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  1. jaymee

    Right? Joking aside, he has no problem rambling on and on about hitting the gym hard before a current tour, how many reps he did of whatever before the show, lol. But he's pretty toned for VK dude (and certainly in better shape than any of the other PLC members) so seems he does indeed actually go beyond just talking about going lol...
  2. jaymee

    Not that anyone voted for DAISHI (lol), but I wanted to point out that for as much as he tried to fake being part of that thug life, he only did meth because he's always been super self-conscious about his weight and he was using it for weight loss, which is a pretty lame reason to do drugs as far as the sex, drugs, rock-n-roll lifestyle goes. I'm not sure to what extent the other members have forgiven him in private, but since they've gotten back together they often lowkey joke about it in skits/MCs. Poor guy still has body issues tho... he's always hitting the gym/talking about hitting the gym.
  3. Ah, I had heard they would be releasing something new soon! Weird coincidence, this year at Summer Sonic the gal next to me in front row and I struck up a convo with the guy behind us- turns out he's good friends with the person who designs all the costumes for Wagakki Band and mentioned they'd just wrapped up designing costumes for a new single... So guess this is what he was talking about! We were all there to see Paramore lol...
  4. I don't even know how this is an unpopular opinion like ok maybe someone prefers their early career sound, but you can compare their playing from earlier in their career to now and see the technical improvement, like enough for someone like me who's only seen them live a handful of times over the years to notice. Sure they've still got room for improvement, but they've been going at it pretty solid.
  5. jaymee

    I hate to be that person but I’m guessing if every accusation is indeed 100% true, she’s probably not the first person he’s taken advantage of/victimized re: gouging auctions and abuse/sexual assault 😕
  6. jaymee

    Every time I think Kisaki has reached peak shitty person level, he sets the bar a little higher. This time, much higher ugh. Also re: having this woman list CDs/merch for him, could she have been the one selling behind that Yahoo!Auction acct that was selling rarez from his previous bands re: that whole conspiracy thing?
  7. Psycho le Cemu, BUCK-TICK, and sukekiyo. I lazily follow Angelo, Metronome, ZIZ, Golden Bomber, and Acid Black Cherry along with a handful of other VK bands but none are as consistent with release quality. Imho lynch. has only improved over the years. I recently saw MIMIZUQ's first show and I was hard-pressed to find a song I didn't like (which was a huge relief because I really wasn't a fan of Mix Speaker's,Inc.) so I'm definitely looking forward to their future releases.
  8. Which member it was? Sorry I don't know, but one of my live acquaintances is friends with one of the members so I could try and ask her who it was? This is the flyer they gave out (link) If anyone in Japan wants the invitation ticket I could mail the flyer/ticket.
  9. Kind of related/unrelated, one of the members was handing out flyers outside of MALICE's 25th anniversary live the first day. It was cute. (Possibly the second day, too, but I didn't go.)
  10. jaymee

    They also announced a one-man tour in December
  11. Zutto Suki Deshita (I've Always Loved You) Lyrics & Music: AYA This is my own translation. If sharing, please link back to this post instead of reposting elsewhere, thanks! Romaji English
  12. jaymee

    Sorry for the super slow response I don't have a ton of time to check in lately. 😧 Usually it's just a band member talking about famous Nagoya bands, mentioning Laputa, and/or talking about how they were/are a fan and that kind of thing. ^^ They might put a Laputa song or two in the bgm playlist before the live starts. Last PLC tour when they were joking about us older gya (as they often do), they were imitating being an older gya back in the day and pretending like they were on their way to a Laputa live. Sadly I don't ever feel like Laputa were *that* popular in the English-speaking fandom even when v-kei had taken over a sizable space on Livejournal, but I noticed a lot of Spanish speakers into them back then? Idk.
  13. jaymee

    1.) Fandom cattiness There are some artists I've actually stopped seeing live because their fans just totally ruin the atmosphere, especially fans that have their eyes set so badly on one member, that they actively go out of their way to be passive aggressive or bully fans of that same member. 2.) Multiple type singles Honestly just a huge cash grab to save a dying CD industry. I didn't mind as much in the past, but now it's so common that bands are really lazy about the content you get with each release/price point. I just bought the first press of PLC's new CD for like 15,000-something yen and I definitely did not feel like the content in any way warranted that kind of price. But it's ubiquitous in the Japanese VK/idol industry and I doubt it's going to change any time soon. 3.) Miscellaneous concert ticket/attendance fees So you buy the ticket, but you also have to pay a service and/or shipping charge, on top of a drink fee. Just include everything in the damn price and be done with it. Rakuten Ticket is the absolute worse about not bundling ticket purchases together and making you pay a separate 900+ yen service/shipping fee for each ticket, even though all your separate tickets are just going to arrive at the same time anyway. Ugh. As for the drink thing, it feels like a cheap move when they're already pocketing off of live house rental cost, especially if the drink ticket is over 500 yen. 4.) Venue-limited only goods Having to attend/find someone to attend and line-up for goods at every concert just to complete a set of things or get something special is a monumental pain in the ass. Just sell the things online and be done with it. I don't think I've ever known anyone to specifically attend a concert just for the goods, unless it's a live distribution only CD or something. Every now and then live-limited only goods are fine. Having live-only limited goods at all or almost every stop on your tour is a bit much imho. 5.) The general direction VK is going It's just not my thing. There are newer artists I appreciate and listen to, but it's few and far between compared to how many older bands I love. The scene has definitely become more formulaic that it used to be, and although VK has always sold on looks, sometimes it's a bit much now. I had to kind of struggle to come up with 5 things, tbh. Most are just mildly aggravating and not something I hate enough to rant about.
  14. jaymee

    5 Things I Like about VK (or J-music in general), in no particular order 1. The community At least half of the friends I've made in the VK community are my friends for life. Kinda weird that some of your bestest friends would come from laughing about no1curr Japanese band and fan drama as you bond over a good release, but hey life is funny that way. 2. The concerts Concerts in Japan are better, tbh. None of that crappy audience singing drowning out most of the artist's set you paid to hear, and nobody is standing there like a dumbass watching the whole thing through their phone, blocking your view with their phone in the process. I find Japanese concerts are generally more interactive, too, unless you're seeing some really bland or unknown act. 3. Release packaging/content Sure VK releases may cost more than many Western releases, but the packaging is often way nicer. Most VK shoots and photo/lyric booklets put Western artists to shame. 4. The goods With little exception, VK or Japanese artists in general have better goods than Western artists. I feel like overseas you get clothes, stickers, and notebooks, and that's about it, but in Japan the only limit is the band's imagination. Over the years I've seen flavored condoms, sex toy kits, house dishes, food/snack/drink collaborations, mobile battery chargers and other small electronics, car goods, etc. 5. The music Last but not least, eh? When I first got into VK I was really thrilled by the way artists gave little to no flips about sticking to just one genre or style of music. There are some artists that try a little too hard to mesh sounds that don't agree, but for the most part I've always respected the experimental nature of the genre. I feel like indie music in the West is starting to catch up in that regard, but even now Western fans are still quick to call any artist that steps outside a certain established style or sound a sell out.
  15. jaymee

    Ah, yes I was thinking about one-man shows so I should go back and edit that. When the band calls for people to move up/dive there are always people who will move out of the way or create "holes" toward the front, and those spots are definitely up for the taking, and usually aren't given back after the move/dive songs. But yes, bumping someone out of a spot, squeezing people to move over to accommodate you, or taking someone's spot while they're in the bathroom or getting a drink (if they've got a bag or friend holding their place) is definitely a no-no and will make you unpopular pretty fast. For taibans, definitely the rotation system is best like you mentioned. For small shows, yeah, I would assume you're probably gonna be wherever you end up at the beginning for most of the show.