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  1. Nightgaze19

    Thanks for the feed back! I didn't know about that part of their history! It's hard to find good info on their older days in English and my Japanese isn't fluent lol But I have to say I think I'm in the minority that actually prefers Re:NO's vocals but to each their own I suppose I think they both have merits and faults to their style so that end is all up to opinion
  2. Nightgaze19

    Okay thanks for the input! I also agree with the argument that if they don't identify themselves as VK they're not VK I was just confused to see them performing at VK events~ Also wow those are really old pics! It's so weird to see Toki with brown hair
  3. Nightgaze19

    Sorry if they have a topic already please let me know if there is a topic for this band~ So Aldious is my 3rd favourite band ever I love their music and find the members are all extremely beautiful so best of both worlds right? But the biggest question I have about them is: Do you guys consider them VK and why/why not? The reason I'm having this dilemma is that they do have a specific them to their style (the elegant dresses) and it is quite "over the top" which fits with the basic themes of VK and there's also the fact that they have performed at multiple VK events in Japan especially recently. On the other hand, to my knowledge they don't identify themselves as VK so I personally call them "pseudo-Visual Kei" (I literally just made that up because they seem very middle ground to me) but I would love to hear your guys' thoughts on this as well as potentially see if there are other Aldious fans on here
  4. Nightgaze19

    I just want to say I loved NoGoD ever since I first listened to them but when I saw them live last summer I gained so much more appreciation for them that they have become one of my top 10 favourite bands of all time! They put on an AMAZING show seriously if you ever get a chance to see them live definitely do not pass it up! You will not regret it I promise you!
  5. Nightgaze19

    Nightmare was my very first VK band so I owe so much to them (they're my second favourite band overall) and I'm so sad they're on hiatus right now but I would love to go to their 20th anniversary live in Japan in 2020!
  6. Nightgaze19

    I love 己龍 to death they're definitely one of my favourite bands of all time! 泡洙 (Utakata) is probably my favourite song of all time but was anyone else a little disappointed with 私ハ傀儡、猿轡ノ人形 (Watashi wa kairai, sarugutsuwa no ningyo)? I really want to love it as much as their previous releases but I just can't get into it unfortunately... Oh well still love them to death though
  7. Nightgaze19

    exist trace is my favourite band of all time so I inherently love everything but here are my thoughts: As someone who got into them as they were releasing things like TRUE and Daybreak which was pretty much their transition periods I like both versions of the band. That said I do like their darker/heavier rock stuff more but their newer "poppier" stuff has some qualities and are enjoyable if you get past the thought of them being a gothic band (though this might be a biased perspective admittedly) However they have had some questionable releases like Spiral Daisakusen though I don't hate that song per se it was still a little bit weak for me. However, since employing a more lighter or "sell out" sound as some would call it they have been trying to incorporate a darker style into their newer songs which leads me to believe that they're listening to the negative feedback they're getting for the poppy stuff. So for those of you who don't like their pop/rock stuff I encourage you to listen to songs like RAZE, BLAST, THIS IS NOW, and Feel as those songs have a more modern sound while still keeping to their gothic roots I also want to mention that it's totally fine to not like their new sound but some of the comments I've seen about their new sound are going a little too far. People need to understand that music is something that needs to evolve otherwise your sound will get stale, also music is their job they need to make money so unfortunately sometimes that means "selling out" and incorporating a more accessible sound but I find that most VK bands that do that leave that to the PV songs while the other songs remain relatively closer to their roots so you need to keep up with everything (though I understand that is literally impossible with all these amazing bands out there) But I totally understand why people don't like exist trace with their new sound and you are free to have your opinion and I don't expect my biased fan opinion to change that I just thought I'd add in my two cents and encourage those who are considering leaving the band for good to listen to the songs I previously mentioned and give them a second chance as I don't like seeing people just blindly saying "disband already" about my favourite band as I'm sure the people saying that wouldn't like it as well PS: I've had a couple drinks so this may not be 100% c ohesive but these are still essentially my thoughts
  8. Nightgaze19

    He started a new band called キズ (Kizu) and as expected it's great~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MgbB2k-xmZc
  9. Nightgaze19

    I'm so glad chariots made a comeback last year! I can't get enough of 閃光 (Senkou) and Yui~ Everything is amazing though~ Riku is one of my favourite VK vocalists of all time!
  10. Nightgaze19

    I have a bunch of favourite bands but my main VK artists are exist†trace, Nightmare, Aldious (not fully VK but they've done VK events so idk), Purple Stone, vistlip, 己龍 (Kiryu), NoGoD, コドモドラゴン (Codomo Dragon), ELYSION, REIGN, DaizyStripper, lynch., and so many more I could go all day really but I'm sure you could too XD
  11. Nightgaze19

    Hello everyone! My name is Nightgaze, but you can call me Night! I never really know what to say on these things but I suppose I should mention that, presumably like everyone else here, I am very passionate about Visual Kei (there are very few bands that I don't like) and wanted to join a strong community of great fans so it's nice to meet you all and I hope we can get along well!
  12. So I finally gave in and made a profile here~

    1. Shir0


      random but were you on JPA before? your nickname looks familiar lol

      oh and Welcome~ hope you enjoy your time here :D

    2. Nightgaze19


      Lol yeah I was I take it you were too then? 

      Thank you! ^_^

    3. Shir0


      yup :) but I didn't use it for about a year now XD

      anyway cool you joined MH!

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