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  1. I hope someone can help a bit with the translation: Since it's from the PV, I'm not sure if the sentences are flowing correctly PV 罪深き鼓動 (kanji) Romaji: English: (raw translation) Again, a nicely hard song to translate written song by Hibiki. Any correction is welcome. My thought's; I think that the first part, it tells us a bit of that we are pretty much all sheep's and following the society while getting destroyed pretty much, while losing our identity, while we get unlucky and lonely, which simply destroy's us. At least I really think that he means with "mechanism" "people". 堕ち Hibiki used that kanji often for "fallen angel". So I guess he means the "kids" who will turn their back to the society, to the people who follows others. However the song has also a murder feeling inside. 苦痛に歪むオマエの顔を見せろ "seeing/looking at your painful destroyed face" Also If I check the sentence "憎悪のドレスに焼かれ纏い踊れ" A dress which was burned, was put in fire? the hate full dress? And then the story of that if you died, that you will be born as a child again? That you need to go sleep to embrace your sinful heart beat with your mothers heartbeat. Also feels like "you killed someone". Well what do you think?
  2. sadly Hibiki decided to go on a break again. The band will continue someday in the future. 8/31 live at ikebukuro chop will be the last for a while. However we still got Sarrmath.
  3. and you can purchase them at closet child Trasher http://www.closetchild-cd.jp/product/59380 Pressure http://www.closetchild-cd.jp/product/59379
  4. Sorry, no time to write it in roman!~ CD will come in 3 types. CD only (3 tracks) 1500+tax CD+DVD (2 tracks) 2000 yen + tax CD only (limited sold at takadanobaba area) 1000yen + tax DVD will have 22 tracks (2disks) and will be 4800yen + tax <- will be sold national wide. And new look: and see other member twitter / HP 神・名古屋系バンド「メリーバッドエンド」NEW SINGLE「もう無理。」発売決定!! 誰も知らない奇凛の心の病み・・・ 2周年記念単独公演決定!! 2017.12.24(SUN)東高円寺二万電圧 ---------------------------- メリーバッドエンド NEW SINGLE「もう無理。」 2017.11.15 2TYPE RELEASE!! [A TYPE](CD+DVD) [CD]未発表新曲を含む全2曲収録 [DVD]「もう無理。」(MUSIC CLIP)付き二枚組仕様!! DRRD-059A 価格¥2,000(税抜き) ※トレーディングカードA1枚(全5種類)ランダム封入 発売元:Double River Record 販売元:FWD [CD] 1.もう無理。 2.タイトル未定 [DVD] 「もう無理。」(MUSIC CLIP) ------------------------------ [B TYPE](CDのみ) 未発表新曲を含む全3曲収録 DRRD-059B 価格¥1,500(税抜き) ※トレーディングカードB1枚(全5種類)ランダム封入 発売元:Double River Record 販売元:FWD CD 1.もう無理。 2.タイトル未定 3.タイトル未定 ----------------------------------- そして!前代未聞!! 高田馬場のみ現れるあのロキムのテーマソング「デスロキム」をカップリングにしたバージョンも発売決定!! メリーバッドエンド NEW SINGLE「もう無理。-ロキムエディション-」 [T TYPE](CDのみ)※高田馬場地域限定発売!! 未発表新曲を含む全2曲収録 DRRD-059T 価格¥1,000(税抜き) ※トレーディングカードT1枚(全4種類)ランダム封入 発売元・販売元:Double River Record CD 1.もう無理。 2.デスロキム ---------------------------- メリーバッドエンド東京初単独公演、恵比寿club aimのLIVE DVDが発売決定!! タイトル:メリーバッドエンドCD発売記念ツアーファイナル単独公演「君が世は」/「kiss me, girl, and your old one」 発売日:2017.10.11 RELEASE!! 形態:LIVE DVD [価格]4,800円(税別)※2枚組み仕様 (2017年6月24日に恵比寿club aimにて行われたメリーバッドエンド東京初単独公演1部、2部を完全収録!!全22曲の2枚組みの永久保存版!!収録時間約150分大ヴォリューム!!) 発売元:Double River Record 販売元:FWD 品番:DRDV-007 メリーバッドエンド単独公演「君が世は」at 2017.6.24(SAT)恵比寿club aim 1.君が世は 2.神ツ実 3.サクラメント 4.Mの憂鬱 5.般若心経理解度Lv1 6.鬼サンコチラ手ノ鳴ル方へ 7.蠱毒 8.遺書 9.scarification 10.花添え唄 メリーバッドエンド単独公演「kiss me, girl, and your old one」at 2017.6.24(SAT)恵比寿club aim 1.kiss me girl and your old one 2.デウス=エクス=マキナ 3.シンデレラ 4.Absolute 5.羊 6.Caucasus 7.Why? 8.失敗作は夢を見る 9.狂化-EX- 10.G.D.F 11.どうして?
  5. https://twitter.com/THG_STAFF/status/892253769206976512
  6. Check out SCARY MONSTER (@SCARY___MONSTER): https://twitter.com/SCARY___MONSTER?s=09 however its yet unknowm who the members are.
  7. there will be a second press of this single because the first one is sold out! NAME 「もっとN・G・Y」 (motto N・G・Y) TRACKLLIST 1.きしめん 2.N・G・Y 3.天下布武 4.ちょっといいこと Release date 9/6
  8. 2 Maxi single 「Thrasher」and「Pressure」 tracklist and info can be found at youtube below the video. (I can't copy paste it, because no access to PC) both singles will be released at Nemoto birthday event at 8/10 and the singles will be avaiable to purchase at closet child.
  9. 7/25東京公演 7/29名古屋公演につきましては メリーバッドエンドのBa.ヒロムを迎えて出演する運びになり 7/27大阪公演はスゥイートホォムのBa.akitoを迎え出演させて頂きます。 本日も宜しくお願い致します。 \(^-^)/ 7/25, 7/29 bass gitarist Hiroki from merrybadend will play as bass. and at 7/27 bass gitarist akito from Sweet x Home will play the bass!!!!
  10. This is not a request forum.
  11. lol, finally a band you don't know/follow. you still see them a lot in osaka.
  12. AiDeal will disband after their lives at 8/21 and 8/22