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  1. Any official RIP announcement why VisualVice has been end?

    1. Shaolan974


      yeah, we posted an official announcement on our FB page https://www.facebook.com/visualviceofficial/ but it's in French ^^

  2. Hi, I already hold a kind of list where I do put all the names of bands who did disband and start this year. I also added bands who did go on a break(a break with a 100% coming back only). I wonder if people are interested in such list?? I didn't keep up with, WHEN a band disbanded (since for that you can use the search function), But I only saved the name. If so, I will also drop the list over here on MH. example
  3. Since it's already 06/13 in Japan, discussion about The GazettE new album - NINTH can be open. For myself, I didn't bought the album. Maybe I buy it later digitally at least if it will appear on worldwide itunes. But I'm still thinking, because I'm not a fan perse. Album is digital available at: Amazon EUROPE, (FR DE ES...) (Amazon Japan and US don't sell it) iTunes Japan (on 06/20) So, what are your thought's about the album and why should someone support the band this time? If you bought the physically CD, what did you think of the packaging and the price in overall. Is the price the quality worth it? As for what I've listened out of the PV Falling I must say that it doesn't sound that band. But if is really enough to support a band I actually never support? I give it a longer thought. But it sounds much much better than their early years. The GazettE - Ninth review After 3 years, The GazettE finally drops out an FULL album again. This time they called their album Ninth and released it in 4 different types. I myself went for the digital version. I thought I started to like the GazettE after LEECH. But the releases after it couldn't keep me listing to them and I still think DIM was their best album, even if DIM also not really fit's my taste. So will this finally change with Ninth?! After all the guys used 3 years to drop an album with only 2 singles in between and just a best album to fill up the time. Let's give it a listen. 1 99.999 [1:17] *** Intro track, which has some heavy beats and some strange up words a bit of electronic military vibe. Which lead into the next song. 2 Falling -NINTH MIX - [3:48] ***** The song starts quietly with a nice melody soon filled into a heavy guitar beat with a nice speed up. clean and grunting vocal fits and leads each other perfectly. Ruki's way of singing is just stunning. All breaks fits, guitar/bass and drum fits each other 100%. A song which is easy to like. and the song also ends quietly which leads you into the next song. 3 Ninth Odd Smell [3:23] ***** Stars nicely with some drumming beat which will flow in some heavy guitar beats and a harsh voice scream, then it's leads in some clean singing and some harsh singing and goes to clean singing and so on. Which totally not get's annoying its in perfect harmony. Just yes please! 4 Gush [3:27] ***** This song reminds me of some older songs of them but still different when the song is playing? Ruki's voice starts electric but it fits totally the melody and will turn later in Ruki's usually voice. The beat of the melody is nicely heavy in the parts Ruki sings more calmly and a good keeping up beat when the song is wild. It keeps up nice speed. Also the more harsh voice it's totally lovely. It's very easy to listen until the end. But the song still ends abrupt in the more electronic kind of beat. as it's broken. 5 The Mortal 4:04 ***** Starts with a typical dark heavy VK growl (in a good way). However after about 40 sec the song totally get's calmly and you hear a beautiful voice singing, which leads slowly into more heaviness. Also a perfect song in harmony. Melody doesn't get annoying and is very easy to listen until the end. Ruki's voice is full of emotion. Maybe a bit to calmly for my own taste but yet it's damn beautiful! Get me a bit more of this kind of songs! 6 虚蜩 [3:47]***** This song also starts calmy intro already leads you into a damn master melody. Ruki's voice is calmy like a beautiful ballad way, but with a kind of rock sound melody behind. Also you can hear emotion in his voice. 7 その声は脆く [5:02]**** ballad, at bit too calmly for my taste. But 100% a very nicely song for people who really like calmly songs in this kind of style. The way of singing, Ruki does it really beautifully. And melody is also 100% in harmony. It's very easy to listen to the end. 8 Babylon's Taboo [3:35]**** Some parts really sound a bit of as I know it from someone. Marlin Manson or something? However, this is also a nice song, melody doesn't get annoying. Also this song is filled with a more dark feeling. 9 裏切る舌 [3:30] **** The melody I did hear somewhere before, maybe some pierrot taste? But it has a nicely up beat which I've heard more times. Still GazettE has nicly adopt it and put in some own taste. The high pitch voice of Ruki in this song is also nice. I also like that they don't slow down when Ruki is singing more clean but just playing with a nice up speed which keeps the song nicely speed up. 10 Two Of A Kind [4:00] *** The start and the heavy parts of this song is a bit similar to 裏切る舌. It's like a version 2 with just slightly changes. this song doesn't really give me a wow blew away feeling. But the song is in harmony. 11 Abhor God [2:58] *** Starts as a heavy metal song, nice guitar riffs good drumming behind, nice bass vibe. good grunting screaming voice. But melody is looping up. 12 Unfinished [3:51] ***** The last song of the album, the song starts nicely fast with a more happy rock pop beat, a song which stays more easy into your head and with surly a typical gazette sound. Also a kind of different singing Ruki but that's amazing. A totally different but a nice closing song for the album. Final Thoughts, After so many years, The GazettE finally released an album I fully like. And that never happened before. In these 3 years of releasing only 2 singles and a best album. The guys surely did put something together which is easy to like a truly master piece, no more annoying breaks, slowing too much down etc . I really would like to listen more to this kind of Gazette, because this is what I always hoped they would go to. Surely people will totally dislike this album, but if you want real quality and something real nice for the ears, something you really can call music, then this album will surly give you that. Tomorrow I gonna purcahse it on itunes if available to give the band a bit extra support! Hopefully their next releases will be as so good as this one!
  4. Vo. Leo from "The Last Crane" will leave the band on 1/12 at Ikebukuro Black Hole . The band don't know yet if they will disband or will continue without him, they will discuss that matter on a later date. I hope someone can translate his full message maybe @cvltic?
  5. CD japan really have difficulties to stock the last single from merrybadend huh?


  6. The☆Pink'99 will release their first maxi-single at their upcoming live 07/21 at 早稲田ZONE-B.(Waseda ZONE-B). This single will be 500yen and only live venue sold. Tracklist: 錆びた歯車 デタラメな melody Goal 夢のカケラ you.can.free Recording digest youtube (please subscribe!!! -> even if you think it's pure shit, please do m(_ _)m) twitter Website Schedule (more to add soon?!) 07/21 早稲田ZONE-B.(Waseda ZONE-B). 08/12 早稲田ZONE-B.(Waseda ZONE-B) 09/01 池袋CHOP (Ikebukuro Chop) Youtube CD JACKET
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    I love the dislike of the gazette fans calling something really amazing TRASH. ❤ Totally did expect this all.
  8. BrenGun

    Any idea why they disband? Are they really that unloved?
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    Account is now a mix between private and business. 

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    On 2018/01/06 at 21:00(JST) EX-メリーバッドエンド drummer yuga (fka No.666) will have an announcement countdown website: https://countdown2018.wixsite.com/countdown Also Tetsu wrote the same thing on: 2018/01/01 Tetsu is: Vent Croix / Ba. ex.dexcore / Ba. Art for Art’s Sake / Vo. __________________________ 2018/01/06 update Vo.nancy, ba.tetsu and dr.yuga have announced to restart VENTCROIX at 2018/10/20 (SAT) at Mt.RAINIER HALL SHIBUYA PLEASURE PLEASURE. Also the band has announced to release their 1st single 「君が死んで2年が経ち、僕達はもう一度ステージに立つ」 on 01/10. The first song is part of their 1st project, to release ” 20 songs in 10 months” . In this project VENTCROIS will distribute singles and lyric videos on the 10th and 20th of every month, and in total there will be 20 songs on October 20th, the date of their first ONEMAN and return gig. Also on the official website, you will find the mission named “VC COUNTDOWN 3” Which includes the above named project. The other 2 missions are, [To run 5000km] and [To release 100 videos on Youtube] RELEASE: (All 1080 yen) 1st release: 2018/01/10: 「君が死んで2年が経ち、僕達はもう一度ステージに立つ」 2nd release: 2018/01/20: 「TBA」 3rd release: 2018/02/10: 「TBA」 4th release: 2018/02/20: 「TBA」 etc LIVE SCHEDULE VENTCROIX 1st ONEMAN <君が死んで2年が経ち、僕達はもう一度ステージに立つ> DATE:2018年10月20日(土) VENUE:Mt.RAINIER HALL SHIBUYA PLEASURE PLEASURE TICKET:¥3,800- / 当日:¥4,300- TIME:17:30 / 18:00 ※ticket purchase information will be announced on a later date ■VENTCROIX SNS ■Twitter @ventcroix_vc_2018 @nancy_vc_0506 @tetsu_vc_0404 @yuga_vc_0118 ■Instagram @ventcroix_vc_2018 @nancy_ventcroix_0506 @tetsu_ventcroix_0404 @yuga_ventcroix_0118 ■VENTCROIX YouTube ■VENTCROIX LINE@ ■VENTCROIX HP
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    Sadly it's gone since last week.
  12. I've no clue from which date it is... Maybe April or so..
  13. スネメガマフィー Sunamegamafy MEMBER Vocal: Tomo (ex. Japanese Babies) (ex. 4marble colors) Guitar Toru (ex. タルタル(Tarutaru)BRAIN) (ex. セロニアス(Seroniasu)) Bass: Ken (ex. Calmando Qual) (ex. THE HIGH GRIP) Drums: Kyoushi  (ex. nil)  Discography: 2015/xx/xx | スネメガマフィー | single 2017/08/13 | スネメガマフィー | mini album HISTORY 2013/12, After Tomo ended his last band (4marble colors) he and kenka talked about starting a new band. And so Toru and Kyoushi also joined and Sunamegamafi was born. 2014/04 from that date the band started to rehearsing and at 6/28 the band did hold their first live at Shin Koenji CLUB LINER. 2014/11/22: At Nishi Ogikubo FRIDAY the band holded their first ONEMAN show. 2015/04/18 1st Maxi single release at ikebukuro chop 2015/10/24 at Shin Koenji CLUB LINER, the band did hold their first self-organized event [魂 、心 、人 、結ぶ] 2017/08/13 Yotsuya OUTBRAKE 1st mini album release. Official Facebook
  14. BrenGun

    The☆Pink'99 are: vo.渋田博之 (Shibu) twitter / instagram ba.杉村剛一 (Sugi) gu.後藤邦彦 (Goto) dr.金子敏也 (Kaneko) Shibu started the band in 1999 and is still active with the band since then. Their sound is rocky punk rock'n'roll! Music which comes straight from the heart and beats down the daily stress. Shibu is also active solo a song can be listened here. Official Homepage http://artist.aremond.net/thepink99/ Official Twitter https://twitter.com/ThePink99 Music:
  15. BrenGun

    The☆Pink'99 will release their first maxi-single at their upcoming live 07/21 at 早稲田ZONE-B.(Waseda ZONE-B). This single will be 500yen and only live venue sold. Tracklist: 錆びた歯車 デタラメな melody Goal 夢のカケラ you.can.free Recording digest youtube (please subscribe!!! -> even if you think it's pure shit, please do m(_ _)m) twitter Website Schedule (more to add soon?!) 07/21 早稲田ZONE-B.(Waseda ZONE-B). 08/12 早稲田ZONE-B.(Waseda ZONE-B) 09/01 池袋CHOP (Ikebukuro Chop) Youtube CD JACKET
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    And the band will disband (again?) at 2018/07/07 http://herene.com/index.html
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    yakuza~ haha
  18. Guess, getting a Tattoo in Japan is really gonna happen.
    Expensive or not, it's already a long long wish! 

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    Hahahaha... That's what a former VAMPIRE would do huh?! eating eating eating But well we have such kind of drama also in the west world of music. It's always amusing
  20. メリーバッドエンド(Merry Badend) will release a new single at postponed to 2018.07.04 Also they will hold a tour, first 3 dates known are 5/26 Osaka FANJI, 5/27 NAGOYA HOLIDAY NEXT & 5/31 Ikebukuro Edge And the tour final will be a ONEMAN at 6/30 Nagoya ell.FITS ALL However more details will be announced on a later moment. source DRR twitter
  21. BrenGun

    What's overseas popular doesn't mean it's popular in Japan. Also sometimes bands throw out CD releases even if they are not that popular. Same goes for appearing in venues. Some bandman have pretty good connections or just a bag full of money. I doubt it's pretty much not really possible to know a band popularity. Unless you know how many people always attent a bands live. livehouse capacity is a thing but only for one-man gigs. 2-man 3-man gigs.. well maybe the other band is more popular. And then still... how many people went? was it full? half full? even more less? I think it's pretty hard to know for us fans if a band is really that popular. But as for your website, you can check out how many people own or want a CD. However also not ever user on your website keeps up the list of owned and wishing CD's....