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  1. BrenGun

    as a Topic TAG?
  2. BrenGun

    lol 98% same look as rizu. also same photo location 😂
  3. BrenGun

    I once did that, and people also thought it was stupid...
  4. BrenGun

    First kick off live as"赫い雨(Kagayai ame)" is: However the real activity starts at 2020 1/5 ootsuka Welcome back Vo.DAISUKE - twitter: @MADBAL3 Gt.Junichi Nakamura - twitter:@JunPlasmajet Ba.Yohei Togawa Dr.Daisuke Kuramoto - twitter: @ragdrums ps. 赫い雨 meaning = BURGUNDY RAIN 赫い = a red color name wikipedia We know Junichi from Plasma jet and In A Scar
  5. BrenGun

    I would bound, but only if people jeep their promise to not share it or trade it with others. otherwise musicale just could shared in public... but if this 100% Certain # of posts before you can trade? I would say someone needs to be at least yellow
  6. BrenGun

    As it matters who is the most popular guy in the band if you are in a band... you play your shit together.... Most of the time, Vocalists are the most popular persons. But the official message (blog), truly give nothing special, nothing special feeling.... I think the message which Aira wrote on twitter needs a real translation, because real feelings are written. I try later. For now I leave the japanese here I've translated for my own. A bit messy, since he also talks a bit messy. @corps_escape After all it looks as they simply gave up, not gained enough FANS withing a short time. the "result" wasn't good enough. So also not a shocking reason, just the normal reason for a band to break up.
  7. BrenGun

    They go on indefinite hiatus. Maybe they will be back someday... It's not something really need to be translated word by word. google translate does do a good job this time. There is nothing shocking or different stated.. So as always, the real reason is hidden.
  8. BrenGun

    Not the best things https://v.2ch2.net/test/read.cgi/visualtanuki/1548035437/
  9. BrenGun

    Pretty fast... However, Tanuki had some real bad rumors about the drummer... so yeah... ^^"
  10. fans are truly in love with him....to pay for such shizzel. those girls who paid surely go to France too.
  11. I guess I skip Berlin....
    A short trip cost as much as a flight ticket to Tokyo...

  12. Maybe I go to Berlin the weekend after next o.o

    I only need a good sleep place.


    But  I don't know yet where my friends hotel is. 

  13. BrenGun

    really??! So, that are the next up games!!!! gotta tell my parents. maybe they will buy ot for the ps4 and play it (btw both ate 70+😂).
  14. BrenGun

    does someone still play this PC classic? Even if this game is now about 20 years old? it's still one of the best games ever! There is also a Dungeon Keeper 2, however I never liked that one. Any fans over here?
  15. Sou's voice sounds to be improved o.o
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