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  1. BrenGun

    nope not new look, it's just a shot of those 4. Didn't got it in my email to update their look on the HP.
  2. BrenGun

    Looking at the bandmember twitters... They seem to own twitter for a long long time. Aren't they really any more known band people? Did they play in any band before beside sessions?
  3. BrenGun

    https://twitter.com/GCMZ_OFFICIAL past lives: 2019.4.8 池袋BlackHole 2019.4.11 池袋BlackHole 2019.4.20 新宿clubScience 2019.4.21 (SUN) upcoming: 2019.5.22 心斎橋FANJ ^ also on that date they will release their demo single? I guess? (この日より、demo#1を初披露!! お見逃しお聞き逃しなく) https://twitter.com/GCMZ_KouKi https://twitter.com/GCMZ_ibuki https://twitter.com/GCMZ_hinata https://twitter.com/GCMZ_milua0821 https://twitter.com/GCMZ_yuma
  4. BrenGun

    Kindle is free.... Also I doubt it will have a amazon world wide release.
  5. BrenGun

    Digitial.... no need. And I'm sure... Netherlands store won't have it I hate amazon I guess I got it now.. But I wonder would it be worth the first issue...
  6. BrenGun

    This time I liked neth most. Already got both. But still both bands don't blew me away. They are nice but nothing special. oh well its highly listenable! o(^o^)o
  7. and in his last statement he is talking about his vocal cord... I still don't get that headbanging injury anyway.... So many people do that and don't even get an injury because of it.... So I really don't get it anymore.
  8. Ballad is a very hard name to google. Even on twitter to find them was hard hopefully they keep this name.
  9. BrenGun

    HAKUA announced to do something new again, a new project has been born named "無" First live will be at 5/22 at Ikebukuro Black Hole. Who the other members are, still need to be announced.
  10. No clue, I had to made a flyer, and I saw that name.... I thought huh? didn't THEY change their name a while ago? Then I searched on twitter and yeah there is at least one more live scheduled under that name. A new look also seems to come around that time, since on that flyer there isn't an image. So I guess... new info about them soon....
  11. The band will change their name back to #zekkooo_lalala_ on 6/1
  12. BrenGun

    Huh? first episode was already on TV? I thought that would be tonight?
  13. BrenGun

    because they are all 40+ people 😛
  14. BrenGun

    After a while played as a support bassist for NEiN, Today (2019/4/6) LINA joined the band officially and NEiN turned into a 5 member band again. LINA is RedbronX (紅番区) (active) ROSENFELD (active) ∀NTI FEMINISM (アンチフェミニズム) (active) UNHOLY THE 13TH PREACHERS (active) VAZM (active) SOLKANE (active) GREED666 NEiN (active)
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