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  1. When you wanna sleep, but cannot cutt of a chat with someone, because if you do, he will be angry...

    1. Takadanobabaalien


      sounds like a very healthy relationship 

    2. ricchubunny


      That's kinda abusive

    3. BrenGun


      It's a typical Japanese mind.


      very healthy friendship, not really.


      I always should watch my words if I talk to him...



      But Japanese men are hard to understand anyway... 

  2. ex.CASSIS/ex.ジャルダン(Jaldan), じゅんじぃ(Junji) has start a new project band 「故ニ語ル」 (YUE NI KATARU) Support members: ba. 朱茜 (Akane )ex.マゼルナキケン gu. 幸子 (sachiko) ex-Sunawachi Saga https://twitter.com/YUENIKATARU https://twitter.com/xx1921xx_jj https://twitter.com/akane_04090 https://twitter.com/s_saga_sachiko live schedule 3.22 somewhere in Osaka 4.05 NEW SCREAM CIRCUIT'19 (venue tba) ______ Well hopefully it last longer than the previous 2. XD
  3. BrenGun

    Vkei has too many awful, horrible vocalists. And you have to hear a band live to judge if someone can hit the tones how they have recorded them. verxina recorded shizzel is listenable, but the voice of the vocalist,, mmm it's as so many others... But since you saw them, If you cannot remember it, then it was neither good or bad. amazing or bad vocalists you always remember 😛 unless you are drunk as...
  4. BrenGun

    His voice is a typical VKei voice nothing special, doesn't give the music any real extra feeling. which makes vkei in general totally boring for me tho. Can't they just give us their real voice? But, melody is nice, but can they also do it like this live? how would be his voice without filter 😛 Because then you notice if a band is really that skilled So if they ever pour out any live footage, please share it!~ After all I give them Hopefully they will stay alive longer than 2 years o.o
  5. BrenGun

    somehow those faces looks familiar 100% that Ryota guy.. who was he...
  6. BrenGun

    Any information of the members? Or are the guys all new to the vkei world?
  7. BrenGun

    It would be useful to meet people around the world.
  8. isn't there any band who was called Re:Member?  or something similar?

    Still try to figure out who the members from NETH PRIERE CAIN are. 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. BrenGun


      At least I guess the vocalist is also ex-クチナシ. 

      Guitarist and Bass I don't know o.o 

    3. ricchubunny


      hmm i can't Re:Member

    4. BrenGun


      You should know it actually haha....


      But I guess the vocalist is also linked to クチナシ

      Not sure about the guitarist and bass tho... 


      Can't you ask Ryu? I feel stupid if I would ask him...

  9. BrenGun

    I didn't listen to any other 2018 releases at all... Ok let's go for 2018 NEiN - バースディ -EP- Quiet Rain - 哀歌 Quiet Rain - ROUGE Quiet Rain - LIFE TIME Quiet Rain - Quiet The Pink'99 - you can free Merry Badend - 生殖ノ経典 DEVIZE - UNCERTAIN DEVIZE - LAST ONE MAN LIVE『意味』DVD REIREI - 炸裂ナゴPOWER - REIREI- 麗麗十周年記念メモリアルアルバム思い出でら盛りMAX!! Kousai Ravel - パラレル Rizu - 星の降る教室 (2nd press) RGDY (ラガディ) - UNREQUITED The Gazette - NINTH -
  10. BrenGun

    Hopefully I can keep it up for this year, but I surely won't listen to many bands, but here is what I listen too. Kousai Ravel - Mousou Rabbit (I still think that the vocalist isn't a good vocalist, but musically they are alright) i.D.A - 神話双星記 (I prefer i.D.A above NETH) NETH PRIER CAIN - 神話双星記 蘭図 (Rands) - Inferiority Complex & Narcissism It's listenable, nothing special, lot's of looping melody, it's smooth, that's all, but 100% not a WOW thing.
  11. Listing to IDA and NETH all day...


    Don't understand why people say they suck....


    It really doesn't sound bad at all...

    1. saiko


      I was one of the guys who said that, and I can't believe this is happening lol

    2. saiko


      How long have you been listening to vk?

    3. BrenGun


      How long?


      About, 18 years I guess now...


      I did start with

      Dir en Grey


      Janne Da Arc



      TM revolution



      So yeah, I'm into visual kei for a long time.


      and back then I also did listen to jpop and anime music a lot...


      Visual Kei started to be important to me when I discovered Calmando Qual. <- a band who many here also dislike, even if they pour out good/great music. 




      If a band can play their music smooth, if it's good for the ears, if it's easy to enjoy.

      It's good music... IDA and NETH don't have anything what really can be disliked.

      But I must say they don't play the typical vkei music most people like now days. 


      But everyone has their own taste,


      But to call IDA and NETH awful bands, it's a bit of.... 


      But I agree on their looks... It's something which can look a bit more amazing but now days visual kei looks more the same and just not that cool anymore.  But music is not about looks but about music.

  12. FB: PERSON saw your Story.

    Why the hell does FB need to notice you for everything....



  13. CD tracklist: 1.妄想ラビット (Mousou rabbit) 2.ぼけた兎 (Boketa usagi) 3.虹色rumble (Nijiiro rumble)
  14. BrenGun

    yeah, and this is good-kei. looks could Maybe be better but sound is really good. nothing wrong with it.
  15. BrenGun

    Ohh so title track is the same song, just own version (*_*) Both sound damn amazing! really nice! But I like iDA a bit more, since the voice is a bit higher.. sounds more bright / powerful. btw, I am pretty sure that IDA vocalist is also the vocalist of iLLFAME.