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  1. check for KLACK and you know his voice is horrible. he didn't improve himself that much.
  2. idol debut! disband I doubt with such picture guess maybe a tour with a brand new release.
  3. 蟲の息 -MUSHI NO IKI- was already formed in November last year. Their first live as on 2017/21/21 Members Vo. u (ex.klack) Gt. Shinya (Vagu Project) Ba. Ryo-Ta (蟲の息/Exception/Omega Dripp/湾岸の羊-sheep lving on the edge-/IZANAGI/The Reverations) Support Drums: Hayato (The Nostradamnz) Support Drums: SHIZUKI (first live only) Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/mu_shi_no_i_ki https://twitter.com/u_0629_u https://twitter.com/Ryota666J https://twitter.com/nkmr_shinya (past) Schedule 2017/12/21 Holiday Shinjuku 2018/02/05 club SCIENCE 2018/04/23 Holiday Shinjuku 2018/05/11 Shinjuku Club SCIENCE 2018/05/27 Yokosuka Pumpkin 2018/06/06 Shibuya VUENOS
  4. True that's why I also wonder where he saw it. (As far my guess went to, he actually did use google translate for the name)
  5. really? all those Japanese news websites didn't wrote it as "rei" since they all wrote "(読み方:ゼロセイセン)" So where the hell did you saw that it was translated as "rei" o.o @ricchubunny Thanks would have been strange if those official new websites would have shared the wrong reading way. Also the original Japanese article as been written by the famous news writer 長澤智典 Nagasawa Tomonori. Would be strange if he got the name wrong. I even got the original article in my e-mail box which was send also too all those Japanese news websites. lol
  6. Twitter: https://twitter.com/DirtyDarkling member twitter can be found here https://twitter.com/DirtyDarkling/following
  7. Twitter Facebook Instagram Any fans of this band over here? Junichi really made a nice band to listen too.
  8. The☆Pink'99 Shinjuku Merry-go-round 2018.04.21 live digest. おとぎ話の世界 LIVE MV Trash! LIVE MV
  9. collaboration!!! Original artwork by Shibu (The☆Pink'99 vocal). Saw his original sketch and coloring and wanted to give it a digital rough try. His instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shibu19720908/ Didn't remember that to line-art drawings was such pain in the ass. lol. But maybe I will color some more in the future. Also nice to practice more comic coloring.
  10. dieS, big announcement on 21/04
    Announcement:【dieS 13th anniversary GIG-官能検査-】

    2018.7.28(sat) 下北沢MOSAiC


    -_- not that special. 

  11. It was GACKT, But it's already so long ago, so I don't know which song I did listen as first from him. But it was kinda in 2000-2001. And then soon to Dir En Grey, Janne Da Arc, Pierrot, Rice....
  12. CD will be live limited and official webshop limited.
  13. There will be also a photobook available at the lives.(live limited) 長男:ASAGI (as first son) 次男:樹威 (as second son) 三男:yo-ka (as third son) will be 2500yen I guess style of photos will be kimono woman style. Also as for limited bonus for both CD & photobook. a DVD with an offshot of CD and photobook.
  14. pff I did LINE HAKUA like EH! KAISAN?! But he didn't reply (-_-)/// I was about to tell him that I would go to Tokyo this year
  15. Also their 2nd single is out at itunes [LIFE TIME] Release date: 2018.4.15 1.life time 2.picuture