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  1. Twitter: https://twitter.com/DirtyDarkling member twitter can be found here https://twitter.com/DirtyDarkling/following
  2. Twitter Facebook Instagram Any fans of this band over here? Junichi really made a nice band to listen too.
  3. BabyKingdom will release a new single named ミステリアスパレード (Mysterious parade) at 2017/03/08 however details aren't announced yet Price will be: 2,160 yen source: http://zeallink.jp/products/detail.php?product_id=10508 band official twitter https://twitter.com/babykingdom_mtp
  4. The☆Pink'99 Shinjuku Merry-go-round 2018.04.21 live digest. おとぎ話の世界 LIVE MV Trash! LIVE MV
  5. The☆Pink'99 are: vo.渋田博之 (Shibu) twitter / instagram ba.杉村剛一 (Sugi) gu.後藤邦彦 (Goto) dr.金子敏也 (Kaneko) Shibu started the band in 1999 and is still active with the band since then. Their sound is rocky punk rock'n'roll! Music which comes straight from the heart and beats down the daily stress. Shibu is also active solo a song can be listened here. Official Homepage http://artist.aremond.net/thepink99/ Official Twitter https://twitter.com/ThePink99 Music:
  6. collaboration!!! Original artwork by Shibu (The☆Pink'99 vocal). Saw his original sketch and coloring and wanted to give it a digital rough try. His instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shibu19720908/ Didn't remember that to line-art drawings was such pain in the ass. lol. But maybe I will color some more in the future. Also nice to practice more comic coloring.
  7. Pretty much from last year only. Last year I drew a lot, seems I even lost some Hayato drawings. Also an official band LINE sticker set is coming up. But process goes slow. Drawings are ready, however still TEXT need to be added. Other official band designs, I will share in the very near future. More
  8. Today after the band finished their oneman live at Minabi BLITZ Akasaka, the band announced that they will release a new Single and DVD. Also on April 21 the band will hold a fan meeting at Shinjuku RUIDO K4. And a second oneman tour will be this June and ticket sale will start today at 22:00 Japanese time. ■Release■【2018 SRPING RELEASE】 ▼9th Single 「銀の贖罪」(Gin no shokuzai) ▼LIVE DVD 「アンフィル GRAND FINAL 3rd ANNIVERSARY ONEMAN LIVE「timeless & feel. -永遠のない世界-」」@マイナビBLITZ赤坂」 「Anfiel GRAND FINAL 3rd ANNIVERSARY ONEMAN LIVE 「timeless & feel - Eien no nai sekai 」」@ mainabi BLITZ Akasaka」 【Live】 ONEMAN TOUR 2018 「KiLLER GOURMET」 source: http://www.club-zy.com/news_detail.php?UID=vwVfbF3vj9WABrvq ■Official Site http://anfiel.tokyo ■Official LINE http://line.me/ti/p/%40dkw8556l ■Official Twitter https://twitter.com/anfiel_official ■Official ONLINE SHOP http://shop.anfiel.tokyo
  9. dieS, big announcement on 21/04
    Announcement:【dieS 13th anniversary GIG-官能検査-】

    2018.7.28(sat) 下北沢MOSAiC


    -_- not that special. 

  10. It was GACKT, But it's already so long ago, so I don't know which song I did listen as first from him. But it was kinda in 2000-2001. And then soon to Dir En Grey, Janne Da Arc, Pierrot, Rice....
  11. CD will be live limited and official webshop limited.
  12. There will be also a photobook available at the lives.(live limited) 長男:ASAGI (as first son) 次男:樹威 (as second son) 三男:yo-ka (as third son) will be 2500yen I guess style of photos will be kimono woman style. Also as for limited bonus for both CD & photobook. a DVD with an offshot of CD and photobook.
  13. On 2018/05/12 a new band will start named EVERSSIC, they hold their first live at Takadanobaba AREA at that date. and they will drop their first mini album 『SAIL ON MUSIC』 on 05/14 A-TYPE(CD+DVD) GOD CHILD RECORDS/GCR-162/¥3,000(税別) 5 songs + DVD『SAIL AWAY』music video & Bonus photo/ Special Limited Edition Members vo. masaya Gt. 薫 (Kaoru) Gt. .Daiju Ba. ゆづき Yudzuki Dr. ケイタ keita http://everssic.com Original Japanese
  14. On 2018/01/06 at 21:00(JST) EX-メリーバッドエンド drummer yuga (fka No.666) will have an announcement countdown website: https://countdown2018.wixsite.com/countdown Also Tetsu wrote the same thing on: 2018/01/01 Tetsu is: Vent Croix / Ba. ex.dexcore / Ba. Art for Art’s Sake / Vo. __________________________ 2018/01/06 update Vo.nancy, ba.tetsu and dr.yuga have announced to restart VENTCROIX at 2018/10/20 (SAT) at Mt.RAINIER HALL SHIBUYA PLEASURE PLEASURE. Also the band has announced to release their 1st single 「君が死んで2年が経ち、僕達はもう一度ステージに立つ」 on 01/10. The first song is part of their 1st project, to release ” 20 songs in 10 months” . In this project VENTCROIS will distribute singles and lyric videos on the 10th and 20th of every month, and in total there will be 20 songs on October 20th, the date of their first ONEMAN and return gig. Also on the official website, you will find the mission named “VC COUNTDOWN 3” Which includes the above named project. The other 2 missions are, [To run 5000km] and [To release 100 videos on Youtube] RELEASE: (All 1080 yen) 1st release: 2018/01/10: 「君が死んで2年が経ち、僕達はもう一度ステージに立つ」 2nd release: 2018/01/20: 「TBA」 3rd release: 2018/02/10: 「TBA」 4th release: 2018/02/20: 「TBA」 etc LIVE SCHEDULE VENTCROIX 1st ONEMAN <君が死んで2年が経ち、僕達はもう一度ステージに立つ> DATE:2018年10月20日(土) VENUE:Mt.RAINIER HALL SHIBUYA PLEASURE PLEASURE TICKET:¥3,800- / 当日:¥4,300- TIME:17:30 / 18:00 ※ticket purchase information will be announced on a later date ■VENTCROIX SNS ■Twitter @ventcroix_vc_2018 @nancy_vc_0506 @tetsu_vc_0404 @yuga_vc_0118 ■Instagram @ventcroix_vc_2018 @nancy_ventcroix_0506 @tetsu_ventcroix_0404 @yuga_ventcroix_0118 ■VENTCROIX YouTube ■VENTCROIX LINE@ ■VENTCROIX HP
  15. Quiet Rain are: Vo. KEKE(NOW) Gt. 舜 (Shun)(NEiN/覇叉羅/JILS) https://twitter.com/QuietRain_K_S https://twitter.com/keke_0630 https://twitter.com/shun_thefuzzbox Also they will release their first single Quiet at 2018/01/24 at itunes and line music. __ I can't wait for this duo
  16. pff I did LINE HAKUA like EH! KAISAN?! But he didn't reply (-_-)/// I was about to tell him that I would go to Tokyo this year
  17. Also their 2nd single is out at itunes [LIFE TIME] Release date: 2018.4.15 1.life time 2.picuture
  18. I believe they never announced one?
  19. However if you count the smaller vkei bands. The only interesting guy for me is Hibiki (ex.Calmando Qual) He broke his silence towards me last June~August? semi-follows me on twitter. And since after my Tokyo vacation of last year, he opened up to me more. so let's see where that strange "friendship?" will lead too. However it's easy to talk to bandman who are lesser popular, they reply 99% of all the time. But I pretty much lost interest to give vkei bandman attention. Because their words are filled with lies anyway. o.o
  20. I still don't get why @Hanielis a single guy. Brazilian woman are really blind to not catch such beautiful guy!
  21. This year Tokyo vacation gonna be great again. (band/(gravure)model )photo shoots, underground rock and punk live gigs, meeting fun people!   

    Can't wait to be back. 


    and then I definitely take a 3-4 weeks MH online break :D 

  22. and a baby is born
  23. No.. then still those international bans should be in the international forum. But people don't want to split up the news forum in non-visual and visual news. Because we could use a tag. but we never really did vote for it tho. or @Zeusmaybe shall we vote for it?
  24. Bands return often under a new look or new name. And even if they do sound the same, whatever (^o^) sometimes an image change is good. and lux. were not that bad. Hope they stay longer together now! At least at 5/22 they play with some nice bands, would have gone if I could!.
  25. For those who wanna grab that single in tokyo The Event details: When: 5/22 VENUE: Ikebukuro blackhole CAST: HAKLO / LAVANS / 虹彩☆RaveL / ユメリープ / MAD LIP / ミウラアイム OPEN: 16:00 / START: 16:30 ADV: ¥3,300 / DOOR: ¥3,800(+D) NO BAND RESERVATION Tickets only via E+ start sale at 4/22