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  1. BrenGun

    i've report it to twitter...
  2. BrenGun

    that's kinda animal abuse....
  3. Hope he recovers good and hopefully this is a warning to everybody that corona is something you need take serious....
  4. To interview the vocalist of The Minks was a good success, got nice feedback from a bunch of their fans!~ People really were happy ^^



  5. This time I share with you an interview of a vocalist of a band who was popular end 80's early 90's, played in bigger halls than now. The band official restated again in 2018 and also this year they planned a ONEMAN tour in small live halls (200-300 capacity), we still pray that the tour won't be canceled due the CORONA virus. Their old music can be found on itunes and spotify. Also for THE MINKS You never too old, never give up your dreams! It's an interview which let you smile and laugh (^o^) https://jrocknroll.wordpress.com/2020/04/02/interview-the-minks/
  6. good to know that (some) people simple have no respect here.

    1. Nighttime Jae
    2. Delkmiroph


      dude... dont care about. Do what i do: check the news, if u like some new band or stuff go ahead about.  Google it the rest of the info and be happy forever. Discuss here is a waste of time same if u are good guy. Some people give us a bad impression and then become just a weirdo fan from a band here or conversely. :D

  7. BrenGun

    For them I would prefer ghostsharing. but if they can pay for internet, they might be rich enough to buy a song once in the while too... and spotify works for them too. So no excuse.
  8. BrenGun

    They surely have some reasons and you can guess one of those reasons. Well if you buy second-hand because you cannot buy an original copy anymore it does no harm. And we also know that buying from Japan still can cost more than buying it from someone second handed, but that doesn't mean that everyone wouldn't download a release a all on the legal way. But yes, if you never would have supported a band by buying a CD and actually not willing to buy a release digitally then it's hypocritical.
  9. BrenGun

    I agree with this. I also think if we want to gain more trust and respect from visual kei bands but also from their fans is to not act as a "shit" "I dont' care" gaijin. Digital music isn't that expensive to buy via various platforms. We can listen to it freely via spotify (in most cases) And some of us even have a subscription to google music, apple music or spotify premium. But I only agree for the uploads which are also on spotify. Releases which aren't on spotify are to me still "difficult to get". because you don't have the legal opportunity to check it out freely for free first.
  10. THE HIGH GRIP,ex-Calmando Qual, SARRMATH vocalist Hibiki non-visual band. Always rocking on stage, with lots of energy, shouting out his heart. A true rocker! The band started in 2008, their bassist Kenka (now in SUNEMEGAMAFY) left the band in 2013, however that didn’t stop them from continuing the way of ROCK’N’ROLL! Also THG guitarist Moomin and drummer Shinzo are always full of power! Nowadays THG is supported by Tsuyoshi and DAISUKE, both are also wonderful bassists. https://jrocknroll.wordpress.com/2020/03/26/interview-with-the-high-grip/
  11. Today we have an exclusive interview with new vkei band Astaroth. Astaroth is an orthodox visual kei band who revealed themselves at what was advertised as a solo oneman by vocalist MISAKI, on January 16th of this year. The members have a strong connection to the Kansai (関西) scene, and they've drawn favor thanks to their promising first single. The band talked to us about their inspirations and how their first steps toward activity have been so far. Astaroth, thank you very much for agreeing to this interview. https://vk.gy/blog/an-interview-with-astaroth/
  12. I don't diss anything! =_= I'm only worried that this project doesn't work out, because of the corona crisis. jeezzzz
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