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  1. Since Today マゼルナキケン。 ‏(Mazerunakiken.) has a new member: Ba.朱茜 (Akane) https://twitter.com/Mazeruna_akane Also the band will release their first single on 08/09 which is named「依存と嫉妬」 (Izon to shitto) Also they will hold a live gig on that date. Also their new image has been published CD info 01. 依存と嫉妬 (Izon to shitto) 02. 恋死曲 (Koijini kyoku) 1500yen CD+DVD: The DVD includes the MV or Izon to Shitto.
  2. Maybe their PV isn't produced by Kiwamu himself. They did publish the PV on their youtube/twitter on May 31. Which is a song of their 1st CD. (which they released themselves). So I doubt it's shoot by Kiwamu. And to get concert gigs, well... starwave doesn't really pull out real amazing events. But maybe it's more easy to get invited.... We will see how this band will go to under Kiwamu. Hopefully their own ego is strong enough to create the music THEY want. However... sometimes bands really go into a WTF direction all by themselves. (aka CQ).
  3. BrenGun

    The band belongs to http://www.delfisound.co.jp/ label where vistlip is also signed to.
  4. lol, you right, However the news article made it feel as it was their release of May. Because the kanji was "latest" but the band updated their twitter. And they announced new single.
  5. As on 2018/06/22 it has been announced that L.A bate has joined Starwave Records L.A bate Web http://la-bate.com L.A bate twitter https://twitter.com/l_a_bate The band will drop their PV [GET FxxK Hxx] on the upcoming DVD of 『Starwave Records Vol.6』 Also their new single 「Welcome to Fuckin' Party」 will be released on 9/28 New look: [GET FxxK Hxx] MV FULL
  6. Yep, they signed to starwave records...
  7. and movie of the single announcement Also the band will hold an event at 8/16
  8. BrenGun

    Shibu is solo also very amazing. The Pink'99 ~Next Schedule: 6/30 Koenji Club Liner 7/7 Ikebukuro Chop 7/21 waseda ZONE-B 8/12 waseada ZONE-B 9/1 Ikebukuro Chop
  9. BrenGun

    At least they don't use photoshop
  10. non-vkei bands are the best ❤️


  11. BrenGun

    doesn't this software work to rip DVD's? http://www.dvddecrypter.org.uk/
  12. BrenGun

    Yes, but well I don't mind it since only like LEECH of all previous songs. 😂 But I can understand it, well maybe their next slbum has more standout songs,. composed in the great way they put inside this album. but Hopefully we don't need to wait another 3 years. Also, yes, Ruki is a nice vocalist. not the best but his voice is listenable and that was it from the very start too.
  13. BrenGun

    fans don't understand (*´∀`) but if you listen to this album (Which I love) and if you listen to previews albums. you surely discover what I mean.
  14. BrenGun

    because it sound as a totally mess. strange breaks, shit guitar play. drums and guitar don't flow with each other. melody not in harmony with vocal. just no. of course its in harmony because dogma is like that but its far from the perfection on song composing. so afyerall dogma is far from being in the harmony I mean. compair the composing it with this album. then you might get what I mean. its hard to explain. maybe I shall cut off part of songs to explain it?