectics photo set of the rest of the band post Daishi's arrest (top: Lida and AYA, bottom: Yura-sama and seek) Recent pic Also recent, PLC appeared on a variety TV show and they did a "what if PLC looked like normal businesspeople" segment (seek, Lida, Daishi, Yura-sama, AYA)
  12. Been on repeat since they came out D:
  13. Sho is super talented and was an avid VK fan long before Golden Bomber came on the scene. Seriously the amount of instruments he can play probably rivals Gackt at this point. No one else in GB has musical talent tho lol Better him to present than some nobody current band or Yoshiki, who would turn it into an X bragging special.
  14. A re-recording of "Garden" would be amazing, but I pigs would fly before it ever happened, I'm sure.
  15. I used to listen to Jurassic a lot years ago but ugh no thank you to this. D: