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  1. Don’t know if you’ll see this but it’s nice to see another Gosan fan here!

  2. Sparrow

    Anyone else going to Toyosu in March? I missed the 3rd anniversary live because I broke my foot so I am just so excited for Pit
  3. I’m so freaking excited for Silent Memory! I’ve loved the song since I heard it at Zepp in August and they filmed the video in Shizuoka, which is where I did my study abroad in high school. I hope they mail my ticket soon 🙏
  4. Sparrow

    Premium ticket for 0.1g no Gosan’s anniversary live! ^ - ^
  5. Everyone looked awesome yesterday! I especially liked the pant/skirt look Tomoyuki had and Mari’s ouji look
  6. Sparrow

    Just look at this ridiculousness! XDD
  7. Sparrow

    That DVD is awesome!
  8. I can forgive them not being very good live because of the performances. They are just so damn fun live! Granted, I'm also a huge Alice Cooper fan and have been since elementary school...everyone knows you don't see him live for the singing XDD you go for the experience
  9. Howdy, I really like your avatar! It reminds me a bit of Hatsune Miku's 結ンデ開イテ羅刹ト骸 tho =)

    1. Sparrow


      Hey, thanks! It's from a shirt I got in Harajuku ^^

  10. Sparrow

    There are a couple of reasons why re-recordings sometimes make sense to me. For VK, the first few singles are usually made in extremely low quantities and are difficult to come by. I think in cases like this, bands feel weird releasing the exact same track again so they either re-record or remaster it. For other artists who have had a very long career, their style will usually have shifted dramatically (possibly even a few times) so re-recording their old songs can be a way to show what that song would have sounded like, had they released it now. For example, Alice Cooper released an iTunes EP in 2010 called Alice Does Alice, where he covered five of his early singles from '71-'75. While I was ambivalent to most of the tracks, I actually love the new version of I'm Eighteen just as much as I do the original!
  11. Sparrow

    Catching the towel at CANIVAL's birthday live for Kosuke and Luvia was the first time I'd ever caught anything at any concert! I actually suspect it was thrown to me specifically because I had recently been at the Xaa Xaa live where no one responded when Kazuki asked if people were having fun and saw how devastated he looked. When Kosuke asked the same question, I waited but no one did anything at first and I got worried so I started cheering (once I started, everyone else started). After that, I caught him smiling at me a few times during the set and then he threw it where only I could catch it. I might be imagining it though! So many Nero ones! At the M-ology CORE listening event, I got to meet them wearing my Nero shirt and he hugged me! Then at an instore the following week, he remembered me! Unlike a lot of foreigners in Japan, I don't stand out very much because I have black hair/eyes so I'm always surprised when people remember me, let alone a bandman who I met for like 10-15 seconds. Then, at the signing before the Shizuoka show a few months later, I was really convinced he wouldn't remember me because I had cut off all my hair. I should have had more faith in Nero because he still knew it was me right away and this time he asked my name so he could sign it to me. He misspelled it but I don't care; I felt really special. Getting to meet You from Gosan...I know a lot of people don't like him but he was so nice and really wanted to talk to me and ask questions. I mean, the guy doing the chekis was gone for some reason and I didn't want to be presumptuous so I was patiently waiting for him to come back but You called out to me and started a conversation. When I've met other bandmen, sometimes it's kinda awkward and I don't know what to say to them but he was easy to talk to. When we took the cheki, both of us immediately did the Zombie's Love Letter claws, and it was the perfect final experience before I left Japan.
  12. Sparrow

    Yep. The red one has the song Sakashima End Roll which completes the maxi single of that name (if you've ever wondered why that single didn't have a song with that name...that's why XD)
  13. Sparrow

    Ooh, did you manage to get this with the DVD still with it? It's pretty cool
  14. Sparrow

    2006 Dir en Grey (Family Values Tour Dallas) 2017-3-17 MERRY/sukekiyo/犬神サーカス團 (Misono Universe) 2017-4-30 ザアザア (Osaka Muse) 2017-5-5 MERRY (日比谷野外音楽堂) 2017-5-14 摩天楼オペラ (神戸VARIT) 2017-5-24 ゴア/素晴らしき日々。/アザナ/ゼログミ/一輪は瓦礫の隙間から/チャイルドプレイ (心斎橋FANJ) 2017-6-7 0.1gの誤差/ザアザア/SCAPEGOAT/Chanty/Neverland (高田馬場AREA) 2017-7-21 0.1gの誤差 (新宿RUIDO K4) 2017-8-7 ゴア/素晴らしき日々。/SCAPEGOAT/REIGN/HOLYCLOCK/KilloneX (大阪RUIDO) 2017-8-19 exist trace (恵比寿club aim) 2017-8-26 MERRY 渋谷www 2017-9-8 ゴア/グリーヴァ/グリモア/REIGN/ THE BLACK SWAN/GREEM (池袋EDGE) 2017-9-16 ザアザア/DADAROMA (HOLIDAY NEXT NAGOYA) 2017-9-18 ゴア/CANIVAL/BabyKingdom/シェルミィ/ビバラッシュ(梅田ZEELA) 2017-9-24 MERRY (静岡Sunash) 2017-9-27 0.1gの誤差/甘い暴力/REIGN/MORRIGAN (池袋EDGE) 2017-10-7 0.1gの誤差 (池袋CYBER)
  15. Sparrow

    Mine does have the panties still, lol they look just like these
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