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  1. I'm selling

    KIRYU / Ganesha / KLACK / Fest Vainqeur / Purple Stone / E.T / Acid Black Cherry / Damijaw / THE NOSTRADAMNZ / REMNANT & more



  2. so I guess it won't be a visual kei band huh?
  3. I really don't get that mystrious promo pic.
  4. Good! Are you up to wait a bit? Got another buyer he asked me to wait until April 1st. (to pay for other CD)
  5. I did check up the price on puresound. So made a price looking on that. Would be €10 including shipping & paypal fees (no tracking) including tracking I ask €25,- (tracking is € 16,95, and paypal fees are higher)
  6. Of course still available Which one you want. anyway, I also will add to that lucky pack ALL CASELESS Gloriosa - selection of future (live distributed) Black Klaxon - 2nd single [remake] sample CD ギルティア - cold room corpse corps - mirrors マイナス人生オーケストラ - free demo Takuma- My name is Bishop - a state of things Zealot - Dig Vulva (<- highly recommend) Biene - sure dance Smile Berry - 1st free distributed promo PV ウォッカ - ムクロ (<- highly recommend) Despiral 7/25?? [lotus] - sample CD Badluck good luck - 1st demo cd Hallo work.. the cord - Dessin d'ombres gib records presents gothic industrial blackmetal infi2ty - infi2ty (free live distributed) anima - anima free sample Zill mourn disk - 2010.10.14 shibuya o east scape goat - special sample cd Takuma - Walk Takuma - simple tone waive - キミノヒトミニ恋シテル。+わがままロミオ waive - 春色 Dasein - 現存在 Dasein-hyper beat rock
  7. Added REMNANT, E.T, DAMIJAW & ACID BLACK CHERRY to my sale topic. and a bunch of new CD's added to the first lucky pack. 

    Maybe more to come.

    1. BrenGun


      I won't wait endlessly.

      Added another bunch of CD's to the first lucky pack list.


      But they need to be gone.


      And if someone reads this.

      I also SELL my REMNANT collection! 


      Fragments of the Dark - mini album
      The deepest darkness - mini album
      Misanthrophia - album
      Rip - single
      Progeny of blood - single
      Silent night bloody night - single
      Lamer morte chante avec KALM - single
      Das Ende - single

  8. Can someone make a list with the bands who's member get lost etc crap. would be funny to have one on the end of the year. But anyway, There we go again!~
  9. its a contract matter... tokami be back for a day? so 1000 also joins that day? didn't saw him write anything about it. could have missed it.
  10. can't see that tweet? [Sorry, we can't show this content because you do not have permission to see it. ]
  11. Pretty much from last year only. Last year I drew a lot, seems I even lost some Hayato drawings. Also an official band LINE sticker set is coming up. But process goes slow. Drawings are ready, however still TEXT need to be added. Other official band designs, I will share in the very near future. More
  12. My brother can draw amazing~ 

    and loves kpop....