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  1. they will disband at the 26th at ikebukuro ruido k3
  2. maybe they will. Last pv they didn't share but who knows they will this time. also Last time they didn't release a CD with a Pv at all.
  3. guess the guy did say "f#$k you" to Kiwamu. But to quit with music, we will see, band people say that more often that they stop, however then they show up anyway in a different band. for example " TOKAMI 1000"
  4. If I understand it right: DEVIZE and Merry badend will release a (prototype) free single 「NEO PUPA'18」at the DR SUMMIT 2017 tour; 2017年11月3日(金)巣鴨獅子王 2017年11月4日(土)仙台spacezero 2017年11月17日(金)福岡DRUM SON 2017年11月19日(日)大阪FANJ 2017年12月2日(土)HOLIDAY NEXT NAGOYA On those days, after the show, the CD will be handed by one of the band members to each visitor. Then later on 2018/01/02 you can grab the actually CD for free at national indie CD stores. CD info: price: free / limited to 3000 distribution: national wide 2 songs: (each band 1 song) 01. DEVIZE / CRIME 02. Merry badend / 失敗作は夢を見る shippaisaku wa yume o miru
  5. And the tracklist/etc of the new single is as following メリーバッドエンド NEW SINGLE「もう無理。」 2017.11.15 RELEASE!! [A TYPE](CD+DVD) [CD]未発表新曲を含む全2曲収録 [DVD]「もう無理。」(MUSIC CLIP)付き二枚組仕様!! DRRD-059A 価格¥2,000(税抜き) ※トレーディングカードA1枚(全5種類)ランダム封入 発売元:Double River Record 販売元:FWD [CD] 1.もう無理。 2.誓約 [DVD] 「もう無理。」(MUSIC CLIP) ---------------------------------- [B TYPE](CDのみ) 未発表新曲を含む全3曲収録 DRRD-059B 価格¥1,500(税抜き) ※トレーディングカードB1枚(全5種類)ランダム封入 発売元:Double River Record 販売元:FWD CD 1.もう無理。 2.誓約 3.Eraser ----------------------------------- そして!前代未聞!! 高田馬場のみ現れるあのロキムのテーマソング「デスロキム」をカップリングにしたバージョンも発売決定!! メリーバッドエンド NEW SINGLE「もう無理。-ロキムエディション-」 [T TYPE](CDのみ)※高田馬場地域限定発売!! 未発表新曲を含む全2曲収録 DRRD-059T 価格¥1,000(税抜き) ※トレーディングカードT1枚(全4種類)ランダム封入 発売元・販売元:Double River Record CD 1.もう無理。 2.デスロキム
  6. It was also not that expensive, so I did grab it all shows?! that's crazy bangya touring around! I would never do that. XD
  7. btw, as already could be seen on the flyer. They release their 1st demo and onecoin single at 2017.11.24. Will be 500yen name of the CD is 『星の降る教室』 and will only have one track with the same name. CD can be bought at little hearts and fivestars.
  8. letter, rain falls down and dessin d'combres are free CD's. The rest I bought at bookoff and closet child at ikebukuro ^^"
  9. any twitter? o.o
  10. details
  11. they where pretty nice live
  12. THE HIGH GRIP will resume activities at 11/03 also they will release a new CD on that date, details will shared via e-mail newsletter.
  13. @Sparrow Oh that looks nice. Well such things I don't even see as a "stupid" thing to do. Also when a band will travel overseas they are always happy to see such things. (^_^)/
  14. aren't handmade shizzels cute? XD But yeah you better can make a bunch for more fans and stand together in the rows with the fanmade stuff to cheer a band, then just being the only one. I usually grab those light sticks at cheap store and cheer the band with it! Always also give some fans some sticks so that we can cheer together. yet visual kei, I did notice it is not really for me anymore. I grew up to be a metal/punk/underground rock supporter. (mostly bands with members 40+)
  15. btw, they don't plan to sell it direclty to oversea fans. So if you want it you need a proxy to be able to buy it: https://tokami.shop-pro.jp/?pid=122831446 Album is also signed if you pre-oder it 100% before 10/10.