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  1. BrenGun

    no kure stands vor kurea (name of vocalist) an mero is the name of the guitarist. lol
  2. He was already solo active, but now he will be active with members next to him o(^o^)o
  3. 2020/03 start 2020/03/06 1st album [Dear Stars.] release and release party at Ikebukuro Chop Album will have 11 songs.
  4. (I guess it's their first) Title: クレメロ(Kuremero) 1.Crave melody 2.DEADMAN 3.Crave melody Acoustic Ver. worldwide available on iTunes, spotify etc. https://linkco.re/uE1SqEHv Started last year as a cover band of 麗麗 紅愛(REIREI vocal Kurea) & π乙 (Paiotsu guitarist Mero), however it seems they write own songs now too (^_^)
  5. BrenGun

    Judging this CD isn't a release under Starwave records. otherwise the CD would had kinda a number such as SWCL-001 PI is surly shorten for a different label name. But maybe starwave helps them to release some of their works online... or something...
  6. BrenGun

    I would say, write an email to kiwamu to clear it up.
  7. BrenGun

    That CD cover, come on.. can't someone design a better CD design? =_= But their sound is alright!
  8. BrenGun

    Chrome: I see it Microsoft edge: I don't see it Firefox: I don't even see the buttons. Other browsers I don't have installed. I'm a windows 10 user Does the button has an alt text or something? if so, it surely will fix the problem.
  9. BrenGun

    It's Tsuyoshi not Takashi. nüe wasn't active that much the last year(s) so Tsuyoshi gave other bands more attention which got more popular and have a busy schedule. he is currently in DISGUNDER, LASER BEAM & THE HIGH GRIP(support)
  10. BrenGun

    after their live of 2/18 they will be on hiatus. vocalist Kon has some chronically issues. Whenever he will be recovered recovered is unknown, so when he will be able to stand on stage again is unknown, however they plan to come back! Japanese (typed out) BTW their last GIG information Starwave Records presents [Starwave Fest Vol.22〜レーベル設立10周年記念イベント〜] 2020年2月18日(火) 新宿BLAZE OPEN 14:30 / START 15:00 前売 ¥4,000 / 当日 ¥4,500(ドリンク代別) 出演:Scarlet Valse / 未完成アリス / La'veil MizeriA / ラヴェーゼ / UNDER FALL JUSTIC / THE SOUND BEE HD / XXX (Yuhma+70.+知哉) ゲスト:NightingeiL / UCHUSENTAI NOIZ / VAMPIRE ROSE イベントラストに集合写真撮影あり! 大セッションあり! 転換中にStarwaveなんでやねんトークあり! 第5回Starwave総選挙あり! レーベルオムニバスDVD発売! ◆ A:e+プレオーダー (発売開始日:2019/10/12(土)12:00~2019/10/22(火/祝)18:00) ◆ B:e+一般 (発売開始日:2019/11/09(土)10:00~2020/2/17(月)18:00) ◆ C:レーベルオンラインショップ販売チケット ◆ D:当日券(公演当日店頭でお求めください) 入場順:整理番号順 ※バンド予約無し
  11. I want to make my youtube channel more a vk channel, but I wonder which contents will be good without getting copyright issues. 

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    2. BrenGun


      @nekkichi hahaha well I wish to choose bands people like to know more about. but Yoshiki is a 100% no go. lol


      @Ada Suilen any suggestions for bands I should do? as mentioned above, I like to choose newer bands.

    3. Ada Suilen

      Ada Suilen

      @BrenGun Uhm... you should go to check the most recent acts of visual kei, here's a link which provides some of them https://visualioner.com/

      Hope that it helps!

    4. BrenGun


      Oh she is back? yeah her site is useful as wel vk.gy is. 

      But still, I don't know which bands are most popular tho 😛 

  12. This CD cover... someone doesn't know how to resize photos... NEVER ever do this please
  13. you cannot do that with free software. but adobe audition can it pretty okay.
  14. BrenGun

    would be bad idea since people here didn't buy LOUDNESS and some more other famous metal music... I guess you better can turn it to visual kei bands feom the last few years.
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