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  1. The pre-release will be on 10.12 at their live at Ikebukuro Chop I am unable to read the tracklist. And other details such as price etc, still need to be announced! I asked 1000. (^_^)
  2. Are there people who still buy via starwave records webshop?? 

    1. anadentone


      wasn't starwave the company who use to be active on MH?  I use to wanted to buy some Morrigen stuff but couple never find the American site.

    2. BrenGun


      No, that's v star promotion



      starwave records belongs to kiwamu

  3. ALEVAS joins starwave records and new single release. Price: 2,160円(tax-in) Limited: 300copies Tracklist 1. in Faith 2. Serious prey 3. Under a threatening sky[2018] DVD: 1. in Faith(MV) Live Schedule: 2018.08.22 Shinjuku Club Science 2018.09.11 Ikebukuro RUIDO K3 ALEVAS Web http://www.alevas.net ALEVAS twitter https://twitter.com/ALEVAS_jp NEW LOOK - Members:
  4. BrenGun

    Live digest 2018/08/12
  5. BrenGun

  6. If you use LINE, can you switch to an internet simcard without losing your contacts and chats? 


    1. cvltic


      my LINE chats and everything have always stayed the same when i switch to a temporary internet-only sim in japan! the only problem is adding new people by username, you will usually have to use QR code

    2. BrenGun


      Alright thanks! 

      I guess I will switch daily. 


      Or whatsapp should also work... 

      need to check that app too. 



  7. Any cool vkei live at

    9/13, 9/22 and 9/23?!
    Please only band reservation. (or door ticket should be 3500yen)

    and no more than 3500yen. 


    Of course Tokyo area.


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    2. BrenGun


      「Soiree ~狂気幻想の章~」 
      開場 17:30  開演 18:00
      前売 3500円  当日 4000円 
      整列は、当日16:30より アルファベット順



      I would only go if band reservation is accepted. 

    3. cvltic


      vplus is a good way to search, ofc since it's thru eplus it wants you to buy tickets through them. but if you google one of the bands in the event their site will usually tell you if there's band reservations


      未完成アリス's 9/23 show @ AREA is 1000 yen at the door if they interest you

    4. BrenGun


      Thanks found a live!

      2018年09月13日(木) 17:00

      Vercia 荊 生誕主催 - 『憂鬱な夢が交差する世界』

      Vercia/inside of me/だるま喰ったら龍二成ル/DANGER☆GANG/その、心臓を喰らう。/うたの宴会

      EDGE ikebukuro(東京都)
      オールスタンディング 3000円 ○ あり

      Vercia I liked last year, and just checked, and they do accept band reservation for that day :D 

      So maybe I go to that one.


      for 22 and 23 I search on for something more interesting.

      It doesn't need vkei perse.

      Rock and Punk is also very much wished! 

  8. And the COVER Still a little bit to go, until this BEST album will be released. Anyway I really like the jacket cover! Also I made a list of which track is from which album/single. From those singles/albums 01-> 2014.08.06 「戦国Neverend」 02-> 2013.03.09 「我が名、麗麗なり」 03-> 20??.??.??? 「」 (anybody an idea when this song was released?) 04-> 2012.08.18 「四神演武」 05-> 2017.05.03 「N・G・Y」 06-> 2012.08.18 「四神演武」 07-> 2013.03.09 「我が名、麗麗なり」 08-> 2012.08.18 「四神演武」 09-> 2015.05.20「うたかた百鬼夜行」 10-> 2015.11.09 「ファイナルポコペン」 (Live limited release) But I doubt that the songs are re-arranged or re-rerecorded.
  9. BrenGun

    SARRMATH will hold their first anniversary live at 10/12. at the end their will be an Calmando Qual session encore. silent, r's and Nue will also be a part of the event. more details see the website.
  10. Also the band updated their YouTube with some fun videos Also stupid note, 耀-you- is still 16 years old, he will turn 17 on September 9. (He is really that young, not a joke) And they will hold his birthday event at September 8 at NAMBA Mele
  11. BrenGun

    I ended a friendship. I feel broken. But can't deal that he doesn't feel the same. Just hurt too much. hopefully I can forget about it anytime soon.
  12. you cannot, only phones who are bought in Japan are supported. (you also need a phone to login at the website)
  13. Can't download it via my mobile.. are ya kidding oO So it's Japan only. lol
  14. BrenGun

    Oh sorry, my wrong then... o.o // (I thought it was posted on the official blog...) So then the other lives are scheduled as LIPHLICH, 4 members? _________ Anyway, I tried to translate his message, can have some slight translation mistakes, and keep in mind, English isn't also my first language. Also I checked the band twitter back just now. And it also seems as written here that there was a silence since February until April 8th, and then after April 8th, there was again nothing announced. However they played their oneman live at 6/13, but not much tweets before and after... ____ To all or fans, We are sorry that the album for July is delayed without giving any announcement. To be honest, We are currently in a very difficult band situation. It's about Wataru. Already since last year Wataru has trouble with facing LIPHLICH. Since then until February this year, we noticed that it was necessary for Wataru (and for everyone) to take a little break for 2 months. That's why we did hold the O-EAST live on April 8th. However since that live the situation turned downwards into a bad direction, even if we talked with each other in the studio. the situation became steady. It doesn't affect not us alone, but also staff and stakeholders, All releases and our future schedules got messed up. I already know Wateru for 15 years and he actually isn't such person. That's why I'm worried as much iritated too. I can't talk more about it, because it's our personal matter. But for Wataru, him being a person, bassist, artist, LIPLICH member, I have fully faith in him. But now I feel that for Wataru everything* has become a burden. In the worst case, we will take a break or disband. The current schedule is: ・8月19日 高田馬場AREA 久我(Kuga) SOLO ・8月25日 umeda TRAD  ・8月26日 名古屋E.L.L   ・9月9日  東京湾レディークリスタル ・9月22日 福岡博多湾マリエラ ・9月24日 神戸港オーシャンプリンス ・10月6日 大阪湾サンタマリア ・10月14日 横浜港マリンシャトル ・11月23日 タッキーバースデーライブ ・11月25日 こばやんバースデーライブ 8/19 will be a SOLO live. (久我(Kuga) solo live) Aside from this (live) LIPHLICH will play with 4 members For 11/23 and 11/25 details will be yet announced. I don't know when and if Wataru will speak for his own. However he has to face himself and we have to face him. Whatever happens, I guess I be on his side. We are thinking about the future of LIPHLICH and Wataru, How our future looks like cannot be told yet. We are very sorry, to worry all our fans, Please keep an eye on us. *everything: expectations, love, responsibility, worry, disappointment.
  15. BrenGun

    Yeah, Also I guess this means: 8月19日公演のみ、僕1人で弾き語りライブをやります。 それ以外はLIPHLICH4人での公演になります。 11月23日と11月25日公演の詳細については追って発表します。 8/19 will be played with us alone. (So I'm guessing with 3 members) <- wrong 8/19 will be a SOLO live. <- (correct) Aside from this (live) LIPHLICH will play with 4 members For 11/23 and 11/25 details will be yet announced.