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  1. I think they never return.
  2. should be good!
  3. No, not the band, but their guitarist, so that dude will pause his activities. and might will be into a session band at 1/20.
  4. Azero will disband at their live of 2/16 at Shinjuku Holiday.
  5. Maybe someone could point out some stuff? so that people don't need to read the full thread?
  6. DEVIZE still might sell the t-shirt. But if you want to know what they are selling, you also can email, double river record, email can be found at their website. however they always sell cheki.
  7. yup, thats right.
  8. リズare… gt/vo. 緑玉歌留多 (from ロクダマカルタ) gt. Tak (ex.Calmando qual/dieS) ba. 時雨 (from RHEDORIC) dr. 一葉 (from 罰×ゲヰム) https://twitter.com/Rs_archives Did anybody did check them up? I never saw them live, and I also didn't saw any news here on MH? start was in April 2016 with a different line-up R’s gt/vo. 緑玉歌留多 (@RoqudamaCarta) gt. SATSUKI (@XaoceSATSUKI) ba. 真 (@shin__bassist) dr. 純 (@jun_shadowmoon) then the band did go on a break in September 2016 and came back this year at June (2017) gv.緑玉歌留多(@RoqudamaCarta) gt.Tak(ex.Calmando qual @Tak_prs_metal) ba.真(ex.サリィ @shin__bassist) dr. 一葉(from 罰×ゲヰム @Xgame_kazuha) Guitarist and Drummer has been replaced with new members. and since October ba. 時雨 (from RHEDORIC) has taken the place of ba.真(ex.サリィ @shin__bassist) also they seem to have a DEMO CD So, any fans here?
  9. he also? Their support guitarist will also leave.
  10. DiSPiИA has released a new song リストカット (wrist cut) via twitter (free to download) on December 10th as an early xmas gift. Also today they shared their new look
  11. @sujiwhy you thought that?
  12. I don't think he will delete the site, he also wrote that he hopes to return this June with a renewal. So maybe he takes 6 months to develop something new? anyway his personal twitter and instagram https://twitter.com/kuwavkdb https://www.instagram.com/kuwavkdb/ @doombox I guess that won't happen. There is nothing written that the site will be deleted. Only that the site will be go on a break this January.
  13. DEVIZE - meaningless cover is only BLACK with 「meaningless」in a bit of blooddroppy font.


    pretty much discribing the word "meaningless"

  14. REVINE will disband at 2/2 at shishaibashi fanji- twice (osaka) live.