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  1. My mother walks around the house with one of those blinky light ghost detector things from ghost hunters and freaks out that there's ghost around if it blinks a lot... And says when we die we go to Jesus who lives with the aliens in space in a huge UFO... That's why the Egyptians built the pyramids to the stars, so Jesus can navigate earth in his UFO. I personally haven't found proof of the paranormal, I have found proof of crazy people. So that's what I believe.
  2. Kai reminded me today, I completely forgot I had this file!! What I know of it: Some Japanese voice actor liked to dub over hentai game clips. He had a whole site of them which I have since lost the location of D: Note: Right click Play if it's loading too long. http://viciousevolution.com/manda/public/stoplesson.SWF
  3. ROOOFL. I never noticed creepy fish looming over Kai's shoulder. Pedo fish. Here: Horrible picture/hair desu edit> Kai riding a sea horse with his baby blue fuzzy socks, funny enough on it's own. Have fun with that one before he freaks out and takes them down XD. (lolz sorry KaiKai
  4. And here's the manda version! Otters love sharks apparently (even though it's a bit blurry) I hope I've embarrassed Kai somehow.
  5. hi.

    Welcome back to the forum and nice to meet you
  6. Ok, so to make it official: no. I'm very sorry but at this time your self nomination for Mod has been turned down. It's a position that must be earned, not demanded. Maybe in the future with some improvement things will look better for you. But yes, this was all fairly entertaining XD
  7. Of course! Isn't that the ultimate answer to life, the universe and everything? oh, no wait... that's 42. My bad.
  8. Yeah, you should keep insulting the admins. You'll be promoted to mod in no time!