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  1. BrenGun

    any band history for Guitar: 鴃-MOZ- Bassist: 葵月 (kizuki) ?? Also I don't know if you guys noticed but Yura was added as Guitarist https://twitter.com/R_I_P_ff ex. Malice invitation And Kenbo was replaced by nao https://twitter.com/pnao666
  2. BrenGun

    It surely should be them, also because one of their oversea no.1 fan also mention that it will be them... Also I noticed that the guys like and point her to stuff. I mean this account: https://twitter.com/I_LoveKRADIIIrd Even this: https://twitter.com/SM38012701/status/1091305503139848192/media_tags
  3. Thanks @suji Just wanted to write out... haha. Thanks for doing it! btw track 3 is called: Nijiiro planetarium 虹色プラネタリウム
  4. well Thats happen if you appear on tv, that you show your bling bling stuff on (social media... tax, pay it, or you get busted someday...
  5. They will crease activity at 4/30
  6. Finally cleaned my room after a week or 5?! lol

    1. nekkichi


      marie kondo is SHOOK

    2. YuyoDrift


      Plot twist: She was there.



  7. BrenGun

    Hibiki said: 俺の顔はその絵ほど良くはないねーw
  8. Playing TH eROCKERS now


    Japanese Rock'n'Roll!! 




    Wished some visual kei bands would pour out such style. 


  9. BrenGun

    @TrentReznor Haha, but that song isn't sung by them in that movie, but it's by Rock'n'Roll Gypsies Feat.中村俊介 (Shunsuke Nakamura) https://www.th-erockers.com/tour tour dates 5.8京都磔磔 Kyoto 5.9梅田Shangri-La Umeda (Osaka) 5.11下北沢GARDEN Shimokitazawa (Tokyo) 5.12名古屋CLUB QUATTRO (Nagoya) 5.17福岡IMSホール (Fukuoka) Sadly, I cannot go... Otherwise I surely would have gone with a few well known rock people 😛. Sorry guys. But I still hope that I can meet a member somehow...
  10. BrenGun

    New Fukuoka band "Blue Blood Boa" has formed. Their pre-live was at 2018/12/30 and their first official live was at 2019/01/30 at Fukuoka graf. They also released their first single 【ゼロ】(Zero) on 2019/01/30 at Fukuoka graf, which is 1000yen. Members Vo.KEN Gt.Ray Ba.Taikou Dr.Ryuta Official links: https://twitter.com/BlueBloodBoa_Dr https://twitter.com/BlueBloodBoa_Ba https://twitter.com/BlueBloodBoa_Gt https://twitter.com/BlueBloodBoa_Vo https://twitter.com/BlueBloodBoa https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCf6-99KEJ8hufcq6xuDQjxw
  11. BrenGun

    still strange to announce it like this.. isn't? Oh well we will see what will happen o.o
  12. BrenGun

    ⅢRD official website has been taken down...
  13. BrenGun

    Well, 100% more talented than any visual kei band haha. I am totally looking forward to the CD. finally some real good Rock music written from the bottom of the heart!
  14. Well, i doubt they fucked up. It's just maybe a style they wanted? But yes it sounds as they fucked it up.. Just doesn't fit the way he singing.... Also, DEVIZE was still a much greater band... melody and vocal wise. Not that mathilda is bad, just somehow... can't get into them (aka the recording songs)... Live they seem to be fun (*_*)
  15. BrenGun

    Will be pre-released on 7th March at ikebukuro chop. not yet known if it appears soon after at closet child. (I hope it will)