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  1. BrenGun

    And that's what bandman shouldn't forget. Even being in a VK band means you also have to put in own money to keep your band alive. And not everything what you do get's paid. Being a bandman should be a hobby something you love to do, whenever you get rich from it or not. And hobbies do cost own money. That's life that's how it is. Of course it's interesting how much it really costs, you can come up with a list from the costs but then proof it with real prices, the prices you really paid for something. Yet, showing off like this bandman did, kinda tells me "pay us dammit or otherwise we need to quit with the band"
  2. BrenGun

    I doubt it's that much. haha, my friend if we add a cost of 1 day 10,000 yen × num band members & staffs So in Japan, Using DTM to ray off members from band of idol.
  3. BrenGun

    I wonder who will design this time their CD. But their looks are better than their music.
  4. BrenGun

    Materialism vs Spiritualism 45.0% 55.0% Egoism vs Altruism 62.1% 37.9% Idealism vs Pragmatism 44.7% 55.3% Hedonism vs Asceticism 61.4% 38.6% Nihilism vs Moralism 60.0% 40.0% Rationalism vs Romanticism 55.2% 44.8% Skepticism vs Absolutism 50.0% 50.0%
  5. sounds amazing. much greater than the album from last year.
  6. I still don't think Toshi is a good vocalist, however somehow it's still listenable tho. New look is beautiful. Looking forward to the full PV. New single will cost 1500yen+tax. Hopefully more than 1 song o.o
  7. Nohara Kana's been a biology teacher at high school for 4 years, but 6 months ago she started coming to school with a letter of resignation in her purse every single day... One day, she happens to catch her new transfer student named Ohno sneaking a kiss in the corner of the biology lab with a girl from a different class. Kana scolds him, but he simply responds with, "I'm dropping out." Kana can't help but shout back at him in anger that she actually wants to quit as well!! ... then realizes what she just said and flees the scene, not noticing that her letter of resignation had fallen out of her bag... Later that night, Ohno shows up at Kana's house with the letter of resignation in hand, but demands that she let him stay at her place and that he'll go to school if she does... but also that he'll sue her for sexual harassment if she resigns?! And so begins our story of an overly serious lady teacher, a troubled student, and their dangerous new living situation! Buy on amazon "I've never had sex with a guy before, but this actually feels... really good!" My name is Shinano, and I'm a university student with many, many friends of the opposite sex. I end up at a German Club meetup trying to find myself some new numbers for my phone when I notice a super straight-laced older guy who's not really fitting in. My curiosity's peaked so I strike up a conversation only to find myself... drawn to him for some reason? His voice, his style, his smile... well, guess I'm taking him home with me tonight!! "Well, this is actually... super tight." It's both of our first times having sex with another guy, but he's... so sexy and adorable at the same time?! I've slept with so many girls before, but I've never had chemistry with one of them like this before. But then when I wake up in the morning... he's gone?! I don't even know his real name! How am I supposed to see him (and hopefully have sex with him) again...?! Buy
  8. double river record/ holiday next nagoya STAFF "KABEYA" .

    She will retire form the lable and live house.


    She was mainly supporting Merry Badend and DEVIZE.



    Sad to see her going.

  9. BrenGun

    Next time just edit the topic, without to mention it in a quote please 😛
  10. Both bands will release their first and same named single [神話双星記(Shinwa futaboshiki)] on 2019.01.30 CD only will be 1500 yen (tax-out) and CD+DVD will be 2000 yen (tax out) TYPE-A: CD+DVD (2 tracks + DVD) TYPE-B: CD only (3 tracks) Tracklist NPC: 1.神話双星記 2.Artemis 3. SLEEPER (CD ONLY) [DVD] 「神話双星記」(MUSIC CLIP) Tracklist IDA: 1.神話双星記 2.Wrath 3. hatred (CD ONLY) [DVD] 「神話双星記」(MUSIC CLIP) NEW LOOK NPC NEW LOOK IDA
  11. BrenGun

    vkei is dead in europe..
  12. BrenGun

    netherlands, and no problem with mobile on wifi. so i doubt in pc would be different.
  13. BrenGun

    disband. 活動停止 activity stop. Just a different word for Disband. reading the other text it's prety clear that they mean disband. And yeah last year when I saw them, the had like 3 fans lol.
  14. people spread rumors because of jealousy or out of anger, or sadness. people read it, because it's fun to read.