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  1. BrenGun

    FULI DANUKI is a 3 piece hardcore blues punk band based in Tokyo. There music is fun and great! surely check them out, more about them and music samples here: https://jrocknroll.com/band-search-furidanuki/3/ METALIC is formed by Kenichi Fujisaki, who has gone through many bands and units. The band “METALIC” can been seen as a “life work”. The members of the band aren’t limited to just one genre, styles and categories. They create music and perform live performances based on the members’ ideas of what is “AMAZING“. Vocal & Guitar:藤崎賢一 (KENICHI FUJISAKI) =(Justy-Nasty/ex CRAZE Music samples etc, check it here https://jrocknroll.com/band-search-metalic/3/
  2. Read the full interview!! They don't see themselves as a goth nor a visual style band, they see themselves more as a all genre band, just doing what they want to do and dress how they wanna dress. I really laughed reading their answers. So I recommend to read it even if you aren't a fan It's fun! https://jrocknroll.com/interview-with-liquid-butterfly/
  3. In early 2020, guitarist OGA and bassist Yodo, who were working together in Nagoya, invited vocalist Sutari to form Sacrifice. The members have cultivated a harmonious musicality, as shown by the compatibility between Sutari's voice and the compositions of OGA and Yodo. Read on to learn about the dark musical world that radiates from the band's inner self... Read: https://vk.gy/blog/an-interview-with-sacrifice/
  4. Sale already ended... (that was fast) Only the first one is still available.
  5. BrenGun

    Focusing on a wide range of music genres such as EDM, Hard Rock and Metal, with this in our souls we started our career with strongly addictive melodies and screams. We play our lives without wavering and even our highly addictive and catchy tunes are strongly loved, even by the overseas audience. JAPANESE https://jrocknroll.com/band-search-visual-laboratory/2/ ENGLISH: https://jrocknroll.com/band-search-visual-laboratory/3/ FULL INTERVIEW JULY 30th!
  6. I thought this was already announced here. (laugh) Last year it was announced that Silver-Rose will make his comeback, however not with the old line-up. Vocalist YOWMAY restarted the band with 4 new members. Gt. Zoo Gt. YOU-K Ba. KAPPY Dr. ShuLa (check vkgy for their band history) Joined along to raise up Silver-Rose again! official twitter: https://twitter.com/Silver_Rose666 Actually the band should restarted this year with a nice tour around Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka, sadly due covid-19 this tour plan has moved to next year. Yet the 2nd live of the band will be (hopefully) on August 1st. And maybe an interesting thing is... even if 99% of their fanbase see them as Visual Kei, they still refuse to call themselves Visual Kei. More about that reason you can discover in their upcoming interview which I will publish on July 16th! Look forward to it! To discover a bit more already (some stuff I didn't add yet on vkgy) can be checked via this;
  7. Today BAND SEARCH

    大人のSilver-Rose & LiQuid ButterFly 

    They are fun, so check it out!


    The full interview will follow soon.



  8. BrenGun

    Silver-Rose isn’t an unknown name, the band was active in the 90ties. Vocalist YOWMAY has restarted Silver-Rose with four new members under the name 大人のSilver-Rose (Otona no Silver-Rose). YOWMAY was so gentle to answer a few basic questions for this band search! And before I forget to mention it, the band also has answered a full interview which will be published on July 16th!! Check it here! https://jrocknroll.com/band-search-silver-rose/ LiQuid ButterFly was formed by Jet Pepper Tower Martin and Yamada in 2014. They are a glitter orchestra that transcends the brain drive era of the end of the century world view created by the 20th Century Boy. Also a full interview will be published on July 9th which is answered by all members! check it here! https://jrocknroll.com/band-search-liquid-butterfly/
  9. BrenGun

    It's not really the matter of a vocalist skill.. It's more does a vocalist sing along to the music which fits his voice? You can take KLACK's vocalist U for an example That dude, well he is unskilled, truly bad singer. But....the way KLACK's music fits his bad singing is just perfect and amazing Well there is more.... these songs are maybe his best anyway
  10. those love love De-Lax, LOOPUS, & ALLERGY (アレルギー)

    Check this out!


  11. BrenGun

    https://jrocknroll.com/band-search-faroki/3/ Their mini-album details still need to be announced. It supposed to come out in April, but well postponed to an unknown soon to come date yet! If you love Chu-ya's voice you surely gonna love their music. Their is nothing on youtube, but I've watched a live stream with them appearing and music is . I want the CD! So Please look forward to them, because this band really rocks. https://jrocknroll.com/jrnr-band-search-prewords/3/ prewords is a rock band formed in 2018 which music style is a variation of various rock styles and mainly active in Tokyo. Also prewords is a still unknown rockband, which surely some people gonna like. If you like guys who sing with a "high" voice (such as Janne Da arc/Acid Black Cherry) you will surely like their style. They call it themselves "female voice" Their music is available via itunes and spotify, so I would say, give them a try! NEXT search this THURSDAY! ~
  12. An interview with ex-RE:VEIN bassist 彪(Aya)、、really interesting interview (^^)/ be sure to check her MV!! 



  13. An interview with ex-RE:VEIN bassist 彪(Aya)、、really interesting interview (^^)/ be sure to check her MV!! 

  14. BrenGun

    after buying music I prefer to play via spotify anyway, because of playing also gives an artist little money.... even if it takes 1000 of plays.. takes hours but well. o.o but selling via tunecore isn't cheap too... you gotta need some good sales to earn the cost money back 😅 however sometimes they have cheaper or free offers for a limited period.
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