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  1. i.D.A is still pending with sharing new info about their upcoming single! But just received NPC album covers! blue type A red type B Going to listen to NPC now (even if I actually want to wait for i.D.A to compare their releases tho) EDIT: Just finished listing to it... can't really dig the single... totally not my taste of music.. But truly vkei fan of nowadays would dig the single for sure. I liked their previous songs more ^^"
  2. lol, asking fans to help.... get yourself a better job dude XD
  3. Huh? Paypal charge more money to send money to friends?

    Or did I just use the wrong option to pay my friend?!

    I had to pay 4euro.... 

    Before I only payed like 10cent or something.....

    anybody an Idea?

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    2. BrenGun


      Will check it next time! 


      But well, it's still cheaper than using direct banktransfer form my bank to a bank outside of the EU.

      Those costs are like 20euro =_= 

    3. SubThatSong


      Within EU is amazing, sending money between Sweden and Finland, different banks... and often the damn money has arrived the day after, and it's free. Absolutely win.
      I haven't done bank transfers outside of EU and hope to not do so, I've heard some horror stories of those fees, 20€ to move some money, just... ridiculous

    4. Komorebi


      Super jealous that you Europeans get to choose who decides your currency exchamge rate or even send money as friends :c

  4. BrenGun

    No thank you.....
  5. DRAGON DRAGON! Ah damm that animal doesn't exist... I'm happy with my 2 cats. But... I would love to own a guinea pig (*_*) But if you ask me to choose anything, I would like to own a (white)Tiger. Or a PANDA! *_*
  6. So let's throw away La mule and CEll, noisy crowds etc cd's… 

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    2. BrenGun


      nobody cares...nobody want to buy.

    3. suji


      you updated your sales post yesterday... give people a chance lol

    4. BrenGun


      Throwing away was sarcastic 😛 aka, throwing to new owner 

      😛 and la mule and noisy crowds are gone already

      and some other stuff too. 



      Hope to see to go the other CD's too. 


  7. Selling some nice CD's here



  8. BrenGun

    Alright, gotta want to dump out some shit...
  9. Lately many of my Japanese friends dislike ABE. because he don't do anything for 20110311 victims.  But prefer to spent money on the Olympics. 

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    2. BrenGun


      And still people vote for ABE

    3. secret_no_03


      The Japanese are dumber than the Americans and far more ambivalent when it comes to voting, Abe is in because the older folks like him because he wants to take Japan back to the old days.

    4. BrenGun


      Well many of the older folks are complaining now too...

      But young people just don't go VOTE in Japan. 

      =_= //


      It's cool if someone has power for some years... just not endlessly 

      Abe already has power for almost 7 years now.... it's damn LONG for JAPAN. 

  10. New single details: 2019.9.25 RELEASE!! CD only 2000yen+tax 1.Re:sist 2.beautiful freaks 3.RAVEN CD+DVD 1000yen+tax 1.Re:sist 2.偽りと影 (Itsuwari to kage) [DVD] 「Re:sist」(MUSIC CLIP) band also started instagram
  11. BrenGun

    He is actually the grounder of CURE magazine. 😂
  12. again that electronic voice... (>_<) So no need to get it for me... But I'm still glad that they are still around. Live they are still damn amazing!
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