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  1. nya, nothing about his voice. just that his condition suddently went worse after the gig. To me it sounds as some drama is going on.
  2. BrenGun

    CD will be available via iTunes soon.
  3. you are too fast... I made mistake, it's due medically treatment. But on the 14th he was all healthy and genki on stage. So I guess some other shizzel is going on, also his twitter got restricted so maybe some people reported that dude XD
  4. マチルダ (Mathilda) vo. 喰(ku) will be temporarily on a break. Due medically treatment. The band will continue a while without him. Also he started his own twitter: https://twitter.com/Qu_mathilda
  5. A scruffy-looking art teacher who everyone believes is absolutely still a virgin... is actually an extremely handsome guy with a sadistic streak?! He’s the only man who’s ever snuffed the advances of the truly devilish high school girl Ichika who thinks that all men are easy marks. His name is Mr. Hazama (or as Ichika calls him, the scrufflord). In a bout of pure anger, Ichika proclaims that she is going to make him fall for her, and she gleefully puts her plans in motion to make the target of her irritation love her. But... as she gets closer and sees him without his glasses on she finds out he’s actually handsome?! And then when she asks him why he’s disguising himself, Mr. Hazama shoves her onto the bed... and he starts acting like a completely different person?! Now that she knows his secret, Ichika finds herself falling for him... Buy at Amazon VOL.1 VOL.2 "I don't think of us as just childhood friends. "What do you do when you wake up half-naked... next to a childhood friend?! Himari's always yearned for a real true love, but she's always finding her efforts blocked because everyone thinks her childhood friend Aoto who's ALWAYS hanging around her is actually her boyfriend. One day, she wakes up after drinking WAY too much at a mixer while trying to find the boyfriend of her dreams... only to find herself in a hotel wearing only her underwear and lying next to a half-naked Aoto?! "Hold on a minute... Don't tell me Aoto and I... did it?!" He's so childish and unreliable, so for Himari to feel her heart race when seeing him as a man for the first time just seems... totally unexpected! Can childhood friends really fall in love...? Vol.1
  6. build in don't block all popup. most dangerous popups don't get blocked by the build in. 😂 I don't post bot posts!
  7. While installing the newest edition of Malwarebytes, the program pointed me to an app I installed in chrome: Poper Blocker seemed to be have snoopware inside. I'm not sure if this is only for mobile users or if the snoopware also hit's our PC's. While running Malwarebytes now, I don't find any threat. But to be sure I gonna run some security checks. If I find something I will let you guys know. Anyway if you have it installed, be sure to deinstal it and to run some security checks to clean up your device again. This has been found quite recently (at the end of July) Also in the article, there are more popup blockers mentioned. So be sure to check it out, and bookmark it! So while googling the thing, I came across this article. https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2018/07/snoopware-installed-by-11-million-ios-android-chrome-and-firefox-users/ and on reddit:
  8. be sure to make a full backup when it's fully back again
  9. BrenGun

    Oh wait, I remember now... But, maybe their next release will sound more amazing Looking forward to listen to their new release... it can be more worse or even be more amazing.
  10. BrenGun

    but new line-up? Did some members left the band then?!
  11. BrenGun

    CD cover
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    great idea for towels
  14. So he gonna be a solo vocalist now? I wonder how that will be sound like.
  15. BrenGun

    So this I brought with me from Japan back home. This time not that much, but the stuff I brought with me has a special value. Some more than others... Some stuff I got free as a gift