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  1. Huh? Paypal charge more money to send money to friends?

    Or did I just use the wrong option to pay my friend?!

    I had to pay 4euro.... 

    Before I only payed like 10cent or something.....

    anybody an Idea?

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    2. BrenGun


      Will check it next time! 


      But well, it's still cheaper than using direct banktransfer form my bank to a bank outside of the EU.

      Those costs are like 20euro =_= 

    3. SubThatSong


      Within EU is amazing, sending money between Sweden and Finland, different banks... and often the damn money has arrived the day after, and it's free. Absolutely win.
      I haven't done bank transfers outside of EU and hope to not do so, I've heard some horror stories of those fees, 20€ to move some money, just... ridiculous

    4. Komorebi


      Super jealous that you Europeans get to choose who decides your currency exchamge rate or even send money as friends :c

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